Best Golf Pants For Men in 2023: A Brief Glance at 17 Top Designer Names

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Pants For Men in 2023, here’s what we recommend:

After growing up in Georgia and then moving to Florida after college, it would seem like golf shorts would be much more important than golf pants for me. The truth is, the opposite is true. It is pretty easy to find a pair of shorts that are comfortable and allow you to play a round of golf with few or no issues. 

We’re going to be reviewing the following golf pants brands:

It is not as easy to find a pair of pants like that. From lack of comfort to lack of adequate movement and “stretchiness,” golf pants can be a tricky purchase. Especially if you mainly wear dress pants to work, you want to make sure you have at least a couple of pairs of pants that you can take on the course when the weather gets a little cooler and that will not hinder your play. The following list of “Best Golf Pants” will help you figure out what to look for and how to purchase a good pair of golf pants.

How To Choose the Best Golf Pants

The most important consideration is comfort. Just like purchasing any type of golf shirts or shorts, your golf pants have to be comfortable enough to play 18 holes of golf in 4-5 hours without making the day more difficult or uncomfortable. Everything else is secondary to comfort.

Knowing the climate, the time of day you will be most often playing, and the people you will be playing with are all important factors in your purchase as well. You may be tempted to pursue fashion or brand loyalty first, but I would caution you against that.

Comfort is king, and finding a comfortable pair of golf pants is more important than where they came from or how they look.

If you’re still not sure, a golf subscription box is an awesome way to try out some new brands.

Features That Differentiate Golf Pants

Materials. The materials used in golf pants are one of the key aspects of comfort. A pair of slightly stretchy cotton pants is my choice every time. Other people like the ultra thin polyester pants that have a lot of give and are extra breathable. Usually different materials fit differently and provide certain aspects of comfort and it is important to choose the materials that fit you best.

Thickness. The level of thickness in golf pants is important depending on where you live and the climate in which you normally play. If you are in Florida, the thinner and cooler your pants are, the better. If you are playing more in the northeast, then you probably want an extra layer of warmth so that your muscles do not get cold.

Price. Depending on your financial situation, spending a little extra on the most comfortable pair of golf pants is advisable. I would rather have one great fitting, comfortable pair of golf pants than 5 pairs that are immediately uncomfortable from the time you put them on.

Brand. I have heard people say things like, “brand does not matter, you are just paying extra money for the logo.” This statement is incorrect. There is almost always a reason one particular brand both charges more money and sells more product than another. Certain brands have become known for their quality products and sticking with those types of brands usually serve you well.

Style. Do you prefer flat front or pleated? Do you like a loose or slim fit? Do you want your pants tapered or straight? Do you wear a belt for fashion or to hold your pants in place? Will you be tucking your shirt in while you play? These are all questions that you have to ask and answer to understand what your personal style is and therefore which pants will best suit you.

Extras. I like deep pockets and I never put anything in a back pocket while I am playing. I have a pair of pants that is elastic in the waistband and they are my favorite golf pants. Whether you like having the rubber inserts to hold your shirt tucked in or you like pants that are easy to cuff on the bottom so you never step on them while you are walking, there are some extra features that golf pants have that may set them apart from a similarly comfortable pair.

The Benefits Of Golf Specific Pants

Golf specific pants take into account what golfers need out on the course. They generally feel more athletic and allow for freer movement than just a regular pair of khakis.

Golf specific pants usually have features that golfers want and they are usually thin and breathable so that you are as comfortable as possible on the course. I have played a round of golf with the first pair of khaki pants out of my closet before, and there is a huge difference.

As the round progressed, they became heavier and began to sag. They were hotter than my normal pants and they did not move as well. The bottom line is that there is a difference between a pair of pants made for the course and those made for the office.

Are Brand Names Worth It?

As I mentioned above, brand names are usually worth it. It is not worth paying extra just because there is one logo on the pants compared to another, but that is rarely the only difference between golf pants.

There is almost always a reason that one brand is more expensive than another and it usually hinges on comfort and quality. Brands are also worth it because once you find a brand you like and that fits you well, it is much easier to know what to purchase next.

Basically, if you are only spending extra money because of the brand name on the logo, then brands are not worth it. If, however, the golf pants that fit you best come from a specific brand, then sticking with that brand is absolutely worth it.

The Best Golf Pants Brands in 2023 Overview



If you think Oakley is only a high-end sunglasses manufacturer, then you are not alone. But you are not correct either. Oakley high quality clothes and shoes as well, and their golf line is top notch. 

Oakley golf pants are very fashionable without being over the top in their design. They stand out because of their quality and their fit, and they perform on the course as well as any other brand. Their cotton icon stretch 5-pocket pants are some of my favorites, and the fact that they are on the low end of the mid range price point is another great thing about their clothing.

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Amazon Essentials 

Amazon Essentials is a brand that exists for value. Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, and when they produced their own line they did so to use their own competitive advantages, size and price. You can buy almost any piece of golfing apparel from this brand and they will all be basic, simple, high quality products.

The Amazon Essentials golf pants come in a few different materials, colors, and styles. Because the focus of this brand is on value, fashion and style take a back seat. They focus on simple and classic designs at a great price, and their products are the least expensive on this list.

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Galvin Green 

Made by golfers for golfers with the features and comfort that golfers desire. Galvin Green is a golf specific company that has no other goal but to get the highest quality golf apparel on the market that they can make.

As far as golf pants go, the Galvin Green is simple and classic in its style but modern and forward thinking it performance. The stretchy, moisture-wicking material is 100% polyester and as comfortable and lightweight as you will find. They fit true to size and are neither slim nor loose fitting. The price point is one of the highest on the list. 

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FootJoy is a golf centric company that makes some of the best golf shoes out there. The rest of their line is a well-kept secret because their clothes and accessories are comfortable and well-made but only a few people wear them. FootJoy’s focus is on golf products and you can see that in the quality and features that they provide.

You can find FootJoy golf pants in a variety of colors and styles. Their “athletic pants” are very comfortable and fit well. While they offer a wide variety, the style and colors are all more “golf traditional.” There is not a lot of vibrant colors or over-the-top designs, but instead their pants are comfortable and athletic without being loud. The price is point is on the high end.

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Puma has been around forever as a sporting goods and apparel company. Puma is a little edgier than the other companies of its size and scope and they focus more on sports like soccer and track than basketball and football. With that said, their golf apparel looks and feels great with a little of the edginess that Puma has established.

Puma is a sporting goods and apparel company first, so much of the technology that has gone into clothing for other sports can be found in the Puma golf line. Puma makes some classic pants, but the vibrant colors, plaid design, and high quality are what draw many of their customers. Puma’s golf pants can be found at a mid price range and is less expensive than many of the brands on this list.

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J Lindeberg 

A high-end Swedish company that sells anything from blazers to golf shirts, J Lindeberg is known for quality. It is not a household name in America, but it is a well-known fashion icon in Europe. They are not a golf specific company, but they do make clothes specifically for the course.

J Lindeberg golf pants are very well designed and created for comfort. They look great with a few modern colors but mostly traditional looking golf pants. The price point is high, but the quality is higher. Do not dismiss it as a European brand, but try them on to feel and see the quality they offer.

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Adidas is one of the most well-known and largest brands in America. Across any sport, you will find Adidas has produced some of the best and most technologically advanced clothing. Adidas is also known for producing very stylish clothes with vibrant colors and cutting edge designs.

Golf pants of any style and fit are available in the Adidas name. Their “365” brand uses lightweight fabric that is cool in the summer but also protects you from the elements. Their golf pants feel like athletic pants but look great both on and off of the course. You can find these golf pants at a mid range price.

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A brand that was started and run by actor Chris O’Donnel’s brother, John O’Donnel. The brand was created to fill a perceived need of a stylish golf brand that looks good and performs well on the course rather than having to choose.

The result is a brand that combines the laid back style of the west coast with the preppie style of the east coast so that anyone can find what they like. The idea is that you could walk right off of the course and into your office, or vice versa. You will find these golf pants at a relatively high price point, but if you are going to use them as a golf/lifestyle pant, then take that into account for the price.

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Under Armour 

Under Armour has been at the forefront of the moisture-wicking, lightweight, high quality sports apparel movement since the beginning. In fact, it was when Under Armour entered the market that the stretchy, light material you find everywhere became popular. Now Under Armour is one of the most recognized names in American sporting goods.

The Under Armour golf pants follow suit with the rest of the brand. They are very lightweight but substantial and they are very breathable. The style is classic but with a modern flare and they are extremely comfortable. They come at a mid range price point even though they are as well made as any golf pants you will find.

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Bonobos is best known for their PGA Tour spokesperson, Justin Rose. He has worn Bonobos golf pants while on the tour and has proven that the company makes a high quality product that performs well on the course.

Known for their vibrant colors, fun prints, and creative designs, Bonobos is a welcome addition to the golf apparel category. Their pants are more traditional looking, but the quality and performance remains. They fit a little snug, especially their “slim fit” options, but many golfers like that style. The pants are lightweight and comfortable and can be found at a high to mid range price.

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There is not much you can say about Nike that you do not already know. It is the premier sporting goods and apparel company in the world, and it made a splash in the golf world years ago when they signed Tiger Woods. Nike continues to produce some of the best golf clothing and accessories in the world.

The Nike Dri-Fit Flex pants are as comfortable and lightweight as you will find. They also look great taking a more stylish approach than most golf apparel companies. They are lightweight and fit true to size. Nike maintains a middle of the road price point for their golf pants. 

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Linksoul was created with golfers in mind with the stated goal of helping golfers to spend more time on the course and to enjoy the time they get. Their tagline is “Tempus Fugit” which means “time flies” and they want golfers to enjoy the time that they have with the game that they love.

Their pants are some of the most comfortable on the market, especially their cotton bamboo blend pants. The fabric is breathable and lightweight so that you can wear it all day while maintaining comfort. These pants also look great off of the course though the higher price point may turn some people off.

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The founder of Dunning, Ralph Dunning, took his experience as a designer of triathlete apparel, and began to make golf clothes. He was on a trip to Hawaii in the early 2000s when he realized that no matter how much he paid for “trendy” golf clothes, they were too hot and not comfortable enough for the heat.

The Dunnine brand is known for its quality and high performance, not to mention the fact that their golf pants look great both on and off of the course. They come at a high price point, but they are very high quality and perform very well in any conditions. They also look great off of the course.

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Even if you know nothing about fashion or designers, you have heard of Ralph Lauren. He has been a household name for years, and RLX is his attempt at combining modern fits, sophisticated style, intelligent details, and the most technologically advanced materials on the market. The result is a great golf brand.

The RLX golf pants come in a lot of different fits, sizes, and materials so that anyone can find what they are looking for. The 2 things that tie every RLX product together is comfort and fashion. The price point is on the higher side, but the fit and the look are as modern as golf apparel gets.

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The “Greyson” brand is definitely up-and-coming and is quickly becoming one of the most popular golf clothing brands out there. Charlie Schaefer is the founder of Greyson after leaving his position as Ralph Lauren’s Senior Vice President of Design.

Best Golf Pants - greysonBest Golf Pants - greyson

Greyson pants are very stylish with the trim fit that is dominating men’s fashion right now. The thing that sets these pants apart, however, is the fabric used. They are not just trim and stylish, they are also flexible and very comfortable. While they make outerwear that is warmer, their normal golf pants are very breathable and would do better in a warmer climate. If you are looking for style first with some comfort and flexibility features, the Greyson pants may be exactly what you are looking for. 


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  • Some of the most stylish golf pants out there based on fit and looks.
  • They were very fortunate that, when they came out at the Masters for the first time, their Tour ambassador, Morgan Hoffman, finished in the top-30 and they have been ascending ever since.
  • They added former no. 1 golfer, Luke Donald, and that brought a lot more notoriety to the brand.
  • Clothing brands need good exposure, and Greyson has had a lot of that since coming into existence.
  • The brand is a great combination of style and function with a slight emphasis on style.


  • If you do not like the “trim” fit, then you should look for a different brand.
  • You do not get the same level of comfort that you will find in their shirts and coats as you do with their pants.

Psycho Bunny

You can tell from the first glance at the Psycho Bunny brand that they are a little “unconventional.” The “Bunny Skull and Bones” logo is a little out there, but somehow they make it work. As far as pants go, you can find anything from a normal pair of regular khakis, to a pair of bright pink pants with dark blue bunny skull and bones logos running up and down the legs.

Best Golf Pants - psycho bunny

The pants are very comfortable. Many companies are moving strictly to the tighter, form-fitting pants, and they are just not comfortable for everyone. Psycho Bunny fits well, but they are not as snug as many of the other “stylish” golf pants out there. The bottom line is that you can go conservative or crazy with Psycho Bunny pants, but either way they are really comfortable and really high quality products.  

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  • Their clothes are remarkably comfortable on the course.
  • Their pants run true-to-size, and are not as “snug” as some other newer brands of golf pants.
  • They are very noticeable, and if you like attention on the course, wearing this brand is a good way of finding it.
  • Psychol Bunny pants have a lot of give and are pretty breathable which adds to their comfort and functionality.
  • They are different. They offer multiple pant styles with the Psycho Bunny logo printed up and down each pant leg.


  • The logo could be a little off-putting for some golfers.
  • The pants are well over $100 which make them less accessible than other brands.
  • There are not that many choices of golf pants.

Travis Mathew

One of the worst things that can happen on the course is when you are getting toward the end of your round and your pants start losing their shape. They start to droop, and no matter how much you tighten your belt they just do not fit right. This is one of the reasons that the Travis Mathew quality is so important.

Best Golf Pants - Travis MathewBest Golf Pants - Travis Mathew

They keep their shape, they feel great throughout your round, and you could even wear them to work or to run errands when you are finished. They look and feel great too. They are made from a very lightweight and breathable material, but they have the style and appearance of modern and casual everyday wear. Usually golf clothes are easy to spot and they look out of place in the workplace or in social settings. Travis Mathew pants transition well no matter where you are going, but they perform best out on the course.

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  • Great looking pants that belong anywhere you go, golf course or not.
  • They are very accessible both online and in popular retail stores like Nordstrom, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or PGA Superstore.
  • Very lightweight and very comfortable.
  • They can be found at a better price than most pants of similar quality.
  • High quality and very durable.
  • Maintain their shape throughout the round.


  • Not as trendy as some of the other newer brands.
  • On the conservative side of golf pant style.

Final Thoughts on The Best Golf Pants Brands in 2023


My Favorite Brand: Oakley

I was surprised when I learned a couple of years ago that Oakley was and still is my favorite brand for golf pants. Their stretch material is extremely comfortable, and they make a pair of cotton stretch pants that fit well and move like athletic pants. While I do not necessarily wear them into work, they look nice enough to go out for the day and maintain their shape well.

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Living in Florida, it was important that the pants were cool and that they held their fit well throughout the round and Oakley’s golf pants do just that. I have always worn Oakley sunglasses, but their golf pants are surprisingly high quality and very comfortable and quickly became my favorite brand.

Most Affordable: Amazon Essentials

I hate to sound like a broken record based on my other articles about golf shirts and golf shorts, but the Amazon Essentials brand is still the least expensive, high quality brand out there. They are the most affordable golf pants.

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