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Since the last 1980s, TaylorMade has been at or near the forefront of the metal driver market. From the Burner to the SIM and everything in between, TaylorMade makes really good drivers and most golfers have owned one at some point in their golfing lives.

The SIM line of drivers is another in a long line of TaylorMade successes. Through the years, drivers have evolved through a give-and-take system where distance, forgiveness, and launch are the keys to performance.

Most drivers could be good at one or two, but never all three at the same time. The SIM 2 line from TaylorMade sought to change that, and with the use of multi-material technology and great aerodynamics, they have done it well. Two of the major drivers from this line will be compared in this article as we look at the TaylorMade SIM 2 vs SIM 2 Max.

TaylorMade SIM 2

The SIM2 is one of the highest performing and best drivers on the market. Its size covers the ball well and makes you feel like you are going to crush it with every swing. The TaylorMade SIM was easily the most popular driver of 2020 with players like Tiger and Rory carrying them in their bags, and the SIM 2 is just a slightly better version of that club.

Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers - TaylorMade SIM2

The SIM 2 features 4 specific improvements on the SIM driver that makes it even more desirable than last year’s offering. The first is that the forged-ring construction uses a lightweight aluminum, precision-milled for greater MOI and a better placed center of gravity. You get more forgiveness, a better launch, and a very stable feeling club.

The second is a full carbon crown and sole, which saves weight compared to the SIM. That saved weight can be added to the inertia generator that was one of the better performance features in the original model. The milled face cup is made of titanium and encourages better energy transfer which leads to faster ball speeds.

The TwistFace technology is still there but the increased data has lead to a shape that focuses on the most common mishits and corrects them. The design is a lot different also, and frankly the SIM2 looks quite a bit bigger and better than the original.

The SIM 2 does not have an adjustable weight like the SIM, but the weight does sit closer to the middle of the face so that it is not really a disadvantage for most golfers.


  • Very low spin and a lower launch than last year’s SIM and this year’s SIM 2 Max.
  • The aerodynamic shape gives you a really high swing speed and a lot of distance without losing forgiveness.
  • The inertia generator, while slightly lighter than the one in the SIM 2 Max, gives you a great center of gravity and good stability.
  • The SIM 2 has more carbon than previous models which allows the club to put the saved weight in other places.


  • The price tag makes it unattainable for most golfers.
  • If you want an adjustable weight driver or one setup for a draw, you should look at the original SIM model.

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max

Think about the TaylorMade SIM Max driver, but make it a little more forgiving, a little lighter, and a little longer. That is what you get with the SIM2 Max. TaylorMade saved weight by removing most of the titanium from the driver (except for the face of course) and replacing it with carbon.

Most Forgiving (Best) Driver For Beginners and High Handicappers - TaylorMade SIM2 Max

They were able to reallocate that weight so that the driver is both firmer and more flexible than the previous SIM models and the MOI is considerably higher so that there is no twisting at impact.

We also cannot forget the speed-injection technology as well as the twist-face technology that, while not improved up in this model, have been incredible additions to the TaylorMade drivers. The speed-injection is the resin that is precisely placed behind the face and is as close to producing illegal ball speed as any driver out there.

The Twist-face technology continues to be a leading technology in keeping mishits straight and long. The SIM 2 Max has a slightly higher spin rate so that the ball goes a little straight and is easier to hit than the SIM 2. 


  • The aerodynamics of this club are noticeable at first sight, but even more noticeable in terms of the amount of extra swing speed you get.
  • The hitting area on the SIM 2 Max is 8% bigger than the SIM 2, and the sweet spot is just as big.
  • The driver maintains the Twist Face Technology and speed injection resin that the SIM was known for so that you get great forgiveness and distance.
  • The back top of the club looks great and adds to the incredible aerodynamics of the club.


  • Produces more spin than most drivers in this class.
  • Not as accurate as some drivers.

TaylorMade SIM 2 Vs SIM 2 Max Features Face to Face



The head construction is very similar in terms of how the clubs look. They are both 460cc heads that are very aerodynamic and fast. If you were to look at them side-by-side, you would have trouble telling the difference. The SIM 2 Max has an 8% larger face which, while not really noticeable to the naked eye, does give it a slightly larger sweet spot. The weight in the inertia generator is larger in the SIM 2 Max than the SIM 2 so that the MOI is higher and there is a little more forgiveness. 


The SIM 2 Max comes with either the Fujikura Ventus Blue or the Kuro Kage Silver and the SIM 2 comes with the Tensei Raw Blue or the Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX. The stock shafts are great, but the shafts that come with the SIM 2 are known for producing lower ball flights and firmer swings. 


They look almost identical. In fact, if the SIM 2 Max did not have the word “Max” written on the bottom, it would really difficult to tell them apart. They are great looking drivers. They give you a sense of being big, but also svelte and aerodynamic. They look a lot bigger than they feel and they give you great confidence standing over the ball. 



Both drivers are long, but the SIM 2 is longer. It produces less spin and a lower ball flight so that you get the maximum number of yards out of your swing. The extra forgiveness and stability the SIM 2 Max takes away a little of the distance.


The SIM 2 is considered a “low launch” club while the SIM 2 Max is a “mid launch” club. The higher the launch, in general, the easier it is to hit and the easier it is to get the ball up in the air. The SIM 2 is all about distance and accuracy, so the launch angle should be lower. The SIM 2 Max is more about forgiveness and stability so that a higher launch is better.


The SIM 2 Max produces at least 300 – 400 extra rpm’s of spin. The SIM 2 is easier to control, but the extra spin of the SIM 2 Max give it a higher launch.  


The SIM 2 Max is the more forgiving club. The tungsten weight in the inertia generator is greater, the launch is higher, and the club face is bigger, all of which make the SIM 2 Max a more forgiving club.


The sound and feel of the two clubs are very similar and there is not much to differentiate the two. They are both really nice and stable feeling clubs that sound great when you make solid contact pretty much anywhere on the face of the club. The SIM 2 has a little better feel and the SIM 2 Max is a slightly more stable club but even those two things are hard to notice.


The cost of the drivers is on the high side. In fact, the full retail price is over $500 though you can find a SIM 2 or SIM 2 Max for less on sale. The drivers are just as good for seasoned golfers as they are for beginners, so you could conceivably use this driver for a long time, even as your game improves.

Standout Features

Inertia Generator

The SIM Max 2 has a 24g tungsten weight in the inertia generator while the SIM 2 has a 16g weight. This gives the SIM 2 Max a slightly higher MOI making it a little more stable and a little more forgiving than the SIM 2. 


SIM 2 Max is made more for beginners but the added spin can cause it to veer off course. The SIM 2 has lower spin and a lower launch making it more accurate and more consistent. The backspin of the SIM 2 Max does keep the ball straighter, but there is also the potential to hit the ball pretty far off course.

Ease of Use

The SIM 2 is made for better golfers while the SIM 2 Max gives beginners and higher handicappers increased MOI and forgiveness. The SIM 2 is made for consistent distance at the slight expense of forgiveness and launch. The SIM 2 Max, on the other hand, launches higher and is more forgiving.

Final Thoughts on The TaylorMade SIM 2 vs SIM 2 Max

You cannot go wrong with either club. The SIM 2 is a little better for intermediate and advanced golfers because the low and straight launch is made for higher swing speeds. The SIM 2 Max is better for beginners and higher handicappers because it is a little more forgiving, easier to launch, and has a slightly larger sweet spot. You cannot go wrong with either because they are both great drivers that will add distance and forgiveness to your game.


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