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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Women’s Golf Shoes in 2022, here are our recommendations:

Every year, more and more women are playing golf. It is a fun game and it allows you to spend time with family or business clients in a more comfortable setting. Golf equipment companies have seen this trend and have begun to make and sell high quality clubs and balls for women golfers that have not been as available in the past. The golf shoe market for women is one that continues to grow and get better all of the time. Today’s market is full of high quality, nice looking golf shoes that will allow you to compete in fashionable comfort. The following is a review of the best women’s golf shoes in 2020.

We’re going to be reviewing the following Women’s Golf Shoes:

How To Choose The Best Women’s Golf Shoes

Just like with every piece of golf equipment that you buy, your golf shoes should match your game and your style. If you are a hard swinger, then you want to find the shoes with the best traction and support on the course.

If you play in a climate where you will likely be playing in rain or dew, make sure that you find waterproof golf shoes. If you are like my wife, you will probably want your shoes to match your outfit. Decide on a color scheme that will look good with your golf clothes and make that a priority.

When it comes to choosing the best women’s golf shoes, there is not 1 specific answer. We will compare features and choose our favorite spiked and our favorite spikeless shoes, but we urge you to dig a little deeper for yourself. Look at the features and the quality of each shoe, try them on, and decide which shoes will best fit your game.

Why Do I Need Golf Shoes?

A couple of months ago, a few friends of mine asked me if I wanted to play basketball with them. I had on some slip-on Under Armour “recovery shoes” with very little support, but I wanted to play so I joined them. To make a long story short, I sprained my ankle in large part because of the shoes I was wearing.

Just like they make basketball shoes for a reason, they make golf shoes for a reason as well. You need a firm foundation to swing as hard as you want to swing. You want to make sure they are comfortable, especially if you are walking the course.

If you play in a climate where rain is likely, you want to make sure you get waterproof golf shoes. There are certain features and places where cushioning is important during a golf swing compared to anything else that you do. 

The bottom line is that golf shoes were created to provide comfort and support while you repeatedly make golf shots. Running shoes will not offer the foundation, basketball shoes will not give you the grip, and cross-trainers will not give you the flexibility that you need.

If you want to be comfortable on the course and have the foundation and grip that you need, buy a nice pair of golf shoes and do nothing else in them other than playing golf.

Spiked Or Spikeless?

The differences between spiked and spikeless shoes used to be a lot more pronounced than they are today. The biggest difference used to be that spiked shoes provided a lot of traction and stability while spikeless shoes provided comfort.

Today’s golf shoes, both spiked and spikeless, generally have a little bit of both worlds. Spiked shoes are much more comfortable than ever with a lot of shoe manufacturers using running shoe technology for cushioning.

On the other hand, spikeless shoes have added a lot in terms of traction on the ground, stability inside the shoe, and a firm foundation on which to stand when swinging.

Simplistically, the difference is still there. Spiked shoes have more traction and provide a more stable base for your swing. Spikeless shoes are still more comfortable and can be as comfortable as running shoes on the course. Those differences, however, are not as stark as they used to be so that you are freer to choose the style you like without sacrificing features.

Attributes and Features to Look For

Traction. This is probably the most important feature for most golfers. You want to have the confidence that no matter the lie, your feet will provide a solid and unmoving foundation for your swing. Shoe manufacturers understand the importance of traction and most of them make it the top priority when designing a shoe. When you find a golf shoe that gives you the traction you desire, you should stick with that shoe as long as possible.

Fashion. The aesthetic qualities of golf shoes have risen in importance over the years. In the past, you could see 50 golfers in a day and 45 of them would be wearing plain white golf shoes. In today’s game, personality and fashion play a huge role in the golf shoe most people choose. This means that there are a lot more design and color options than ever before and you can most likely find a golf shoe in the look you are going for.

Durability. It is hard to rate durability because you cannot evaluate a shoe’s durability until they are no longer useful. For this, you should read reviews (like this one) and try on golf shoes prior to purchasing. High quality materials and skill in manufacturing are what lead to durability, so finding a brand that you know and trust is a good way to ensure durability.

Stability. Stability is similar to traction in some ways, but there are differences as well. Stability has to do with how your foot is held into the shoe, the cushioning in the forefoot, and the way that the shoes lace. You can feel how stable a shoe is when you are walking, swinging the club, and even maneuvering to get into place for your next shot.

Comfort. You find your comfort in the combination of stability and cushioning. One of the things that many shoe makers are doing now is using the technology and design of a running shoe to add comfort to their golf shoes.

Price. Not much explanation needed here, but it is important to know how much you want to spend on a pair of golf shoes. To an extent, you get what you pay for, but there are some deals to be had and some high quality shoes at good prices. If you find a pair that you really like, it can be worth spending a little extra for the comfort they provide.

Best Women’s Golf Shoes in 2022 Reviewed



Puma RS-G Spikeless Shoes

Inspired by the RS-X3 Puma running shoes, the spikeless golf shoes both look great and perform well on the course. The carbon rubber lugs provide as much traction as any spikeless shoe out there and should provide ample traction to any golfer.

The seam sealed, waterproof upper is a mesh material that keeps the elements out without making your foot too hot. This is a very high performing and fashionable shoe that provides 2 of the most important things golfers want in their shoes: comfort and traction.

  • Very modern and fashionable look.
  • Enough color options available to provide options.
  • Fusion Foam insole is cushioned and comfortable.
  • The carbon rubber lugs are placed strategically in different zones on the bottom of the shoe to provide ultimate traction on every shot.
  • A softfoam sock liner is an extra touch of comfort.
  • The seam sealed upper is waterproof.
  • The upper also provides a “locked in” supportive feel that most golfers desire.
  • A 1-year waterproof warranty.
  • The chunky style might not be appealing to all golfers.
  • It sits a little high on your foot for some golfers.
  • Not the traditional look that some golfers desire.

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FootJoy Flex Coastal Ladies

These are not your typical FootJoy golf shoe. They are modern looking, comfortable, and you would not even know they were golf shoes from their appearance. They are very supportive and they are built to last.

They offer superior traction and they fit like a glove as well. FootJoy, in general, has been known for their classic golf shoe design and good quality. The Flex Coastal shoe continues the tradition of quality but with a different product that will appeal to a younger generation.

  • Very comfortable, could be worn to walk more than 18 holes.
  • Attractive and modern looking.
  • There are a variety of color options.
  • The performance mesh is cool and durable.
  • Constructed with a sock like feel and fit.
  • Very breathable.
  • Rubber traction focused on swing pressure points.
  • EVA midsole and a deep and cushioned footbed.
  • Lightweight.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Does not function as well for players with very high swing speeds.
  • Difficult to keep clean because of the porous mesh.

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Nike Air Max 1G

You want your golf shoe to provide traction, comfort, durability, and stability. You also want it to look good while doing it. The Nike Air Max 1G does all of these things with the style and attention to detail that Nike has become known for. The “Air Max” brand has been around for a long time and has gained a reputation for comfort, style, and durability and this shoe fits all of those.

Nike is now using some of its more classic designs in the golf market, and they are also using some of the same technology that has made their sneakers some of the best out there. The 1G combines the Nike expertise in the sneaker department with high quality golf technology and the result is a really good golf shoe.

  • Classic Nike design with the function of a golf shoe.
  • Visible air pocket speaks to comfort and style.
  • Fully waterproof with a 1-year waterproof warranty.
  • Designed after one of Nike’s iconic shoes.
  • The rubber outsole provides excellent traction. The traction patterns were made specifically for the golf course.
  • Enough color choices to please most people.
  • Very breathable for a waterproof shoe.
  • One of the best Nike spikeless golf shoes to date.
  • Stable and durable.
  • A little clunkier than some golfers may prefer.
  • Not as lightweight as some of the other options.
  • Not as good in muddy conditions.
  • Slightly higher price than some other options.

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Ecco S Classic

Ecco is known for producing high quality shoes with supreme material. These shoes are built for the golf course. After just a few minutes of wearing them, the insole forms to your feet providing increased comfort and stability.

The traction provided by these spikeless golf shoes is as good as anything else you will find on the market.

  • Superb traction.
  • Ecco hydromax make the shoes waterproof and breathable.
  • The cushioned midsole provides some spring in your step while maintaining comfort and stability.
  • Made for every arch type because it reacts to the stress you put on your feet.
  • Removable ortholite insole is comfortable and easy to clean.
  • The E-DTS outsole boasts 100 traction bars and over 800 different traction angles. This means that the traction provided by these shoes is top notch.
  • Classic design.
  • One of the most expensive golf shoes on the list.
  • European sizes can make for a difficult fit.
  • Not as many color options.
  • The design is not as modern as some of the other options.

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Adidas Climacool Cage

The ClimaCool Cage is one of the most comfortable and stylish golf shoes on the market. The mesh upper makes this one of the best shoes to wear in hot weather while the insole sock liner provides extra comfort and cushioning on the course.

This shoe is very stylish as well with the looks of a sneaker and a few different color options to choose from. The Cage is as comfortable as any other shoe on the market and is durable, lightweight, and cool as well.  

  • Excellent price point.
  • Lightweight mesh upper that is breathable and looks great.
  • The look and comfort of a sneaker with the features of a golf shoe.
  • Swing plane traction heel-to-toe zone provides a lot of traction no matter your lie on the course.
  • The softtouch sockliner adds a lot of cushioning and keeps your foot stable in the shoe.
  • Adidas has stayed at the forefront of style and durability.
  • Great for warm weather conditions.
  • Not waterproof. Dry conditions only.

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Adidas Response Bounce 2.0

The Response Bounce 2.0 by Adidas checks all of the boxes for a golf shoe. They are comfortable, have optimal traction and stability, look great, are water resistant, and they do not cost as much as many of the other shoes on this list.

Adidas has remained one of the major players in sporting goods, and they are at the forefront of style and technology in their shoe designs. The Response Bounce 2.0 takes that technology and style and adds the features of a golf shoe to make thse some of the best all-around spikes out there.

  • A great price point.
  • Bounce Foam technology make this a comfortable pair of golf shoes no matter how many holes you are walking.
  • High performance spikes for traction and gripping the ground.
  • Water resistant with microfiber leather uppers.
  • Classic Adidas style.
  • The look, feel, and comfort of a sneaker in a spiked golf shoe.
  • The cloudfoam insole is very cushioned and comfortable.
  • The low profile cleats are great on the green and in the tee box and provide maximum traction no matter the lie.
  • The leather is a little stiffer than the mesh uppers you find in others.
  • Do not look like a traditional golf shoe.

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Nike Roshe G Tour

These spikes are so comfortable that you can hardly feel the cleats when you are walking down a concrete golf path. The Roshe G Tour cleats are really comfortable and really cushioned, but they also provide stability and traction when you need it the most. Nike has taken their signature flair and style and developed a golf shoe.

These shoes are comfortable enough to wear anywhere but stable and grippy enough to be some of the best golf shoes out there. The 5 spikes are easy to remove and replace and they provide what every golfer wants out of their shoe: supreme traction.

  • Very comfortable and cushioned.
  • A waterproof synthetic leather upper keeps your feet dry.
  • The shoes look great.
  • A foam midsole adds bounce and cushion.
  • You feel more like you are walking in a running shoe than a golf shoe.
  • Low profile spikes do not add discomfort but they do add traction.
  • The internal heel counter provides stability for your foot.
  • Nike’s sneaker design proficiency is evident in their golf shoes as well.
  • Not a traditional golf shoe design.
  • Does not provide as much traction as some of the other cleats.

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FootJoy DryJoys

Still the preeminent name in golf shoes today, FootJoy continues to put our a high quality product on the golf market. The DryJoys are waterproof, nice looking, cool golf shoes that will help you remain stable no matter how hard you swing.

These shoes are not your traditional FootJoy offering. They look like they belong as much on a night out as they do on the golf course and they are comfortable enough to make you want to wear them anywhere.

  • 7 spikes across the bottom of the shoe provide as much traction as any golfer could need.
  • Full grain leather uppers offer a comfortable fit.
  • Waterproof.
  • The BOA closure system allows you to adjust the fit and lock it in when its right.
  • Duramax outsole gives long lasting traction and durability.
  • Fits snug on the heel but is roomier across the forefoot.
  • A mid-foot stability bridge keeps your foundation stable throughout the swing.
  • An extremely cushioned and comfortable shoe.
  • One of the most expensive options on the list.
  • Not as stylish as many of the other shoes on the list.

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Puma Ignite Blaze Pro

The Puma Ignite Blaze Pro uses a simple and straightforward design to be one of the best looking shoes on this list. The shoe maintains a smaller profile while still offering high levels of stability and traction.

The 6 spikes are well placed and do not take away from the comfort of this golf shoe. This shoe has the looks and comfort of many other Puma offerings, but it has top notch golf shoe features as well. 

  • Full length Ignite cushioning makes this a smooth riding shoe.
  • Somehow maintains a classic and modern look at the same time.
  • The full grain leather looks and feels great.
  • Hybrid bootie construction adds comfort and stability ensuring that your foot does not move during the swing.
  • The Ignite foam gives your foot a lot of rebound off of the turf with every step.
  • As comfortable as a sneaker.
  • Well placed cleats provide maximum traction.
  • Price point on the higher end.
  • Not a lot of color options.

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Ecco BIOM G 3 Racer

Ecco is known for high quality materials and construction when it comes to shoes. The Biom G3 Racer is proof of that. From the Gore-tex construction to the yak leather, these shoes spare no expense while looking and performing very well on the course.

The Natural Motion technology in these cleats brings your foot closer to the ground for a better and more athletic foundation for your shots. The traction provided by these cleats is top notch and you always feel confident in the stability and traction they provide. 

  • Premium yak leather provides breathability and durability.
  • 100% Gore-tex construction means your feet will stay dry and cool.
  • Some of the highest quality shoes on the market.
  • Natural motion technology brings the foot closer to the ground for a more athletic and natural feel.
  • The sole of the shoe adds stability and splash of color.
  • Some of the most comfortable spikes out there.
  • 100% waterproof and breathable simultaneously.
  • Easily the most expensive spikes on this list.
  • Not as stylish as many of the other offerings.
  • A little heavier than some of the other cleats.
  • Sole attracts debris and can be difficult to keep clean.

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Our Choice


Best Spikeless Women’s Golf Shoe

Our choice for best spikeless women’s golf shoe is the Nike Air Max 1G. Golf shoes are supposed to provide traction, comfort, and stability and the Air Max 1G does all of that in one of the most stylish packages out there. It is not your traditional golf shoe, but it provides all of the features you need with comfort that is only rivaled by higher end sneakers and running shoes.

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You could walk 18 and spend the rest of the day at an amusement park afterwards and your feet would still be comfortable and cool. These shoes are the total package and we would put them up against any other spikeless shoe on the market.

Best Spiked Women’s Golf Shoe

The Adidas Response Bounce 2.0 are our choice for best spiked women’s golf shoe. They are extremely comfortable and rival a pair of high end running shoes in terms of cushioning and breathability. At the same time, these shoes provide enough traction for even the hardest swingers on the tour and the Bounce Foam provides some of the best cushioning out there.

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On top of all of the features that this shoe offers, it also looks great and comes in a variety of color options. Many manufacturers boast that their golf shoes feel like sneakers, and the Bounce 2.0 actually accomplish that feat. 


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