Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for Beginners and High Handicappers in 2021

hybrid golf club sitting behind ball in fairway

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for Beginners and High Handicappers in 2020, then we recommend the Callaway Mavrik Max.

Once considered the red-headed step child in your bag, hybrids have come a long way! Im probably giving away my age here but do you remember Corey Pavin and PRGR?!

While Corey was definitely in the minority back then, when you look at PGA Tour bags today, you’ll start to see more and more hybrids being carried by the pros. That’s pretty simple then, if the best players in the world have them, then you should too!

Herein lies challenge, what then are the best hybrid golf clubs for beginners and those with high handicaps?

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following hybrids:

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Well we’re glad you asked that question! But before we begin, let’s dive into a little bit more about these game changing clubs.

Beginners Guide to Hybrid Golf Clubs


What Are Hybrids?

As the name already implies, a hybrid is a type of golf club that has the design characteristics and performance of an iron and a wood.

Basically what you’re getting is a short shafted, high loft fairway wood. If you were to compare the mishit of an iron to the mishit of a hybrid, the hybrid would be remarkably better. This is due to higher MOI or moment of inertia.

MOI is a technical term that refers to the amount of twisting that occurs at impact on off center hits. One of the primary goals of the golf swing is transfer as much energy from the club head to the golf ball at impact. When you strike a ball off center, there is a significant amount of twisting and therefore loss of energy transfer. Hybrid design allows for higher MOI, which results in less twisting and loss of energy at impact, and greater distance on mishits.

Another added feature of a hybrid is the lower center of gravity. Without going into a whole physics conversation, the added size of a hybrid allows the center of gravity (CG) to be located farther from the face. When the CG is located lower and farther from the face, the higher trajectory you will get. In other words, if you were to compare an iron and hybrid with identical lofts, the hybrid will get the ball up in the air on a higher trajectory than the same lofted long iron.

Now when it comes to beginners and high handicappers, one the biggest problems with long irons, is getting the ball in the air.

So here’s a quick summary:

Pros of Hybrids

  • Increased forgiveness and less distance loss on off center shots
  • Lower center of gravity makes getting the ball in the air easier
  • Higher loft of an iron for soft landing on greens
  • Shorter shaft of an iron for more control versus a fairway wood

Cons of Hybrids

  • Less distance than a fairway wood due to shorter shaft
  • Less control than a long iron
  • Harder to hit out of thick rough than an iron

How Many Should I Carry?

If you have 2, 3, or 4 iron in your bag, you should definitely be looking to swap these out. The 5, 6, and 7 iron you may way want to keep but this is up to personal preference and confidence. If you struggle with hitting any of these consistently, you may want to consider replacing them with a hybrid.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for Beginners and High Handicappers


More Forgiveness

As mentioned above, more forgiveness is an important feature for beginners and high handicappers since sweet spot contact is inconsistent.

By replacing long irons that have less forgiveness, you can see the added benefit of better mishits that land closer to the green and can still allow you to save par or at worst make a bogey.

Low CG

Swing speed is a key factor in being able to hit a long iron and get the ball into the air quickly. The higher your swing speed, the easier it is to launch a ball high. With most beginners and high handicappers achieving a high swing speed can be a challenge but having a low CG (center of gravity) can help.

A hybrid design allows weight to be placed lower and further from the face which overall helps get the ball up quickly.

More Shaft Flex

The shaft flex plays a large role in creating the ideal angle at which the ball leaves the clubface at impact (launch angle).

When you have too much flex, your ball may go too high or too far left (right handed golfer). When you have too little flex and your ball is going too low or too far right (right handed golfer). Let’s be honest, for most of us, we have a tendency overestimate our swing speed and therefore tend to pick a club that is too stiff.

Not to beat a dead horse but since beginners and high handicappers normally have slower swing speeds, having more shaft flex will generally help create the ideal launch angle and get the maximum distance from your shots.

Loft Spacing

When you’re replacing your long irons, keep in mind the loft your of the hybrid you’re choosing. If you’re going with a hybrid from the same manufacturer you should be pretty safe swapping out 3 iron with a 3 hybrid.

If you’re going with a hybrid from a different manufacturer of your irons, then you need to figure the loft of the irons you’re replacing.

You probably want to avoid replacing a long iron with a hybrid that has the same loft as another iron in your bag that you’re keeping. You want to make sure there’s 10-15 yards in difference from one club to the next.


You’re starting to see more hybrids with customization you might see in a driver. While this is a nice feature to have, it may not make sense for the added cost. If you’re a tinkerer, than selecting an adjustable hybrid may make sense but if you’re anything like me, I prefer my hybrids to be just the set it and forget it type.


Hybrids are good clubs to keep in your bag but in our opinion, probably fits in the middle of importance. We feel you should definitely be investing the most in your putter, driver, wedges, and irons first before spending money on hybrids. You can expect to shell out several hundred dollars on a single hybrid.

The good thing is that with modern golf technology, its making the game much easier to hit solid shots but the bad thing is that it’s getting more expensive.

Now there’s a couple ways you can approach buying a hybrid; buy new or buy used.

When you buy used you’ll definitely be paying less but a drawback is that you won’t be getting the latest technology. It’s kind of like an iPhone, do i want to go brand new and get all the bells and whistles or can I get by with a functional flip phone?

The good news though is that there’s a large second hand market for used clubs so you’ll always be able to get some cash for that old hybrid in the future.

Whatever way you choose, pick something that fits in your budget and doesn’t cause you to miss next months mortgage.

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for Beginners and High Handicappers Reviewed


TaylorMade SIM Max

These hybrids have performed so well that they have even made into the bag of some of the PGA Tour Professionals.

When hybrids began to grow in popularity, TaylorMade saw an opportunity and they have been creating high quality hybrids ever since.


  • Distance, ease, and accuracy can all be improved for your long approach shot with these hybrids.
  • The “V” steel sole of the club help it to cut right through the turf to provide solid contact with the ball from varying lies.
  • Similar face technology to that found on the Sim drivers and fairway woods.
  • Helps get the ball off of the ground even from the rough while giving beginners and high handicap players an easier club to hit than a long iron.
  • TaylorMade’s “Twist Face” technology uses various angles across the club face so that no matter where on the club you strike it, the ball has a chance go straight.


  • The price could put it out of reach for many new golfers.
  • Less offset than in the past which will help better golfers who incorporate a draw into their game, but it will make it more difficult for beginners and high handicappers to put the ball where it needs to go.

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Callaway Mavrik Max

The Callaway Mavrik Max hybrid is Callaway’s first attempt to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their hybrid clubs.

This technology has created a huge sweet spot, increased forgiveness, longer distances, and less mishits in Callaway’s other woods and the same has happened with their hybrids. 


  • AI technology produces some of the longest and straightest shots in the hybrid category.
  • Multiple lofts available depending on your game and the clubs that you want to replace.
  • Consistent ball speed across the club face for a much larger sweet spot and less chance of a mishit.
  • The same technology that went into the successful Mavrik driver can be found in their hybrids as well.
  • Different levels of the Mavrik make it suited for a wide range of players.
  • Setup to produce a high launch.


  • High price point.
  • Does not look as good at setup as other hybrids.

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Wilson Launch Pad FY

This new club by Wilson only comes in one loft 19.5 degrees and is designed for golfers that struggle with a slice.

The slight offset and lightweight materials make this club favor the left side and generate a good amount of clubhead speed. In addition, the Carpenter Custom 455 steel face is strong and fast for more distance and better feel.


  • A high ball flight, more forgiveness, and increased distance are all things that beginners need in a club and the Wilson Launch Pad provides them..
  • It is difficult, even for big slicers, to hit the ball right with this club.
  • Looks great at setup and inspires confidence in your shot.
  • Lightweight club that helps to produce higher swing speeds.
  • A less expensive option than many of the other choices on this list.


  • Does not work well for higher swing speeds.
  • Does not sound crisp coming off of the face.
  • Only comes in one loft
  • May launch the ball too high for what you are looking for in a hybrid.

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XXIO Eleven

The XXIO Eleven Hybrid is the next in the XXIO Eleven line of clubs.

It uses much of the same technology as the XXIO Eleven driver to create a lightweight, easy-to-hit club that works from many different lies. It cuts through the turf well and has a great ball flight for a hybrid club.


  • Designed for players with more moderate swing speeds and higher handicaps.
  • Helps to increase distance while keeping the ball straight.
  • Many different lofts from which to choose.
  • Lightweight club adds to both swing speed and control.


  • One of the more expensive clubs on the list.
  • Does not launch as high as some of the other hybrids.

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Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220

The TourEdge Exotics EXS 220 has found its niche in catering to good golfers who do not want to pay the premium price for a brand name.

This hybrid has much of the same functionality as its more expensive counterparts and a lot of the same technology that is found in the TourEdge Exotics driver.


  • Not as cost prohibitive as some of the other hybrids on the list.
  • Diamond face tech creates better performance and ball speed on off center shots.
  • An added weight in the back creates a higher launch angle and helps to get the clubhead in a great position.
  • A very forgiving club.
  • Looks great at address.


  • Not as long as some of the other hybrids.
  • Created for players with lower swing speeds.

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Our Choice

Selecting the best hybrid golf club for beginners and high handicappers can be a daunting decision since there are so many options available from multiple manufacturers. In our opinion, the 5 we reviewed above are some of the best options in 2019.

We feel that a lower CG is an important feature to have since most golfers have a problem generating enough swing speed to get long irons into the air. Having a low CG will allow you to get the ball in the air quickly and thus maximize your distance.

After a low CG, forgiveness is important because making solid contact consistently can be very difficult. A hybrid golf club with more forgiveness will allow for better distance on off center strikes which will leave you in a better position to save strokes on your game

With this in mind, even at the higher price point, our choice for best hybrid for beginners and high handicappers is the Callaway Mavrik Max.

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The hybrid, for many beginners, will be one of the most important clubs in your bag, so if you are going to spend a little extra money, this would be the club to do it. The Mavrik Max helps to create additional distance, greater accuracy, and a high ball launch which are all things that most beginners are looking to do.

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