Best Golf Balls For Women in 2023

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Balls For Women in 2022, here are our recommendations:

In most sports that you’ll play, to a large extent, a ball is just a ball. There is very little advantage to be had in basketball, baseball, football, etc. because of how the ball is designed, and the very fact that everyone is using the same ball lessens that potential.

Golf is different.

There are so many golf balls out there with so many different designs, strengths/weaknesses, and features that finding the right one for your game could be the difference in a few strokes every single round. The rest of this article will focus on helping you find the best golf balls for women in 2020. 

We’re going to be reviewing the following women’s golf balls:

How to Choose The Best Golf Ball For Your Game

The first and most important thing is that you have to know your own game. There are golf balls out there specifically for distance for beginners and those with slower swing speeds. If you are prone to a slice or hook, you want a golf ball that spins less.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more spin around the green or greater shaping ability there are golf balls for that as well.

If you are a beginner, you are probably going to lose quite a few golf balls in a normal round. It is ok for you to buy cheaper golf balls.

In fact, the more expensive golf balls probably would not help you that much anyway.

The bottom line is that a golf ball really can affect your score, but you have to know your own game to understand how and choose a ball that accentuates your game’s strengths while minimizing its weaknesses.  

What Are The Benefits Of a Women’s Golf Ball?

In general, a women’s golf ball is softer. That means that the golf ball has a lower compression rating which allows the ball to spring off of the club more at slower swing speeds.

The average men’s golf ball has a compression rating of between 70 and 110 while the average women’s golf ball has a compression rating of 45 to 70. This is the biggest difference between a women’s ball and a men’s ball with the main benefit being the increased distance for slower swing speeds.

The other 2 major differences are the dimples and the design of the balls. The dimples in a women’s ball are usually made specifically to lift the ball into the air and to incorporate a more piercing ball flight. These “high trajectory” dimples are ideal for slower swing speeds and for players who struggle to get the ball off of the ground.

The cover design of the golf ball is not important for your game, but many women’s golf balls are made with brighter colors or pastels. Whether it be the whole ball or a stripe of color here and there, this extra detail generally stands in contrast with the very common “bright white” color that you find on a huge percentage of men’s golf balls. A different color can also be easier to spot and follow off of the club.

Attributes and Features That Differentiate These Golf Balls

Distance. It seems like everyone on the golf course wants more distance in today’s game. Many women’s balls are designed to optimize distance for slower swing speeds by lowering the compression rating to as low as 45 or 50. This gives the ball a lot of bounce and explosion off of the club and helps if you do not swing as hard as other players.

 Feel. The feel of a golf ball is a very subjective thing. In fact, it comes down mostly to personal preference though some golf balls promote more “feel” than others. Feel is best understood as that “feeling” you get when you hit either a good or bad shot and you know it immediately.

Spin. In general, the less spin a ball produces, the straighter it goes. Also, the straighter a ball goes, the more distance it will carry. Usually beginners and high handicap players struggle to control the spin of the ball and therefore would be more suited for golf balls that promote a lower spin rate.

For those players who work their ball around the course with fades and draws and want more control on their approach shots and around the green, you want a ball that promotes a higher spin rate.

Accuracy. Accuracy and spin go hand in hand. A ball that travels straighter will generally be more accurate. On top of that, you want a ball with a consistent ball flight and performance so that you know where it is going with each swing.

Price. As I mentioned before, if you are a beginner or a high handicapper, do not spend a lot of money on golf balls that you are just going to lose anyway. As you continue to improve, better golf balls will be more important and then you should decide just how much you want to spend to improve your game.

Color. This has nothing to do with performance, but many women’s golf balls come in either bright colors or with some design features. If this is important to you, find what you like and use it.

Will I Benefit From a Women’s Specific Golf Ball?

Most women’s golf balls are designed for slower swing speeds, and that is an important thing to consider. That lower compression rating means a lot to get the most distance you can from a slower swing.

On top of that, the softness of the ball can help you stick an approach and get the ball as close to the hole as possible with your scoring clubs. In short, many women golfers will benefit from using a ball designed specifically for women. There is, after all, a reason that companies design and market them.

Best Golf Balls For Women in 2022 Reviewed


Srixon Soft Feel Lady

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf ball promotes high trajectories and extra distance. With its “energetic gradient growth core” the ball is softer on the inside and get progressively firmer as it moves out allowing the ball to travel further and straighter.

With a compression rating of 60, a soft ionomer cover, and a dimple pattern that holds the wind, this golf ball is great for slower swing speeds while still holding its own around the green. Srixon is known for making good golf balls at a great value and this is another in that line.


  • An excellent women’s ball at an excellent price.
  • Promotes a low spin rate and straighter ball flight.
  • Available in pink or white.
  • A compression rating of 60.
  • 2-piece construction, but with a progressive core that acts more like a 3-piece ball.
  • The “338” speed dimple pattern penetrates through the air for more distance and accuracy. 
  • A thin ionomer cover provides additional softness and increased spin rates.


  • Does not have the crisp sound when the club strikes the ball.
  • Does not perform as well around the greens as other balls on the list.
  • Designed more for higher handicappers.

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Callaway Supersoft

With a compression rating of 35 and a soft trionomer cover, the Callaway Supersoft performs well in the 2 things most golfers are looking for: distance and forgiveness. This is one of the softest balls on the market and it produces a very low spin rate.

The ball penetrates through the air and has great carry. On top of that, this is a very forgiving ball that will not spin off into the woods easily and will help you correct that pesky slice or hook.


  • This is a great ball for players with a slower swing speed.
  • The compression rating is the lowest on this list.
  • Lands softly on the green and has a true roll.
  • A very low spin rate makes for longer and straighter shots.
  • Includes features that aid in alignment and setup.
  • “HEX” aerodynamics give it more ball speed and carry.


  • Definitely a “game improvement” ball designed more for beginners.
  • Does not spin or stop on shots around the green.

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Bridgestone e6 Lady

Bridgestone golf balls continue to move up the ranks and have become known as one of the best under $30 golf balls on the market. The e6 Lady golf ball is a great addition to any golfer’s bag who has a moderate to slow swing speed and wants to maximize distance and minimize spin.

The ultra low compression core, thin cover, and dual dimple design are all features that promote high and long shots, 2  things that every golfer wants in a golf ball. The e6 Lady is a little softer than Bridgestone’s well-known and oft-used e6 golf ball but performs just as well.


  • Low compression core maximizes distance for slow and moderate swing speeds.
  • The 2-piece construction allows for a soft outer and low compression core for more distance.
  • The dual dimple outer cover reduces spin and maximizes distance and carry.
  • The thinner cover will help to generate more lift and a higher launch.
  • A good price point and high availability.
  • Lower spin helps to keep the ball straight and lessen your hook or slice.


  • Tests at a lower distance than some of the other ultra soft golf balls in this price range.
  • Even less spin and feel around the green than other women’s balls.

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Titleist Velocity

If what you want out of a golf ball is distance, distance, and more distance, then the Titleist Velocity is for you. A 2-piece ball that has as much or more distance than any other ball on the market, the Velocity exists for distance at the expense of everything else.

The ball flies straight, high, and far with very little spin which helps golfers with low to moderate swing speeds more than anyone.


  • Maximizes distance on every shot.
  • Produces a lower spin rate than most golf balls on this list which promotes a straighter and longer ball flight and a decreased chance of a slice or hook.
  • Promotes a very high ball flight.
  • The additional height produces a soft landing on the green for approach shots.
  • These golf balls can be personalized with numbers and/or messages and come in a lot of different and vibrant colors.
  • A very low compression and high speed core.


  • One of the more expensive 2-piece, low compression golf balls on the market.
  • The focus on decreased spin makes it one of the worst balls around the greens.

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Titleist ProV1

The Titleist ProV1 has been the gold standard of golf balls for years. The 5-piece construction allow it to be long, straight, soft, and great around the greens. In short, you get the best of all worlds with very few weaknesses. The ProV1, while it has a pink color option, does not have a specific women’s ball.

If you purchase the pink ProV1, you are purchasing the normal Titleist ball in a custom color. If you want the best in short game control with at least the same distance that you find in any other ball on the market, and expense is not an obstacle, then the ProV1 is still the best ball out there.  


  • Long known as the best golf ball in the performance category of golf balls.
  • The 5-piece construction allow it to be long, straight, and good around the greens.
  • Exceptional distance.
  • Maybe the most consistent golf ball out there.
  • Designed to have lower spin in the long game and more spin with your irons.
  • Great feel.
  • Produces a sound that you want to hear when you make a good shot.


  • Mainly developed for pros and high level amateurs.
  • The highest priced ball on this list by a long way.

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Volvik Vivid Soft

A large, low compression core with a soft cover make this ball long and straight. You are not going to shape your shot a lot with these, but they are going to go high and they are going to go far compared to other golf balls. These balls are the choice of quite a few long distance drive champions, and when you play them you will understand why.

These balls also look great and come in a lot of different bright and vibrant colors. If you are playing Volvik golf balls though, you are playing them for the low spin and the longer distance and they perform very well in both of these categories.


  • Very bright and vivid making them easy to spot on the course.
  • Many golfers enjoy the extra color aesthetically.
  • A very long golf ball.
  • Built for straight shots which is helpful when fighting a hook or a slice.
  • The dimple shape penetrates through the wind very well.
  • An arrow printed on the side aids in alignment.
  • The matte coating adds to the aerodynamics and helps with a higher trajectory.


  • Very low spin rate make them not as good as other balls on this list around the greens.
  • Expensive for a soft distance ball and also difficult to find.

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Wilson Duo Optix

Wilson has been at the forefront of the soft, distance golf ball for a while, and the Duo Optix is their bread and butter. This ball is soft and long and has a very low spin rate with the driver. This ball is built to help players who struggle with ball speed add distance to their game and it succeeds.

The core is big and soft and it bounces off of the driver and spins at a very low rate so that you do not lose any distance to the right or the left. The bottom line is if you struggle with distance, this is your ball.  


  • With a compression rating of 29, it is one of the softest golf balls out there.
  • It is great for lower swing speeds because of how much energy the soft core transfers when struck.
  • One of the longest 2-piece premium golf balls on the market.
  • Comes in bright colors along with a matte white.
  • A good price for a good ball.
  • Performs exceptionally well in colder weather.
  • Looks great and is easy to find on the course.
  • Very soft feel.


  • Does not perform well around the greens.
  • Even really good golfers struggle to get spin on their shots.
  • Built for beginners and higher handicappers.

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TaylorMade Kalea

Kalea is a performance line of golf equipment made specifically for female golfers, one of the first of its kind. These golf balls have a compression rating of 60 and a 342 dimple ionomer cover helping to make the ball long and soft.

The high energy core is big and bounces off of the driver with a lot of energy. This club was designed for slower club speeds and more distance, but it also performs well around the green, especially compared to other soft golf balls.


  • Maintains great distance and softness even at a slightly higher compression rating than many of the other balls on the list.
  • A great value for the price.
  • Has slightly better spin around the green than many of its competitors in the soft ball market.
  • The dimple design provides a straight and penetrating ball flight.
  • Designed for the women’s game.
  • The high energy core provides great distance.
  • The Iothane cover is soft but also catches well on the green.


  • The 2-piece construction limits its ability to be both long and good around the greens.
  • Difficult to shape shots because of the lack of spin.

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Cut Golf Matte Pink 

There is something different about the Cut Golf brand that is difficult to put your finger on. They use high quality materials and 3 or 4 piece construction while keeping the price down compared to the competition.

Their marketing is simple and they are all about creating a good golf ball at a good price. The matte pink option is a 3-piece ball aimed at the women’s game. The 65 compression rating and 314 dimple design help the ball to go long and straight with a penetrating flight. 


  • One of the least expensive 3-piece golf balls out there.
  • The matte pink finish looks great and is easy to find on the course.
  • The 314 dimple pattern help with trajectory and accuracy.
  • A great value.
  • You can purchase a very inexpensive trial pack to test them out first.
  • Stop well on the green.
  • Good distance.


  • An ionomer cover on a 3-piece golf ball is a little disappointing.
  •  A little too bright for many traditional golfers.
  • Not as soft as some of the other balls on the list.

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Pinnacle Soft

A few years ago, Pinnacle came out with 2 golf balls, the “Soft” and the “Rush.” The Pinnacle Soft is focused on feel and softness, but the low compression rating also provides great distance and accuracy as well. This is Pinnacle’s softest core with an equally soft cover that make it one of the best feeling golf balls on the market.

You get immediate feedback when you strike the ball and you know right away where the ball is headed. The Pinnacle Soft is also a very accurate and straight ball with a low spin rate. 


  • One of the best feeling golf balls on the list.
  • A great value for the feel and distance provided.
  • Pinnacle’s softest golf ball and lowest core compression rating.
  • There is a lot of energy transferred to the core, especially from the tee, making this one of the longer balls out there.
  • The ball lands very softly on the green with your approach.
  • Performs well around the green as well.


  • Not as high of a trajectory as the other balls on the list which can make it more difficult for lower swing speeds.
  • There is noticeably better feel and spin when you move up to the higher priced balls even though this is marketed for that feature specifically.

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Our Choice


Best Overall

If price was not important, the ProV1 would be the best overall golf ball, but at close to $50/dozen, it is out of too many golfers’ price range. The TaylorMade Kalea, on the other hand, was surprising in how well it performed in almost every aspect of the game. You expect a soft, game-improvement golf ball to not be good around the greens, but this one is.

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It also has a slightly higher compression rating than other women’s balls but maintains equal softness and distance to even those that hover in or below the 30s. It is long and straight and good around the greens, exactly what you want in a golf ball. One of the best things about it is that it is one of the least expensive options on the list as well.

Best For Beginners and High Handicappers

The Wilson Duo Optix is great for beginners and high handicappers because it adds distance and takes away spin at a great price.

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Best For Mid and Low Handicappers

The Titleist ProV1 is arguably the best ball on the market, but its price kept us from making it best overall. It is, however, the best for mid and low handicappers.

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Most Affordable

The Cut Golf Matte Pink is one of the most affordable golf balls out there, especially for a high quality 3-piece women’s ball.

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