Best Golf Shirts For Men in 2023: A Quick Look at 23 of Our Favorite Brands

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Shirts For Men in 2023, here are our recommendations:

Today’s golf shirts are no longer the stuffy, hot, stiff, boring articles of clothing of golf’s past. Today you can find comfortable and stylish golf shirts in almost any store and made by almost any brand. 

We’re going to be reviewing the following golf shirt brands:

You can support your alma mater or just find the thinnest and best material for a hot day.

Even on the PGA Tour, golfers express themselves and their personal style by the golf shirt that they choose.

How To Choose The Best Golf Shirts

Choosing the best golf polo comes down to personal preference. In this article, I will give you some things to think about and some features to consider, but the final decision is yours and should be based on your comfort level, personal style, and just what you like to wear on the golf course.

For instance, I like to wear an undershirt even when I play golf, so a slightly looser fitting shirt works better for me. I also prefer certain brands because I have a history with that brand in other sports or I know how that brand fits compared to others.

I would also very much encourage you to try on a golf shirt prior to purchasing because even within the same brand some shirts fit differently or are made differently. Finding the best golf polo comes down to trial and error, even wearing a few different shirts on the course before figuring out what the best fit is for you and your game.

If you’re still not sure, golf subscription boxes are a great way to try out some new brands.

Things That Differentiate Golf Polos

Price. Price is important, but it is important to remember that, at least as a general rule, golf polos will last. For instance, the price of a golf ball is important because there is a good chance you are going to have to purchase them repeatedly the more often that you play. A golf polo, even the more expensive shirts, are relatively inexpensive and durable so that if you spend $100 on one it should last for a few years.

Breathability. Today’s golf shirts are thinner and more breathable than ever before. The materials used to make this happen are also moisture-wicking and very comfortable. Today’s golf polos are stretchy and give you the freedom to move without being hindered. Do not settle for a thick, hot, and old school golf shirt when there are so many on the market that are made to keep heat out and the athleticism in.

Durability. It is hard to know how durable a shirt is from experience, but looking up reviews and reading this article and others like it will help you know which shirts will last and which ones will not. You can also gain a sense of durability just by touching the fabric and putting the shirt on for the first time.

Style. Style is as individual and different as you are. The good thing about golf shirts today is that you can find them in almost any style out there so that you can be yourself on and off of the course.

Comfort. This goes right along with breathability. The more comfortable you are on the course, the better you will feel and the better you will play. Today’s golf shirts are thin and stretchy just like the uniforms and athletic apparel found in any other sport. Making sure you buy the correct size and a brand that you like and feels good to you is very important for comfort. It is also important to put comfort above style when purchasing a golf polo to be used on the course.

What Are The Advantages of a Golf Specific Polo?

On most golf courses, a golf polo is required to be worn and this tradition will probably not go away in the near future. In the past, golf polos have not been the most comfortable article of clothing, and really golf clothing in general has remained behind the times. In recent years, however, that has changed dramatically. As the popularity of golf has grown and more weekend warriors, women, and kids are playing the game than ever before, the golf equipment and clothing market has exploded.

Now, when you purchase a golf polo, you have more brand, style, material, and logo options to choose from than ever before. All of the major athletic clothing lines have increased their golf specific offerings which has led to the creation of just as many “offshoot” companies as you could think of. All of this has led to the golf polo being one of the most comfortable and stylish articles of clothing on the market today.

Golf specific polos are stretchy, moisture-wicking, colorful, comfortable, and made for the golf swing. A golf specific polo is now created with the same material and technology that you find in your normal athletic clothing and the result is a polo style shirt that you can wear on the course but that is comfortable to wear anywhere. 

Are Brand Names Worth It?

In my experience, brands are absolutely worth the extra cost. As far as golf shirts are concerned, I am partial to Polo and Under Armour which are 2 of the more expensive brands. They are, however, more comfortable, and I can also wear my Polo brand shirts to the office or casually as well. Most brands have tried to replicate success, but you can almost always tell the difference between an expensive golf polo and an inexpensive golf polo that is trying to replicate the more expensive one.

The Best Golf Shirts Brands in 2022 Reviewed


Under Armour

Under Armour was established in 1996, well after the other large sporting goods and apparel companies like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Though they were late to the party, they made a huge initial splash with shirts that focused on keeping athletes cool and dry in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. They have quickly risen up the charts of popularity and are one of the most worn brands in the golf industry.


The style of Under Armour is definitely more classic leaning, but there are some modern and colorful designs as well. They fit true-to-size and are perfect with or without an undershirt. Under Armour was one of the first companies to focus on moisture wicking and their clothes are still the best at it. The price point is on the higher side of the medium.

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Amazon Essentials

The Amazon Essentials brand of clothing is simple, inexpensive, and high quality. It was created as a no-frills type of brand that focuses on need and quality rather than style. While the brand has not been around for a long time, it has proven itself as a niche product that people want and will buy.

The Amazon Essentials golf polo is slim-fitting with a quick-dry and moisture-wicking fabric. They are not the most stylish shirts on the market, but what they lack in individual flair they make up for in their simplicity and broad appeal. The best 2 words to describe these shirts are “simple” and “inexpensive.” I would guess that for the majority of people reading this article, that is exactly what you are looking for in a golf shirt.

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Galvin Green 

Galvin Green golf shirts are unique in that their products are designed by golfers for golfers. Galvin Green is a brand that was created specifically for the golf market and that is all that they do. Every polo shirt they create is built for golf movements, outdoor conditions, and comfort. The Company has been around for a long time in Europe, but was only introduced to the US market in 2013. 

If you are looking for a very modern and up-to-date style to go along with golf specific features, then Galvin Green may be a good fit for you. They definitely appeal to a younger crowd that is as worried about fashion as function, and they truly provide both. The price points for these golf polos are as high as any other brand on this list and the quality is equal to the price.

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FootJoy is more known for their shoes than their shirts, but their polo golf shirts are very high quality. They are stretchy, dry quickly, and are very comfortable on the course. FootJoy is a golf-first brand and their shirts were designed to perform well on the course.  

The FootJoy style is definitely less modern and more old school than some of the other brands on the list. The quality is there and it feels as comfortable and well-made as any of the other brands on the list, but it is lacking in the fashion department. It is also important to note that FootJoy sizes run small especially compared to some of the industry leaders. The price point is also a little higher than what you would expect and is one of the higher priced options. 

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Puma is one of the larger and more well-rounded brands on the list. While they do make golf specific polo shirts, they are not a golf company but an apparel company. As an apparel company, their golf polo designs are a little more progressive and modern than what you find elsewhere. While they are more known for their fashionable shoes and sportswear, their golf polos look great and function just as well. 

Years ago, the style of Puma changed for the better. They began experimenting with brighter colors and bolder designs and this change has worked well for the company. Puma is especially popular with younger golfers as their designs are oftentimes loud and fit a little tighter than others. This high quality and high fashion brand is a middle price point option.

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The Polo brand has been around forever and is one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. They are known for their logo and polo shirts though they make all types of high end apparel. A Polo shirt will perform well on the course, and you can wear it to work or church in the meantime. 

A Ralph Lauren Polo shirt stands out in a very crowded market space. The price point is one of the highest on the list, but so is the quality. I have been wearing Polo brand shirts for years and I have never been disappointed or regretted paying extra for the brand. They look great, feel great, perform well on the course, and they last forever. There is a reason that Polo and Ralph Lauren are household names, and their polo golf shirts will not disappoint.

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RLX is the golf specific brand of Polo. The high quality you expect from the Polo brand is just as evident if not more so in RLX. Polo was already dominating the polo golf shirt market, but other brands were coming in with new materials and higher quality shirts. RLX is Polo’s defense to these new companies. 

These shirts do fit a little tight, but by design because so many people like that style. They are ultra thin and extremely comfortable on the course. They look like an athletic shirt, so they will not look as good off the course as a traditional Polo, but their performance on the course is why they were designed. Their price point is even a little higher than the original Polo brand. 

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Next to Nike you will not find a bigger sporting goods and apparel brand than Adidas. Adidas has not been as involved in the game of golf as some of the other larger companies have, but their golf shirts are as comfortable, cool, stylish, and functional as any other golf polo on the market. They use the same technology and materials that they use in some of their other sports apparel to make a great golf polo.

As far as fashion is concerned, Adidas has always been a little more modern and stylish than many other companies its size. Their golf polos are no exception. Vibrant colors and modern designs highlight their collection and while their starting price point is relatively high, you can almost always find their clothes on sale. All you have to do is look.

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John O’Donnel, actor Chris O’Donnel’s brother, is the founder of Johnnie-o. He created the company when he noticed that he and his friends could not find stylish golf polos to wear on the course so he took matters into his own hands. If you watch NCIS, you may see a few of his shirts being worn by his brother.

Johnnie-o shirts are a little on the pricey side, but they are all well made and comfortable. The tagline of the company is “the intersection of east coast preppie and west coast surfer dude styles” and that is actually an accurate description of these shirts. They are also very functional on the course.

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Bonobos has partnered with PGA Pro Justin Rose to gain exposure and to show off their style and functionality. Justin Rose is famous for the quote, “Look good, feel good, play good” and he lives that quote out. It is the perfect slogan for Bonobos who make a high quality golf shirt that looks great and performs even better.

Fun prints, vibrant colors, and crisp clean lines are the hallmarks of the Bonobos golf shirt. While they fit a little tight and are a little modern looking for some golfers, they are a really good golf polo at a good and mid range price.

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There is not much to say about Nike that anyone reading this does not already know. Nike is and has been at the forefront of sporting goods and apparel since they signed Michael Jordan back in the mid-1980s and there is no sign of that changing any time soon. They got into the golf market fairly recently and done really well all the way around, including golf polos.

Nike golf polos can be found at a mid range price point and in tons of designs and colors. The swoosh is always present and sets off the design of any of their products. A Nike golf polo is about as comfortable a shirt as you will find and it is designed with a golfer in mind. You can look and feel great with a golf polo from Nike.

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The Linksoul clothing label includes the words “tempus fugit.” This is latin for “time flies,” and Linksoul makes sure that they spend their time doing what is most important, and this includes producing a topline product for its consumers. 

There are far fewer golf polo options from Linksoul than the other brands on this list, but what it lacks in quantity, the brand makes up for in quality. Their golf polos are very comfortable and very forgiving. This is the type of shirt you would wear to do anything, especially play a round of golf while remaining comfortable and cool.

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Psycho Bunny 

With a name like Psycho Bunny, you may expect crazy designs, vibrant colors, and different products than your average brand. The truth is that the only “out there” thing that Psycho does is they put their logo on every golf polo they make. While most companies do that or some version of it, Psycho Bunny’s logo is actually a little psycho bunny and this logo sets the brand apart from its competition.

The style of these golf polos are actually fairly tame and usually made up of just one color and the company logo. Many of their shirts use high quality, lightweight cotton that is breathable and comfortable. It is also known as a durable brand. The price point is high, and the look is not for everyone.

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Matte Grey 

A golf and lifestyle brand that produces a high quality and nice looking golf polo. A great way to test if the word “lifestyle” fits the brand is to put on a golf shirt prior to going out on a date with my wife. If she compliments the shirt, then you know it is more than a golf shirt. If she asks me if we are going to Top Golf on our date, then the shirt is relegated to golf duty. Matte Grey golf polos pass the test every time.

Matte Grey golf shirts are classy and stylish. I would not call the design or fit “modern” but they are also not out-of-date. On top of the style, they are a very functional and comfortable shirt on the golf course. They fit bigger and smaller guys alike which is a difficult task. The price point is on the high side, but the quality and fashion is too.

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Another smaller boutique type golf apparel provider, Devereux aims for a “golf and lifestyle” brand as well. Their aim is to provide a hint of “hip” and modern to classic designs and fits, but that is a very difficult thing to accomplish. The quality is high and the material is top notch, but the designs struggle to land.

On the course, these golf polos perform admirably. They are comfortable, fit well, are durable, and they work in all types of conditions. Off of the course, the shirts struggle to find an identity between classic and modern. They also hover at a higher price point.

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Greyson golf shirts catch your eye immediately with a look of quality that you do not see in other brands. The shirts are soft and comfortable and the designs are crisp, but the quality is unmistakable. It is the type of golf shirt that you could wear to work, to run errands, and definitely on the course.

Best Golf Shirts - greysonBest Golf Shirts - greyson

Greyson has gotten some great publicity recently with Luke Donald tweeting about Justin Thomas’ apparel, and Thomas recently signed a contract with the company. Thomas was recently relieved of his Polo sponsorship for some comments he made on the course, so this signing will receive even more publicity both positive and negative. The clothes look great and feel even better. The golf shirts fit true-to-size and are long enough to tuck-in while looking and feeling great tucked out. The material is very high quality and offers a lot of flexibility without losing out on any style. They also have some of the most modern designs on this list.

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  • The creator of “Greyson” came from years of experience at Ralph Lauren, a stalwart in the golf shirt market.
  • Justin Thomas both wore a Greyson shirt on his way to winning the Players Championship and signed a deal with Greyson to represent them soon after.
  • Very modern designs with new ones coming out often.
  • Greyson always seems to be looking for the “next thing” whether that be a design or a new material.
  • Very comfortable and cool on the course with a lot of flexibility in the fabric.
  • A great selection on more than just golf shirts.


  • One of the more expensive shirts on the list.
  • May be too forward thinking in terms of design for some golfers.

Travis Mathew

Travis Mathew has setup their brand as a lifestyle product. Their shirts are made to look like “everyday clothing” but with a special fabric that wicks away moisture and sweat.

Best Golf Shirts - Travis MathewBest Golf Shirts - Travis Mathew

The first thing you notice is the fit. As a larger guy (6’4 and 270 pounds) I like the baggier fitting clothing that you get from most golf apparel companies. The Travis Mathew brand, however, fits more to size and you may even want to buy up by 1 size depending on what you are buying. The second thing you will notice is the comfort. You can wear these shirts all day at the office or on the course and you still feel good when the day comes to an end. You really get a great looking shirt with the comfort and flexibility of an athletic shirt.  

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  • A great, modern look that gives you the style of a casual polo shirt with the moisture wicking capability and coolness of a golf shirt.
  • Travis Mathew golf shirts are durable and hold their color well. 
  • The selection is great, you can find almost anything you are looking for without having so many choices that you get lost in them.
  • The collars on the polos are the perfect height and they last for a long time.
  • Some good celebrity spokesmen who believe in the product and use it on the course.
  • A growing brand both in terms of offerings and popularity.


  • The size and fit are not as good for bigger people.
  • You may want to purchase up a size for shirts and jackets.
  • A slightly more expensive choice than most.


Criquet golf shirts have a very unique look and style that many golfers really like. The “uniqueness” of the look comes from kind of a vintage 4-button collar that is longer and more pronounced than most.

Best Golf Shirts - criquetBest Golf Shirts - criquet

The shirt feels a little heavy compared to other golf shirts, but not “too” heavy as it remains breathable and very flexible. The co-owner of the company, actor Luke Wilson, is upfront about how the style and feel of the shirt work both on and off the course. You can find these polos in a variety of colors, prices, cuts, etc. that will make it easy to choose your next piece of clothing from Criquet. 

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  • The Criquet polo’s unique look 
  • Focus on polo shirts for the course and very little else.
  • A very breathable and comfortable design.
  • The shirts look great any time, not just out on the course.
  • The moisture-wicking material works really well and keeps you comfortable on the course.
  • They are very plush and soft so that they feel great on.
  • Different “fit” and “style” options available on their website.


  • The price tag is a little high.
  • No other real options other than shirts on their website.
  • A distinct design theme runs through most of their shirts, so if you do not like it, then Criquet shirts may not be for you.

Bad Birdie

The whole concept of the Bad Birdie golf brand was that its owner, Jason Richardson, did not like most of the golf shirts on the market so he made his own.

Best Golf Shirts - Bad Birdie

They are colorful and very unique in the golf world. Just a simple perusal of the Bad Birdie website will show the different Hawaiian themed, bright pink, and colorful pastels that have set this brand apart from others. Bad Birdie markets to a specific golfer who wants to use clothing to show his/her personality, but the truth is that their shirts fit great and are very comfortable. If you have broader shoulders or a big frame, you probably want to go up 1 size from your normal as these shirts are geared more toward a slim, athletic build.  

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  • Hand-sewn in Los Angeles, so you know you are getting quality.
  • They are very breathable, flexible and comfortable shirts.
  • The brand is very unique in their product offering compared to other golf apparel manufacturers.
  • The colors and designs are very bright and expressive.
  • Golf is a quiet and reserved game in general, so if you do not want your golf shirt to be the same then Bad Birdie is a great choice for you.
  • A big selection on their website.


  • Too expressive and colorful for many golfers.
  • The market for golfers who want this type of shirt is smaller than most golf shirt markets.
  • There are a lot of brands that are more comfortable and flexible than Bad Birdie, most people who purchase these shirts do so for the style.

William Murray

As you probably already guessed, William Murray is a reference to Caddyshack star Bill Murray who is one of the co-founders of this brand. Much of the William Murray marketing and branding centers around what is already a fairly successful golf company in William Murray Golf.

Best Golf Shirts - William Murray

The designs are loud and eclectic while the fit is true-to-size and very comfortable and flexible. The Direct To Consumer (DTC) model was booming at the time that the company started, and it is growing even more so now. In fact, for a few months during the pandemic, the company was struggling to keep products on the shelf. If you are looking for an overstated yet comfortable golf shirt to show off to your friends, this brand of polo may just be right up your alley.

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  • Co-founder Bill Murray is botha  great spokesman for the company and his likeness is a good logo for the shirt.
  • The shirts are actually quite comfortable and fit very true-to-size.
  • The water wicking, breathable material is what most golfers are looking for today and they are very comfortable as well.
  • The shirts are loud and it is easy to find and purchase one that expresses your personality…or at least one that gets noticed.
  • The website has a big selection of different types of clothing.
  • The names of each item are funny and a nice touch to the brand.


  • When they started, the shirt was unique, it is now in a much more crowded market.
  • On the expensive side.
  • Too reliant on one name and one person for success.

Final Thoughts on The Best Golf Shirts Brands in 2023


My Favorite Brand: Under Armour

Under Armour golf polos are my favorite, and it is not even very close. They are the best combination of thin and durable that I have found on the market, and I like the classic fit and look that they provide as well.

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All of this for a very good price and you can almost always find a good sale if you have the time to look. I like Under Armour products in general more than most other sporting apparel companies, but their golf polos are really a step above any of their other product offerings.

Most Affordable Option: Amazon Essentials

With Amazon Essentials, you know what the price and selection is going to look like always. The quality and durability are there as well, but the price make it the most affordable option.

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