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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Value Golf Club Set For The Money in 2020, here is our recommendation:

If you’re a golfer, then you know that golf is one of the most expensive sports out there. Whether it is green fees, club memberships, equipment, clothes, cart fees, or accessories, the costs add up very quickly. As in most other things in life, with golf you normally get what you pay for. At the same time, there are some tricks and research that can be done to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck and that you will be able to go out to the course and compete while having a good time. The following is a description and review of some of the best value golf club sets out there.

We’re going to be reviewing the following golf club sets:

How To Choose The Best Value Golf Club Set For The Money

If you are looking for a value club set, then you are probably looking to save a little money and purchase every club that you are going to need on the course at one time and for one low price.

Maybe you have been using someone else’s clubs, you have a hodgepodge of clubs that are all different brands and play differently, or you are just starting out and want to start out with a full set. Whatever the case may be, there are some things that you want to take into consideration when choosing the right set. 

The first thing to do, of course, is consider the features and attributes of different club sets and decide which fits your game the best. Those features will be discussed in the next section.

The next thing to do is to decide how long you will be using this set of clubs. Is this a transitional set that should last for a couple of years until you are ready to go through the fitting process and spend the extra money, or are you hoping that this is your set for the foreseeable future?

Understanding this will help you decide about price and whether or not you want a more “beginner” type set or a set with more advanced options.

You also want to decide which clubs are the most important to you. Do you want to find a set with better drivers and woods or stronger irons?

Are your wedges more important to you or are you looking for a set with hybrid clubs in place of longer irons? Understanding this will also help you decide which set focuses more on the quality of the specific clubs you value most.

In the end, you will read reviews like this one, swing a few at a store, and decide which brand and which clubs can be purchased at the right price and with the right features.

My suggestion to you is to not settle. Figure out the set that you really want, and wait until you can make the purchase.

Features That Differentiate Sets

Cost. When you are looking at complete club sets, then cost is usually one of the biggest factors. You are probably not looking for the highest end, custom fitted, designed for your swing clubs. More than likely you want a slight upgrade from what you already have and you want the consistency of having the same club in your bag from top to bottom. If this is what you are looking for, you will probably find it at or around the $500 range (give or take). This price range will give you a solid set of golf clubs from driver to SW and some of them will even come with a nice stand bag as well.

Club Makeup. Some sets will include hybrids while others will have long irons. You may find a set with 3 wedges while another has 2. One set may have an excellent driver with average irons or a great fairway wood but a below average PW. The point of this is to study the makeup of each set to make sure you get the clubs that you want at the quality that you want.

Quality. Making quality one of the features you are looking for is a no-brainer, but when looking at complete sets it is important to include. You could go with an off brand dealer and have no idea what the quality will be but the price will be incredible. You could also go with a branded set and pay more for the name etched into the metal than what the clubs are actually worth. Do your homework and make sure you are getting the quality you are paying for.

Shafts. There are a lot of beginner golfers who think that any golf club with a graphite shaft is better than one with a steel shaft. This is far from the truth. I actually prefer every club in my bag to have a stiff steel shaft because of the added control. The warning here, is not to equate graphite with quality but to find the set that you want regardless of shaft material.

Who Should Choose a Value Set?

If you are a beginning golfer just starting to head out to the course, a complete set of value clubs is for you. If you have been playing for a little while on borrowed clubs or a mixed set and want some more consistency at a decent price, then a complete set is for you.

These clubs are usually not for advanced golfers who would benefit from the nuances of fitted, high end clubs, but for the vast majority of golfers (I would say at least 80% of people who own clubs) these clubs would be more than enough to fit your game.

Should I Save For One of The More Expensive Sets?

If you fall into the categories above, you do not need to save for one of the high end iron sets or a $600 driver. These clubs absolutely will change your game for the better…eventually.

No golf club can make you a good golfer, and until you develop your swing, an expensive club set will be nothing more than an expensive cart decoration. Go with the value clubs to start with, and as you develop your game then move to the “player irons” that are out there.

This will allow you to learn at a much cheaper price, but it will also give you the ability to spend money on lessons and develop your swing until you know which set of clubs will really help your particular game.

Best Value Golf Clubs For The Money in 2020 Reviewed


Wilson Profile SGI

Wilson golf clubs are known for their value. When you think of high quality at low prices in the golf world, Wilson is the brand that makes the most “Most Affordable” or “Best Value” clubs on most experts’ lists. With that said, a complete set of value clubs is right up Wilson’s alley, and these clubs do not disappoint.

In this set you get a driver, fairway wood, a hybrid, 6-9 iron, PW, SW, putter, stand bag, and headcovers. The woods and hybrid feature a graphite shaft with regular flex and the irons and wedges have a stiffer steel shaft. This club set focuses on forgiveness more than anything so it is a great game improvement set for beginners and higher handicappers.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes and fits.
  • Very affordable.
  • The irons are forgiving, long, and easy to launch.
  • A blade putter with a large sweet spot and alignment aids.
  • No “extra” clubs, but most players would never feel like they are missing something.
  • 460cc titanium driver with a lot of forgiveness.
  • The Wilson name means a lot in this category of club.
  • Beginners will get a lot out of this set.


  • Almost exclusively for beginners and high handicappers.
  • 5 iron is not included.
  • Not a great stand bag.
  • The driver dents easily and the irons are not as durable.

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Cobra F-Max 13 Piece Complete Set

Included in this set you will find a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid, 6-9 irons, PW, SW, and a blade putter. This is a legitimate set of clubs for beginners and intermediates alike. The F-Max irons are lightweight, forgiving and long. While the price point is higher than the other clubs on this list, the quality is as well.

These clubs are built for speed and distance and will thus perform well with beginning or aging golfers who struggle with swing speed. While some of the other sets on this list are built more for forgiveness, this set is built for speed and distance.


  • Lightweight clubs up and down the set are easier to swing and provide extra distance.
  • These are arguably the longest set on the list.
  • Ideal for any level golfer, but built for those with slower swing speeds.
  • The progressive center of gravity (COG) design means each club will perform at optimally and provides ideal launch angles.
  • The 6 irons in this set are high end clubs.
  • The cart bag is big, but has plenty of storage and a cooler pocket.
  • The driver offers speed and increased distance while maintaining accuracy.


  • Easily the most expensive set on this list.
  • Not made for experienced golfers or those with higher swing speeds.
  • Game improvement clubs at a player’s level price.

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Callaway Strata Tour 16 Piece Set

Within the 16-piece set, you get a driver, 3-wood, 4 and 5 hybrids, 6-9 irons, PW, SW, mallet putter, stand bag, and 4 headcovers. This set is definitely high enough quality for those golfers with a little experience, but it also offers the forgiveness and distance that beginners need.

This set has pretty much every club that most golfers need. You may want to add a wedge or 2 as you gain experience and maybe a 5 iron eventually, but for beginners and casual golfers, this set has everything.


  • A 460cc driver with a graphite shaft and a big sweet spot.
  • Fairway woods have stainless steel heads and high quality graphite shafts that promote distance.
  • The 2 hybrids take away the need for longer irons and they are more accurate and easier to hit as well.
  • The mallet putter is extremely accurate, easy to aim, and difficult to mishit. 
  • The irons are perimeter weighted for greater forgiveness.
  • Irons and wedges also have progressive sole width technology which means that each club is progressively suited to perform its job.
  • The stand bag is very lightweight and big enough to even add a few clubs here and there. It is perfect for walking the course.
  • A great set for beginners or seasoned golfers who need a consistent and high quality set for a great price.
  • A really good price for what is offered.


  • Not made for taller golfers.
  • Only 2 wedges and 4 irons may not be enough for some golfers.
  • Blade putters are generally more popular than mallets.

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Tour Edge Bazooka 370 17 Piece Set

In this set you get a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 4 hybrid, 5-9 irons, PW, SW, putter, stand bag, and headcovers. This set compares well with the Callaway Strata set with the addition of a 5-iron and at a lower price point. Tour Edge is known as a high quality club and equipment producer, and this complete set is a great addition.

The irons are easy to hit, the driver is long, and the fairway woods and hybrid offer large sweet spots and a lot of distance. This set is focused on distance and forgiveness which sets up well for beginners and high handicap players.


  • An excellent price point.
  • Options for taller players.
  • The driver is long and forgiving with perimeter weighting and an ultra thin face.
  • The hybrid has a deep center of gravity and low-profile head which makes it easier to launch than a fairway wood and easier to hit than a long iron.
  • The cavity back, stainless steel irons are built for speed and distance.
  • A lightweight stand bag makes it easy to walk the course or strap it into a cart.
  • The anser style putter is big and easy to align. It also has a high MOI and provides a true and straight roll.


  • The set makeup is a little different with 2 fairway woods and 1 hybrid. If they did the opposite, this set would rate even higher.
  • The putter design could turn some golfers off.
  • The set is very inexpensive, but compared to some of the other sets it really feels that way as well.

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Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 Offset Set

This set is comprised of a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid, 6-7 iron-woods, 8-PW irons, specialty SW, mallet putter, cart bag, and head covers. That is a lot to comprehend for beginners, but this Tour Edge set is different than the other sets on this list. The club design sets these clubs apart and makes them easier to hit than a normal set of irons and fairway woods.

If you are looking for the traditional 3 woods, irons, wedges, and a putter then this set is not for you. If you are looking for some new technology that adds distance and forgiveness to your game, then these hybrids and iron-woods may be the change you are looking for.


  • The offset helps with the slice that is so common in a beginner’s game.
  • A high technology driver with cup face technology and variable thickness in the face making the driver long and straight.
  • Fairway woods have much of the same technology found in the driver.
  • Hybrids are easy to hit with a high launch.
  • The SW is great around the greens where the other irons struggle.
  • The clubs focus on forgiveness and ease of hitting while fighting the dreaded slice.


  • A very expensive option.
  • Not a traditional set of clubs.
  • Very little feel in the clubs.

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Our Choice

The Callaway Strata 16 piece set is our choice for best value golf club sets for the money in 2020. You can find this set at a great price and with all of the clubs that most golfers need. Most golfers that are looking for a value club set are probably also looking for game improvement clubs, and these clubs are exactly that.

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The driver is huge and forgiving, the hybrids are easy to hit, the irons are perimeter weighted, and the putter aids in alignment and forgiveness. These clubs check almost every box and the number of clubs along with the golf bag are great for anyone looking for the most bang for their buck. Some of the other sets may have certain advantages, but this set has it all and is our choice for best value golf club set.

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