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In 2020, TaylorMade released their SIM Max driver. The release is still looked on as one of the best drivers produced by TaylorMade and they are still some of the most used drivers out there.

The SIM Max was designed more for recreational golfers, but the combination of forgiveness, ball speed, design, sound, and feel make it a popular choice for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

The SIM 2 Max is very similar to the SIM Max with a few differences that we will highlight in this article.

The good thing is that, unlike many companies who make changes for the sake of making changes, TaylorMade has kept the essence of what made the SIM Max one of the best drivers ever while adding a couple of slight improvements that many golfers will like.

The following article will compare and contrast the TaylorMade SIM Max vs SIM 2 Max and allow the reader to decide which one would work best for them.

TaylorMade SIM Max

The SIM Max was one of the most popular TaylorMade drivers ever for a reason. It was really long, really forgiving, and really straight. These particular features are pretty much what every golfer in the world wants, especially in a sport where players are looking for any speed advantage they can find.

The SIM series has 3 different drivers in the SIM, SIM Max, and SIM Max D, but the SIM Max was the most popular of them. The SIM Max was a pretty significant design change from any of TaylorMade’s previous drivers, and there was a real focus on aerodynamics and swing speed in every aspect of its design. The Twist Face Technology added a lot of forgiveness, the speed injected face takes the club to the legal limits of distance, and the inertia generator helped with forgiveness and speed and the SIM Max has them all. It was introduced to huge acclaim both from golfers and reviewers alike, and there were even times when it was hard to find one at a golf shop because they were flying off the shelves.


  • Every aspect of the design was focused on swing speed, forgiveness, and distance.
  • One of the best things about this driver is its size and how it looks behind the ball at setup. There is something about the club that inspires confidence before you even take your first swing.
  • This is one of the easiest drivers on the market to launch. The center of gravity is low, and the inertia generator in the back of the club really lifts the ball up at impact.
  • With the advent of the SIM 2 Max, you can find this driver at a reasonable price and this is still an incredible driver.


  • It is difficult to work the ball around the course, it is more of a point and shoot type club than a fade/draw type club.
  • Some of the stability features added to the SIM 2 Max are not present in this club.

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TaylorMade SIM 2 Max

As mentioned before, TaylorMade struck gold with the SIM series of drivers, so when they created the SIM 2 Max, it was vital to not make too many changes. They did not. A cursory glance at the two drivers side-by-side show similar design and aesthetics, though there is some technological advancements in the SIM 2.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - TaylorMade SIM2

All of the features mentioned above are still present, but there are 3 noticeable improvements. The first is the Forged Ring Construction that was meant to be the unifying force of the rest of the components into a singular and stable force. It is the blue “ring” around the club and it is made of lightweight aluminum, precision milled to unite the rest of the club head and make it one of the most stable drivers on the market. The second is the Split Mass Weighting that adds weight to the sole and rear of the club for more forgiveness and consistency at impact. Finally, the aerodynamic shape of the club takes away draft and adds a little extra speed to every swing.


  • Split Mass Weighting is TaylorMade’s answer to Callaway’s “Jailbreak Technology” and it really works to add forgiveness and stability to the club.
  • The ability to tune the club to either a draw or fade bias is a great addition.
  • One of the most stable club faces at impact out there. The combination of Forged Ring Construction and the Split Mass Weighting have added distance and forgiveness while also giving you a stable and smooth feel.
  • The aerodynamic look and performance of the SIM 2 Max gives you confidence before the shot and some additional swing speed and distance at impact.


  • The SIM 2 Max is not as consistent or accurate as some other drivers.
  • It is one of the more expensive drivers on the market.

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TaylorMade SIM Max Vs SIM 2 Max Features Face to Face



The club head technology is where there really is a difference between the two clubs. This will be discussed more thoroughly in the “Performance” section, but the club head construction is different, primarily the Forged Ring Construction and Split Mass Weighting. Read the “Standout Features” section below to learn about this technology and how this aspect of the head construction really sets the SIM 2 Max apart. The Forged Ring Construction give the club a “oneness” that adds to stability and feel while the Split Mass Weighting helps with the launch and forgiveness of the driver. The SIM 2 Max also has more carbon in the crown and the aluminum in the back of the club.


As far as flex goes, the stock shafts of both drivers include Senior, Regular, Stiff, and X-Stiff. The SIM 2 Max comes with either the Fujikara Ventus Blue 5S or Kuro Kage Silver which are both great options. The SIM Max, on the other hand, use either the Fujikara Ventus Red 5 or Fujikara Ventus Blue 6. The stock shafts of both drivers are high quality and you cannot go wrong with either.


If you were to glance at both clubs, you could easily think they were the same. The colors are very similar, and the design and writing on each are close though the SIM Max 2 has some more blue and is a little bolder. The real difference, however, is if you look closely, you can see the more aerodynamic design of the SIM 2 Max head. The forged aluminum in the back is a little flatter and the club in general looks like it will cut through the air better than the SIM Max…and it does.



As far as distance goes, the old saying “you get 6 one way and a half-dozen the other” applies to these drivers. They are both long. The only real difference in distance is that the SIM 2 Max is a little more forgiving and stable at impact so you have the freedom to swing a little harder knowing the ball is going to go straight.


The ability to launch these drivers is a strength for both the SIM Max and SIM 2 Max. However, the Split Mass Weighting makes the SIM 2 Max a little easier to launch with both of them giving you a mid launch trajectory. The low center of gravity and inertia generator in the back of both club heads make both drivers easy to launch.


The spin rate of both drivers is low, but the TPS front weight in the SIM 2 Max optimizes the low spin properties of the club. Some golfers want a little spin on their drives, but as more and more golfers look for added distance off the tee, drivers like the SIM Max and SIM 2 Max that produce little spin will be more and more desirable.


The SIM 2 Max takes the incredible forgiveness of the SIM Max and adds even more to it. The Forged Ring Construction brings a stability to the club that you can feel at impact and it allows all of the forgiveness features to work together to produce a great ball flight. Both clubs were meant to be very forgiving with Twist Face Technology and the milled face cup, but there is an extra layer of forgiveness that sets the SIM 2 Max apart.


Even with the added technology in the SIM 2 Max, the clubs sound almost exactly alike. When you hit the ball solid, you can hear it and feel it in your hands and the results are great. The biggest difference is the stability of the SIM 2 Max. The added MOI and the increased stability are not just performance features, you can actually feel the difference at contact.


At this point in time, you can find the SIM Max driver for more than $100 less than the cost of the SIM 2 Max. The SIM 2 Max is newer and is more technologically advanced, but the price difference is something to really consider. If you did some digging online, you could probably find the SIM Max for an even less expensive price than what you find at TGW or on the TaylorMade site.

Standout Features


This may be the biggest difference between the two clubs, and what is surprising is that the SIM 2 Max is actually the heavier of the two. It is clear that the less the club weighs, the faster your swing speed can be, but the additional weight was added for forgiveness and stability without losing much, if any, speed. In fact, the SIM 2 Max has less titanium and more carbon throughout the club head, but the saved weight is used for what TaylorMade calls “Split Mass Weighting” which features added weight in the sole of the club and 16g of steel in the rear of the club. This is TaylorMade’s answer to Callaway’s “Jailbreak Technology” and many golfers are raving about this new technology.


The shape of the clubs are very similar from the top, but when you look at the sole of each club, the differences are clear. The Forged Ring Construction is easily visible and aesthetically pleasing. The entire design of the club is different too as the almost “arrow-like” design of the SIM Max is replaced with a more traditional shape and more aerodynamic features.

Forged Ring Construction

If you have not noticed from the rest of the article, the Forged Ring Construction is one of the biggest changes in the SIM 2 Max driver. This feature brings the whole driver together and is the stability answer to the Callaway Jailbreak Technology. When Callaway first started building drivers with the Jailbreak feature, golfers fell in love and no other manufacturer had an answer to the stability and forgiveness it provided. The Forged Ring Construction is getting the same reviews and may offer an even more stable and forgiving moment of impact.

Final Thoughts on The TaylorMade SIM Max vs SIM 2 Max

If you are looking for a long, straight, and forgiving driver, you cannot go wrong with either the TaylorMade SIM Max or SIM 2 Max. The main decision you have to make is if you want to spend less money for a good driver or more money for a better driver. Either of these clubs is great for beginners, intermediate players, and all the way up to PGA pros, but the few changes that TaylorMade incorporated into the SIM 2 Max make it a slightly better choice overall.


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