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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Swing Analyzer in 2022, then we recommend the Zepp 2.

Everyone who has ever played and enjoyed the game of golf, at some time or another, has made the decision that they needed something to help them improve their swing. No matter a golfer’s level, improvements can always be made and consistency can always be improved. In the past, to get real feedback on your swing and tips for improving it, you had to hire a coach. With increases in technological capability and the decreasing cost of that technology, anyone can have real time feedback on their golf swing.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following golf swing analyzers:

The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the best golf swing analyzers out there and to discuss the pros and cons of each. If you are serious about your game, a swing analyzer is just one small step to take, but just seeing your own swing on video can help you immensely. Also, remember that it is very difficult to grade yourself and to make improvements on your own swing without someone else’s feedback.

Why purchase a golf swing analyzer?

A golf swing analyzer is a great tool that can help you improve your swing without the cost and inconvenience of hiring a swing coach. With a swing analyzer, you pay just one time and reap the benefits for years. You can also pick and choose your own schedule without being concerned with cancellations or other obligations. Your swing analyzer will not charge you for being late or missing a lesson.

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Maybe the best part of a swing analyzer is that you can really be yourself and work on the things that you want to work on. When you are with a coach, playing with friends, or in a competition, you pretty much play your normal game. When it is just you and the swing analyzer, you can work on the things that you like to do and improve the aspects of the game that most excite you. It is a way to be by yourself while also getting help on your game. This is a unique advantage to an electronic swing analyzer that can really help you to loosen up and improve your swing.

How to choose the best golf swing analyzer

All of the best golf swing analyzers have certain things standard, such as video recording capabilities, swing tempo monitors, swing speed analyzers, and the ability to read carry distance. Among some other simple functions, these particular features are vital. The key, however, to finding the best golf swing analyzer is to cater it to your own needs.

Aside from features, ease of use is probably the most important thing to look for in a swing analyzer. If you purchase something that is difficult to setup and use or is time consuming to get it working, you will probably not use that product over the long haul. This is probably the most important feature of a successful analyzer, so make sure this is a top priority for you in your decision making.

No matter if you need to increase your swing speed, stop your slice tendency, or get a high quality video of your backswing, make sure that your greatest area of need is a strength for the analyzer you purchase. Also, it is important to make sure that the “analyzer” actually has analyzing features. Some machines or apps that are called “swing analyzers” are nothing more than glorified GPS machines.

What sets one swing analyzer apart from others?

Some swing analyzers can be used throughout a real round of golf. They can take into account your swing, location, and lie and help you choose your club. Others produce very realistic 3D renderings of different positions throughout your swing. Some are just apps that you purchase for your phone so there is no additional technology needed.

When looking to purchase a swing analyzer, you should decide what the non-negotiables are in terms of features and then decide which features would be nice to have. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, compare different models and compare prices and you will be able to decide which one fits your needs the best.

How to use a golf swing analyzer?

A golf swing analyzer is not a replacement for lessons or a coach. A swing analyzer is a great addition to a training program, and it can even be a good start for a new player. The problem is that many golfers will not know what to do with the information provided by the analyzer. For instance, you may realize that your swing speed is not producing the distance that it should. At the same time, you may have no idea what to do about it. Or your analyzer may make it clear that your backswing is too fast or too short. The problem will be taking the advice and critique and turning it into results.

Even the greatest golfers struggle with their swing from time to time. This is why professional golfers use multiple coaches to help them reach their goals. Even if you purchase the greatest and most expensive analyzer on the market, there is a good chance that your scores will remain the same or even worsen. When you try to fix your own swing, even if you know the right problems to work on, you can actually mess yourself up both mentally and physically in the process. Your fix may actually worsen the issue or change the issue entirely. The bottom line is that a swing analyzer is a great addition to a training program but it is not the thing that will turn you into a scratch golfer.

Best Golf Swing Analyzers Reviewed

The following reviews are for a good variety of different swing analyzers that are currently on the market now. Remember that you can purchase an app for your phone or a separate piece of technology, but you will need something capable of taking video and giving tips. Read the following reviews and then choose your favorite.


The Arrcos is a full featured analyzer that accompanies you on every round of golf and every practice session.

It does everything from providing GPS location to helping you choose the right club for the situation you are in. It also has some training features, but these are secondary to the on course help that this product can provide.


  • Great help on and off the course as it provides instruction and training no matter where you are.
  • Gives detailed stats after each round of golf including telling you what your strengths and weaknesses were after each round.
  • Hands-free and easy to setup.
  • Integrates with a free app on Apple and Android after the purchase.
  • Install sensors on any clubs to get analytical readings.
  • Offers GPS and caddy like resources every round.


  • While it provides information on what to train for improvement, it does not provide training advice.
  • More of a “electronic caddy” than swing analyzer.
  • It does not video and breakdown your specific swing, but uses sensors instead.

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Game Golf Pro

The Game Golf Pro is another GPS stat tracking device that uses sensors connected to each of your clubs to give you data on each shot.

It is great on the course and allows you to keep accurate statistics of how each of your clubs perform, but it does very little in terms of helping you to improve your swing.


  • Accurate score tracking.
  • Keeps statistics of every shot that you take with every club so that you can learn things about your game and how it is improving over time.
  • Will give you accurate information about how far away bunkers, greens, etc. are on the course so that you can choose your club.


  • No visual aid.
  • Helps you to know how you are performing but not how to fix it.

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Zepp 2

The Zepp 2 is the first real golf swing analyzer on the list as it gives training tips and immediate swing evaluations.

The Zepp 2 features 3D renderings of your swing with features such as club head speed, swing plane, and backswing length embedded into the rendering.


  • A true swing analyzer that also gives tips and training advice to improve different aspects of your swing.
  • Produces a 3D rendering of your swing with embedded statistics like clubbed speed and swing plane angle.
  • Gives you immediate feedback through video.
  • Replay your swing in 360 degree from any angle.
  • The Zepp 2 gives you training advice based on your swing and other analytics.


  • The quality of the machine is questionable based on the plastic material used.
  • While great for beginners, advanced players will not learn as much about their swing.

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The Rapsodo is actually a simulator and analyzer in one. For the simulator, just attach the Rapsodo to each club and have either a phone, computer, tablet or television connected to see the results.

There is also a swing analyzer that works through video and through sensors to give you immediate feedback.


  • You get a golf simulator along with a swing analyzer.
  • You can play rounds of golf from your own living room…Depending on ceiling height.
  • It analyzes many different aspects of your swing.
  • If you have a net and practice ball, you can play a round of golf anywhere.


  • A better simulator than swing analyzer.
  • It is relatively expensive compared to other products which is ok if you are looking for a simulator and swing analyzer.
  • Requires up to date technology to show correctly.

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The Blast golf swing trainer is a swing analyzer and training device. Simply connect the Blast and place your phone or tablet in a good video taking position and you will have real time feedback on your golf swing.

The video is high quality and allows you to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.


  • A swing analyzer and trainer in one device.
  • The sensor attaches to the end of any of your clubs easily and tells you what to do differently to get the most out of your swing.
  • The video is high quality and easy to setup as long as you know how to use your phone camera.
  • You get swing and stroke metrics on every shot whether on the course or the driving range.
  • It is easy to use and to setup.


  • It is not as feature rich as some of the other products mentioned above.
  • The customer support and customer service of the company leave much to be desired.

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Izzo Swami Swing Camera

With the Izzo Swami Swing Camera you can record, analyze, and improve your golf swing on the course or from the comfort of your own home.

The Izzo Swami is exactly what it says it is, a camera. You simply set it up, record your swing, and then figure out how to make it better. You watch it yourself and then you also have the help of a swing analyzer app that comes with the purchase of the Izzo Swami. 


  • You do not have to learn any new technology, it is simply a camera.
  • Full HD 1080 recording.
  • 1 hour of continuous recording time.
  • Includes a bag mount and a carry case.


  • A high price point for the features.
  • Must know how to critique your own golf swing.

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Garmin Approach CT10

The Garmin Approach CT10 is a full set of 14 sensors that you can place on each of your clubs to get accurate readings on every swing with no work after setup.

Once installed, the sensors tracks every shot with every club and keeps score while you are playing a round. At the end of the round you can then analyze each swing and your overall results with the data collected.


  • You connect the sensors to each club and then you are finished. No additional work needed.
  • You can see how far you typically hit each club in your bag.
  • The stats from each club are pulled up on your Garmin watch every time you pull a club from the bag.
  • The analyzer changes as your game changes and puts more weight on recent play than on your past.


  • It is one of the more expensive swing analyzers.
  • There is no visual aid associated with the analyzer.
  • Need a Garmin watch to fully utilize the technology.

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Our Choice

The Zepp 2 is the clear winner from this list of the best golf swing analyzers. It is a true swing analyzer and gives real time feedback through video and 3D renderings along with training advice and coaching.

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While there are other products that offer features such as simulation and GPS, the Zepp 2 is the best pure swing analyzer listed above.


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