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The Sunday Golf Dime Bag is a good golf valuables pouch and just a great addition to any golf outing, but is especially ideal as a companion to the Loma Bag by Sunday Golf.

The Loma Bag is one of the best Sunday bags on the market, which means it is a very minimalist bag for those golfers who want to carry 6-8 clubs either to the range or to walk a quick 9.

The problem is that, while the bag is great for clubs and a few balls and tees, most golfers will have to carry more than they want in their pockets to make sure they are covered on the course.

Items like a cell phone, GPS, pencils, sunglasses, wallet, etc. can all be completely protected in the Dime Bag and then connected to your golf bag so that it is always with you on the course.

There are a lot of possibilities out there for something simple to carry with you, but the Dime Bag is the perfect size, it is waterproof, and it connects perfectly to your Loma Bag (or any other golf bag you may use).

All you have to do is use the clip to connect it to your bag and you are on your way.

The bag is 6” by 8” with a camo design and outer mesh covering that looks great.

There are also 2 pockets inside so that you can separate your belongings well.

The zipper is waterproof and the inside of the bag has a smell proof pocket so that you can be sure your valuables are safe.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing


As far as a bag to carry your valuables on the golf course, the price of the Dime Bag is pretty close to any other you will find on the market. It also goes on sale at the Sunday Golf website fairly regularly.

If you do not like the idea of sticking your cell phone, wallet, GPS, and other valuables in the same bag as your golf equipment, you need an extra pouch like this one, and the cost is definitely not prohibitive.


It is easy to see and understand the usefulness of this type of product. When you are playing golf, you just do not want a ton of things in your pocket. It is uncomfortable, it weighs your pants down, and depending on what it is it can poke holes in your pockets.

The Dime Bag is perfect to fit a phone, a GPS, a wallet, and a few tees and pencils so you do not have to try and find those things in a huge golf bag pocket. The smell-proof pocket on the inside is great to carry a snack or to keep something for an energy boost halfway through the round.

If you have ever walked a course with a small stand bag, then you know the benefits of having a valuables bag to snap on.

Features and Benefits


The Dime Bag, at 6” x 8”, is designed to carry most cell phones, wallets, and small GPS devices. It is not so big that it gets in the way when it is snapped onto your golf bag, but it is not so small that you cannot fit everything that you need into it.

The inner, smell-proof pocket is a great place to protect your valuables without taking the entire inside of the bag up with a single pocket. You get the extra room provided by a flexible zipping apparatus as well.


The bag, by itself, weighs next to nothing. The mesh pocket, the lightweight material, and the even the waterproof material holds the weight down so that you can connect it to your golf bag without noticing much of a difference when carrying.

It is not so lightweight that it feels flimsy, but it provides the outer protection and strength that you need without bulking up your bag unnecessarily. 


The Dime Bag looks great. It has a camouflage design that is understated yet noticeable and it looks great with virtually any golf bag. The colors are neutral, but it is also sleek with a small profile for the amount of storage space you actually get.

It clips easily to your golf bag with a small plastic clip that is also understated and does not take away from the overall aesthetics of the device. 


Alternative Option

Titleist Zippered Valuables Golf Pouch

There are a few options out there for a “valuables bag” and one of the most popular is the leather Titelist golf pouch. There are some similarities between the Titleist pouch and the Dime Bag, but the biggest difference is how the Titleist bag is designed.

It includes a full leather outer with a single space (no pockets) on the inside. It is also considerably bigger at 13.5” x 8” which means it can both hold more but it is also considerably bulkier.

The leather is a heavier material and not as rugged as the camo poly of the Dime Bag. The Titleist looks great and holds more, but it is not as practical or lightweight as the Dime Bag.


  • The Titleist name is known for quality and innovation.
  • It looks great and the soft lining helps to protect your valuables.
  • The perfect size for a GPS, wallet, phone, etc.
  • Clips easily to any bag.
  • Leather is easily customizable and perfect for gifts or tournament swag.


  • A little bulkier than many golfers prefer.
  • Not as rugged in its design as the Dime Bag.

Final Advice

Pretty much every golfer would benefit from a valuables bag, and this is one of the best ones you will find. The combination of the waterproof outer, smell proof pocket, and ideal size (not too big and not too small) make it a no-brainer for any golfer. This is the type of accessory that many golfers do not think about, but after carrying it on the course a few times, you will understand why it is needed.


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