Best Golf Rain Gear in 2020

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Rain Gear in 2020, then we recommend the Under Armour Storm GoreTex.

**UPDATE FOR 2020** If you’re looking for the latest reviews of brand new products released in 2020, we’ll be updating this post as we do our research and should be finished by the summer.  Please make sure to check back then!

I remember heading out to the course with my Grandfather when it looked very much like it was going to rain us out and every single time he would say the same thing, “It never rains on the golf course.” I also remember getting rained out a few times and enjoying the time spent almost as much as I would have anyway.

The point is that it does rain on the golf course, and depending on where you live it may rain pretty often. When it does, one of two things can happen. You can either have a miserable day and be soaked to the bone, or you can purchase the best golf rain gear you can find and play dry and comfortably while others struggle. Good rain gear should be comfortable, provide good coverage, and keep you dry no matter the conditions.

In this article, we’re going to review the following rain gear:

How to Choose the Best Golf Rain Gear

The first thing to decide is if you are looking for a jacket or for a full rainproof ensemble. If you are planning on playing in harsh conditions where it is important to be shielded from the elements, then the latter is the choice. For most golfers, however, if conditions are bad enough to warrant a full body waterproof outfit, you will probably just skip that round anyway.

Next, it is important to define the terms associated with rain gear:

  • Waterproof: This is the most thorough designation and should be used only to describe gear that will keep your base layers completely dry no matter the circumstances.
  • Rainproof: While it is not as strong of a term as “waterproof” it should provide much stronger protection than a regular golf jacket with the possibility that your base layers will get “damp.”
  • Windproof: Unless otherwise noted has nothing to do with the ability to keep you dry. This is strictly describing a layer of gear that will spare you from heavy wind.

Once you decide on these first two things, you should move on to material, range of motion, and comfort. A material like Gore-Tex is going to be much more expensive but much higher quality than your normal blended fabric.

Before purchasing any piece of rain gear, take a practice swing in the dressing room. Whether it is a hat, a pair of pants, or a waterproof jacket, this practice swing will let you know whether or not your range of motion will be limited. It is not perfect, but if you can secure a golf club from somewhere else in the store, that would help as well.

For me, one of the most important aspects of rain gear is the comfort level. It can be made of the best material, allow for 100% range of motion, and be uncomfortable and I will look for something else. When you plan to be on a golf course for a few hours that day, you want to make sure that you are dry, but you want to make sure you are comfortable as well. Make sure it fits well, will not shrink, and will keep you comfortable for a few hours at a time.

How Should I Store it When Not in Use

The dilemma is that it could rain during almost any round of golf that you play so you want to make sure it is always with you. At the same time, you do not want to lug your rain gear around on a bright and sunny day or ruin it by keeping it in your golf bag all of the time.

The solution is to keep it in a dry place in your home, hanging up, but where it is easy to get to. When it is completely dry, fold it up and place it in the trunk of your car so that it is there when needed. This way, if the weather got really bad, you could head out to your car after the 9th hole, but you would also always have rain gear if the weather turned.

With that said, do not store it in your golf bag or trunk without letting it dry all of the way first. This is the quickest way to ruin your gear with mold or shrinking. Be smart when you store it, but also make sure it is accessible for use at any time.

Why Golf Specific Rain Gear Instead of Just a Rain Jacket

Golf specific rain gear takes into account the sport you are playing rather than just the gears’ ability to keep you dry. Most rain jackets found in department stores or even sporting goods stores are designed with style in mind. They keep you dry and they allow you to look nice for work or leisure activities. Most rain gear is designed to wear from the parking lot to your destination and not much else.

close up picture of red rain jacket zipper

Golf specific rain gear, on the other hand takes other things into consideration. The fact that you are going to swing a golf club between 75 and 150 times has to be the biggest consideration. Looking the part is also important. Being comfortable on the course while also keeping wind and rain out is a final piece of the puzzle. Golf specific rain gear makes specifications to take these things into account.

The last important “golf specific” feature that rain gear should have is breathability. The majority of golf rounds happen in warm climates during the spring and summer months. Oftentimes, it is too hot for pants and long sleeves even when it is raining. Golf specific rain gear is made to keep rain out while allowing the golfer to remain a comfortable temperature on the course. While this has to do with comfort, it has a lot more to do with trying to remain cool with a jacket on in the summer and this is not an easy feat.

Best Golf Rain Gear Reviewed

The following are reviews of some of the best rain gear on the market. From Gore-Tex to polyester to material combinations that are difficult to pronounce, this list takes a sampling of different companies and different approaches to rain gear and gives you the “Pros” and “Cons” of each. At the end there is a conclusion where we will choose the best rain gear of the five products listed.

Footjoy DryJoys Tour LTS

Footjoy has been in the golf industry for years and is a trusted name in accessories and shoes.

The Footjoy DryJoys Tour LTS is a great rain jacket that features top notch mobility and comfort in a heavier, warm jacket. It is a full zip jacket with waterproof zippers and two hand pockets that are zippable to keep water out.


  • Very comfortable jacket that provides great range of motion while protecting you from the cold, wind, and rain.
  • Very stretchable material.
  • A full zip closure with two zip hand pockets and one zip chest pocket.
  • Has a matching pair of rain pants as well.
  • Thermolite bonded liner insulates air and keeps you warm.
  • Because of the fabric used, the jacket is not bulky for a cold weather rain jacket.


  • One of the most expensive rain jacket on this list.
  • Made for cold weather applications so if you are in a warm environment you will not get a lot of wear out of this jacket.
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other options.

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Nike Hypershield

The Nike Hypershield is the top of the line Nike rain and wind golf jacket. It features full zip construction, including removable sleeves, while remaining waterproof and wind resistant.

The Hypershield is a great looking jacket that performs well both against the elements and in terms of maintaining your swing.


  • You can usually find this jacket at a good price if you look hard enough.
  • The material is stretchy so that you can purchase a jacket that both fits and gives you the range of motion that you need.
  • Matching pants are available.
  • Waterproof and wind resistant.
  • It is a lightweight jacket that performs well in cooler weather.
  • It looks nice and the Nike name is desirable.
  • Full zip construction makes it easy to take on and off.
  • The sleeves can zip off for use in warmer weather or for greater range of motion.
  • There is a mesh lining to improve breathability and ventilation.


  • If you cannot find it on sale it is a really expensive rain jacket.
  • It is made from a combination of materials which have not been tested for long term use. When you see that an item is made with Gore-Tex, you know that it will last.
  • There are a lot of zippers on this jacket.

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Under Armour Storm GoreTex

The Under Armour Storm Gore-Tex is light, breathable and waterproof which makes it the perfect golf rain jacket.

However, if you are in rainy and cold conditions, it may not be the jacket for you. The jacket looks like and performs very well on the course.


  • The lightest weight jacket on the list.
  • It provides great range of motion while being completely waterproof.
  • It is made of Gore-Tex.
  • You can find this for a great price if you look around a little.
  • The exterior is rugged and fights the elements while the interior is so soft and thin that you can forget you are even wearing a golf jacket.


  • Not great for cold weather.
  • It is not as sturdy if you do not store it well and protect it in between uses.

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Adidas Climaproof

The Adidas “Clima” line is one of the best and most trusted lines of climate resistant clothing and accessories on the market.

From shoes and socks to hats and shirts and everything in between, Adidas has done a great job of producing quality products to fight the elements. This rain jacket is another very good product in this line.


  • The overall least expensive jacket on the list.
  • Matching pants are available if needed.
  • Waterproof zippers and seams.
  • The hand pockets can be fully zipped for complete protection.
  • The material is stretchy and provides great range of motion.
  • Just choose the same jacket size that you wear in normal Adidas shirts and the jacket is sure to fit.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and comes from a well-known brand…It helps you look the part.
  • A very simple and rugged design that should last.


  • Not ideal for cold weather.
  • Not as breathable or as light as some of the other options.

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Sun Mountain Elite

The SunMountain Elite brand is not as well known as some of the other items on this list, but the quality is there.

The Elite golf jacket features waterproof and wind resistant material while maintaining a fairly light weight. It gives great range of motion and comfort while still protecting you from the elements.


  • Is one of the best on the list for colder environments.
  • Hand pockets are warm to help you between shots.
  • A new four way stretch gives you great range of motion in all directions and for every shot.
  • There is an additional waterproof chest pocket.
  • Water proof zippers.


  • One of the more expensive products and it is difficult to find on sale.
  • The outer material is loud and looks outdated compared to the other products.
  • Not many color options.

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Our Choice

The Under Armour Storm Gore-Tex jacket is the best golf rain jacket on the list. While it may not protect you from the cold as well as some of the others, it is waterproof and wind resistant.

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The most important thing is that it is lightweight and allows you to swing the club without worrying about your range of motion being affected or your swing compromised. On top of that, it is a nice looking jacket made by a great brand and you will at least look like a golfer even if you cannot hit like one.

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