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Anyone who has played golf for any amount of time fully understands the importance of putting. No matter your skill level, age, or the course that you frequent, you will use your putter at least twice as often as any other club in your bag every single time you play.

Just like with anything else in life, you get better at putting by practicing, but that does not mean other things are unimportant. Choosing the right putter, while it will not make you better overnight, can make a huge difference in your scoring. That is why so many pros experiment with different putters, and why there are so many different designs and features on the market. 

As a senior golfer, you probably already know the importance of choosing the right putter. As you continue to read, you will see our choices for the 9 best putters for seniors in 2020 in order from 1 to 9 and some of the features and attributes that are important for seniors in making this important club choice.

Best Putters For Seniors Reviewed in 2022

Callaway Odyssey Triple Track Marxman

We love the Odyssey Triple Track Marxman for almost any player in any age group. The key to this putter is the 3-line alignment on the top of the putter. There are 3 things that most seniors look for in a putter. The length, and there are many lengths available with the Marxman. Alignment, and the Triple Track alignment system is top notch. And finally, the weight.

With a very light shaft and most of the weight in either the grip or the head, these putters set up perfectly for senior golfers. On top of that, Odyssey is well-known for the incredibly soft feel that all of their putters possess, and that white-hot insert is as soft as ever. With the Odyssey Triple Track Marxman you will start the ball on the right line, roll the ball with consistent speed, and have a high enour MOI that you do not have to worry about the face twisting at impact.


  • The alignment system is one of the best on the market.
  • With 3 lines instead of one, it is easy to hit the ball with the center of the club each time.
  • A high end putter that will not break the bank.
  • Great feel for a mallet putter.
  • The white-hot insert is as soft as ever.
  • The shaft is slightly offset which looks better and aids in alignment as well.
  • The sweet spot covers basically the entire face.
  • A very high MOI means no twisting at impact.
  • A very light shaft so that the club is weighted at the tips makes it especially good for seniors.
  • The Callaway Odyssey name means a lot when it comes to putters.


  • The head is too large for some golfers.
  • Need triple track golf balls for the best results.

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TaylorMade Spider X

When it comes to comparing products you cannot ignore longevity, and the TaylorMade Spider has been on the market for over a decade now. This putter has excellent stability and forgiveness and produces one of the truest rolls out there. It has a slightly different shape than most other putters, but the density of the club gives it one of the highest MOIs on the market which means that you will get consistent results. The size of the head also makes it easy to align.

This is a great “straight forward, straight back” putter and that is the stroke that will help seniors produce a straight roll on the green. You will notice the alignment aid on the top of the club is not just a dot or a short line, but a line that runs the length of the club head. This makes it much easier to see the center of the club and hit the sweet spot each time. 


  • There is not a more stable putter out there.
  • A very high MOI means that your putter’s head will not twist.
  • Very easy to align.
  • The sweet spot is huge and the putter is very forgiving. You produce accuracy and correct speed no matter where on the face you strike the ball.
  • A light shaft and a heavier head aids in the swing path.
  • There are adjustable weights in the back of the putter that you can change mid-round if you need to. You can use the weight that you want depending on the speed and undulations of the greens on which you are playing.
  • A great putter for those whose stroke is more of a straight line than an arc, the straight line putting motion is ideal for seniors.


  • The non-traditional look can throw some players off.
  • An expensive putter.
  • Much bigger than the blade putters some seniors may be accustomed to.

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Mizuno M Craft 3

In our opinion, the top 3 putters are in a slightly higher class than the others on this list which means we think very highly of the Mizuno M Craft 3. This putter is forged from mild carbon steel and CNC milled for precision and feel which means you get the feel of a blade with the consistency and high MOI of a mallet. Mizuno has taken the forging process that has created some of the best forged irons in the market and used it for the M Craft putters.

The results are terrific. The Craft 3 mallet putter is a smaller profile head that looks great at setup. You can customize the weighting of the putter very easily to make it suit your game or even the course that you are playing that day. Mallet putters are gaining in popularity because they are more consistent and easier to align. With the M Craft 3, you get those benefits but also one of the softest putters out there. Putting is about feel and you do not lose any of it with this mallet.


  • One of the softest and best feeling club on the market.
  • A lightweight shaft.
  • Customizable weights so that your club can change as your swing does.
  • The blue-ion finish adds a splash of color and really sets the club apart.
  • The face is balanced for stability and straighter lines.
  • The alignment aid is clean, simple, and easy to use.
  • The precision CNC milling gives a soft feel while minimizing error.


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Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7

When you hear the name “Scotty Cameron” the first thing you think of is high quality putters. Cameron’s putter designs have been in tour bags for many years and his partnership with Titleist has produced clubs like the Phantom X7 that have aided many golfers on the green.

The Phantom X7 is a large mallet putter design with excellent forgiveness and improved feel compared to earlier Scotty Cameron mallet putters. They are very easy to align with the big yellow dots pointing straight to the target. It has a modern and pleasing look at address so that you have added confidence standing over the putt. The main positive about this club, however, is forgiveness. The club is very large and weighted


  • Easy to align.
  • One of the most stable clubs through impact out there.
  • Produces a very consistent and straight roll.
  • Weighted well with a light shaft so that all of the weight is in the club head.
  • A huge sweet spot means a lot of forgiveness.
  • A Scotty Cameron design by Titleist tells you a lot about this putter.
  • It looks great in your bag and out on the course.
  • Great speed control for a putter of its size.
  • Very high MOI means that the club will not twist at impact.
  • The airplane grade aluminum in the face makes it one of the softest clubs on the list.
  • Next level features and design.


  • One of the more expensive putters on the list.
  • It is one of the largest of Scotty Cameron’s designs and may turn some golfers off.

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Ping Heppler Tomcat 14

The Tomcat 14 features 14 alignment dots that run down the top of the club head like runway lights at an airport. This is the “easiest to see” alignment aid out there no matter what your vision is like or how much your glasses are fogged on a humid day. You can see exactly where your ball is starting off when you make contact.

It is Ping’s largest mallet shape and therefore provides enough MOI so that you will get a consistent speed and roll every time. This club is firm and forgiving so that no matter what part of your club face strikes the ball, you will get consistent speed and good accuracy. One of the most interesting features of this club is the adjustable length shaft. You can adjust the length of the shaft from 32 inches to 36 inches depending on preference and height.


  • Good quality and a good price.
  • One of the easiest clubs to align.
  • A very large head gives you a lot of MOI and a very consistent roll.
  • The adjustable length shaft comes in hand for seniors.
  • A huge sweet spot for a huge club.
  • A very true and straight roll of the ball.
  • If you prefer a firmer feeling putter, this is a great option.


  • While the shaft is adjustable, it is also slightly heavier than most of the other putters on this list.
  • Does not have the softest feel.
  • Loud at impact and the sound does not match the stroke.

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EvnRoll ER5

The EvnRoll website calls this uniquely designed club a “hatchback” and this winged mallet really does look different from a lot of other putters on the market. It looks great at address and the 2 parallel wings make it very easy to align. The precision CNC milling gives it incredible feel while maintaining a firmness that many golfers gravitate towards.

It also produces a strong topspin which gives it a true and straight roll. On top of that, the sweet spot is huge and the club is very forgiving so that there are no surprises because this club is consistently accurate. It is a center shafted club, and if you are used to an offset you will not find it here. The EvnRoll ER5 is easy to align, consistent, and has a great firm feel. 


  • This winged mallet is very easy to align so that you at least know you will get the ball started on the line you chose.
  • The precision CNC milling produces good feel and a consistent roll.
  • The TR groove technology produces top spin meaning the ball will roll straight and true.
  • It is a very easy putter to control and to hit well.
  • Looks great at address.
  • A heavy and dense putter which aids in control.


  • A high price point.
  • Some golfers might not like the size and density of the head.
  • A center shafted club that takes away some of the alignment ease.
  • May be a little heavy for some golfers.

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Wilson The L Infinite Putter

Wilson has carved a niche in the golf equipment world as a high quality and low priced option and The L Infinite Putter is a perfect example. It is a double milled, counter balance putter that has great speed control and a very high MOI.

There is plenty of forgiveness and the milling process gives it a very soft feel with true roll. It does not have all of the bells and whistles or aesthetics of some of the other putters on this list, but it performs admirably on the green. 


  • Easily the best priced option.
  • The double milled face is very soft and produces great control.
  • The counter balance weighting is similar to some of the higher end options with most of the weight in the tips providing great control.
  • The black, anti-glare finish looks great and is helpful on sunny days.
  • Great feel for a mallet putter.
  • The larger and weightier head gives a high MOI and a lot of forgiveness.


  • Not as technologically advanced as some of the other putters.
  • A high MOI, but not as high as some of the others.
  • Does not look as good at setup.
  • A pretty bulky clubhead.

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Cleveland Frontline Elevado

At first glance, you notice the double wing design and the rough face insert. The face is very soft and produces a great top spin roll that is true and straight. The double wing design makes alignment easy and is visually pleasing standing over the ball. The club looks great and inspires confidence over the ball with the offset allowing the club to rest on the ground easily.

The speed optimized face technology means that the sweet spot is huge, the weighting is moved forward, and it is very difficult to leave a putt short. This is an aggressive and accurate putter that can especially help those players with a tendency to leave the ball short.


  • Very easy putter for alignment.
  • The forward placed weighting takes away a lot of the MOI and provides a very solid and firm surface.
  • Great for players with a tendency to leave the ball short.
  • A good value for the price.
  • The insert is very soft with great feel and distance control. 
  • The weighting helps with distance control as well.
  • Designed very well for players with a straight swing.


  • The forward weighting takes away one of the main advantages of a larger putter head.
  • A heavier shaft than some of the other putters.
  • Not the same look or feel as some of the higher end putters.

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Bettinardi INOVAI 6.0

Another of the winged mallets, this club looks as good as any other club on the market. The blue and chrome design contrast well and aid in alignment along with the wings and the offset head. Just like many of the other mallet putters, the MOI is very high so that after you align the putt correctly you will not mishit it. The sweet spot is huge and the club is very forgiving.

Bettinardi re-engineered this club to focus on feel and forgiveness. The milled face is very soft and larger club head is easy to hit. The aluminum weighting in the back of the club just increased the MOI and made the club easier to control. The reason this club is further down the list is because of the price. Many of the same features can be seen on clubs with a lower price tag.


  • Looks and feels great in your hands.
  • The milled insert is soft and great at controlling distance.
  • All of the normal benefits of a mallet putter with a renewed focus on feel.
  • A high MOI means fewer mishits and no twisting at impact so that wherever you aim, the ball is going to go.
  • A true roll with great topspin.
  • The cobalt blue just looks great.
  • The aluminum weighting provides stability and consistency.


  • One of the most expensive clubs on the list.
  • The clubhead may be too large for some golfers.

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How To Choose The Best Putter For Seniors

Many senior golfers already have an idea of what brand they prefer and what they are looking for in a putter. However, as we grow older, some of those priorities change. The weight and control of a mallet putter may trump a golfer’s desire to use what they are used to. 

A longer length shaft may make it easier to not bend as far to read a green and strike a putt. As our eyesight begins to lessen, alignment aids with more contrast and that are larger and easier to see may become more and more important.

In short, just as time heals all wounds, waits for no one, and is the wisest counselor of all, it also changes our putting stroke. Because of that, a mallet putter usually works better for seniors if you can take the plunge and learn how to use them. 

They definitely look and feel different than a blade, but they provide the features that we need as our swings, eyesight, and hand strength change.  

Features To Look For in Putters For Seniors

Alignment. Alignment is one of the most important aspects of putting. If you are not aimed right, you are not going to make the putt. Almost every putter has some type of alignment feature, but some of the mallet putters on this list take it to the next level. These alignment aids are easier to see as our eyesight fades and can really help take our putting to the next level.

MOI. MOI or “Moment of Inertia” is basically a measure of how much a putter twists at impact on off center strikes. The higher the MOI the less twist and the straighter the shot. Mallet putters have generally higher MOIs than blades and some of the larger mallet putters hit the ball just as straight and true on off center strikes as they do on the perfect ones. A higher MOI is even more important for seniors because twisting occurs more with slower swings and with weaker grips.

Weighting. A lot of mallet putters have very light shafts with all of the weight at the hands and in the club head. This gives a player extra control of the club and makes it easier to repeat a swing over and over.

Stability. Most mallet putters are weighted toward the back of the club because this increases the MOI. This also makes your club and swing more stable as the weight of the club glides the face through impact.

Length. Many seniors prefer longer shafts in their putters as they get older. Longer shafts mean less bending, and with the alignment aids like they are now, you can stand almost upright and still line your putt up correctly. Finding a putter with a longer shaft can be difficult but many shops will allow you to customize if it comes down to it.

Should I really Purchase a Putter For Seniors?

Many seniors should absolutely consider a putter change. As was mentioned before, a mallet putter provides the stability, control, alignment, and MOI that most seniors need.

The weighting of a mallet putter usually sets up well for a senior’s stroke and provides the consistency that can go away as blades have a tendency to slip and twist in our hands. 

They are also much more forgiving and have much larger sweet spots than their blade counterparts. In short, mallet putters just set up well for most senior golfers.


Best Overall: Callaway Odyssey Triple Track Marxman

The Odyssey Triple Track Marxman has set itself apart in its ability to aid in alignment and consistency while maintaining its place as one of the softest putters out there. Basically, this putter excels at the 3 most important aspects of putting: alignment, feel, and distance control.

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The only thing some players might not like is the size of the head, and especially those players who are used to a blade putter. However, if you can get over the size issue, this is one of the best putters on the market in general, and it performs great for seniors.

Most Affordable: Wilson The L Infinite Putter

No other club on this list comes close to the price point of the Wilson “The L” Infinite Putter. On top of that, it has a high MOI, great distance control, and a very soft feel.

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