Sklz Gold Flex vs Orange Whip Review (2023 Update)

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The Sklz Gold Flex and Orange Whip swing training aids are two of the most popular golf accessories on the market. Both products are designed to help you with rhythm, balance, strength, and flexibility, but each product takes a slightly different approach to aid in your swing. The similarities of the products are obvious at first glance, but there are enough differences between the two to warrant a deeper look. The purpose of this review is to highlight the similarities and differences of these two swing training aids and help you figure out which one is best suited for your game.

SKLZ Gold Flex

If you are struggling with your tempo or your rhythm, the weighted head of the Gold Flex might be just what you need. Many golfers, especially young players and beginners, begin their downswing too quickly resulting in a rushed swing and a lack of rhythm. The weighted head of the Gold Flex forces golfers to wait at the top of their swing and even exaggerate their shoulder turn, both of which can help you find your rhythm and add to the flexibility of your swing. It also helps golfers develop a more consistent and efficient swing by building muscle memory and promoting a full range of motion. By using the Gold Flex regularly, golfers can improve their swing speed, power, and accuracy.


  • It helps with your swing tempo which can add to consistency, power, and a more athletic swing.
  • You can find it for a great price.
  • The added weight of the head is great for adding strength and flexibility to your swing.
  • It is easy to use, simply swing the club like normal and let the Sklz Flex Gold Flex do the rest.


  • It helps a lot with your driver and fairway woods, but does not do as much to help your iron play.
  • It does not actually fix your swing, if you have existing flaws in your swing, they will remain.


Orange Whip

Very similar in design to the Sklz Gold Flex, the Orange Whip is essentially a flexible shaft that has a weighted orange ball on one end and a counterweight on the other end. The Orange Whip is designed to simulate the feel of a golf club and to help golfers develop a smooth, rhythmic swing. The weighted ball and flexible shaft encourage a full range of motion and help golfers to stay connected throughout their swing. The counterweight on the other end of the shaft helps to balance the club and promotes a smooth transition between the backswing and downswing. It is one of the most popular and recognizable golf training tools on the market.


  • The Orange Whip is one of the original training aids, its longevity proves its effectiveness.
  • Great as a training aid, a strength aid, and for a quick warmup prior to a round.
  • Very easy to use and can be done so both inside and outside. 
  • Gives you immediate feedback and almost immediate results.


  • More expensive than the Sklz Gold Flex for a fairly similar product.
  • If your swing needs to be corrected, the Orange Whip will not do that.


Features Face To Face


The cost is one of the biggest differences between the two products. The Orange Whip is more than twice the cost of the Sklz Gold Flex. Because of the overall similarity of the product, the price difference is a major component of the comparison.

Shaft Flex

The Orange Whip and SKLZ Gold Flex carry a flexible shaft that trains you to generate lag for maximum clubhead speed. The flexible shaft cannot handle jerked movements and requires a smooth turn back and forth to remain on plane. In addition, it teaches you to clear your hips and follow through, preventing early release, a loss of power, and an inaccurate result. The Orange Whip more closely aligns with the shaft flex of a normal golf club while the Sklz Gold Flex has a more central flex that makes the tool feel weightier. The Orange Whip functions better as a rhythm/tempo trainer while the Sklz Gold Flex helps more with strength and flexibility.

Length Options

With 3 length options instead of 2, the Orange Whip is usable for more people with varying heights. The 2 offerings by Sklz Gold Flex include the 48” for people over 5’6 and the the 40” for people under 5’6. Orange Whip has a 47.5”, 43”, and a 38” offering for junior players. We would suggest testing the product out prior to purchase to see which length feels the most natural and would benefit you the most.


The ball of the Sklz Gold Flex is slightly heavier at 2.5 pounds compared to the 1.9 pounds of the Orange Whip. There is, however, a counterweight towards the handle of the Orange Whip that makes the overall product weight higher. Because the ball of the Sklz Gold Flex is heavier, the entier product feels heavier and the combination of that extra weight and less shaft flex really help with strength and flexibility.

Standout Features


The one clear difference is price. The Sklz Gold Flex seems to be the more popular choice based on customer reviews and feedback that you find online and that is predominantly due to the price difference. Golfers who do not do any research and just want to purchase a swing aid might notice that the Sklz is less than half the price of the Orange Whip and make their decision immediately. Cost is not the only feature, and I only list it first because many people will not get past the initial price difference. I believe it is important to look past cost and to make sure you are making the right decision for your swing and your golf game.

Shaft Flex

The flex of the Sklz Gold Flex is considerably less than that of the Orange Whip. The extra flex of the Orange Whip help make it a better tempo/rhythm training tool while the lower flex and higher weight help the Sklz Gold Flex to work on your strength and flexibility.

Final Thoughts on Sklz Gold Flex vs Orange Whip Review

While the Orange Whip and Sklz Gold Flex are both high in quality, the Orange Whip is actually a better tempo and rhythm aid while also helping with strength and flexibility. If you are looking for a training aid that can help get your body in tempo with your swing, then the Orange Whip is probably your best bet. If you are looking for something to work on your swing strength and flexibility then the Sklz Gold Flex is probably more what you are looking for. Do not go by price alone, but think about what you want in a swing trainer and decide which features are more for you.


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