Best Hybrid Golf Clubs Reviewed For 2021

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to know our top choices for 2021, here they are:

Best Overall – TaylorMade SIM Max

Best Hybrid For Beginners and High Handicappers – Callaway Mavrik Max

Best Hybrid For Mid and Low Handicappers – Titleist TS2

Best Hybrid For Seniors – XXIO Eleven

Best Hybrid For Women – Callaway Mavrik Max W Lite

Most Forgiving – TaylorMade SIM Max

Most Affordable – Tour Edge HL4

To get more in depth on how these hybrids faired against the competition for a particular category or any other hybrid review, just click on the articles below:

Hybrids seem to be becoming more and more popular with each passing year.

As the technology poured into these clubs gets better and players of all skill levels continue to see their scores drop with hybrids in their bag, these clubs will just continue to improve.

They used to be niche clubs reserved primarily for higher handicap players who could not hit their long irons, but today you will find a hybrid in the bag of a good number of touring pros.

The following is a description and review of the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs on the market. We believe that reading this will both help you understand the important role that hybrids play and help you decide which hybrid is for you.

TaylorMade SIM Max

When hybrids began to grow in popularity in the mid and late 90s, TaylorMade took notice and poured some time and R&D into the concept.

They have never looked back and have become the high water mark for hybrid clubs. The SIM Max Rescue features the “Twist Face” technology that was first found in the TaylorMade driver. This hybrid uses various face angles across the club face so that an off-center strike will still travel straight because of the corrective face angle. The ultra-strong, slim steel face gives you a lot of distance without a lot of effort which also aids in forgiveness. The V-shape sole design is great for alignment and keeping the clubhead straight through impact, and the “V” is slightly lowered so that it cuts through the turf allowing the face to be unencumbered through impact. In short, this is a long, forgiving, and straight club that is very easy to hit.


  • Our best overall hybrid because of how easy it is to hit, the added length, and the great forgiveness. 
  • The Twist Face technology makes it one of the most forgiving hybrids out there.
  • It is a very easy club to hit and to get off of the ground.
  • The “V” sole design helps it to cut through the turf and make solid contact.
  • You can hit it straight and high no matter the lie.
  • The same construction and technology that you find in the SIM Max driver is found in the hybrid as well.
  • TaylorMade remains committed to putting time and R&D into their hybrids.
  • The ultra-strong steel face gives you a lot of extra ball speed and distance.
  • Very low spin rates.


  • On the expensive side for a hybrid.
  • The head is less offset than past hybrid offerings and an offset head generally leads to a more consistent and straight shot for the majority of players.

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Callaway Mavrik Max

The first hybrid to be created using Artificial Intteligence (AI) technology, it has many of the same features you will see on Mavrik Max driver.

The Flash Face technology gives you a huge sweet spot and a lot of forgiveness, and the club is setup for a high launch angle making it easy to get off the ground. The thin face on these hybrids transfer a lot of energy from club to ball and that is one of the reasons the Mavrik Max hybrid is one of the longest out there. Add to that the forgiveness and high MOI on these hybrids, and you have a really good all-around club. This offering from Callaway is our choice for second place in the hybrid category and the truth is you cannot go wrong with either the Mavrik or SIM clubs. 


  • AI technology produces some of the longest and straightest shots in the hybrid category.
  • Multiple lofts available depending on your game and the clubs that you want to replace.
  • Consistent ball speed across the club face for a much larger sweet spot and less chance of a mishit.
  • The same technology that went into the successful Mavrik driver can be found in their hybrids as well.
  • Different levels of the Mavrik make it suited for a wide range of players.
  • Setup to produce a high launch.


  • A high price tag.
  • Does not look as good at setup as some of the other options.

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Titleist TS2

The Titleist TS2 are the longest hybrids that Titleist make. The “TS” stands for “Titelist Speed Project” and the name of the club hints at the major feature of these clubs…speed.

The head is somewhat oversized which give it a high MOI, but they are not so big that they look like fairway woods. The surefit weight at the bottom of the club give it a really low center of gravity and high launch which leads to a soft landing on longer approach shots. The ultra-thin steel face gives you a huge sweet spot and top notch energy transfer from ball to club. While the focus is on speed and distance, there are some good forgiveness features as well which make these hybrids great for beginners and higher handicappers. 


  • The thin and fast face produces great distance and forgiveness.
  • The speed chassis combines a lot of different features that give you some of the best ball speed production out there.
  • Enhanced aerodynamics produce 20% less drag than other Titleist models.
  • A large and forgiving head that gives you a lot of MOI.
  • Very lightweight for added control. 
  • The weighting on the bottom and towards the back of the club produces a great launch angle and a very straight shot.
  • Effortless distance and launch.


  • Does not interact with the turf as well as many of the other hybrids.
  • Not as good out of difficult lies.

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Cobra King SpeedZone Hybrid

We love the Cobra line of clubs, especially the SpeedZone line, because they just seem to get it. Today’s golfer is looking for any increase in distance that they can find, and there are so many novice golfers out there that forgiveness is as important now as it ever has been.

The Cobra King SpeedZone clubs take that information and focus on speed and forgiveness at the expense of everything else. What that means for this hybrid is that you have a simple and straightforward design that focuses on speed. The dual baffler rails, the extra weight in the bottom and back of the club, the sweet spot that covers almost the entire space, and anything else Cobra has developed can be found in their hybrids as well. These are great clubs for a long approach shot with a high launch, a true and straight flight, and soft landing on the green.


  • The 2 best words to describe these hybrids are: Long and Straight.
  • Pushes the limit of legal length.
  • Looks great at setup.
  • A good price for the features and quality of the club.
  • Lightweight with a senior flex shaft make it a great club for seniors.
  • With the sweet spot covering most of the face, it is a very forgiving club.
  • Works well from most any lie and any terrain.
  • The visible baffler rails help with launch and turf interaction.
  • Features a really high launch angle.
  • One of the best hybrids off the tee out there.


  • A very large clubhead for a hybrid may look too much like a fairway wood.
  • Not many customization options available.

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Ping G410

Maybe the best thing about the G410 hybrid is that it is just an easy club to hit. The head is a little larger, the face is a little bit hotter, and the club is just a little more adjustable than any of Ping’s previous hybrids and it is just an easy club with which to make solid contact.

It is also a very forgiving club which is why we placed it high on this list. Because the clubs ahead of it on this list are a little longer than the G410 Hybrid, we put it 5th overall, but it has some great features most other high end hybrids do not have, so it could very well be your favorite club. One of the best features is its adjustability. With several loft/lie combinations available for each hybrid, you can cater your clubs to the conditions and course you are playing. The head is slightly oversized giving it a higher MOI and the sweet spot is huge. It is a great overall hybrid club made by a really good brand.


  • 8 different lie/loft combinations per club.
  • A huge sweet spot and high MOI makes for a very forgiving club.
  • The adjustable lofts and lies make this one of the most versatile hybrids out there, and that is saying something in a market where versatility is key.
  • A very lightweight club but with enough mass in the grip and club head to provide additional control and feel.
  • The thin and flexible maraging steel face is long and forgiving.
  • Aerodynamic design is visually appealing and adds to swing speeds.
  • The high density back weight gives you a great launch angle and increases the MOI discussed above.
  • The oversized head gives you confidence and cuts through the turf very well.
  • Just as good off of the tee as the turf.


  • Not as long as the clubs higher up the list.
  • The adjustability is a “pro” but the lack of adjustable weighting is a con.

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Callaway Mavrik Max W Lite

Callaway’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology has created one of the longest and most forgiving hybrids in the women’s game. The Flash Face Technology found in the Mavrik Max driver is the same one featured in this hybrid, and it is long and forgiving.

The club feels great at impact and the ball flight is high, straight, and penetrating. There are many different loft/lie combinations to choose from and each one of them performs very well. The club interacts well with the turf and is easy to hit as well. Every detail of this club from the grip to the low center of gravity has been thought through for performance and forgiveness. 


  • 5 different lofts to choose from.
  • As good of a hybrid for the women’s game as you will find.
  • You can customize the lie angle to your game.
  • Sounds and feels great at contact.
  • The AI design is extremely forgiving while maintaining maximum distance.
  • This club produces a high launch and penetrating ball flight.
  • The higher ball flight produces a soft landing even with the longer distances.
  • Great from virtually any spot on the course.
  • Every box is checked: easy launch, high flight, long carry, and a soft landing.


  • A high price point.
  • The audience to whom you are selling is just not as big.

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XXIO Eleven

The XXIO Eleven features the most unique design of a hybrid on this list. The “canon” design adds distance specifically for slow to moderate swing speeds which is one of the reasons that this is our choice for the “Best Hybrid for Seniors” category.

It is one of the lightest clubs on the list and also one of the longest. You can choose from a lot of different shaft flex options and there are a lot of lofts available as well. The other design difference in this club is that the weight of the club is redistributed up towards the hands for improved control on harder swings. The combination of control and a more flexible shaft is exactly what you are looking for if your swing is not as fast as it once was.  


  • Adds distance with its thin, strong face and compact cannon-like sole design.
  • A great club for seniors or for those with slower to more moderate swing speeds.
  • A double cut under cavity increases flexibility for more explosion at contact.
  • Redistributed weight moves weight from the shaft to the tip which gives you more control and a more natural swing.
  • Cuts through the turf well.
  • Gives you added ball speed compared to other clubs.
  • A unique design that many players realy like.


  • As expensive as the higher end clubs on this list but without the same features.
  • Not as forgiving as many hybrids.

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Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220

The Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 has many of the same features and strengths of the higher end hybrids for a lower price. The best technology found on this hybrid is the diamond face that makes the sweet spot of the club almost the entire face.

Off center strikes still go long and straight, and it is really easy to launch the ball into the air with this club. Tour Edge, like many other manufacturers, took much of the same technology used in their driver and put it on the face of their hybrid. That means that this club will give you great distance, really low spin, and a lot of accuracy and consistency. 


  • The Diamond Face technology means that the sweet spot is basically the entire face. Even off center strikes go pretty straight and pretty long.
  • Not as cost prohibitive as some of the other hybrids on the list.
  • Diamond face tech creates better performance and ball speed on off center shots.
  • An added weight in the back creates a higher launch angle and helps to get the clubhead in a great position.
  • A very forgiving club.
  • Looks great at address.
  • Really good off the tee.


  • The strengths and the pros of this club are similar to what you find on the clubs further up the list…The strengths are just not as strong in this club.
  • Better for players with slower swing speeds.

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Wilson Launch Pad FY

The Wilson Launch Pad is a great looking club for a really good price, but it is also has very limited use. It only comes in one loft, 19.5-degrees, and one length but it is a really good club for less than $200.

If you are looking for a specific hybrid club that could replace a 3 or 4 iron and a 5 wood, this could be a really good option. It is designed specifically for higher handicap players and is offset and weighted to either fix a slice or promote a draw. The custom 455 steel face is very forgiving, has a huge sweet spot, and will get the ball out there. It is designed for a high launch and really good control. If the club came in a few more lofts and options, it could easier make its way up the list because it would appeal to a large audience based on features and price. 


  • A high ball flight, more forgiveness, and increased distance are all things that beginners need in a club and the Wilson Launch Pad provides them.
  • Promotes a draw.
  • Very easy to hit and very easy to get off of the ground.
  • Provides a lot of ball speed and distance.
  • It is difficult, even for big slicers, to hit the ball right with this club.
  • Looks great at setup and inspires confidence in your shot.
  • Lightweight club that helps to produce higher swing speeds.
  • A less expensive option than many of the other choices on this list.


  • Does not work well for higher swing speeds.
  • Does not sound crisp coming off of the face.
  • Only comes in one loft
  • May launch the ball too high for what you are looking for in a hybrid.

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Tour Edge HL4

The founder of the Tour Edge brand, Dave Glod, was one of the originators of the hybrid concept in the early 1990s, so it is not surprise that Tour Edge would produce a good one.

This club is easy to hit, gets the ball up in the air quickly, and goes a long way. It may not have all of the bells and whistles as some of the other top hybrids, but it does give you a straight and long shot that lands softly on the green. The key was to lower the center of gravity, use a hollow-body construction, and use a shallow and thin face to promote carry and distance. The combination of those features and the high quality materials that Tour Edge is known for allowed the HL4 hybrid to be one of the best value clubs on the market. It is also very useful when you find yourself in a difficult lie and far away from the green. It is easily the least expensive option on this list, but in this case you actually get more than you pay for. The HL4 looks like a higher end club at address and you can really get a good launch angle with this hybrid.


  • By far the least expensive option on the list.
  • Hollow body design promotes extra explosiveness and a larger sweet spot.
  • High end materials and construction usually reserved for higher end clubs.
  • The thin and shallow face combine with the hollow body design provides some explosive ball speed.
  • The slightly smaller head cuts through the turf or other terrain as well or better than any other hybrid on this list.
  • Very easy to hit and to launch at a high angle.
  • Multiple shaft flex options.
  • Lightweight construction adds to ball speed and control.
  • Great for beginners and seasoned golfers alike.


  • Slightly smaller head size takes away some forgiveness and does not look as good at address.
  • Generates a higher spin rate than most.
  • Not as long as the higher end clubs.

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Features To Look For In a Hybrid


Clubhead speed leads to ball speed, ball speed leads to distance, and distance just continues to grow in importance in golf. While they are versatile clubs in general, the main use of a hybrid comes in their length off the grass. When you have a long approach shot ahead of you, you need a hybrid that is easy to hit, flies high, but most importantly will give you the distance you need to reach more par-5s. Finding a club that gives you this extra distance is key.

Clubhead Quality

The majority of hybrid technology out there mirrors the technology that you find in drivers and fairway woods. With that being said, if you like your driver then find a hybrid from that same manufacturer and assume that many of the features that you like will be present in your hybrid as well.


You use hybrids because they are easier to hit than long irons and because they can be used from more lies and on different terrains than fairway woods. If your hybrid does not give you that “ease of use” quality then it is not doing its job. Find a club that gives you effortless distance and that you feel confident using all the time.


After speed and distance, the launch angle is one of the most important things about your hybrid. You want a hybrid that gets the ball high up in the air so that it lands softly on the green and sticks.


There are some really good low-cost options and some even better high-cost hybrids out there. It is up to you to decide how important the hybrid club is to your game and how much you want to spend on having a quality product.

Advantages/Benefits Of Hybrids

The main advantage of hybrids is that, like their name suggests, they give you the advantages of a fairway wood combined with the advantages of a long iron. The problem with long irons is that they are really difficult to hit. The sweet spots are usually small, the clubs are usually heavy, and they just look difficult to hit next to the ball. The problem with fairway woods is that they are really only good when your lie is good. A hybrid, on the other hand is really easy to hit but it gives you the high launch and control that comes with long irons. In short, a hybrid is kind of the best of both worlds. You will want to keep at least one or two fairway woods in your bag because they are longer and easier to hit off the tee. As far as short irons go, on the other hand, if you struggle to hit them then it is probably time to replace them with hybrids.

Should I Replace My Long Irons With Hybrids?

The short answer to this question for the vast, vast majority of golfers is…Absolutely 100% yes! Hybrids are easier to hit, fly just as high, land just as softly, and are as good from most lies and conditions as a long iron. My guess is that a lot of professional golfers will be moving more and more towards hybrid clubs and more away from long irons in the very near future. The only real advantage that irons have is that they are easier to draw and fade, but with courses getting longer shot-shaping has already taken a backseat to distance for many golfers. The bottom line is that if you are reading this article, then you probably struggle to hit long irons. The easiest thing to do is just stop trying and move to the clubs that have similar performance without the difficulty.

Final Thoughts On The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs Reviews

Hybrids have grown in popularity and importance over the past 10 years, and that growth is only just beginning. In our opinion, long irons will continue to be given up for the ease and forgiveness that you find in a hybrid club. With that being said, it is more important than ever to find a couple of good hybrid clubs and make this club a part of your every day golf game.


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