Best Putters Reviewed For 2022

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to know our top choices for 2022, here they are:

Best Putter For Beginners and High Handicappers – Odyssey Triple Track Marxman

Best For Seniors – Odyssey Triple Track Marxman

Best Blade Putter – Odyssey Triple Track Double Wide

Best Mallet Putter – Odyssey Triple Track Marxman

Best For Women – Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven Women’s Putter

Best Center Shafted Putter – EvnRoll ER5 CS

Most Forgiving Putter – EvnRoll ER10

Best Milled Putter – EvnRoll ER5

Best Toe Hang Mallet Putter – Scotty Cameron X 12.5

Best Face Balanced Putter – Odyssey Triple Track 10

To get more in depth on how these putters faired against the competition for a particular category or any other putter review, just click on the articles below:

The phrase “Best Putter” has about the same meaning as the phrase “Best Soups.”

Putting is all about personal preference depending on the type of stroke you use, the feel you desire, and even the putter design that you prefer.

The big question in the world of putting today is, “blade or mallet,” but the differences in putters do not end there.

You have to decide between milled or insert, toe hang or center shafted, and feel or MOI among many other things.

The bottom line is that if you are trying to come up with a list of the “Best Putters” then you have to consider numerous categories and a multitude of products. That is exactly what the rest of this review attempts to do.

Best Putters in 2021 Reviewed

Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven Women’s Putter

When you think of Odyssey putters, the white hot insert comes immediately to mind.

The Odyssey line of putters has been at or near the top of the putter market for a long time now, and the Stroke Lab Seven Women’s putter is a great example of Odyssey quality. The White Hot microhinge face insert combines the legendary feel of the White Hot face with dozens of microhinges that promote top spin for accurate distance and a true roll. This putter saves 40 grams of weight in the shaft and redistributes it to both the grip and head of the putter for improved tempo and consistency. The stroke lab 7 putter for women is a great all around putter that has great feel, distance control, and a high MOI so that the ball rolls straight and true every time.


  • Very easy to align.
  • Inspires confidence standing over the ball.
  • The 3 dots on the topline look great when lining up your shot.
  • The White Hot face provides incredible feel.
  • The new microhinge technology is visible and confidence-inspiring. It provides top spin at impact which helps with distance control and roll.
  • A “tip heavy” shaft that promotes balance and consistency.
  • Very high MOI.
  • A mallet putter that is face balanced for increased feel.
  • The silver and blue finish looks as high tech and professional as the club performs.


  • One of the more expensive women’s putters.
  • A very big club head will not appeal to all golfers.

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Odyssey Triple Track Marxman

If you cannot tell by the number of times the Odyssey Triple Track Marxman shows up in the “Our Choice” section of this review, we really like this putter.

The triple track alignment aid takes all the guesswork out of starting the ball on the right line and it works really well with the triple track golf balls. The weighting of this putter adds to the soft feel and gives you a lot of extra control. The shaft is very lightweight leaving all of the weight in both the grip and head of the putter. As you can tell by the looks, this putter has a very high MOI and gets the ball started on a good roll. The insert is really soft with great feel to help you hit the distance right as well. All of that combined checks almost every “putter” box there is which is why we think so highly of this club.


  • The white hot insert that golfers have come to know and love.
  • A very soft putter with great feel for a mallet.
  • Tip heavy shaft allows weight to be redistributed more effectively.
  • The offset shaft is more natural and looks better at setup.
  • The Odyssey has been one of the leading putters on the market for a long time and with good reason.
  • The face is not only soft but very forgiving and with a sweet spot that covers much of the face.
  • The Odyssey name is synonymous with quality.


  • A putter head this big is not for everyone.
  • On the expensive side.
  • You need triple track golf balls for best results.

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Odyssey Triple Track Double Wide

The Triple Track Double Wide is a blade putter that has most of the strengths and features of a mallet. The term “double wide” refers to the fact that it looks to be almost twice the size of a normal blade putter.

This extra size means extra MOI, easier alignment, and a lot of forgiveness. The “Triple Track” alignment tool is also present and really takes care of the alignment issue that many people struggle with in putting. Of course, you still have to align the putter to start in the right place, but this alignment tool helps you get the ball started on your chosen line. The White Hot face is present in this model which helps the Odyssey Triple Track Double Wide to do a great job of combining many of the strengths of a blade putter with those of a mallet.


  • Many of the strengths of a mallet putter but with the look and feel of a blade.
  • Three horizontal stripes on a white background on the top of the club make it one of the easiest putters to align.
  • The putter gives you the confidence of knowing that you are aimed correctly and that even a mishit will travel in the right direction.
  • The White Hot face insert is firm yet forgiving while producing the sound that the Callaway putters have become known for.
  • The counterweighting in the club promotes balance and consistent sweet spot contact.
  • A huge sweet spot.


  • Not a traditional blade and not a traditional mallet, so players who are used to one or the other many not find either here.
  • If you swing with an arc, the alignment may seem off unless you set up with your club directly behind the ball.
  • You need the Callaway triple track golf ball for this putter to reach its full potential.

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EvnRoll ER5 CS

The Evnroll ER 2 CS is another one in the line of center shafted putters. This blade design looks great and is especially welcomed by golf purists.

Even though it is a blade, the MOI resembles what you find in a mallet putter so that you get the best of both worlds. This is an accurate, consistent, and great looking putter that focuses on performance.


  • One of the most consistent putters out there.
  • Very high MOI for a blade putter makes a mishit unlikely and consistent speed no matter where on the club the ball strikes.
  • The patented face milling gives the putter a soft feel and a lot of traction on the ball at impact.
  • The steel head sounds great at impact.
  • Looks great at setup.
  • A combination of traditional (blade) and less traditional (center shafted) putter design.
  • Progressive face technology means that the grooves in the milling start wide and grow progressively narrower away from the center. This increases the size of the sweet spot and enhances the feel of the club.


  • On the expensive side.
  • A heavy club head for a blade.

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EvnRoll ER10

If you are looking for pure forgiveness and price is not a deterrent, the EvnRoll ER10 is a great choice. You probably understand forgiveness in a driver, wood, and irons, but forgiveness in a putter is a little more subtle.

The difference is that extreme forgiveness is important in a driver because you swing so hard even the slightest mistake can send your ball into the woods. With a putter, even the slightest mistake can be the difference between a 1-putt and a 3-putt. So if you mishit the ball slightly, your shot could miss the hole by an inch but it misses it nonetheless. This putter will help you get the ball going straight even on off center strikes. The club head is very oversized and the MOI is one of the highest on this list. The alignment dots are very easy to see and easy to use, and when coupled with the size of the club head make this one of the easiest clubs to align. The reason this is the first club on our list however, is because even with the forgiveness and alignment aids, the feel of this putter is really top notch. Usually with a very forgiving putter with high MOI, you lose some of the feel. The milled grooves on this putter along with the sweet face technology make the ER10 as soft as most of the high end blade putters. EvnRoll products have continually put out some of the best putters on the market, and the ER10 may be the most forgiving of their line.


  • Our choice for most forgiving putter on this list.
  • The sweet spot is huge.
  • The MOI is one of the best on this list so that your club never moves or twists through impact.
  • The deep perimeter weighting adds to the forgiveness and also gives it a more natural feel.
  • The oversized head and alignment “dots” make alignment very easy.
  • You almost cannot mishit this putter because the sweet spot covers almost the whole face.
  • It is a very stable and straightforward club.
  • It produces a consistent roll.
  • The speed control, because of the milling and sweet face technology, are top notch and especially for the oversized head.


  • It is one of the most expensive clubs on the list.
  • It is not a traditional putter so some golfers may have trouble adjusting.

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EvnRoll ER5

The EvnRoll ER5 takes a unique, what their website refers to as hatchback, design and has created one of our favorite putters on the market.

The ER5 is extremely forgiving with the winged design giving it a very high MOI and a huge sweet spot. It almost does not matter where on the face of your club you strike the ball, you are going to get consistent distance and a consistent line. On top of that, the winged design makes it ridiculously easy to line your ball up and start it in the right direction. The precision CNC milling is evident on the face and gives you great feel and distance control, especially for putter with such a large head. Even with the soft feel and great sound it produces, there is also a firmness about it that gives you confidence standing over the ball. While some putters send your ball skidding across the green before it settles and starts to roll, the ER5 gets your ball rolling end over end quickly and efficiently. This is one of our favorite putters on the market, but you have to be willing to spend.


  • The precision milling really sets this putter apart in terms of forgiveness, feel, and sound at impact.
  • Very easy to align.
  • A huge sweet spot means that mishits go straight and with good distance.
  • A high MOI.
  • One of the most consistent putters out there.
  • Gets the ball started on the right line, at the right speed, and with very few mishits.
  • The groove technology gives you both a soft feel and a firm strike so the ball gets going end over end as quick as with any other putter.
  • Looks great at setup.


  • An expensive option.
  • Some golfers may not like the size and density of the head.
  • May be a little heavy for golfers used to a blade.

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Scotty Cameron X 12.5

The Phantom X 12.5 is a great club built by an incredible putter designer. The look and feel of this putter is one of our favorites, and it gives you great confidence standing over the ball.

The MOI is really high, the club head is really large, and the sweet spot is huge but it does not feel overly heavy in your hands. It is a very naturally swinging club that is made for those who use some arc in their putting stroke. The mid-bend shaft adds to how it looks over the ball, and the airplane grade aluminum in the face gives you a soft feel even for a large putter. When you strike the ball, the end over end movement starts almost immediately and you can see the true and straight roll that this putter provides. On top of that, it is one of the easiest clubs to align on the market. The stainless steel in the perimeter wings both adds a little weight but more importantly aids in the alignment. The sweet spot on the club is pretty much the entire face so that you can combine high MOI for no twisting, a lot of forgiveness so that mishits are few and far between, and great distance control and feel all in one place.


  • Really high MOI.
  • A very large hitting area on the club face and basically all of it is the sweet spot.
  • The perimeter wings add to the perimeter weighting and large sweet spot.
  • Those same perimeter wings make alignment a breeze.
  • You get the benefits of a blade putter, soft feel and weighting for an arced stroke, but with the forgiveness and alignment aids of a mallet.
  • The grip has a less-tapered right hand area to promote balance and consistency.
  • Very consistent ball speed.
  • Gets the ball rolling end over end very quickly.
  • Airplane grade aluminum on the face is consistent, forgiving, and produces a soft feel.
  • A Scotty Cameron designed putter.


  • One of the more expensive options.
  • Not a traditional Scotty Cameron design if that is what you are looking for.
  • May be too big even for players looking to move to a mallet.

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Odyssey Triple Track 10

The Odyssey Triple Track 10 is a high MOI, face balanced putter with a lot of great features. The first thing you notice is the size of the putter head. While it is big, it does not feel bulky or oversized when you grip it, and it looks great at setup.

The angles and alignment aids are also top notch. The shape of the club gives you great sight lines and when you are setting up and getting ready to align your putt, you feel nothing but confidence that the ball is going to start where and how you want it to. The microhinge star insert gives you a firmer feel and great distance control. It is setup and weighted perfectly for a straight through swing and will help you get your putting game where you want it to be.


  • Excellent alignment aids.
  • Great sight lines and a visually appealing look at setup.
  • High MOI makes sure the club will not twist.
  • Great weighting in the hands and head of the club give it a natural feel and make it really easy to control tempo.
  • The size of the club head makes alignment a breeze and helps to make consistently good contact. 
  • A huge sweet spot.
  • Microhinge star insert that gives you a firmer feel and a truer roll.
  • Great distance control and consistency.


  • The club head on many oversized mallets are too big for some golfers.
  • It is one of the more expensive options.
  • The alignment aids work best with Callaway Triple Track golf balls and some golfers may be loyal to other brands.

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Scotty Cameron Select Squareback 2

The Scotty Cameron Select Squareback 2 is a blade putter that has the size, weight, and forgiveness of a mallet. It looks great at setup, but it sacrifices feel for consistency, something that many elite golfers are glad to do.

The thinner, flatter top-line gives you the blade look that many golfers prefer and are used to as well. The milled face both looks and performs well and allows for a consistent strike every time. The ball starts its roll almost immediately and it is very straight and true. The putter also has removable and adjustable weights so that you can customize the feel and center of gravity to your swing.


  • It looks and feels like the most technologically advanced putter out there.
  • Scotty Cameron has made and continues to make some of the best and most consistent putters on tour.
  • The milled face looks great and helps to ensure great feel and consistency.
  • The thin, flat topline of the putter makes it very easy to align and boosts your confidence over the shot.
  • Custom lengths available.
  • Weight is designed into the heel, toe, and perimeter to offer a large sweet spot.


  • A very expensive putter.
  • Sits too flat against the ground at setup.
  • A little “clunky” feeling because of the size and weight of the clubhead.

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Ping Heppler Piper C

This is a great looking putter that performs as well as it looks. The copper and black contrast just enough to aid in alignment and reduce glare. The solid, machined face is firmer at impact and produces a great sound when you strike the ball.

That firmness and design also give the club a very high MOI which reduces the chance of a mishit and makes sure the speed is consistent no matter how the ball is struck. On top of all of that, the shaft features adjustable length and the head features adjustable weight making it one of the easiest putter on the list to customize to your game. The 4 pistol grips available will help you understand the importance of the putter grip and is just another example of customization options. If you have a straight-through putting motion, this is a great option for you.


  • The adjustable length of the putter is an underrated value for this putter. Very few people are ever fitted for a putter, and the ability to change the length and try different things can be invaluable.
  • Good value for the features provided.
  • The firmer face provides a more pure and consistent roll.
  • The contrasting color and other design features aid in alignment.
  • An aluminum casting with steel in the face and perimeter provide greater forgiveness.
  • Ping has been a great name in the putter industry for a long time.


  • The feel and responsiveness at impact is not what some of the other putters on this list have.
  • Less MOI than other mallets.
  • Not good if you have an arced putting motion.

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Features To Look For in a Putter

Face Technology

Whether it be grooves, aluminum inserts, or the White-Hot inserts from Callaway, the face technology used in any golf club can aid in forgiveness. Usually more feel and softness equals more forgiveness and the Face Technology of a putter is where you will find that softness and feel.


The Moment of Inertia (MOI) refers to the degree to which a club head twists at impact. Many people do not believe that to be a problem with the putter, but the truth is, club twisting is very common in your putting stroke. A higher MOI will make that a thing of the past and could inspire confidence as well.

Sweet Spot

The highly sought-after “sweet spot” of a golf club is very important in terms of forgiveness and solid putting. Some putters boast a sweet spot that is the same size as the club face, but that is not often the case nor is it needed. The sweet spot is where you find optimal distance control and optimal accuracy, so the bigger the sweet spot the more forgiving the club.

Insert or Milled

This goes more to the feel of the putter. Many club makers put a soft insert into the face of the putter that provides additional feel and traction. Others use steel that goes through a process called “milling” where a texture is milled into the face.


Most center shafted putters have very little offset, but that is not always true. An offset allows the clubhead to sit on the turf at different angles and can make the ball easier to align and the club easier to swing.


Alignment is one of the most important aspects of putting. If you are not aimed right, you are not going to make the putt. Almost every putter has some type of alignment feature, but some of the mallet putters on this list take it to the next level. These alignment aids are easier to see as our eyesight fades and can really help take our putting to the next level.


Length is a personal preference and has to do with your height, posture, arm length, and stance. Even an inch can make a huge difference, so you should try out a few different lengths at your local pro shop to decide which one suits you the best.


Generally people pay a little extra for a putter and a driver because they are such specialty clubs and they are used so often. We would suggest paying a little extra to get the features and the putter that you really want.

Mallet or Blade?

The main difference between a blade putter and a mallet putter is found in the distribution of weight. The majority of golfers favor a blade putter because of the feel, distance control, and traditional look of the club. While mallets have increased in popularity, there is still a large majority of golfers who have never used anything other than a blade and will probably never change.

Mallet putters put most of their weight away from the face of the club. This increases the MOI (moment of inertia) and decreases the chance of mishits because it decreases the chance for the face of the club to move to one side or the other.

Blade putters are more heavily weighted in the toe of the putter which makes for better feel and distance control on putts. This is especially important for beginning golfers and high handicap players because those players need the most help on distance control and feel. 

Blade putters are still the most popular by a pretty large margin, but that margin seems to be decreasing by the year. In fact, mallet putters are becoming more and more popular with elite golfers and lower handicap players. Players who have already worked on their distance control and know the feel of the greens are helped most by the increased MOI. If you are just beginning your golf journey, struggle with your putting stroke, or just like the look and feel of a blade, you are still in the vast majority of golfers.

Final Thoughts On The Best Putters Reviews

Your putter is, by far, the most used club in your bag. According to, even the top putters on tour average over 27 putts per round and the average pro will use their putter about 32 times per 18 holes. The bottom line, if you are going to spend time and money on a club that could directly affect your score, it seems like your putter would be your first choice. No 2 putters are exactly the same, so it is important that you spend the time necessary working on your stroke and finding the putter that matches the way you play the game.


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