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While men still play golf more than women in general, the fastest growing demographic in golf in terms of the number of people playing is girls under the age of 18.

The truth is, in terms of growth, it is not even close. That information was easy to find with a simple Google search, so that means that golf club manufacturers are well aware of this trend as well and it shows.

Golf clubs for women have similar technology to what you will see in men’s clubs and the options continue to grow.

I would recommend you checking out our recent article at Red Birdie Golf entitled “Best Women’s Golf Clubs in 2022” to see what options there are that are catered specifically to women golfers.

As you continue reading, we are going to focus on the biggest and probably most expensive club in your bag, the driver.

We will give you our choice for Best Golf Driver For Women along with a review and description of other drivers on the market right now.

Our Choices For Best Golf Driver For Women

Best Golf Driver For Women Reviewed

These are our top 6 drivers for women in 2023:

Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo

The Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo is perfect for the weekend warrior golfer. The ultra high launch angle makes it easy to get the ball off of the ground and it helps correct fades and slices.

It is a very easy club to swing and its lighter weight allows for a fast and controlled swing. The TurboCharged cup face is Cleveland’s answer to the 360 cup face and Flash Face technology, and it has added a ton of forgiveness and ball speed to the Launcher HB Turbo.

The oversized head looks great next to the ball and instills confidence with its size and looks. The deep weighted sole pad gives you a low center of gravity, high launch, low spin, and great feel and the counterbalanced shaft design was a great design change.

This counterbalanced shaft gives you great control and feel in your hands while also adding some clubhead speed. It has many of the features that you find in high end drivers but for a much better price.


  • A great driver for a great price..
  • Produces a very high launch which is helpful for slower swing speeds.
  • Very light and easy to swing.
  • Looks great at address.
  • Impressive performance to price ratio.
  • Offset at address helps to fix slices and fades.
  • The HiBore Crown is lighter in weight which helps position the weight lower in the club head.
  • A driver made specifically for higher handicap players and those with slower swing speeds. 
  • Very forgiving design.
  • Not as long as some other options, but the launch angle and forgiveness make it one of the best in this category.


  • Not as fast or as long as some other options.
  • The stock shaft is longer than most, while this adds some speed and distance, make sure to get fitted.

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Callaway Women’s Mavrik Max W

This is a great women’s club that was created using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and its Flash Face design.

It is as forgiving as any other club you will find on the market and it is really long and easy to hit as well. The precision weighting gives you a low center of gravity and excellent launch angle as well.

It has an adjustable hosel and adjustable weighting and it is so technologically advanced that players of all levels will see some benefit from the club.

It is also very aerodynamic which will raise your swing speed at least a couple of mph over other drivers. If you are looking for speed and forgiveness without a budget, the Mavrik Max is a great choice. It also comes with a really high quality grip along with a flex that is perfect for the women’s game. 


  • The AI developed flash face technology is ultra thin, very forgiving, and very fast.
  • The club is really lightweight which gives you more control and greater swing speeds.
  • The face architecture is as good as you will find on a driver.
  • Multiple loft options allows you to find the right fit for your game.
  • A high quality shaft with a flex that is made for the women’s game.
  • Cyclon aero shape is the latest in aerodynamic design for even more swing speed.
  • Did we mention that you will get as much distance out of this club as you will anywhere on the driver market.
  • The shaft and club head are both lightweight.


  • One of the most expensive options on the market. 

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TaylorMade SIM Max D Women’s 

One of the fastest, longest, and most aerodynamic drivers in the women’s game. The TaylorMade SIM Max D is set up and weighted with a draw bias and is one of the best looking drivers at address on the market.

The “V-shape” sole of the driver instills great confidence when you are standing over the ball and helps to weigh this driver for a very high launch. You get the Twist Face technology for extreme forgiveness and great length even on off center strikes

The TaylorMade “Speed Injection” technology also means that every driver produces borderline legal ball speed. The face is thin and hot, and on the cusp of being illegal it is to fast. With the women’s driver, you can get a higher lofted and club with more shaft flex to maximize swing speed, launch, and distance. Other than cost, there is not much negative to say about this club.


  • The “inertia generator” on this club adds weight for increased forgiveness and decreased drag on the down swing.
  • The sole is aerodynamically shaped and increases speed at the proper part of the swing.
  • The “Twist Face” technology decreases side spin and straightens out most mishits by using corrective face angles.
  • The weight is positioned low in the head to create a low center of gravity and a draw bias.
  • A 2-degree loft sleeve allows you to change the loft and lie according to your game and the conditions in which you are playing.
  • Produces a high launch.
  • Tested as the longest driver on this list.
  • Benefits both low and high handicappers.
  • TaylorMade has been at the forefront of driver design and technology for a long time.


  • One of the most expensive drivers on the list.

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Cobra Women’s King SpeedZone Xtreme

The Cobra Women’s King SpeedZone Xtreme was created to increase distance, forgiveness, and accuracy. It does this by creating as much “effortless” speed as possible. That means even if you are not swinging harder, the club is moving faster.

The result is a long and accurate driver with a huge sweet spot and high launch angle. Cobra moved as much weight as possible as low as possible to create the most efficient energy transfer from club to ball.

The MOI of the club is extremely high and it produces a very low spin rate both of which add to the forgiveness of this club.

Today’s players are looking for distance and forgiveness over everything else, and that is exactly how Cobra created this driver.


  • Produces good ball speed, especially for slower swing speeds.
  • One of the longer drivers on the market.
  • Has adjustable loft and lie angles.
  • A low spin driver adds accuracy and can help straighten out your shot.
  • A huge sweet spot.
  • The titanium speed chassis is light and strong which provides stability and allows the weight to be distributed lower on the club head.
  • The lower center of gravity promotes a higher launch and a more accurate shot.
  • The speed back shape creates an aerodynamic head leading to additional speed.


  • On the expensive side.
  • No adjustable weight.
  • Not as consistent as some of the higher priced women’s drivers.

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XXIO Eleven Ladies Driver

Effortless distance with a high launch and great forgiveness are the goals of the XXIO Eleven Ladies Driver. Featuring lightweight construction and high quality materials, the club is designed with features specific to the women’s game.

The “Star Frame” is in place to support an extremely thin sole which enables the weight to be redistributed for a high launch and great forgiveness. The cup face technology is really fast and gives you great ball speed even on off center strikes.

Similar to the Cleveland driver, it redistributes the weight of the club towards the hands to give you more control and power without any additional effort. All of this, and the club looks great at address and can be found in a couple of different color options as well.


  • A club developed specifically for the women’s game and it performs like it.
  • Very forgiving so that even off center shots go long and straight.
  • A very low spin rate which adds to accuracy and distance.
  • The weight of the club is increased in the hands/grip so that you get more control and more swing speed without exerting additional effort.
  • A very lightweight and high quality stock shaft.
  • One of the best looking women’s clubs on the market.
  • The Star Frame adds to ball speed and forgiveness.


  • This is the most expensive driver on the list. 
  • Not as long or forgiving as some of the other drivers.
  • This club would be much further up the list except for the price tag.

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Wilson Women’s Launch Pad

This Wilson Women’s Launch Pad driver has a goal of eliminating the dreaded slice, and many of its features are there to do just that.

There is a hosel offset, 13g of weight in the heel side of the club, and an upright lie angle to get you in the right position from the start.

All of these will help you fight against a slice and help you to make the most powerful shot in golf the draw.

They are also very lightweight and very fast which helps to create some additional ball speed and subsequent distance. It features VFT (Variable Face Technology) so that the thickness of the face is different in different areas and gives you added ball speed and forgiveness. All of this at a very reasonable price. 


  • Wilson’s most forgiving driver yet.
  • A really good driver for a really good price. 
  • Cures a slice as well as any other driver on the market.
  • A lot of speed and distance features.
  • VFT makes the club very forgiving and gives you great distance and accuracy even on off center shots.
  • Very lightweight and easy to control.
  • Help’s you hit one of golf’s most powerful shots…the draw.
  • The cup face technology produces great ball speed and distance.


  • More focused on curing the slice than providing extra distance.
  • Not as technologically advanced as other drivers on the list.

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What Features Should You Look For In a Driver For Women?


Speed and the distance produced by that speed is one of the most important features in the women’s driver market. In general, women have slower swing speeds than men so features that produce extra speed like more flex, higher launch, and more spring off the face are important features for a women’s driver.


Forgiveness allows you to swing harder knowing that even slightly off center hits will go long and straight. The more forgiving a driver is, the better it is for players looking for more distance and speed. Many forgiving drivers also have thinner and more flexible faces as well.


Cost is something that all of us look at when making a big purchase, and especially the cost:feature ratio. It is important to gauge whether you are paying for name or performance and if you are getting everything you should for the price you are paying. You also have to decide how important the game of golf is to you and what you are willing to spend to get better at it.


Launch is important because you want a high ball flight, but not so high that it takes away from your distance. The launch angle of a driver has to do with a lot more than the loft of the club.

The center of gravity is vital, the size of the sweet spot can affect the height of the ball, and whether or not you can adjust the loft for different courses and needs is important as well.

The slower your swing speed, the more important it is to have some loft on your club for control sake and to get a nice and penetrating ball flight.

How To Choose The Best Golf Driver For Women?

The first thing you have to do is decide what your strengths and weaknesses are with your driver. If you hit the ball long and straight, pick a driver that accentuates your length.

If you struggle to get the ball in the air, choose one with a higher loft and lower center of gravity. If your swing speed is slow to moderate, then there are a lot of good clubs that were built specifically for that type of swing.

Find a club with a flexible and light shaft for added distance and control, and find one that looks and feels like it should be in your bag.

Should I Purchase a Driver For Women?

Drivers that were created for women generally fit the stereotype of the women’s game like slower swing speeds, a desire for more loft, and a shorter shaft.

If these features fit your game and may improve the distance and accuracy of your drive, then you should definitely consider purchasing a driver for women.

On the other hand, if you hit the ball long and straight and do not need the features that traditionally help women golfers, then go out on your own and find the men’s driver that suits your game.

Final Thoughts on The Best Golf Driver For Women

Best Overall: Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo

The Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo is long, but it is not the longest. It is forgiving, but it is not the most forgiving. It produces a high launch, but other clubs send the ball higher.

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The Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo is our “best overall” because of how light and easy to swing it is. It provides an effortless distance and is ultra light for great control and added swing speed. It is also a really reasonably priced option. All of these things together make the Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo our favorite women’s driver.

Most Affordable: Wilson Women’s Launch Pad

Wilson continues to make great clubs at even better prices, and while the Women’s Launch pad still retails at nearly $300, the features and price together make it our most affordable option.

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