Callaway Edge vs Strata: A Value Golf Club Set Matchup

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A complete set of golf clubs is a great way to start learning the game. Most complete sets are made up of a driver, a putter, and some combination of woods/hybrids so that a beginner or high handicapper has every club that they need for a round.

These clubs generally have a lot of game improvement features that make them easier to hit as well.

Callaway is definitely an industry leader in the complete golf club set market with both the Strata (our highest ranking complete club set) and the Edge.

The following is a review and comparison of the Callaway Edge vs Strata complete golf club sets.  

Callaway Edge

One of the first things you notice with the Edge 10-piece set is that all 10 pieces are golf clubs.

There is no bag, no headcovers, and really nothing but 10 good, beginner-level golf clubs. You get an oversized titanium driver with a huge sweet spot and a graphite shaft.

The center of gravity of the driver is also low and back which gives you a higher launch angle.

The 3-wood also has a large head and is a really good club off the deck or the tee.

The 5-hybrid that comes with the set is really a must-have for beginning golfers. In fact, adding a second hybrid may be the best thing a beginning golfer could do.

The 6-9 irons are cavity backed and big as well. The irons also feature a hollow design which give you a higher MOI and more forgiveness not to mention a little more explosiveness at contact.

You get 2 wedges, a PW and a SW, and they are both high quality clubs with good back spin and a lot of extra grooves for better forgiveness.

Maybe the best part of this set is the Odyssey White Hot putter. The Super Stroke grip is fantastic, and it is a blade design which is what most golfers are used to seeing.

As far as a complete set of clubs goes, this is one of the best putters you will find.

The Edge complete set, 10-piece, is a really high quality set of golf clubs. They cost more than most other complete sets out there, but if you want a little higher quality club these are at the top of the list.  


  • Everything a beginning golfer needs, but also good for players who have been playing for a while and still need game improvement clubs.
  • A great price for a solid set of clubs. 
  • The set focuses on the clubs and the quality of those clubs.
  • There is a little more attention to detail in the clubs than what you find in the Strata set. The driver and 3 wood have a lower center of gravity, the irons are more forgiving, and the putter is better.
  • One of the best putters in a complete set that we have seen.
  • The irons have a good center of gravity as well. They have a high launch angle and a high MOI which aids in forgiveness.
  • The entire set focuses on forgiveness and distance, and they are really high quality clubs.
  • Every club is designed for a high launch and they are all, from driver to putter, easy to hit.


  • The irons are on the heavy side which is not ideal for the target audience of this set.
  • More expensive than most complete sets.
  • Not a lot of customization available in the set which you may expect for the price.
  • No bag and no headcovers included. 

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Callaway Strata

With the 16-piece complete set of Callaway Strata golf clubs, you really have everything you need to get started in the game of golf.

(check out this article to get an in depth review of the Callaway Strata set)

As you improve, you will want to add a wedge, maybe try a 5-wood, and see how well you can hit the longer irons just in case you like them better.

However, all of these things come later and may not even be necessary until your game improves to the point that you are ready to purchase a more “player oriented” set. With the Strata complete set each of these things is true: 

  • Your driver is really forgiving and long.
  • Your irons are cavity-backed and made to be easy to hit and easy to get the ball off the ground. 
  • Your hybrids are easier to hit than long irons or woods and may very well be your favorite club in the bag.
  • Your wedges, while a little too far apart in loft, give you some options around the green and getting out of hazards.
  • Your mallet putter is easy to align, has a high MOI, and has a really big sweet spot.

Of course, there are weaknesses to this set. It is not very customizable and many golfers will outgrow the set very quickly if they play consistently.

The driver is years behind the technology that you can find on the market now, and for that matter the other clubs are as well.

However, for what this set is, it is really good. If you are just starting out, the set is built for exactly that. It has clubs that are easy to hit, their lofts are spaced out reasonably well, and they are very forgiving.  


  • Has everything a beginner needs at a low price.
  • 2 wedges while most complete sets only have 1.
  • Great accessories including a good stand bag and 4 headcovers.
  • The mallet putter is higher quality than what you find in the majority of complete sets.
  • Every club in the bag is both easy to hit and very forgiving of mishits. Even the wedges are perimeter weighted.
  • You could play for a while before needing to upgrade your set.
  • It takes the guesswork out of equipment purchasing.
  • The Callaway name is well-known for quality.
  • The Strata bag, headcovers, and clubs all have a professional look.
  • The stand bag is large enough to add a club or 2 when the need arises.
  • The fairway wood and hybrids have good graphite shafts and high quality, stainless steel heads. 


  • 2 wedges and 4 irons may not be enough, especially with the big gap in loft between the PW and SW.
  • The 5-hybrid and 6-iron are very similar in loft.
  • There is another big loft gap between the 3 wood and the hybrids.
  • If you like blade putters, you will either have to find another set or purchase a separate putter.

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Callaway Edge Vs Strata Features Face to Face



The drivers have similar head construction with one major difference: the Edge driver has a lower center of gravity and a higher launch. This makes the driver easier to hit and a little straighter as well.

They are both 460cc drivers with a titanium face and a huge sweet spot. The construction of the 3-woods and 5-hybrids follow that same path with the Edge being easier to hit but the quality is there for both sets.

The hollow construction of the Edge irons makes a pretty big difference for a beginner’s club.

It adds to the MOI and gives you a little more distance. In general, the Edge irons are larger, more forgiving, and a little longer than the Strata, but not by much in any category.

There is bigger difference in the quality of the wedges and the putters than the other clubs. The Edge wedges feature more grooves and a noticeable difference in the backspin that is produced.

They also land softer on the green and launch a little higher. The Odyssey putter is really high quality and one of the best of any complete set we have seen. The difference, however, is that the Strata features a mallet putter which is what many beginners and higher handicappers prefer.


The shafts of the clubs are similar. You will find your irons and wedges have steel shafts while your woods and hybrids will have graphite shafts.

Every shaft, steel and graphite, have regular flex (they call it uniflex) that help add some distance to moderate or slow swing speeds.


From driver to putter, the Edge set looks better than the Strata. They have the clean “Callaway” look to them and the bright green highlights look great.

Not to mention the White Hot putter looks and performs very well.

The Strata set, however, has a really nice looking stand bag with good headcovers that make you look like you know what you are doing even if you do not.



With the driver, 3-wood, and 5-hybrid, you get about the same distance from each set of clubs. Your Edge irons are a little longer and more forgiving, but it is not a distinguishable feature for one set over the other. After forgiveness, distance and ball speed is the focus of both sets and they both succeed.


The Edge clubs focus on giving players a higher launch and lower center of gravity. This is important for beginners and higher handicappers, and the Edge set definitely has the advantage here. If you struggle getting the ball off the ground with any club, the Edge golf clubs will help.


As far as spin goes, I will focus on the wedges of both sets. They both feature a SW and PW, but the Edge wedges have more and deeper grooves that provide both great forgiveness and really good spin around the greens. As far as the quality of the 2 sets goes, it is probably the wedges that show the biggest discrepancy. The 2 wedges in the Edge set are really good clubs.


 Both sets focus on forgiveness more than any other feature.

There may be slightly more forgiveness in the Edge set just because of where the center of gravity is set and because of the extra grooves on the wedges, but in general they are both really forgiving clubs.


There is no difference in sound between the 2 sets from my perspective, but there is quite a bit of difference in feel.

The Edge clubs, from top to bottom, are a little softer and give a little better feedback in your hands. The feel around the greens of the wedges and on the green with the putter are a clear advantage to the Edge clubs.


This has been mentioned and focused on over and over, but the cost is a huge difference between these 2 complete sets. For the 16-piece Strata, you will pay about half the price you will pay for the 10-piece Edge.

Callaway Edge Vs Strata Standout Features


Even with the Edge complete set available on the market, the Strata is still our number 1 choice.

The quality of the Edge set is definitely higher. Starting with the attention to detail in the driver and ending in the Odyssey putter, the Edge complete set may be the highest quality complete set of golf clubs out there.

However, you pay for that quality. For most beginning golfers, you just want to get out on the course and start to learn.

You do not want the lowest end in terms of quality, but you also may not want to spend what it costs to get higher quality clubs. The Strata set is a quality set for about half the price.

You also get a good stand bag, which is really helpful, and virtually the same clubs come in this set as the Strata. Even the putter, if you prefer a mallet design, is a good quality golf club.

If you were looking at quality and nothing else, the Edge set would definitely “have the edge.” However, when you take everything into account, we still prefer the quality of the Strata for the price and the extra pieces it provides.


We have mentioned this feature enough, but it is the main thing other than quality that separates these 2 sets of clubs.

The Edge complete set is about twice as much as the Strata, and the cost:quality ratio definitely leans in favor of the Strata set. However, if price is not a consideration, the Edge set has some great qualities.


This is a big difference between the sets because the Strata features a mallet putter while the Edge features a blade.

This comes down to personal preference, but the mallet putter, in general, has a lot of features that help beginners learn to putt. At the same time, the Odyssey White Hot putter is known and recognized as one of the best brands on the market.

The grip is great, the feel is soft, and it produces a very true and straight roll. The White Hot is one of the best putters you will find in a complete set of golf clubs. 

Final Thoughts On The Callaway Edge Vs Strata

These are both high quality club sets for decent prices. The Edge set is higher quality both in construction and features, but the Strata set gives you a few more accessories.

The cost is the biggest difference between the clubs, so our conclusion is pretty easy.

If you have been playing for a while and just need a new set of clubs as you continue to play and learn, the Edge set is a great low cost option for you.

The entire 10-club set costs less than most irons.

On the other hand, if you are really just starting out and do not know if you even like the game yet, go with the Strata set.

It is a lot less expensive and it is still a really high quality set of clubs. Not to mention, if you end up not liking golf at all, you can probably sell them for a decent price.


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