Best Golf Shorts For Men in 2023: 16 of Our Favorite Designers

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Shorts For Men in 2023, here are our recommendations:

Choosing the right pair of golf shorts is all about comfort and what you like to wear. Most shorts look very similar from brand to brand, but the comfort level of those shorts varies greatly.  The following list of best golf shorts will definitely make you look good but more importantly keep you comfortable on the course.

We’re going to be taking a look at the following golf shorts brands:

One of the worst feelings in the world is to start out your day with an uncomfortable pair of pants, no matter what you are doing that day. Starting a round of golf with an uncomfortable pair of shorts is even worse. Golf is supposed to be fun, an escape from the “real world.” That escape feels more like a prison when you spend the entire round thinking about getting home to change into something more comfortable.

How To Choose the Best Golf Shorts

Just like any other type of clothing, choosing the best golf shorts comes down to personal preference. I like longer shorts. I’m also 6’4, so longer shorts do not always sit longer on me. I also like loose fitting shorts with a stretchier material that moves well and that feel more like athletic shorts. I know people who feel the complete opposite of how I feel about golf shorts, but when I look for a pair, I do so with my own preferences in mind. A good thing to do is to try on a few different shorts with different styles, lengths, and material to see which one fits you the best. In general, it takes just a couple of minutes to know whether or not a pair of shorts is going to fit.

Things That Differentiate Golf Shorts

Length. You may hate shorts that hang past your knees, or you may feel exposed by shorts that do not. Figure out the inseam that you like and make sure to check it out before ever purchasing a pair of shorts.

Breathability. Growing up in Georgia and then moving to Florida, thinner materials and breathable clothes have been a way of life. Today you can find a nice looking, durable pair of shorts that are also thin and breathable.

Material. Today’s fashion, even for men, has become tighter with less give. Finding a material that is both thin and not form fitting can be difficult but possible. When it comes to material, cotton shorts are usually heavier but fit more loosely. Polyester shorts are usually a little more flexible but generally fit tighter. I generally prefer the stretchiest cotton material available to get the best of both worlds.

Price. Just like with golf shoes or a golf shirt, I am of the opinion that you find what is the most comfortable for you and you spend the money on it. Try all of the different styles and brands and see what fits you the best. After all, your shorts should last a long time and they will be key for keeping you comfortable on the golf course and in other events in your life as well.

Brand. Brand is only important in that it helps you know what to buy the next time you need a pair of shorts. With almost any other piece of clothing, you know the brand that someone else is wearing and they know yours. When is the last time you knew what brand of shorts your playing partners were wearing? When is the last time you asked? Even if appearances are important to you, the only thing that really matters with your golf shorts…comfort.

Accessories. Accessories may not be the right word, but what I mean is the extra little features that one brand of shorts my carry and others do not. If you are a “tucked in shirt guy” then you may like the little rubber inserts that help to hold your shirt in place. Mesh pockets are nice because a tee will not rip through it. These are not at the top of the list, but if you find a couple of pairs of shorts that have similar fits, the extra little things they offer may sway your opinion.

What Are the Advantages of Golf Specific Shorts?

The normal characteristics of a good pair of golf shorts are that they are stretchy throughout, breathable, lightweight, and thin. Some other things that might be of interest include rubber inserts lining the waistband to keep a shirt tucked in or mesh pockets for added coolness.

Golf shorts are becoming more and more like athletic shorts all of the time, and that is a good thing. You want to be as cool and comfortable as possible while also not being hindered at all from the athletic positions of a golf swing. The other really nice thing about many of today’s golf shorts is that they also look nice and can be worn in other places other than the golf course.

The truth is, I do not really see the need for khaki shorts other than golf specific shorts because of the combination of how they feel and how they look. You are probably not going to be wearing shorts out for a nice evening or formal event, so you might as well be comfortable any time you are attending an event where shorts can be worn.

Are Brand Name Golf Shorts Worth it?

In my experience, brand name shorts are not as important as brand name jackets or shirts. There is just not as much you can do with the fit and the material of a pair of shorts so that less expensive shorts can feel just as nice or better than the upscale brands. There are a few exceptions, but as a general rule this is what I have found. One thing that I learned early on was to find a pair of golf shorts that I liked, and buy a few pairs. You will always need a good, comfortable pair of shorts whether you are going out to play a round or are just hanging out with your family.

The Best Golf Shorts Brands in 2022 Overview


Amazon Essentials 

The best 2 words to describe the Amazon Essentials brand is simple and inexpensive. These 2 words describe the entire brand from socks to shirts and everything in between. It is a brand that is focused on utilitarian purposes with need and durability trumping style.

The shorts have some give to them and they are fairly lightweight, but they do not use some of the more advanced materials that some other brands use. The price point is great, and if you are just looking for a simple, decent looking pair of khaki shorts then you do not need to look any further.

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Galvin Green 

Galvin Green is a golf specific company whose passion is to inspire golfers to play more golf. Everything that they sell is high quality and made specifically to be comfortable out on the course. All of their time and effort go into producing quality products for golfers. 

Galvin Green shorts fit really well and are classic in their style and fit. They move along with you, have some elasticity to the waistband and through the shorts, and they are extremely breathable. They are golf shorts designed by golfers for golfers. These are terrific golf shorts in terms of comfort and usability, but the price point for Galvin Green shorts may turn many people away.  

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FootJoy is a great golf brand, but many people probably didn’t even know they make golf shorts. In fact, their clothing lines are very high quality golfing products, and their shorts are no different. FootJoy is a “golf first” company so their entire goal is to produce a pair of shorts that will be comfortable and perform well on the course.

FootJoy designs are more classic in nature and they stay away from some of the loud, vibrant colors and crazy patterns that some other brands sell. Their shorts are lightweight with a more traditional fit. You can choose from a variety of colors and even a couple of different designs, but the price point is on the higher side.

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Puma is not a golf specific brand, but a sporting goods brand with a golf specific line. Puma is actually one of the oldest sporting goods and apparel manufacturers in the world, but they are more known now for their vibrant colors and modern designs. They produce a high quality and comfortable product down the line, and their golf specific offerings are no different.

If you are looking for athletic feeling shorts that look great on and off of the course, Puma makes some good ones. They are stretchy, lightweight, and comfortable and they come in designs that some of the other manufacturers will not touch. Their golf shorts come at a mid range price, and they are worth a look.

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Greyson Montauk

Greyson Montauk golf shorts are built for style and performance. The material is not as thin as some other shorts, and they fit a little smaller than some, but the comfort level is top notch. These shorts are produced as a lifestyle golf short and they match that description well.

The offset button is a style in itself, but the plethora of designs and colors make these shorts stand out. They are not bright or vibrant colors, but they do a lot with the classic golf colors to make them stand out in a dressy way. You could definitely wear these shorts off of the course just as well as on. The price point is one of the highest in the golf shorts market.

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Polo Golf shorts are a great combination of the comfort of cotton with the breathability and stretch normally reserved for other fabrics. These shorts fit true to size and they are built to last. Polo Golf is an extension of the Polo brand that has been around forever and is a stalwart of quality clothing.

When it comes to style, Polo offers just about anything that you could want. They are known for their classic look and feel, but in recent years their style has gotten bolder and more modern. I generally like the more classic golf shorts look, but I also like the option for one of their louder designs. The price point is definitely on the high side, but you can often find Polo clothes on sale.

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Next to Nike and Under Armour, there is not a bigger sporting goods brand in America than Adidas. While they have not put as much marketing into golf as the other two companies have, their golf clothing is top notch. They make some of the best athletic shorts on the market, and they use much of that same technology to make a great pair of golf shorts.

In terms of style, Adidas is the more modern and vibrant of the 3, but they still lean toward the more classic and traditional look. Their golf shorts are extremely comfortable and they sell a wide range of options. The price point is right in the middle though the quality and style is closer to the top.

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The story of how Johnnie-O got its start is interested. John O’Donnel, actor Chris O’Donnel’s brother, was playing a round of golf with his friends and realized that a comfortable and stylish brand of golf clothing was yet to be established, so he took matters into his own hands. He created Johnnie-O as a way to produce golf specific clothing that looks and feels great.

The Johnnie-O style is dubbed, by the company itself, as “the intersection of east coast preppie and west coast surfer dude styles.” The goal was to create a more “laid back” version of the traditional golf ensemble, and the brand does just that. The price point is on the high side, but definitely less expensive than some of the other offerings on this list.

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Under Armour 

Under Armour entered the sporting goods and apparel market with the belief that lightweight, moisture-wicking material was the future of sports clothing. They were correct. They have ridden this technology to the point that they are one of the most popular brands in America and produce sports specific clothing to any major American sport.

The Under Armour golf shorts are simple in their style, but complex in how they are made. They stretch, but not as much as some of the other brands. They are lightweight, but they feel substantial when you put them on. They maintain the “classic” golf shorts look with all of the next technology out there. Their mid range price point make the product even more desirable.

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Bonobos partnered with one of the more outspoken and fashion driver players on the PGA Tour, Justin Rose. Rose winning a couple of tournaments while wearing Bonobos apparel helped get the word out about the company and they continue to grow.

Fun prints, vibrant colors, and crisp/clean lines are what set Bonobos apart from the competition not to mention their PGA spokesperson. Just like any other more stylish piece of clothing, their shorts fit a little tight, but they are lightweight and comfortable as well. They are very slightly above the middle price range, but they are not overly expensive.

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If you are reading this, then you know that Nike has been on top of the sporting goods business since they signed Michael Jordan to a contract in the early 1980s. They are the biggest and produce some of the best sports apparel in the world and their golf shorts are no exception. 

Their Flex-core and hybrid offerings are extremely comfortable and move along with you on the course. The style is mostly modern with a classic look thrown in as well. They are very comfortable and durable shorts that will help to ensure your comfort over 18 holes. Coming in at a mid-range price point and with all of the features that they offer, they are worth giving a try.

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The Linksoul motto is “Tempus Fugit” which means “time flies.” The idea is that time is too short so you should do the things that you enjoy, the things that make you happy. Their goal is to produce golf clothing that will help golfers enjoy their time on the course, and their golf shorts are no exception.

The shorts are lightweight and stretchy and they look great. The colors and designs are classic, but you can tell just by looking at them that there is pride in the workmanship. The shorts are slim fitting but they also move along with you so they do not feel tight. At a mid range price point, Linksoul is definitely a brand you want to try.

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Psycho Bunny 

When you hear of a brand name called “Psycho Bunny” you definitely do not think of a former Ralph Lauren employer who was fired and started selling neck ties to make ends meet. That is the story of this brand, however, and the name actually comes from a sketching of a bunny with a skull and crossbones. 2 elements working together as 1, rebellion with style, sophisticated mischief.

The golf shorts are actually very traditional in their style, but also very modern in their material and performance. The shorts are lightweight but the sit and feel like a normal pair of khaki shorts. They are breathable and stretchy but they are also substantial. The price point is on the high side, but there is something about the shorts that screams quality.

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The Dunning brand came out of a desire to improve the golfing apparel industry. Ralph Dunning was attending an ironman in Hawaii as a spectator. While playing a round of golf, he discovered that none of his “trendy” golf clothes could stand up to the heat and conditions. As a designer of performance triathlon clothing, he decided he could take that same knowledge and apply it to the world of golf. 

The best way to describe these golf shorts is, “old school style meets new school performance.” The brand is much more about performance and comfort than it is about style, so while the shorts look like any other on the market, you have to try them on to know what all the fuss is about. At an upper-middle price range, they fit well enough to be worth the cost.

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A smaller boutique type golf apparel provider, Devereux aims for a “golf and lifestyle” brand. Their aim is to provide a hint of “hip” and modern to classic designs and fits, but that is a very difficult thing to accomplish. The quality is high and the material is top notch, but the designs struggle to land.

On the course, these golf shorts perform very well. They are comfortable, breathable, lightweight, fit well, and they are durable. They also work well and maintain their comfort in all types of conditions. Off of the course, they look like a pair of golf shorts that should not be worn off of the course which is fine because they perform well on the course. They are an expensive option, but not as expensive as some of the other choices.

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From the Ralph Lauren website: “RLX Golf represents the merger of modern fits, intelligent details, and sophisticated design with the most technologically advanced fabrics available.” In short, RLX ties together modern and stylish designs with the highest quality materials available. 

The shorts are extremely lightweight and very comfortable on the course. They move along with you and they are slim fitting without being tight. They definitely fit differently than the Polo Golf brand, but it is hard to specifically describe the difference. The price point is on the higher side, but not the highest on the list. 

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Our Choice For Best Golf Shorts Brands in 2023

My Favorite Brand

My favorite golf shorts brand is Polo. This is a difficult decision because a lot of the brands mentioned above are some of my favorites. I have always preferred Under Armour and Adidas athletic shorts, and their golf shorts are almost as comfortable. The Polo brand in general, and their shorts in particular, are just a great combination of comfort and design.

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They come in any color you could think of, and in a few different designs that allow you to show your personality on the course. They also look good enough to wear off of the course so that you can be comfortable anywhere you are allowed to wear shorts. I know that I have mentioned it numerous times, but when it comes to choosing the right golf shorts, comfort is king. These thin, breathable, and stretchy cotton shorts are my favorite because they are the most comfortable, but it does not hurt that they look good as well. 

Most Affordable

It would be difficult to say anything other than Amazon Essentials when cost is key. They are a simple, inexpensive pair of shorts that are also very durable.

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