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The Callaway Rogue Driver is a big, nice looking, fast, forgiving, and long driver. It is not a replacement for the Epic driver because the Epic name continued on with the Epic Flash, but it is kind of a continuation of that extremely successful line of drivers.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Callaway Rogue Driver

 The Rogue introduced a new Jailbreak technology that offers great support and stiffness to the face while decreasing the weight of the rods found in the Epic driver by 25%. Jailbreak technology is found in 2 titanium rods connecting the sole and crown of the Rogue driver.

You will find much of the same technology but the head of the Rogue is larger and more aerodynamic. We will get into the specifics in this Callaway Rogue Driver Review, but think of the Rogue driver as one of the most forgiving clubs on the market. There is a lot to love about it, but the best is how easy it is to hit.

(check out this article here to get an in depth review of the Rogue fairway woods)

In the Epic these rods were linear and heavier, but the Rogue changed to an hourglass shape that provides the stability needed but with much less weight. The weight savings were then used in other parts of the clubhead to maximize ball speed and forgiveness.

Unlike the Epic, the Rogue does not feature an adjustable weighting system. Callaway found that very very few golfers were using the adjustable weighting for fades so the new Rogue Driver is neutral or you can purchase the “Rogue Draw” if you want a 5g heel weight to promote a draw.

Again, the weight that was used on the adjustable track is now used to lower the Center of Gravity of the club to promote a higher launch.

While both drivers are 460cc, the Rogue has a bigger imprint and looks more forgiving and easier to hit at address. Rogue also uses the X-Face which means that the variable thickness of the face is varied in an “X” pattern which means that the face is thinner in some parts and thicker in others to promote faster ball speeds across more of the face and less mishits as well. 


  • Even though they are both 460cc drivers, the Rogue looks bigger and more forgiving at setup than most drivers its size.
  • The new “Speed Step” arrangement on the crown of the club face reduces drag and streamlines the turbulence around the clubface for higher swing speeds.
  • The clubhead is huge and the face looks like it goes on forever. This added size gives you huge MOI and one of the largest sweet spots out there.
  • The Jailbreak technology is lighter and better in the Rogue compared to the first iteration that came out a few years ago.
  • There is no adjustable weighting, and the Weight savings in both the adjustable track and Jailbreak rods allow the Rogue Driver to focus more on forgiveness and swing speed by using those weight gains in other places across the clubhead. 
  • The VFT (Variable Face Thickness) gives you really good ball speed even when you make an off center strike.
  • The club is shallower and deeper than most drivers which is one of the reasons it is more forgiving and more accurate.
  • If you want a forgiving driver, you are not going to find one with more forgiveness features without losing any distance.


  • It is not built for shot shaping or workability.
  • The Mavrik and Epic Flash have surpassed it in technology and features.

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Callaway Rogue Driver Features and Benefits

Construction (3.5 out of 5)


The first thing you notice about the Rogue driver is the size and shape of the head. It looks great and is very long from front to back. The center of gravity is really low and deep in the head of the driver and you can feel that from the first time you pick up the club. The VFT (Variable Face Thickness) takes up a large part of the huge surface are of the face, and you can tell just by looking at this club that the sweet spot is huge. The Rogue is truly one of the most forgiving drivers on the market. From the Jailbreak Technology to the VFT to high MOI, this club is easy to hit and even your off center strikes will find the fairway often.

Shaft Options

You have a choice between 4 stock shafts:

  • Aldila Quaranta at 40g 
  • Aldila Synergy 50g
  • Project X EvenFlow 60g
  • Project X Hzrdus at 70g

They are all good stock shafts, but people seem to really like the Project HZRDUS shafts on this driver.

Club Specs

    • Hand: Left or Right
    • Lofts: 9, 10.5, 13.5
    • Lie Angle: 58-degrees 
    • Head Volume: 460cc
    • Length: 45.5”
    • Swing Weight: D3
    • Shafts: Aldila Quaranta, Aldila Synergy, Project X EvenFlow,Project X Hzrdus
    • Shaft Stiffness: A, R, S, X, women’s
    • Grip: 

Performance (4 out of 5)


If you end up purchasing the Rogue driver, you will do so because it is one of the most forgiving drivers out there. If you struggle to make center strikes consistently with your driver, the Rogue will help your “off center” shots find more fairways and have a better shot to reach the green in regulation.

Control/Shot Shaping

If you end up purchasing the Rogue driver, it will not be because you find it easy to shape shots around the course. It is a very controllable club because of its accuracy and consistency, but if you are trying to draw and fade the ball off the tee a lot, you probably want to look at other drivers.


You may try out the club for the forgiveness it offers, but you will stick with the Rogue for a long time because of the added distance you get. Distance is not everything off the tee. I have played rounds before when I just could not sniff the fairway with my driver, and it just was not fun. The forgiveness of this club helps with that. At the same time, you can hit the ball 300 yards in the air all the time, but if you cannot hit it straight it does not matter. The Rogue driver, in testing, had a very small shot dispersion meaning that it consistently sent the ball out in the same direction off the tee. The good thing about that is that the club is almost as long as it is forgiving, and if you can team distance with forgiveness, you have a really good driver. 

Looks/Feel/Sound (3 out of 5)

With forgiveness you almost always lose feel, and that is the case with the Rogue driver. If you are looking for a long club that boasts really high end forgiveness, the Rogue is for you. If you want a club with feel and that produces a “tour quality” sound at impact, then you probably want to look at other drivers. 

As far as the looks of the driver, on the other hand, the Rogue is fantastic. The head looks huge even though it is the same 460cc that you find in most other high end drivers. The wide, shallow body is huge and the face is deceptively large as well. The club cuts through the air and the extra aerodynamics are both visible and effective.

Cost (5 out of 5)

When the driver was being sold at normal price, it was one of the more expensive drivers out there, around $500. Today, you can find a Rogue driver brand new for less than $300. If you are looking for a very forgiving driver at a great price, I would highly recommend looking into a Callaway Rogue.

Alternatives to The Callaway Rogue Driver

Callaway Epic Flash 

The Epic Flash is the successor to one of Callaway’s most successful drivers ever. The Epic driver was the first to use Callaway’s Jailbreak technology and every driver manufacturer since has been trying to compete with it.

The Epic Flash took that technology and improved on it. The Jailbreak Technology increased ball speed across a huge area of the club face which also increased distance on off-center and sweet spot shots alike, and Jailbreak Technology in the Epic Flash is 25% lighter and ever more effective.

The Epic Flash also features a sliding weight that allows you to fit the club to your swing and change the shape and trajectory of your drives without changing your swing. You get the Speed Step technology created by Boeing to make the club as aerodynamic and fast as possible.

There are multiple shaft options both in terms of flex, launch, and brand and each option is high end. On top of all that, the Epic Flash Driver was created with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and it is with that technology that they created one of the most unique face architectures out there. The Flash Face Technology gives you some of the fastest ball speeds out there.


  • A high launch, low spin design that gives you great distance and roll off the tee.
  • The adjustable weights on the bottom help make it a great shot shaping club as well.
  • When the Epic driver was introduced, it was one of the most sought after drivers out there. AI and better Jailbreak Technology have made the Epic Flash an even better option. 
  • The lighter Jailbreak Technology provides some of the best speed and distance out there while saving enough weight to lower the center of gravity.
  • Great adjustability with a sliding track on the carbon fibre sole so that you can set the face up for a fade or draw with different launch angles.
  • The Flash Face technology just may be the feature that sets this club apart the most from the other Callaway offerings.


  • Lacks the “X” face VFT face technology found on the Rogue.
  • One of the more expensive drivers out there.

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Callaway Mavrik 

The Callaway Mavrik, because of Callaway’s use of Artificial Technology (AI) is one of the most technologically advanced clubs on the market.

It is well-suited for players with a tendency to slice and is a very easy club to hit. The accuracy and distance of this club are two of the things that set it apart. The shafts and grips are customizable for your game and the technology all the way around is as advanced or more advanced than anything else you will find.

The Flash Face technology and face architecture set up for a huge sweet spot and optimal ball speed. A very low spin rate keeps the ball straight while the center of gravity gives you a great launch angle.

Even the new head shape was created by AI and is extremely aerodynamic and fast. Because of the extreme distance and forgiveness coupled by the workability and feel of the driver, it is our choice for best overall driver in 2021.


  • Long and straight off of the tee.
  • Helps to fix your slice if that is something that you struggle with.
  • Flash Face technology makes the titanium face of the club stronger and more flexible than ever for faster ball speed across the face of the club.
  • A very consistent club in distance and accuracy.
  • The Flash Face was AI designed with a great face architecture.
  • The Cyclone Aero Shape is the newest AI design in aerodynamics which gives the club a at least a couple of mph in swing speed.
  • Interchangeable weights that help the driver to cater to your particular game.
  • It sounds and feels good at contact.
  • Ideal for almost all skill levels.
  • Works best for players with higher swing speeds.


  • Slightly smaller head size than other drivers that golfers may not like.
  • The price is on the high end.

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Final Thoughts On The Callaway Rogue Driver Review

(Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5)

If we wrote this review when the Rogue first came out, it probably would have received higher marks. The Rogue was the “tweener” club between the Epic and Epic Flash drivers, and it served one major purpose…Forgiveness.

In fact, if you want a really forgiving driver at a good price, I would still suggest trying out the Callaway Rogue. Off center shots still go very straight and very long. It is still one of the best looking and easiest to hit drivers Callaway has produced.


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