Best Indoor Putting Green in 2020

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Indoor Putting Green in 2020, then we recommend the Big Moss.

**UPDATE FOR 2020** If you’re looking for the latest reviews of brand new products released in 2020, we’ll be updating this post as we do our research and should be finished by the summer.  Please make sure to check back then!

If you are like me, you just love the game of golf. A round with friends, for business, or with family is something that both brings you closer together and allows you to have fun. An indoor putting green is something that can improve your golf game when used correctly, but just as importantly can transform your office or a room in your home into a place of social interaction and fun. It is important to find the best indoor putting green to help improve your stroke or make your office an even better place to do business.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following indoor putting greens:

Why purchase an indoor putting green?

Putting is the most important aspect of lower scores on the golf course. No matter the course, your putter will be your most often swung club in every round. You may use your driver 12 times, your wedges 18, but you will always putt more than 25 times per round. With that said, an indoor putting green can help you improve the one thing that can lower your score the most.

If you follow this guide and find a good putting green that replicates the real thing, you can really perfect your putting form. You can add hills, undulations, and different distances that can really help you.

How to choose the best indoor putting green

The three major things that you are looking for in an indoor putting green is how “true to life” the surface is, how solid the construction is, and the size of the putting green. Additional features like distance markers and alignment guides can also add to the effectiveness of the putting green. You have decide what is most important to you and to the space that you are using and make your decision accordingly.

Of all of the features mentioned above, the idea of the putting green being “true to life” is probably the most important feature. If you just purchase a mat or vinyl pad, then you are really just using it to take up space. If, however, you really want the putting green to increase your putting ability, it has to feel and play like a real green.

What is the best way to use an indoor putting green?

There are many things that an indoor putting green can be used for, and each of these things are great. Whether it be for social reasons, time constraint reasons, or game improvement reasons, an indoor putting green can really improve your home or office. It can also be a great way to show your personality and your love of the game of golf.  But hopefully it will help you avoid the dreaded 7 putt:

Game Improvement

The best reason to purchase an indoor putting green is to help improve your golf game. If you could just take one stroke off the front and back nine of every round, your have improved your handicap immensely.

Games that you used to lose could turn into wins and those annoying and embarrassing three putts can become a thing of the past. I remember driving the green on a par 4 and thinking about how I would at least birdie the hole and have bragging rights for the round. Unfortunately, four putts later, nobody remembered the great drive, just the missed opportunity.

Time Constraint

Maybe you do not have time to get to the driving range and practice green. Work, family, friends, and other social obligations have made it where just squeezing in a round of golf or two every month is about the best you can hope for. When this is the case, it can be frustrating to see your scores go up as your feel and putting goes down. Having a putting green at your disposal is the perfect way to work around the inevitable time constraints that come as your life gets busier and busier.


The social aspect of adding an indoor putting green to your home or office cannot be overstated. They lead to fewer awkward conversations and more visitors coming to take a few swings with you.

coworkers playing mini golf in office

It is the perfect way to get to know people and takes a lot of the pressure off of making conversation or finding something to do as you work up to a sale. While this may not help your golf game, there is something to be said for the social improvements an indoor putting green can have on your life.

Is an indoor putting green like the real thing?

Unfortunately, nothing is like the real thing. Being out on the course and having the wind, the environment, the poorly cut grass, the sun burnt greens, and the slight movement caused by the hill that you could not see is different than any indoor putting green could ever be. But you can get pretty close. And while all of those small but important aspects of putting exist in real life, a putting green can improve your muscle memory and get your putting stroke to be as consistent as it has ever been. It is not the real thing, but it is better than nothing.

Best Indoor Putting Greens Reviewed

The following are five of the best indoor putting greens on the market. They are a good sample of what is out there and include some of the features that you will want to have when purchasing your next putting green.

Tour Links

The Tour Links indoor putting green is quickly becoming known for the training aids that come with it.

The string guide allows you to follow the club head down the path, the stroke groover block allows you to work on consistent club head acceleration, and the hash mark allows you to work on proper head and body placement. These are just three of the six training aids featured on the Tour Links putting green. There is, however, a focus on aids at the expense of feel and size.


  • Six great training aids that will help your putting game.
  • You putt while you are standing on the green rather than on the floor which helps with feel.
  • The ball comes back to you each time you make a putt.
  • You can add texture and subtle breaks with the contour mat.


  • Poor feel and texture compared to many.
  • At only seven feet long, you cannot practice longer putts.
  • The small width and long length gives you only one angle to the hole.

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SKLZ Accelerator Pro

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is just like the putting green your grandfather used to use.

It is long and skinny with a slope right at the hole. There is a ball return feature that happens whether your make the putt or not. It has some training aids, and it comes at a great price.


  • The price is right.
  • The ball return feature is great for anyone using only one ball or not wanting to worry about losing momentum.
  • Guides at three, five, and seven feet give you some length options.
  • You can unslope the cup to get a better feel.


  • It is straight line putting with very few options to add slopes or other undulations.
  • Only a few training aids while still not producing great feel or speed.
  • You putt from off of the green which does not mimic real life.

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This is the first putting green that gives you a few different angles with which to work.

It is not the traditional long and skinny indoor green, and it has three different holes from which to choose. It is a smooth surface that mimics the feel of a well manicured green.


  • Great feel for an indoor green.
  • The kidney shape allows for different angles so that you are not putting the same way every time.
  • There are sand bunkers at the back to catch errant shots and keep them on the surface.
  • It measures three feet by nine feet which is one of the bigger options.
  • You putt while standing on the green.


  • There are not training aids, just a blank surface.
  • The three holes and two sand bunkers can be a little confusing and harder to process.
  • There is no ball return feature.

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Big Moss

The “Big Moss,” like its name suggests, is a large indoor putting green. There is also a chipping mat that comes with it that can be placed anywhere off of the putting green and allow you to work on your chipping stroke as well.

The chipping mat adds a few feet to the already large nine foot by three foot putting area.


  • It is already large by itself, but the chipping mat adds even more size.
  • There is a wall around the back of the putting green to hold the ball on the surface.
  • You can putt and chip on the same green.
  • It is a clean look with just one hold and many different angles that you can use to get there.


  • The quality is not as high as some of the other offerings.
  • The chipping mat breaks and streaks easily.
  • The feel of the green is sub par and it is just a thin mat that adds no contour or slight movement to the putts.

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VariSpeed Putting System

The VariSpeed Putting System is large and somewhat busy, but a great training aid.

There are adjustable speeds depending on where you putt, you can customize breaks and subtle movements, and it even folds up for easy storage. It is a great option for practicing or just having fun with friends.


  • Variable speeds available.
  • Great feel on the felt mat.
  • Custom breaks and movements.
  • Fast and easy storage and setup.
  • Great training aids.
  • When rolled out fully, it is 10 feet long.


  • Too busy to truly replicate a green.
  • More of a training aid than a putting green.
  • The variable speeds and custom hills sound better than they perform.

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Our Choice

The Big Moss indoor putting green is the clear winner out of this group. It is the most true to life and has great feel and size.

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The chipping mat was a great addition as it allows you to work on all aspects of your short game rather than just your putter, and especially if you have the room to work with it. There are others that have more training aids, but if you are looking for the best actual putting green, the Big Moss set itself apart from the competition.

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