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A mallet putter is kind of like Jim Furyk’s swing, it doesn’t look good but it can be highly effective. While the majority of golfers continue to carry blade putters, more and more elite golfers are making the change to the mallet putter. In general, with a mallet you get a truer and more consistent roll.

In this article we’re going to look at how to select the best mallet putter for your game.

We’re going to be reviewing the following mallet putters:

One of the reasons many are moving to a mallet putter is because it produces a higher MOI (moment of inertia) than a blade. In simple terms, MOI is the measure of a putter face’s resistance on off center hits. When you hit a putt off center, the tendency of the club head is to twist slightly to the other side of the mishit to correct itself. This causes a mishit to go in whatever direction the putter twisted. A putter with high MOI fights against that “twisting” motion to produce straighter and truer rolls.

As the mallet style continues to grow in popularity, so do your options. At this point, as far as major club manufacturers are concerned, there are just as many mallet options as there are blades and the technology just keeps getting better.

How To Choose the Best Mallet Putter

To choose the best mallet putter you have to decide what feature will help your golf game improve the most. If you are looking for maximum feel, you should look for a high end, soft insert instead of the more common milled face. If you are looking for the highest MOI possible, a heavier and larger head may be the way to go. If you are struggling with alignment and losing confidence in your ability to start the ball on the right line, then many mallet putters have great alignment tools that will help you get the ball started on the right path every time.

As more and more PGA tour winners begin using mallet putters and their popularity continue to skyrocket, the sky’s the limit. Any feature that you want or need in your putting game will be available. There are already putters that are marketed as “looking like blade and performing like mallets” and the technology will only continue to grow. The important thing is that once you decide that a mallet putter is for you, figure out which features suit your game the best and find the putter with those features.

Why Choose a Mallet Over a Blade?

While there are many reasons that a player may choose a mallet over a blade putter, the two biggest reasons are alignment and forgiveness. After reading that last statement, as a golfer you probably understand that these are two of the most important aspects of putting. Distance control and feel are important, but alignment and forgiveness may be the 2 most important aspects of putting.

Blade putters, admittedly, look better at setup. The head is more compact and it is a more traditional look that most golfers have always used and are familiar with. They also generally provide better feel and feedback when the club makes contact with the ball which leads to better distance control. Most golfers, including us at Red Birdie Golf, would suggest starting out with blades for those reasons. Building up good feel and good distance control on the greens is important starting out. Once you feel comfortable in those areas, however, the benefits of a mallet putter may just warrant changing over if you can become comfortable with that change.

The ability to align the ball better and have the forgiveness and high MOI provided by the mallet putter are very good and important reasons to use a mallet. These reasons, however, are even more important to good and elite golfers who have spent time honing their feel and distance control on the green. The reasons to choose a mallet putter over a blade putter are simple, and may be appealing enough to many to make that choice. 

What Features Differentiate One Mallet Putter From Another?

Mallet putters are not created equally. There are certain features that make some putters stand out while others are simpler and not as technologically advanced. You can usually tell the difference in these types of putters based on price, but there are some really good less expensive options and some pretty bad expensive ones. Here are some of the features that you want to take into account when purchasing a mallet putter:

  • Head size and weight
  • Are there interchangeable weights?
  • Are the alignment lines easy to see and use?
  • Is the putter forgiving on off-center hits?
  • Price
  • Face insert, solid metal putter, or milled face
  • Is the putter aesthetically pleasing and does it look at setup?

While some of the features listed above are pretty universal, others are not. It is important that you know your own game and putting ability and that you choose the putter that will help you in your weakness and accentuate your strengths.

What are the Benefits of a Mallet Putter?

We have discussed it above, but it is important to end this section with the major benefits of a mallet putter. No matter what else it may be good for, a mallet putter provides a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness. This is important because even a slight mishit on a putt can send your ball scurrying past the hole no matter how well you judged your distance or aligned the putt.

To go along with the idea of forgiveness, mallet putters have a very high MOI. Having a high MOI means that the club is not going to move to one side or the other when making contact with the ball. While this is slightly different than forgiveness, it does lead to an ever more consistent roll.

Finally, the larger head of a mallet putter also aids in alignment. This is simple optics and logic. The bigger head of the mallet putter gives you more surface area with which to align the ball and the club. Oftentimes the mallet putter is designed to further aid in alignment either with the perimeter of the club or on top of the face.

Best Mallet Putters in 2022 Reviewed


Evnroll ER10

If MOI is what you are looking for, then the ER10 would have to be pretty high on the list. The large clubhead is enhanced with “sweet face” technology that gives you a huge sweet spot so that a large amount of forgiveness, alignment, and MOI are all wrapped up in one putter.


  • Has great feel for a putter its size.
  • The “winged mallet” design is great for alignment as there are multiple lines leading to the middle of the club with which you can align your ball.
  • The face is CNC milled with “sweet face” technology that gives it a huge and very forgiving sweet spot.
  • Deep perimeter weighting to keep ball speeds high on mishits.
  • Evnroll has been on the cutting edge of putter technology and this putter continues that trend.
  • A very consistent roll and very precise distance.
  • Looks great at setup and is a very interesting and nice looking putter.


  • One of the most expensive options on the list.
  • The club head may be too large for some.

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Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 1.5

Scotty Cameron is well-known in the golf world as one of the premier putter designers in the world. This is more of a “mid-mallet” putter because the shape is there, but the size is smaller than most. The MOI is still high which gives this putter the benefits of a larger mallet putter in a mid-mallet look.

The mid-mallet is tour preferred and the performance of this club is exactly what you would expect from a Scotty Cameron design.


  • A smaller, lower profile head that will appeal to the majority of golfers.
  • The small slant neck is a very slight offset but looks a lot better on the ground.
  • The milled face is soft and the sweet spot is huge.
  • Even with the smaller head, the MOI is very high.
  • Thinner, flatter toplines look a lot better at setup.
  • Interchangeable sole weights so that the putter is customizable to your stroke.
  • The 3-dot pattern on the back is great for alignment and aesthetics.
  • The aluminum sole plate allows for optimal weight distribution.


  • One of the more expensive options on the list.
  • The stock grip is a little thin, you may want to replace.

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Wilson “The L” Infinite

This double milled putter with counterbalance technology is a great product at a great price. Not as technologically advanced as some of the others on this list, if you are looking for a simple mallet design with a high MOI and plenty of forgiveness, then the Wilson “The L” putter is a great choice. This putter has a lot of feel and distance control for a mallet of its size and it is weighted well to promote a consistent swing and roll.


  • A price that will not break the bank.
  • The Wilson name is synonymous with high quality golf equipment at good prices.
  • The double milled face promotes feel, distance control, and softness on the greens.
  • The ultra dark PVD finish greatly reduces glare.
  • The center of gravity is moved closer to the hands for more control.
  • Great feel for a mallet putter.
  • Easy to align.


  • Does not look as good or inspire the same confidence at setup.
  • Not as technologically advanced as many of the other clubs on the list.
  • The MOI is not as high as other mallet putters.
  • A bulkier club head than other options.

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Odyssey Triple Track Marxman

The Callaway Odyssey line of putters has been on top of the putter market for some time now. With the new triple track alignment aid, the incredibly soft insert, and the redistributed weight of the shaft, Odyssey will remain in that spot. The triple track alignment tool gives you the confidence of starting your ball on the right line and the high MOI helps to make sure that your club does not twist on impact.

That gives you the freedom to focus on reading the green and hitting the ball at the right speed.


  • A high-end putter for a mid-range price.
  • One of the easiest putters to align on the market, especially when paired with the Callaway triple track golf ball.
  • The white hot insert that golfers have come to know and love.
  • A very soft putter with great feel for a mallet.
  • Tip heavy shaft allows weight to be redistributed more effectively.
  • The offset shaft is more natural and looks better at setup.
  • The Odyssey has been one of the leading putters on the market for a long time and with good reason.
  • The face is not only soft but very forgiving and with a sweet spot that covers much of the face.


  • Does not reduce face rotation as well as other putters on this list.
  • The club head may be a little too big for some.
  • You need the triple track golf balls for the best results.

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Mizuno M Craft 3

A mid-mallet putter that looks great at setup and comes in 3 different colors, the M Craft 3 is one of Mizuno’s best putters to date. Forged from mild carbon steel and CNC milled for precision and feel, this mallet combines the strengths of a blade with the strengths of a mallet. A custom weight set comes along with it to customize feel and performance as your game changes and for different conditions on the course.


  • The weight kit makes this club very customizable.
  • Precision CNC milling provides a softer feel and a pure roll.
  • The single alignment line is simple and easy to use.
  • The face balanced design for stability and straighter lines.
  • Great for “straight back, straight through” putting strokes.
  • The blue-ion finish option looks a little different than anything else out there, and that is a good thing.
  • The forged construction provides incredible feel for a mallet putter.


  • Mizuno is not known for their putters…yet.
  • Suited for players with less of an arc to their stroke.
  • Less MOI than the other clubs on this list.

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TaylorMade Truss TM1

This revolutionary design combines the look and feel of a blade with the performance and features of a mallet. The goal of the TaylorMade Truss TM1 is to have the best of both worlds without any of the negatives of either. This is a lofty goal, but they are on the right track.

On top of that, the TaylorMade “Pure Roll” insert and interchangeable weights add to the performance of the putter.


  • The truss design is engineered for a higher MOI and less twisting at impact.
  • The truss design is also engineered to look familiar at address.
  • The hosel is connected to the topline at 2 distinct points to reduce unsupported mass and promote stability at impact.
  • Adjustable weights make this putter customizable both to a changing stroke and for different environments and courses.
  • The shaft weighs 120 g and is designed for less deflection.
  • The “Pure Roll” insert gives the putter a very soft feel and a true roll.


  • One of the more expensive options on the list.
  • Not quite a mallet, not quite a blade.
  • The “revolutionary” design is too revolutionary for some.

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Bettinardi Inovai 6.0

This putter was re-engineered to promote performance and feel in a putter made for MOI and forgiveness. Each stainless steel face is precision milled then weighted in the rear of the club by high quality aluminum. The result is a soft feel with enhanced weight distribution that gives great stability and distance control on every shot.

The MOI is maintained even with these added features which makes for a club with high MOI, increased forgiveness, very soft feel, and the stability for a straight and pure roll. To top it off, the cobalt blue looks great both in the bag and on the course.


  • A high MOI putter with a focus on feel and performance.
  • Great distance control for a mallet putter.
  • The cobalt blue looks great.
  • Great sight lines making it a very easy putter to align.
  • The aluminum weighting provides stability and consistency.
  • The precision milling is great for feel and a pure roll.
  • All of the benefits of a mallet putter with a focus on features normally reserved for a blade.


  • One of the most expensive putters on the list.
  • The head may be too large for some golfers.

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Ping Heppler Piper C

A great looking putter that performs as well as it looks. The copper and black combination make alignment easy and the solid machine face provides a firmer feel and great feedback. On top of that, the Ping Heppler Piper C has adjustable weighting and an adjustable shaft making it easy to customize to your game.


  • A great price for the features and quality of this putter.
  • A solid machine face provides great sound and feedback at impact.
  • A firmer feel than many of the other putters on this list.
  • The contrasting color of the copper and black aids in alignment and looks great at setup.
  • Made for “straight back, straight through” putting strokes.
  • Face-balanced and center shafted for more stability.
  • Adjustable length putter makes it easy to find the right length for you. Studies have shown that many, if not most, amateurs are playing putters that are either too long or too short for them.


  • Many golfers prefer a softer feel.
  • If your putting stroke has an arc, this is not the putter for you.
  • Less MOI than other mallets on the list.

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Cleveland Frontline Elevado

The Frontline Elevado has 2 stability wings and forward weighting for incredible alignment, accuracy, and consistency. Cleveland’s speed optimized face technology also helps you to control the distance as well or better than any of the other mallets on this list.


This putter is designed and weighted for straight back putters. All of these features in a great looking club and at a price that you can afford.


  • One of the least expensive putter options on the list.
  • The forward weighting throws out MOI in favor of not leaving a putt shot.
  • Cleveland assumes you can make solid contact and that this putter will help to make sure the distance and the roll is true.
  • The insert is soft and is terrific at controlling distance.
  • Designed and weighted for straight back putters.
  • The club looks good at setup.


  • Does not look or feel as good as some of the higher priced options.
  • A mallet putter without a high MOI.

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Our Choice For Best Mallet Putters in 2022


Best Overall Choice

Our choice for best overall mallet putter in 2020 is the Odyssey Triple Track Marxman. Not only does it have great feel and high MOI, it is also one of the lower priced putters in the quality range.

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The best thing about this putter, however, is that it is extremely easy to align and especially when paired with the triple track golf ball. When you combine a high MOI, great alignment, and incredible feel you come out with one of the better putters on the market.

Best for Beginners and High Handicappers

The Ping Heppler Piper C is a customizable putter with a firm feel and good distance control making it a great choice for beginners and high handicappers.

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Best for Mid and Low Handicappers

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 1.5 has all of the benefits of a larger mallet head with the mid mallet look that professionals and elite golfer prefer.

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Most Affordable Option

The Wilson “The L” Infinite Putter is an affordable option that still has a lot of features that allow it to perform well on the course.

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