Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers in 2023

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Driver for Mid Handicappers in 2023, then here’s what we we recommend

Going out to play a round of golf with friends or family can be some of the most relaxing and fun times of your life no matter your handicap. There is something about setting aside four consecutive hours to do nothing but hit the ball around and spend time with people that you enjoy. There is something even better about taking out your driver and just blasting a long drive down the middle of the fairway that makes everyone stop and take notice. Let us help you find the best golf driver for mid handicappers so that, while you are enjoying your time with friends, you can also hit your tee shots long and straight.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following drivers:

The Importance of a Great Driver

Any golf expert will tell you that you can lower your score by working on your putting and your short game. On the other hand, any weekend warrior golfer will tell you that you can be the envy of your friends by driving the ball 300 yards off of the tee. While we want you to do both (and hit a bunch of greens in regulation with a great set of irons), today we will focus on purchasing a driver that can help you hit it long and straight off the tee.

How do I Choose The Best Golf Driver For Mid Handicappers?

The most important thing to remember is that you are choosing a driver for you! Only you have your exact swing and there is a driver built for your swing. Do not worry about what you favorite tour player owns, which brand makes the best commercials, or what your friends and family members say. Choose a club for you.

Choose a Brand

There is a reason that the top brands in golf remain the top brands in golf year after year. While no specific brand has the market cornered on any driver technology, it is important that you choose the brand that you are most comfortable with and has the features that you most desire. Off brand drivers are not advisable since they may not be made with the best craftsmanship.

Choose a Loft

When choosing a loft, do not assume lower loft equals longer drives. Tour professionals use less loft because the club head speed that they produce can increase backspin and create a less penetrating ball flight. A mid handicapper should be ok with 10.5 degree or higher loft because it takes away the risk of sidespin, and most mid handicappers do not run the risk of backspin taking away from their drives.

Draw or Fade?

If you are a mid handicapper then you know if you have a propensity to draw the ball or hit a fade off of the tee. Look for drivers that are weighted and/or offset to protect against the negative aspect of your swing and accentuate the positive.

Things to Look For in a Driver For Mid Handicappers

Every single year there seems to be a new driver with new technology that can help you to hit your drive longer and straighter. When looking at drivers, here are some of the things you on which you should focus…


In the past, graphite shafts were a must when it came to purchasing a new driver, and while they are still popular, golfers with higher club head speed may prefer steel. Whether you needed a lot of flex to help produce greater club head speed or you need a stiffer flex to help with control, there is an option out there for everyone. You can usually choose extra stiff, stiff, regular, and then a senior/ladies option. Most mid to low handicappers will find their sweet spot with a stiff flex shaft.

Face Technology

Face technology is one of the most important and most consistently changing areas of driver technology. Full titanium heads used to be the thing that everyone looked for and wanted, but it is now a thing of the past. Many of the best drivers feature a mix of materials including titanium and carbon fiber.  Driver sweet spots continue to grow and the spring in the driver face is constantly updated to push the limits that the USGA allow. Make sure you get one with the most spring and a face designed to take away the most spin.


The ability to adjust the weight of the driver head used to be illegal. That is no longer the case. As your game and swing changes, you may want to slightly modify the weight of your driver to go along with the other changes. A driver that you can adjust to a changing swing is important so that your swing does not outgrow your club.

Who Should Use These Types of Drivers?

The quest to move from a high handicap golfer to a mid handicapper is one that almost every golfer goes through. To become a golfer who struggles to break a 100 consistently or on a really difficult to course is one of steep hills and long valleys, but it can be done.

If you are just going out to have a good time and you can enjoy a day of inconsistency on the golf course, then your clubs don’t really matter. If, on the other hand, good golf and low scores are important to you, you will not reach your full potential unless you use clubs that are matched to your game.

While working on your short game is what lowers scores initially, as you get to the point that your short game does not improve as quickly, your driving can be that catalyst for improvement. As mentioned before, longer drives lead to shorter approaches which lead to shorter putts. Keeping up with driver technology can help you have more fun and lower your scores.

Make sure to keep up with the driver technology described above since the tech changes more than any other club and they can really help make sure your approach shot is as short as possible so that your putts can be as well.

Without further adieu, let’s dive into our reviews of the best golf drivers for mid handicappers!

Best Drivers For Mid Handicappers in 2022 Reviewed


Cobra RADSPEED XB (4.9 out of 5)

The Radspeed XB driver is one of the fastest, longest, and most forgiving drivers out there. It is a perfect club for any skill level and handicap really, but for midhandicappers it should be right up your alley. Cobra increased the distance between the front and back weight of the driver to give you more ball speed and more forgiveness with what they call “radial weighting.”

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - Cobra RADSPEED XB

This brings the center of gravity to a perfect place for low spin, high stability, and maximum distance. Almost every golfer is looking to increase ball speed, but oftentimes that comes with decreased forgiveness. You still get the Cobra basics like the CNC infinity milled face, the T-Bar speed chassis, and the carbon wrap crown that has pushed Cobra drivers to the top of many lists. The added technology is all about weighting, and the front/back weighting of this driver, with the 20g extra in the back, can give you extra distance and extra forgiveness at the same time.

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  • The CNC milled face covers almost the whole face of the club and provides unmatched forgiveness and a huge sweet spot.
  • Really low spin, even lower than the previous low-spin options that Cobra has made recently.
  • Not as expensive as many of the other high end drivers.
  • It is a neutral club with no draw bias which many mid handicappers prefer.
  • The increased back weighting gives you great forgiveness and increased launch.
  • The club looks great.
  • The sound when you make contact is as pure as you will hear.


  • The low spin rate makes it difficult to work around the course.
  • If you struggle with a slice, then the XD may be more what you are looking for.

TaylorMade SIM2 (4.9 out of 5)

The SIM2 is one of the best looking drivers at address that you will see. It covers the ball well and makes you feel like you are going to crush it. The TaylorMade SIM was easily the most popular driver of 2020 with players like Tiger and Rory carrying them in their bags. The SIM2 features 4 specific improvements on the SIM driver that makes it even more desirable than last year’s offering.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - TaylorMade SIM2

The first is the forged-ring construction uses a lightweight aluminum precision milled for greater MOI and better placed center of gravity giving you more forgiveness and stability. The second is a full carbon crown and sole so that the saved weight can be added to the inertia generator. The milled face cup is made of titanium and encourages better energy transfer which leads to faster ball speeds. The TwistFace technology is still there but the increased data has lead to a shape that focuses on the most common mishits and corrects them. The design is a lot different also, and frankly the SIM2 looks quite a bit better than the original. The SIM2 also does not have an adjustable weight like the SIM, but the weight does sit closer to the middle of the face. 

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  • A lower launching and lower spinning head with a larger face than last year’s model.
  • The SIM2 is made for players who want a neutral club and can work the ball around the course a little. 
  • You get quite a bit of extra speed and distance.
  • You still get the speed injection technology that takes your driver to the edge of legal distance, but there is only 1 port this year which TaylorMade says gives them the ability to manipulate speed across the face.
  • The SIM 2 has more carbon which makes it lighter and allows them to put more weight in the inertia generator giving you more stability and a higher launch.
  • It is a very forgiving and accurate club, especially for a players driver.
  • The TwistFace technology is still there and better than ever for high end forgiveness.


  • It is one of the most expensive drivers on the list.
  • If you want a driver with a draw bias or one that has an ultra low spin rate, there are better drivers out there.

Titleist TSi2 (4.8 out of 5)

There are a lot of players on tour using the TSi drivers, and with good reason. For the first time in a while, Titleist is making a driver with some forgiveness while adding speed and control at the same time. It comes down to innovation, and the new TSi drivers are not short on that.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - Titleist TSi2

The biggest innovation is the ATI face that is made of the same titanium alloy used on the Mars rover by NASA. It is said that this alloy is stronger than any other on a driver giving Titleist room to make the face thinner and more elastic. All of that means that this driver produces really high end ball speed while saving weight to use in other places and maintaining forgiveness across the face. The TSi2 is aimed at players looking for a high launch, good forgiveness, low spin, extra ball speed, and maximum stability. I would say that is about 99.9% of golfers out there! This is a good and very innovative product from Titleist, and it may become one of the most popular drivers of 2021.

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  • Titleist calls it their longest, straightest, best looking, and best sounding driver ever.
  • The ATI face is really innovative and very thin leading to great elasticity and increased distance.
  • Very stable so that you get top notch speed across the entire face of the driver.
  • Produces a very low spin rate.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and aerodynamic shape that is a great confidence booster standing over the ball.
  • A low and deep center of gravity for a higher launch and high MOI.
  • Adjustable weighting.


  • The head shape actually looks bigger than it is which may turn some golfers off.
  • A hefty price tag.

Callaway Epic Speed (4.8 out of 5)

Callaway describes their Epic Speed driver as the fastest club they have ever produced. With their use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and their Mavrik and Big Bertha brands, this is a big statement because they have produced some fast drivers.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - Callaway Epic Speed

The Epic Speed continues the trend of the Jailbreak technology that put every other driver on the defensive when it came out. This driver’s Jailbreak technology was improved by AI and rather than stiffening the driver vertically, it enhances stability in all directions. This added stability gives you greater speed across the entire face. The Flash Face technology is still there as well with every driver head built specifically for speed and and the super strength titanium face giving great flexibility and forgiveness. The 2 biggest improvements are the “Cyclone Aero Shape” which was designed to create less drag and the “Advanced Composite Design” which is a weight saving technique added to the crown so that the weight could be distributed elsewhere.

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  • Produces some of the highest ball speeds you will find.
  • Adjustable hosel and lie so that you can add or subtract loft and increase the draw bias when needed.
  • The Jailbreak Technology was improved upon through AI and is now better than ever.
  • The advanced composite design saved a lot of extra weight to use in other places making the club more stable and giving it a higher launch.
  • The Cyclone Aero Shape creates a lot less drag and increases swing speed.
  • The new Flash Face (SS21) is hotter and faster than ever.


  • Not quite as long as the other drivers at the top of the list.
  • A little more spin than some players may desire.

Ping G425 LST (4.3 out of 5)

The “LST” stands for “low spin technology” and the lower spin is accomplished with a smaller, 445cc head which flattens the trajectory and lowers the launch. It has a simple look with great feel and high end alignment aids.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - Ping LST G425

It looks like what a driver is supposed to look like and sounds great too. It produces very little spin, a straight and low trajectory, and really good distance. Ping created what they call “Tubulators” to reduce drag and increase club speed. There is also a 17g movable weight on a track in the back of the driver that gives you some shot flexibility as well as higher MOI and an easy launch. This club looks great and is easy to hit.  

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  • A smaller, pear-shaped head that many good players like.
  • Really low spin rates.
  • Flexibility with a movable weight track in the rear of the club.
  • Really accurate and straight.
  • A big sweet spot even though the head is slightly smaller than most.
  • Precision forged face maximizes flex for improved distance and energy transfer.


  • Not an overly forgiving club.
  • Fairly expensive.
  • Made for better players.

Tour Edge Exotics C521 (4.2 out of 5)

If you are looking for a simple, no-frills, very forgiving driver that is ready to “point and play” then the Tour Edge Exotics C521 just may be what you are looking for.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - Tour Edge Exotics C521

If you need a higher launch with excellent distance and clubhead speed, the design of the C521 gives you plenty of what you are looking for. It looks clean and crisp, but there are some subtle and effective game improvement features as well. You will notice the rear weight that gives you a high launch and plenty of MOI. You may not notice the diamond face technology that places 39 small diamond shape “trampolines” that give you extra distance and forgiveness across the entire face of the driver. You also get the cup face design for more distance and improved acoustics so that every shot sounds and feels great.

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  • By far the least expensive option on this list.
  • No frills, but a lot of game improvement features that will appeal to any golfer out there.
  • Very low spinning, high launching driver with a lot of stability.
  • The diamond face is improved and gives you 39 diamond shapes with a trampoline effect for greater distance. They are also pointed different ways for more forgiveness on off center shots.
  • A simple design gives you plenty of ball speed.
  • The thin face is hot and transfers a ton of energy to the ball.
  • A great combination of distance, launch, low spin, and forgiveness.


  • Built more for beginners as it is a supreme game improvement club.
  • Lacks the technology that sets some of the higher end clubs apart.

Mizuno ST-Z (4.2 out of 5)

Mizuno continues to improve other aspects of their equipment to get to where they are with their irons. The ST-Z is a great addition to the Mizuno line of drivers. It is faster, more forgiving, longer, and more stable than any of its predecessors.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - Mizuno ST-Z

They still use a forged beta ti face, with a different blend of materials to create a denser face and more solid feel and sound on contact. The face is also considerably stronger than the older models so that they can make it thinner with more flex and higher ball speed and forgiveness. The STZ is a neutral lie driver with the center of gravity as far back as they can get it creating high launch, low spin, and a lot of stability. It is fast over the entirety of the face, even on off center shots. Is this driver as good as their irons? No. But it is a step in the right direction and it is a good, long, and forgiving driver.

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  • One of the least expensive drivers on the list.
  • Mizuno’s longest and fastest driver yet.
  • The deep center of gravity gives you great forgiveness and MOI.
  • The face is stronger than older models which allowed Mizuno to make it thinner and more flexible for increased distance and forgiveness.
  • The Beta Ti face is very durable and strong.
  • The wave sole plate enhances ball speeds, especially when struck low on the face.


  • Not as long or forgiving as some of the other drivers on the list.
  • A neutral club with not much adjustability

Srixon ZX7 (4 out of 5)

The Srixon ZX7 is one of the simplest pickup and play driver on the market. This driver is great for anyone with a 5 to 20 handicap, and one of the best things about it is how simple it looks at address. It is a classic head design that just looks like a good, oversized driver.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - Srixon ZX7

Many golfers crave that. It launches a little higher and with more spin than the ZX5, but it still has all the distance and forgiveness of the game improvement driver in a Tour model. You have the adjustable weight port and hosel for some extra flexibility and the larger carbon crown for more forgiveness. If you are looking for a club that you can buy off the shelf, take down to the course, and increase your driving distance, then this is your driver. The simplicity of the club sets it apart, and while it does not have all the bells and whistles of some of the others, this club is long and setup for better players. 

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  • A flatter, straighter, and shallower shape is appealing to many golfers.
  • The rebound frame gives you increased speed and distance on center strikes.
  • A very big sweet spot.
  • Has some adjustability in the hosel so you can change lofts.
  • A classic looking crown with only 1 identifying mark.
  • A great point-and-shoot club.


  • Not as forgiving as some of the clubs on this list.
  • You get great distance if you hit it solid, but you lose more on off center shots than you do with other clubs.
  • Made for better players.

Final Thoughts on The Best Drivers For Mid Handicappers in 2023


Best Overall: Cobra RADSPEED XB

There are so many really good drivers out there, but the combination of price and features found on the Cobra RADSPEED XB really sets this club apart.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - Cobra RADSPEED XB

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It is long, forgiving, gives you a low spin rate, and it is just an easy club to hit. Golfers are looking for a club that is easy to hit and gives you effortless distance off the tee, the RADSPEED does this as efficiently as any driver on the market.


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