Best Golf Shoes in 2023

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***If you’re looking for the most recent reviews for 2023 gear, we will be updating this page in the summer after we’ve had a chance to review them!

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Shoes in 2022, then we recommend the Adidas Code Chaos Sport (Spikeless) and the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro (Spiked).

To me, there are few things better than spending a day with family and friends playing golf or even practicing with them in your backyard. Having golf in my life is great because I can de-stress when I have some free time.Contrary to popular belief that golf is a lazy man’s sport, it actually requires a lot of walking and standing on your feet for several hours (depending on how many holes you’re playing).

According to an article published on “Harvard Health Publishing”, studies found that during a typical 18-hole round, a golfer may walk 4 miles, which is enough to count as exercise.Other researchers found that walking while playing golf can also be beneficial to your heart health.

For that reason alone, leave the golf cart behind, get your push cart, grab yourself the most comfortable golf shoes, and enjoy a round of golf.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following golf shoes:

Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spiked Golf Shoes

How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes

Starting out with a great pair of shoes is an important step since the last thing most people want is to end up hobbling off the course with blistered feet. I would even argue that having a great pair of shoes is the second most important piece of equipment next to buying the perfect clubs.

Some people may want their golf shoes to feature a good set of spikes for the best traction and stability, or some may go for looks and seek out a stylish pair of golf shoes while others may see waterproof as the most appealing feature. Then there are those who don’t care what they look like or how they perform as long as they are comfortable and easy to walk around in while navigating the course.

And, let’s not forget the most important factor in buying anything… price. If you’re like most people, many individuals don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on golf shoes, they just want to purchase the cheapest shoes available so they’re not slipping around the course.

There’s nothing more true for golf shoes than the saying “you get what you pay for”.  I view shoes as an investment in my comfort and I don’t want to spend money on something cheap that will end up breaking down quickly.  I prefer to pay a few more bucks and get a great pair of golf shoes that will look, feel, and play better all while lasting much longer. So, truth is, buying a more high quality item is usually your best choice.

This section will help you learn about what to look for when shopping for golf shoes and also give you insight into the top 5 spiked and spikeless golf shoes that are available on the market today since buying the right shoes can mean the difference between having a great day on the course and dreading that you even went out.

Things to Look For When Shopping for Golf Shoes

For you beginners out there, yes, there are shoes made specifically for the game of golf to help you enjoy walking around the golf course while swinging away on a par three, four, or five and lowering your handicap.

Golf shoe manufacturers have done a great deal of research and development to find out exactly what helps make your feet comfortable during long walks at the course to ensure you feel great and play your best.

Good golf shoes are essential for comfort during long games and may be equipped with special spikes, uppers, soles, laces, materials, water-resistant technology, or other tech.  Moreover, some golf shoes also come in the latest fashion styles and are available at affordable prices.

Fastening Methods: Alternatives to Traditional Laces

Most golf shoes still include the traditional shoelaces to secure them for a more snug fit. However, laces often come loose while walking around. Therefore, to solve this problem, some manufacturers have introduced proprietary or mechanical lacing systems that basically operate the same as ski-boots, only these lacing systems provide more consistent stability, by preventing your laces from loosening or even coming undone while playing.

Another good alternative to laces is velcro. Velcro is a great fastening method that also makes golf shoes look more casual and appealing.

Materials: Synthetic, Leather, etc.

Manufacturers have developed many new materials over the years for both the outsole and upper of golf shoes to ensure they are waterproof and have more stability and comfort.

One of the most popular choices for making golf shoes — and the more expensive as well — is leather as it is the most breathable. The leather is processed and added to the shoe’s exterior to create a tight-fitting, stretch-free, comfortable, waterproof shoe.

Using man-made upper synthetics is a cheaper alternative to leather as it is thinner and lighter. Nonporous polyester is spread over the shoe to protect its outer shell, but it doesn’t provide much breathability.

While some manufacturers have their own versions, Gore-Tex is the top material used for waterproof linings as it is substantially thicker and also breathable, making it extremely water-resistant and a great choice for winter play.

Spiked or spikeless

With the help of modern technology, traditionally spiked golf shoes have been upgraded. Now you can get lightweight and water-resistant golf shoes that deliver stability, traction, breathability, comfort, and style to help get your game on.

In addition, spiked shoes can help you swing better since they have a better grip and the upper is more stable. They are a great choice for wet conditions and playing hilly courses.

Spikeless golf shoes are usually flat-soled and lightweight with dimpled soles or rubber studs instead of standard golf spikes. However, they have less waterproofing, gripping, and stability, especially in long wet grass. Shoes that feel comfortable and have good stability are the best golf shoes to get.

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes Reviewed


FootJoy XJ Flex XP

FootJoy has developed and produced a golf shoe that is comfortable and stylish enough to wear every day. The grip on the bottom of the shoe assures that you will not slip during a shot, and the inner cushioning is second to none in the golf shoe market. 



  • They are comfortable the first time that you put them on.
  • They are stylish enough to wear as an everyday shoe.
  • The grip is terrific for a spikeless shoe.
  • A very breathable shoe in warmer weather.


  • They are not waterproof.
  • They are difficult to keep clean, especially the mesh upper.

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Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 GTX

The Ecco name is known for quality materials and a durable shoe and the Biom Hybrid 3 GTX is no different. The Gore Tex is breathable but also 100% waterproof which make it ideal for almost any condition. 




This is a comfortable and “athletic feeling” shoe that will keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the round.


  • Waterproof and breathable at the same time.
  • Unparalleled quality in material and workmanship.
  • TriFi grip on the outsole gives you stability and confidence over the ball no matter the lie.
  • Great for any weather and any climate.
  • Very cushioned heel and sole.


  • Not as stylish as some of the newer golf shoes on the market.
  • Somewhat narrow.

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Adidas Code Chaos Sport

Adidas has made its name by pushing boundaries in terms of style, comfort, and functionality. The Adidas Code Chaos Sport takes the idea of pushing boundaries to a new level in the golf shoe market and the result is great. 

The Code Chaos looks and feels like a running shoe but has the traction and grip of a golf shoe. 


  • One of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market.
  • Golf shoes inspired by the Adidas line of athletic shoes leads to increased style and functionality.
  • A lot of performance for a good price.
  • Full length “Boost” cushioning make these golf shoes feel like running shoes.
  • Waterproof with a 2 year waterproof warranty.


  • While stylish, they do not look like traditional golf shoes and this will be a turnoff for some.

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Nike Air Max 1 G

The Nike Air Max 1G is perfect for going from the course to the 19th hole without bringing a change of shoes. It looks and feels just like the original Air Max but the golf-specific features are there as well.

Nike is the top sporting goods provider and the Nike Air Max 1G shows the innovation of the company.


  • As comfortable as any shoe on the list.
  • A golf shoe with running shoe specs.
  • Stylish and breathable compared to other golf shoes.
  • They grip the turf with great traction and give you the confidence of always being surefooted. 
  • The mesh upper is breathable and stylish and makes these use great for warmer climates.


  • They have a narrower feel.
  • Not 100% waterproof.
  • Mesh upper makes them more difficult to clean.

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Puma Original G

The Puma Original G golf shoes are a throwback style to the Van’s and Chuck Taylor’s that have become popular again. They sit very low to the ground and have a very small profile and that is exactly why many people love them.

If you are a 120mph swinger, you probably want to stick with spikes, but for everyone else, these Pumas are stylish and functional.


  • A classic street style set to golf shoes.
  • The small profile is appealing to many.
  • Can be found at a great price.
  • Suede outer material is a little warm for certain climates.


  • Not as comfortable as the more athletic themed shoes.
  • More for style than for golf.

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New Balance Fresh Foam Links SL

The New Balance Fresh Foam Links SL are just as stylish as the New Balance 990s and just as comfortable out on the course. New Balance has always done a great job of offering different widths and more half sizes and the same holds true for their golf shoes.

On top of that, you cannot really beat the price or the color offerings especially in a waterproof shoe.


  • Great price for the features.
  • Waterproof.
  • Fresh foam insole uses the same technology as the New Balance running shoes.
  • The rubber soles provide great traction on the course but are just as good on the 19th hole.


  • The leather uppers are less breathable and a little warm for some climates.
  • They are not the classic golf shoe design that some golfers are looking for.

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Our Choice For The Best Spikeless Golf Shoe

Our choice for best spikeless golf shoe is the Adidas Code Chaos Sport. These shoes are stylish and functional while maintaining the Adidas level of quality. Some people will be turned off by the vivid colors and sporty look, but if you want something with a new style and supreme comfort, the Code Chaos delivers. The Boost technology that Adidas has become known for is extremely comfortable whether you’re on the course or out for a run.

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Best Spiked Golf Shoes Reviewed


FootJoy Tour X

FootJoy has been making golf shoes for a long time and they have always been at or near the top in terms of comfort and features. The Tour X is no different. You will see the FootJoy brand being worn by the top tour players and the local municipal course.

With the Tour X, FootJoy has taken the best features of their previous 3 spiked shoes and turned them into one feature-rich offering.


  • The 3D foam collar combines with the soft leather upper to make a comfortable and waterproof shoe.
  • Made for players who like to swing hard while still having stability.
  • The cushioning and bounce of the sole makes it hard to remember you are wearing spikes.
  • The 9 “launch pods” on the bottom give you confidence and stability no matter where you are standing or how wet the conditions might be.


  • Better in cooler climates.
  • A little on the expensive side.

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Under Armour Spieth 4 GTX

The Under Armour Spieth 4 GTX are built for 2 things; style and traction. Under Armour delivered on both. The new version of this shoe looks great on the course, and they were definitely developed to give you the best traction and stability as possible no matter your swing speed. 


  • A breathable, lightweight, and waterproof upper.
  • Very lightweight shoes.
  • Provide great support and cushion at the same time.
  • The style is great and they look like a technologically advanced shoe.
  • The traction is second to none, giving you the confidence that you will not slip no matter the conditions.


  • Have a narrow fit.
  • Are difficult to keep clean.
  • Not many style options for personalization.

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Adidas TOUR360 XT

Comfort and traction are 2 of the most important qualities of a golf shoe and both of those things are present in the Tour 360XT. Walking a course in these spikes gives you the same comfort as a high quality running shoe but with the added bonus of great stability and no fear of slipping.

To top it all off, these shoes have the trademark Adidas style.


  • They feel good right out of the box and they last a long time.
  • They are some of the most stylish shoes on the market.
  • They are like wearing a running shoe with traction and use the “Boost” technology that Adidas has made popular.
  • The torsion tunnel X midfoot forging technique promotes great stability.
  • The waterproof premium leather upper looks great and performs well.


  • More expensive than some of the other spikes on the list.
  • A little heavy.

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Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour

The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour features one of the most cushioned soles on the market. Walking the course in these shoes gives you almost a spring in your step to go along with the waterproof uppers and great traction.

On top of that, Nike continues to be one of the best footwear brands in the world and that does not seem to be changing any time soon.


  • Premium waterproof leather uppers.
  • A plush sockliner that offers increased cushioning.
  • React foam and Zoom cushioning on top of the plush sockliner make these some of the most comfortable soles on the market.
  • A hybrid outsole the uses the combination of spike and spikeless technology to add traction.
  • Waterproof and cool so that you can use them in almost any conditions.
  • Removable spikes.


  • A higher price tag than some on the list.
  • They run small.
  • Not as stylish as many of the other offerings.

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New Balance Fresh Foam Links Pro

New Balance has long been known for the quality of shoe that they produce along with the ability to choose different widths and increased half sizes for a perfect fit. This golf shoe is no exception.

It is a durable and waterproof shoe that is comfortable on the course while also providing the traction and stability that you need. It is a very cushioned sole with added stability in the forefoot.


  • A combination of waterproof mesh and microfiber leather allow for a breathable, comfortable, durable, and waterproof golf shoe.
  • The freshfoam midsole uses New Balance technology to give you a smooth and cushioned ride on the course.
  • 7 replaceable spikes that give you great traction.
  • The exoskeleton TPU outsole moves with your foot to give you golf centered natural motion throughout the shot.
  • Stylish New Balance design and multiple color options.
  • A good shoe at a good price.


  • Spikes are difficult to remove and install and can also be hard to find when you need a replacement.
  • Another shoe that runs small on many people.

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Ecco Biom G 3 BOA

The Ecco Biom G3 BOA golf cleats were designed for feel and comfort. They were built to withstand the natural swing of a golfer and to provide a combination of stability and agility depending on what is needed for golf.

They are waterproof, comfortable, and made for use in almost any condition or climate.


  • The orthalite foam insole provides ample cushioning.
  • Premium yak leather provides a combination of breathability and durability.
  • The goretex construction is waterproof and breathable as well.
  • The Biom natural motion technology brings the foot closer to the ground for more stability and feel on every shot.
  • The neoprene collar gives the shoes a glove-like fit.


  • Some of the most expensive shoes on the list.
  • Not as visually appealing as many others, and they offer very few style and color options.
  • Sits too close to the ground for some golfers.

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Our Choice for the Best Spiked Golf Shoe

Our top choice for golf spikes are the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro. They are very comfortable shoes that have all of the features that you want in a golf cleat.

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They are cushioned like a running shoe, stable like a trainer, and provide traction that you only find in a pair of spikes. On top of all of that they look great and you can find them at a good price.


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