Best Golf Drivers Reviewed For 2021

***If you’re looking for the most recent reviews for 2021 gear, we will be updating this page in the summer after we’ve had a chance to review them!


If you’re in a hurry and just want to know our top choices for 2021, here they are:

Best Overall – Callaway Mavrik

Most Forgiving (Best) For Beginners and High Handicappers – Cobra King SpeedZone Xtreme

Best For Low and Mid Handicappers – Callaway Mavrik

Best For Seniors – TaylorMade SIM Max D

Best For Women – Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo

Best Driver For A Slice – Ping G410 SFT

Most Affordable – Wilson Launch Pad

To get more in depth on how these driver stacked against the competition for a particular category or any other driver review, just click on the articles below:

Your driver is a lot of things.

It is probably the most expensive club in your bag.

It is one of the 2 or 3 most important clubs in your bag.

It is probably the most fun club in your bag to hit.

You can use it to set yourself up for an easy approach or you can use it to show off to your friends.

It is the one club in your bag that you can hit poorly 12 times but when the 13th swing goes 320 yards down the middle of the fairway, you firmly believe you have driven the ball well that day.

To me, the sports equivalent to the driver is your quarterback, point guard, and pitcher.

If it is not working, your whole game will be off.

The following article is about the best golf drivers on the market in 2021 and we hope the information here will help you decide which driver is best for you.

Cobra King SpeedZone Xtreme

The CNC milled infinity face expands the zone of maximum ball speed to a level that almost makes it difficult not to get the max mph out of your swing.

This club was built for speed and forgiveness at the expense of everything else, and Cobra really succeeded.

On top of being fast and forgiving, the club produces a really high launch with really low spin.

In terms of distance and forgiveness there is not much out there that will beat the Cobra King SpeedZone Xtreme.

While the phrase “grip it and rip it” does not usually work, the huge sweet spot and added forgiveness of this driver almost makes that sound like a good idea.

The Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme has 6 distinct features to optimize speed including the CNC milled Infinity Face, the speed chassis, 360 carbon wrap crown, speedback weighting, speedback shape, and a high MOI design. 


  • One of the largest sweet spots on the market.
  • The CNC infinity milled face means basically the entire face produces top ball speed.
  • 6 features specifically designed for speed:
    • CNC milled Inifinity face
    • Speed chassis
    • 360 carbon wrap crown
    • Speedback weighting for high MOI
    • Speedback shape for good aerodynamics
    • High MOI design
  • This club is so forgiving it is almost difficult not to get the most out of your swing.
  • The Arccos swing technology in the grip is a nice touch.
  • This driver produces a ton of ball speed and a ton of distance..
  • Out of the drivers we reviewed, this one had the 2nd lowest shot dispersion which speaks to its accuracy and consistency.
  • 3 great designs help you to look good on the course.
  • You get solid distance even when you are off-center.
  • Long driver, Bryson DeChambeau’s club of choice.


  • Not customizability especially in terms of promoting a draw or adjusting weight.
  • Not a lot of workability.

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Callaway Mavrik

The Callaway Mavrik, because of Callaway’s use of Artificial Technology (AI) is one of the most technologically advanced clubs on the market.

It is well-suited for players with a tendency to slice and is a very easy club to hit.

The accuracy and distance of this club are two of the things that set it apart.

The shafts and grips are customizable for your game and the technology all the way around is as advanced or more advanced than anything else you will find.

The Flash Face technology and face architecture set up for a huge sweet spot and optimal ball speed.

A very low spin rate keeps the ball straight while the center of gravity gives you a great launch angle.

Even the new head shape was created by AI and is extremely aerodynamic and fast.

Because of the extreme distance and forgiveness coupled by the workability and feel of the driver, it is our choice for best overall driver in 2021.


  • Long and straight off of the tee.
  • Helps to fix your slice if that is something that you struggle with.
  • Flash Face technology makes the titanium face of the club stronger and more flexible than ever for faster ball speed across the face of the club.
  • A very consistent club in distance and accuracy.
  • The Flash Face was AI designed with a great face architecture.
  • The Cyclone Aero Shape is the newest AI design in aerodynamics which gives the club a at least a couple of mph in swing speed.
  • Interchangeable weights that help the driver to cater to your particular game.
  • It sounds and feels good at contact.
  • Ideal for almost all skill levels.
  • Works best for players with higher swing speeds.


  • Slightly smaller head size than other drivers that golfers may not like.
  • The price is on the high end.

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TaylorMade SIM Max D

A lightweight draw biased driver that has a ton of forgiveness and length.

The TaylorMade SIM Max D driver is one of the easiest drivers to hit with an oversized head and almost equally large sweet spot.

This driver is extremely aerodynamic and very easy to swing. It is setup for a draw which appeals to the majority of golfers out there, but it does a lot more than that.

The distance you can produce, even with off center hits with the SIM Max D is insane.

The center of gravity gives you a high and penetrating ball flight while the weight and MOI give you very little spin for accuracy and straightness.

Twist Face Technology comes standard also so that even mishits look like straight, nice drives that end up putting you in good position on the course.

The draw technology can provide as much as 20 yards of draw bias which is great for those of us who are used to slicing the ball everywhere.

The Speed Injected Technology sets each club’s C.O.R. (Coefficient of Restitution) at optimal levels for maximum speed and distance.

The accuracy of these clubs comes from how straight and consistent they are, and you cannot beat their distance or forgiveness.


  • One of the easiest drivers on the market to hit long and straight.
  • Very forgiving.
  • Twist Face Technology means that even mishits go straight and long.
  • Increased weight at the back of the sole increases launch angle.
  • Tested in a wind tunnel so that it is the one of the most aerodynamic and easiest to swing drivers on the market.
  • 3-stage draw technology can promote up to 20 yards of draw bias.
  • Very high MOI for even increased forgiveness.
  • At the very high end of forgiveness and distance of any driver on the market.
  • The adjustable loft sleeve allows golfers to change the height of their ball flight.


  • It is an expensive driver.
  • If your stroke already produces a draw or hook then this is not the driver for you.
  • The club head is really big and may be too big for some golfers.

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Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo

The Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo is perfect for the weekend warrior golfer.

The ultra high launch angle makes it easy to get the ball off of the ground and it helps correct fades and slices.

It is a very easy club to swing and its lighter weight allows for a fast and controlled swing.

It has many of the features that you find in high end drivers but for a much better price.


  • Easily the least expensive driver on this list.
  • Produces a very high launch which is helpful for slower swing speeds.
  • Very light and easy to swing.
  • Looks great at address.
  • Impressive performance to price ratio.
  • Offset at address helps to fix slices and fades.
  • The HiBore Crown is lighter in weight which helps position the weight lower in the club head.
  • A driver made specifically for higher handicap players and those with slower swing speeds. 


  • Not as fast or as long as the other 2 drivers.
  • Not adjustable.
  • The stock shaft is longer than most, make sure to get fitted.

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Ping G410 SFT

Ping G410 LST is a low spin driver that produces great ball speed, accuracy, and distance.

It is a very similar model to the G410 Plus but has added some features to decrease spin and increase speed.

Like many of the other drivers on this list, the G410 LST is trying to achieve the highest ball speeds possible with the lowest spin rates so that you can hit your ball furthers and straighter than ever.


  • The emphasis is on speed and therefore increased distance.
  • There is a very low spin rate off of the tee which helps create increased distance with less threat of carrying too much back or side spin.
  • It has adjustable weights and hosel adjustability to make it a very flexible club that can help you succeed in different conditions.
  • Looks great at setup and helps with aim.
  • A very forgiving driver, especially compared to similar drivers that place a premium on speed.


  • The price of the club may put it out of reach for some golfers.
  • Does not perform as consistently as other drivers on the list presumably because the face is not as well-designed.

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Wilson Staff Launch Pad

A long trusted name in the sports business, Wilson has built a reputation for building solid, no frills sporting goods. 

When it comes to golf, it’s no different. Not boasting much tech like the other clubs we reviewed, Wilson made a driver that will keep your ball in the fairway (albeit not very far in the fairway) as evidenced by having one of the tightest shot dispersions we reviewed but also the shortest distance.

The one thing we can say about this club is that it’s designed for slicers. With an upright lie and high offset, this club should definitely keep the right side of the fairway out of play.

If you’re looking for a budget driver and just want to keep your ball in play, then the Wilson Launch Pad is a solid choice.


  • A high quality club at a really good price.
  • The draw bias is great for beginners who have a tendency to slice the ball.
  • Extremely accurate and consistent.
  • The club looks great at setup.
  • High launch angles and a ton of forgiveness.
  • A very tight shot dispersion in testing which speaks to the club’s accuracy.
  • At just 272g, it is one of the lightest drivers our there.


  • Not as much technology or distance that you can find in other drivers.
  • Not as long as many of the other choices.

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What Features Should You Look For In a Driver?


Distance is king on Tour and on courses throughout the world, so the more distance a driver can produce the more popular it will probably be. 


Forgiveness used to be a feature that only high handicappers and beginners looked for in a driver.

Other players wanted workability, spin, and feel in their drivers because they hit the ball too well to need forgiveness.

In today’s game, people are swinging harder than ever and using more of their power than ever so that mishits and off center strikes are more common.

Today, even some of the world’s best golfers are using game improvement drivers and irons to make sure they hit the ball straight and long every time.

The bottom line is that forgiveness is important for everyone and the higher your handicap is, the more you need your driver to be forgiving.


Workability is the drivers ability to promote draws and fades off the tee when needed.

This is a much less sought after feature than ever before as players strive for drives that are straight and long, but many of the best players out there still want to be able to draw and fade the ball when needed.


Launch has almost everything to do with the center of gravity of your driver, and with today’s technology clubs have precise methods of placing the center of gravity wherever they want on the club.

The center of gravity and loft/lie combination gives you your launch, and the more tungsten infused weighting is used the more precise the placement of the center of gravity can be.

Should I Buy The Newest Driver on The Market?

Most of the time, and especially lately, driver technology improves at about the same rate as microchip technology in the computer world.

Sometimes manufacturers find the next great thing like the jailbreak, Flash Face, or the speed chassis. Other times, the 2019 version of a driver is better than the 2021 version because the “improvements” were only good on paper.

Our best advice is not to buy a driver right when it comes out, but wait to see how the new technology works and if it is just a good idea in theory or if the technology does what it is supposed to do.

How Do I Choose The Best Driver For My Game?

The best way to choose the best driver for your game is to hit a bunch of drivers at the same place and on the same day and see which ones work.

Some places will actually let you take the club to a driving range or course and play a little with it so that you can get the feel of the club and see how naturally it fits your grip.

You should absolutely read reviews like this one and go for the clubs that help to fight your weaknesses and that add distance and forgiveness where needed.

In the end, however, it is about comfort and confidence in a club and how that club performs on the course. 

Final Thoughts On The Best Golf Drivers Reviews

The key is to find the driver that works best for you and for your swing.

There is a reason that every golfer on tour is not playing a Callaway Mavrik or TaylorMade SIM.

Other than the fact that companies pay them to use their clubs, each player finds the one driver that fits his/her game and swing the best and it is not a “one size fits all” scenario.

If you have ever been to a club fitting or hit a few drivers into a net at the local golf shop, then you know some drivers just feel right and other ones do not.

Find the one that fits you and feels right to you and other things will fall into place.


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