Sunday Golf: Loma Bag 2023 Review

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The Loma Bag slogan reads, “Carry Less. Enjoy More.” This is not only the slogan on their website, it also sums up the basic reason that “Sunday Golf” exists.

Sunday Golf Loma Bag Review

In the golf world, carts have become one of the most important aspects of a good club. Riding makes the round go faster, keeps the golfer less tired, and gives players a place to sit while waiting (an inevitability in the game of golf).

For a growing number of people, however, walking holds the key to the best golf experience possible.

When walking a course, you get exercise and you get to spend a little more time away from the rest of the world. You also get to know the course better and you get a better feel of the terrain and environment in which you are playing.

Just like golf clubs continue to focus on ease and fun at the expense of feel, the prevalence of golf carts in amateur golf forces many players to miss the way the game is supposed to feel.

Sunday Golf, and specifically the Loma Golf Bag, have given you a reason to walk again.

You cannot fit your entire set of golf clubs into the bag, but for most amateurs that is not that important.

You can choke down on a 6-iron rather than hitting a 7 or you can play with 2 wedges rather than 4 and get your set down to about 6 total clubs, and yes that does include the driver and putter

For professionals and scratch golfers, this bag will not hold enough of your clubs and so you may even want to consider adding a pouch as well

For most of us, however, we can get away with not having a full arsenal and know that we can perform just as well with 6 or 7 clubs.

The second half of the slogan reads, “When all you need is a few clubs.”

The bottom line is that this bag is so lightweight, portable, comfortable, and stands on its own that it can make a round of golf more enjoyable and less like work.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Sunday Golf Loma Bag



It is one of the more expensive “Sunday Bags” out there, but in this case you pay for quality and features. It is very small and very lightweight, but it has a stand system while maintaining a ridiculously low weight.

It is very durable and should last you a long time. At this price point, the bag has to set itself apart from other Sunday Bags, and the Loma does just that by making one of the lightest bags out there without forfeiting a stand system.

The Loma Bag is also one of the smaller profile bags you will see, and its size is another way Loma separated itself from the pack.


It is very important to know what you are getting when you purchase the Loma Golf Bag.

You are not getting a full-size stand bag that can carry every club in your current bag.

This bag is for golfers who play a couple of par-3 courses, who walk the course and want something lightweight (including fewer clubs), or who just want to work on a few clubs at the range from time-to-time rather than packing up their entire golf bag.

For occasional golfers, it is probably not all that useful. For golfers who like to walk, play often, and want a super lightweight bag, the Loma is a great choice.

Features and Benefits of The Loma Bag


It is one of the lightest bags with one of the smallest profiles out there. It does not even look like a golf bag when you first see it, more like a great place for an archer to keep his arrows. This, however, makes it the perfect bag for golfers who like to get in a quick range session, the occasional par-3 course, or who want to sneak in 18 holes on a Sunday as quickly as they can.


At less than 2 pounds you are not going to find a lighter bag. Even at this weight, you get full length club dividers, a couple of pockets, a place to keep a drink, and most importantly a stand system.

Stand System

This is one of the features that sets this bag apart. It is probably the lightest and smallest bag that you will find with a sturdy stand making it ideal for playing 18 or hitting a few clubs at the range. To keep the bag under 2 pounds and still have a stand is pretty amazing, and the quality of this bag is easy to see. 


It kind of looks like a throwback bag to some of the old golf movies that you watch on television, and as you know, vintage is “in” right now. You have 3 colors to choose from: heather, cobalt grey, and matte black.  

(We were lucky to get one of their Seafoam colors which is currently sold out)

Alternative Option


Ping Moonlite Golf Carry Bag

The Moonlite is Ping’s lightest bag and is a very popular option in the “carry bag” category. It easily holds 14 clubs, has 5 total pockets (including one for beverages), and comes in a variety of colors.

It has a great adjustable standing strap that allows you to lie your bag on the ground and pick it back up without even bending. It does not have a stand like the Loma, and it is not as small as the Loma, but it is very lightweight and straightforward. If you have to have all of your clubs to play a round, the Ping is probably for you, but if you can go with 7 or 8 clubs and be alright, the Loma is lighter, sturdier, and smaller so that it will make your walk a little more enjoyable. 

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  • At 2.5 pounds, it is light enough to carry around the course easily.
  • A 4-way top divider allows you to keep your clubs separated and easy to grab.
  • The shoulder straps are padded and you can carry it like a backpack or with a single strap. 
  • The standing strap does not fold over, so when you lie your bag on the ground, it is still sticking up and easy to reach without bending.
  • 5 total pockets.
  • The water resistant belly keeps your clubs dry even when it rains.


  • One of the more expensive options.
  • Lack of a stand makes it a problem for many golfers to use.
  • The lightweight material and fabric can wear and tear easily.
  • Does not have a stand.

What The “Intrawebs” Says About The Loma Bag

We scoured the internet to find customer reviews of this product, and most of the limited number of reviews we found were positive. Here are a couple that kind of sum up what the other reviews said:

Use the 2nd and 5th reviews from Amazon. It is a 5-star and 4-star review that give you a lot of positives of the bag along with a few of the negatives.

Final Thoughts On The Loma Bag By Sunday Golf

If you are looking for a small Sunday Bag and it is not necessary that every club in your arsenal fit in that bag…The Loma might just be the perfect extra bag for you.

If you spend a lot of time at the range working on 4 or 5 clubs at a time, the Loma is a great option. If you live on a golf course and sneak in 3 or 4 holes at night, the Loma is perfect. Sure it has its limitations, but the combination of size, quality, and stand make it one of the best options in this particular golf bag category.


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