Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (Mid Handicappers) in 2020

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers (Mid Handicappers) in 2020, then we recommend the Titleist Tour Soft.

**UPDATE FOR 2020** If you’re looking for the latest reviews of brand new products released in 2020, we’ll be updating this post as we do our research and should be finished by the summer.  Please make sure to check back then!

Aside from your club of choice, your golf ball might just be the next most important golf equipment purchase you will make. Without a ball, you can neither hit your next great shot nor can you shank the next one into the woods. If you are in the vast majority of golfers, then you are what would be considered “average” in your skills. You are probably inconsistent, struggle with your short game, but hit a few shots each round that make you think you could be great. At this skill level, it is important to find the best golf balls for average golfers to help shave a stroke or two from your score. The rest of this article will attempt to help you do just that.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following golf balls:

What is an average golfer?

An average golfer is someone who could lose three balls on a par five one day and then come back the next day and putt for eagle. They can hit a 300 yard bomb down the middle of the fairway one hole and then hook one into the woods the next. The average male golfer has a 13.0 handicap. That means, if you are “average” you probably shoot anywhere between 80 and 92 on a par 72 course. Anyone who averages better than that is good and anyone who averages worse than that probably should not even calculate their handicap yet.

Three Friends Golfing

An average golfer can be someone who spends 10 hours per week on a golf course and has reached their top potential. But it can also be someone who spends 10 hours per month and just has a knack for swinging the sticks. The truth is, to be better than average you should work on your short game, and to get even better than that, spend an hour every day putting. The bottom line is that an average golfer spans a wide range of skill levels. That also means that the phrase “best golf balls for average golfers” can mean something different to different “average” golfers.

What are some important golf ball characteristics?

When purchasing a box of balls, there are 5 major things to consider:


What type of distance does the ball provide? Balls are tested with a machine guided club so that the same inputs go into each swing. When different balls are placed on the tee, you can easily see the different distances provided by different balls.


The materials used in each golf ball can be anywhere from 1-piece to 5-piece construction. The more “pieces” within the ball the better the mixture of spin, feel, and distance come together. With improved quality, however, almost always comes increased price.


The same machine guided club that tests for distance can also test for spin. You can purchase either low, mid, or high spin balls and your decision should be based on your specific swing. If you can pound the ball but have little to no idea where it will end up, a lower spin ball is probably for you. The less spin produced means you will have greater control. If control is not your problem but you want to increase draw or carry, then get a mid to high spin ball.


The feel of the golf ball is a hard thing to describe but an easy thing to experience on the course. It is how the ball bounces off of the club, how it sounds on contact, how it lands and sits on the green, and how it reacts to your attempts at a draw or a fade. The feel of a ball is something that you really have to experience, and if you are on the higher end of the handicap scale then you may not even understand this characteristic yet.


You do not need me to explain what it means for a golf ball to be durable. It lasts a long time, it reacts and travels as far on the 50th strike as it did on the 10th. Durability is not important if you lose a lot of balls or if you have a superstition that leads you to throw a ball out after a certain type of strike. But if you want to save some money while using high quality golf balls, durability is something that you should look into before purchasing.

What are some things for the average golfer to consider when purchasing golf balls?

Prior to spending a lot of money on a really good box of balls, consider the following questions. Remember, it is important to play with high quality equipment, but if you are not a solid player already a ball can only help you so much. These are some of the other considerations.

How many balls do I lose per round?

If you lose a lot of balls every time you play, stick to something cheap while you learn. You do not want to spend all of your time in the woods looking for the expensive golf ball you just sliced out of bounds. It is better to take the pressure off of yourself and use a ball you do not mind leaving behind.

What type of course do I play on regularly?

Are you playing more wide open city courses or tighter country club tracks? The more difficult the course, the cheaper the ball you will want to use. If you can “grip it and rip it” at every tee box, use an expensive ball and see how far you can drive it.

How consistent is my golf game?

If your game is not consistent then a ball is not going to make it any more so. Wait until you can do the same thing over and over again on the course and then splurge for some golf balls that will help to lower your scores.

Do I compete or play for fun?

If you always play just for fun, then there may be some “illegal” balls that will give you the same advantage of a 50 dollar box of balls at a 10 dollar price point.

Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (Mid Handicappers) Reviewed


Titleist Tour Soft

Titleist is the Cadillac of golf balls. There are some things in life that you pay strictly for the name.

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For instance, there is no real reason purchase brand name canned vegetables when the generic brand is half the price. At the same time, you sometimes pay for the performance that the name offers. This is the case with a Titleist golf ball. They are the most expensive on the market because they are the best, and the “Tour Soft” is no different.


  • The Titleist brand is as good as it ever was.
  • A great combination of feel and distance.
  • The outer layer is the newest in Titleist technology and provides the best short game feel around.
  • The dimple design allows for a penetrating flight and industry leading distance.
  • The perfect ball for the average golfer because it does a little bit of everything.


  • The biggest con is the price. It is the most expensive ball on the list.
  • It can be a little too soft for some golfers and may feel like hitting rubber than a normal ball.

Srixon Q-Star Tour

Srixon continues to improve and has leveraged itself as one of the top golf ball makers in the world.

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They have focused on the average golfer and offer a great product at a great price point. It is a mid compression ball that provides a very soft feel and high spin around the greens while maintaining good distance off of the tee.


  • It compares favorably to the Titleist Pro V-1 at about half the price.
  • It has incredible feel around the greens.
  • The three piece construction allows soft feel with good distance.
  • The price is right for a ball of this quality.


  • It has an even softer feel than the Titleist Tour Soft.
  • Produces too much spin for some golfers.
  • It does not play as long as some of the other balls on this list.

TaylorMade Project (A)

The TaylorMade Project (a) golf balls may be the longest ball on the list.

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With a two layer core, seamless cast cover, aerodynamic design, and three piece construction make it eh perfect ball for the mid handicap player. The ball provides great distance with a lot of green side spin. TaylorMade continues to improve its ball technology and has slowly become one of the top ball manufacturers in the country.


  • A good ball for a good price.
  • The dual distance core provides low compression and a lot of greenside spin.
  • The seamless urethane cover allows the ball to cut through the air and travel further than you would expect.
  • A new 322 dimple outer covering provides less drag and a more aerodynamic ball flight.


  • It scores low on durability with the outer layer seeming to show wear and tear more quickly than other balls.
  • Provide good distance on drives, but do not perform as well with long irons and fairway woods.

Vice Tour

The Vice Tour ball is the least expensive option on the list and it performs very well for the cost.

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While it does not perform as well around the greens as some of the other balls, it does provide good distance off of the tee and good feel with longer irons. If you have a lower handicap for an average golfer, then these balls may not have the feel and softness that you are looking for. But if you are looking for good distance off of the tee, look no further.


  • Good distance off of the tee.
  • The least expensive option on the list.
  • A good and growing company with a well known brand.
  • An updated dimple design for better trajectory and greater distance.


  • The ball feels hard on impact which does not do well around the green.
  • There is very little green side spin and it is hard to land your approach softly.
  • The least expensive option but also the least amount of options.

Bridgestone e12 Soft

The Bridgestone e12 Soft is the most complete ball on the list.

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It does not offer the most distance or the greatest feel, but it does everything well.


  • Provides distance and feel at a great price.
  • The three layer design allows it to perform well on all fronts.
  • The softer core gives you both forgiveness off of the tee and softness around the greens.
  • A very low compression rating compared to the other balls on this list.


  • While it does everything well, it does not do anything great.
  • The lower compression can lead to less distance.

Our Choice

And the winner is…the Titleist Tour Soft. While it is the most expensive ball on the list, it is only a small step up in price for a big leap in quality.

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The Tour Soft is both soft around the greens and long off of the tee. It can take an average golfer with a mid handicap and help them gain some yards off of the tee and accuracy on the approach shot that could take one to three strokes off of your score per round. If you are looking for the best golf balls for average golfers, then the Titleist Tour Soft is for you.

If you’re looking for the best golf balls for seniors, make sure to check out that review here: Best Golf Balls For Seniors in 2019

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