Best Women’s Golf Clubs in 2023

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Women’s Golf Clubs in 2022, then here’s what we recommend:

While the majority of amateur golfers and weekend warriors are still men, the popularity of golf among women is growing at a very fast rate. With the popularity of the game growing, the popularity of women’s golf clubs is growing as well.

This article will review of some of the best women’s golf clubs in 2020 that will help you decide the best clubs for you.

We’re going to be reviewing the following women’s golf clubs:


Fairway Woods





While there are still more choices on the men’s side of golf equipment, women’s equipment has come a long way and new clubs are being created every year.  In addition, they’re also putting time and money into marketing and research and development.

Some manufacturers have gone all-in for the women’s game while others are lagging behind, but in general the choices out there rival what you can find on the men’s side.

How To Choose the Best Women’s Golf Clubs

The first step is to go to a pro shop or golf store and get fitted for your clubs. You will swing a couple of clubs where a simulator will measure swing speed, launch angle, and spin rate. These measurements will help you find the right clubs for your swing.

After the measurements are taken, they will ask you a few questions about your game. How long you have been playing, your handicap, etc. These questions will aid the club fitter in choosing the right features.

You will then be measured from different angles. For instance, how far it is from your wrists to the ground, how tall you are, and how long your arms are. Since the club fitter will already have the features and clubs picked out (with your input of course) these measurements will allow them to make your clubs the correct length.

In general, look for clubs that are lighter in weight and therefore easier to swing. For woods, make sure they are weighted heavily around the perimeter so that the launch angle will be higher. For irons, look for clubs that are easier to control and the promote faster club head speed.

What Are the Advantages of Women’s Golf Clubs?

In general, women’s clubs are lighter, shorter, and have higher lofts than comparable men’s clubs. They also generally have shafts with more flex with some club manufacturers even having a “Women’s Flex” designation. Most women’s clubs also look nicer and have a little more color added in, not that this helps performance, but it adds some flare on the course. The grip in many women’s clubs are also thinner and shorter in length. Women and men are different, and women’s clubs are designed and manufactured specifically for the women’s game. 

What Differentiates Women’s Clubs?

Club Head Size. Especially on drivers, but for irons as well, the club head size is an important feature. If you are an experienced golfer, you may want to purchase a set of blade irons, but for most golfers, the larger club heads are generally easier to hit, get the ball off of the turf more easily, and increase distance.

Weight. The weight of the club is a key determinant of distance. You want to save weight in areas like the grip and shaft so that you can add weight to the club head in areas that produce more launch or a draw bias. Generally speaking, the lighter the club is the more distance it can pack.

Length. The standard women’s club is designed for someone who stands 5 feet 7 inches tall while the standard men’s club is designed for someone who stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. Length is important for control. Longer clubs can add distance, but shorter clubs give you more control over your shots. Your length should be taken care of when you are fitted for your clubs, but you also have a say in whether you prefer you clubs to be slightly longer or shorter than they were fitted.

Loft. Your driver, fairway woods, and hybrids are most affected by loft, but every club has a specific loft associated with it. The higher the loft, in general, the higher the launch angle.

Shaft. You are looking for 2 things in your shaft: the weight and the flex. Lower shaft weights and higher flex usually adds to your distance regardless of club.

Grip. Your grip has to be comfortable and allow you to hold onto the club without it moving at impact. You also do not want to use too much weight in the grip because it adds to the overall swing weight of the club.

Aesthetics. In many women’s clubs, different colors and designs are used. While these aesthetic improvements do not add to the overall effectiveness of the club, they do make the clubs stand out and can increase the confidence of the player.

Why Not Use Men’s Clubs?

The truth is, any woman can use men’s clubs just like any man can use women’s clubs. There is no golf rule or law that states that all women have to use women’s clubs. Simply put, most women will benefit from the features and design that come standard in women’s clubs as opposed to men’s clubs. The biggest differences are in the length of the club, the size of the grip, the flex of the shaft, the material of the shaft, the length of the grip, and the weight of the club.

The truth is, men’s clubs would work just fine, and many men are looking for some of the features found in women’s clubs. If a set of men’s clubs is what fits your game, then any woman should make that purchase. However, the majority of women will find that the standard features and design of women’s clubs are exactly what they need for their game. The following article will review some of the best women’s golf clubs in 2020 and will help you decide which club is the best for your game.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs In 2022 Reviewed



TaylorMade SIM Max D Women’s

One of the fastest, longest, and most aerodynamic drivers in the women’s game. The TaylorMade SIM Max D is setup and weighted with a draw bias and is one of the best looking drivers at address on the market.

The “V-shape” sole of the driver instills great confidence when you are standing over the ball and helps to weigh this driver for a very high launch. Other than cost, there is not much negative to say about this club.

  • The “inertia generator” on this club adds weight for increased forgiveness and decreased drag on the down swing.
  • The sole is aerodynamically shaped and increases speed at the proper part of the swing.
  • The “Twist Face” technology decreases side spin and straightens out most mishits by using corrective face angles.
  • The weight is positioned low in the head to create a low center of gravity and a draw bias.
  • A 2-degree loft sleeve allows you to change the loft and lie according to your game and the conditions in which you are playing.
  • Produces a high launch.
  • Tested as the longest driver on this list.
  • Benefits both low and high handicappers.
  • TaylorMade has been at the forefront of driver design and technology for a long time.
  • The most expensive driver on the list.

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Cobra Women’s King SpeedZone Xtreme

The Cobra Women’s King SpeedZone Xtreme was created to increase distance, forgiveness, and accuracy. It does this by creating as much “effortless” speed as possible. That means even if you are not swinging harder, the club is moving faster.

The result is a long and accurate driver with a huge sweet spot and high launch angle. Cobra moved as much weight as possible as low as possible to create the most efficient energy transfer from club to ball. 

  • Produces good ball speed, especially for slower swing speeds.
  • One of the longer drivers on the market.
  • Has adjustable loft and lie angles.
  • A low spin driver adds accuracy and can help straighten out your shot.
  • A huge sweet spot.
  • The titanium speed chassis is light and strong which provides stability and allows the weight to be distributed lower on the club head.
  • The lower center of gravity promotes a higher launch and a more accurate shot.
  • The speed back shape creates an aerodynamic head leading to additional speed.
  • On the expensive side.
  • No adjustable weight.
  • Not as consistent as some of the higher priced women’s drivers.

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Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo

The Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo is perfect for the weekend warrior golfer. The ultra high launch angle makes it easy to get the ball off of the ground and it helps correct fades and slices.

It is a very easy club to swing and its lighter weight allows for a fast and controlled swing. It has many of the features that you find in high end drivers but for a much better price.

  • Easily the least expensive driver on this list.
  • Produces a very high launch which is helpful for slower swing speeds.
  • Very light and easy to swing.
  • Looks great at address.
  • Impressive performance to price ratio.
  • Offset at address helps to fix slices and fades.
  • The HiBore Crown is lighter in weight which helps position the weight lower in the club head.
  • A driver made specifically for higher handicap players and those with slower swing speeds. 
  • Not as fast or as long as the other 2 drivers.
  • Not adjustable.
  • The stock shaft is longer than most, make sure to get fitted.

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Fairway Woods

TaylorMade SIM Max Women’s

TaylorMade is still the king of driver and wood technology and the SIM Max Women’s fairway woods are a great club. They are some of the longest on the market with incredible forgiveness on mishits. While the sweet spot is huge, even if you miss it, your ball will still fly straight.

The V-sole technology interacts with the turf as well or better than other fairway woods and will help you to launch your shots higher than ever before. The truth is that the only real negative to this club is the price, and if you are purchasing more than one fairway wood, the price could be prohibitive.

  • These woods play off of the turf as well as they play off of the tee.
  • The “Twist Face” technology in the driver is available in the fairway woods as well. The face is angled so that even mishits go straight and far.
  • The “V-sole” is back and not only increases aerodynamics, but interacts with the turf as well or better than any other fairway wood on the market.
  • The face is made of C300 steel which provides firmness at impact and increased ball speeds and distance.
  • These fairway woods play very well off of the tee as well.
  • Comes in a 3, 5, 7, and 9 wood.
  • An ultra low center of gravity launches your shots higher than most fairway woods.
  • It is an expensive option, and since most women carry more than one fairway wood in their bag, the cost can be prohibitive. There are other options that, unless you are an elite player, will do well for less cost.

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Callaway Mavrik Max W

We cannot say enough about the AI technology that goes into many of Callaway’s golf clubs in 2020. These fairway woods use that same technology to create an extremely forgiving club that is long and easy to hit. The launch angle is high as well.

Just like the TaylorMade before, the only real negative to this club is the price point. If forgiveness is the most important feature you are looking for in a fairway wood, the Mavrik Max W should be a strong consideration.

  • One of the most forgiving fairway woods of 2020.
  • A very high launch angle.
  • Plays very well out of tough lies.
  • A simple design to look down on at address that instills confidence.
  • Increased ball speed and distance.
  • Options include a 3, 5, 7, Heavenwood, 9, and 11-wood, pretty much any fairway wood loft you could want.
  • A single fixed weight in the sole for improved balance and a lower center of gravity.
  • Adjustable weighting.
  • A great option off of the tee if your driver is not working that day. It is also easier to shape and more consistent than a driver.
  • Another expensive option, just as expensive as the TaylorMade SIM Max.
  • Some people may not like how big the oversized head is off of the turf.

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Cobra Women’s King SpeedZone Fairway Wood

The Cobra King SpeedZone fairway woods have been a popular choice in this category for years, and this year’s club does not disappoint. This club glides through the turf and makes great contact with the ball even in tough lies. The ball speed and distance is there and the CNC milled face is a great addition.


This club launches the ball at a great angle and the baffler rails that Cobra is known for continue to get better. The main problem is that Cobra is competing in a market where the technology continues to improve and these clubs have not kept up with the other 2 on the list even at a similar price point.

  • The Baffler sole rails provide great turf interaction.
  • Increased ball speed and distance from previous models.
  • The Baffler rails have been split and hollowed out from previous models which allows the club to be lighter and faster.
  • CNC milled face is very precise and accurate.
  • A low and deep center of gravity for higher launch.
  • The face is shallower than in year’s past with more weight in the back of the club. This produces a bigger sweet spot and more ball speed.
  • Adjustable hosel for adjustable loft.
  • Not much less expensive than the other clubs on this list.
  • Better off of the turf than the tee.
  • Produces higher spin rates.

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TaylorMade SIM Max Women’s Rescue

With many of the same features found on the SIM Max driver, this hybrid is very advanced, very long, and very forgiving. It also performs very well from tight lies and interacts with the turf as well as any club on the market.

Add to that a high launch angle and you have yourself a top of the line hybrid made by a top of the line company in TaylorMade.

  • A great club to hit out of tough lies.
  • The interaction with the turf is top notch as the V Steel technology used in TaylorMade’s woods is found here as well.
  • The distance on this hybrid is as good as any on the market.
  • The C300 steel is firm and produces a lot of ball speed.
  • The same Twist Face Technology available on the woods and driver is also found on this hybrid making it a very forgiving club.
  • 5 different lofts to choose from.
  • A strong ball flight and a very consistent result.
  • Driver technology in a hybrid that can replace your difficult to hit high low irons.
  • An expensive hybrid, almost the same price as the SIM Max fairway woods.
  • The previous TaylorMade hybrid, the M6, has many of the same features and look for a better price.

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Callaway Womens Mavrik Max W Lite Hybrid

Callaway’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology has created one of the longest and most forgiving hybrids in the women’s game. The club feel great at impact and the ball flight is high, straight, and penetrating.

There are many different loft/lie combinations to choose from and each one of them performs very well. Every detail of this club from the grip to the low center of gravity has been thought through for performance and forgiveness.

  • 5 different lofts to choose from.
  • You can customize the lie angle to your game.
  • Sounds and feels great at contact.
  • The AI design is extremely forgiving while maintaining maximum distance.
  • This club produces a high launch and penetrating ball flight.
  • The higher ball flight produces a soft landing even with the longer distances.
  • Great from virtually any spot on the course.
  • Every box is checked: easy launch, high flight, long carry, and a soft landing.
  • Basically the same high price point as the TaylorMade SIM Max.

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Cobra Women’s King SpeedZone Hybrid

The Cobra Women’s Kind SpeedZone Hybrid is fast and long with a very large sweet spot. Making the speed rails hollow increased the speed of the club while also allowing the center of gravity to go deeper and lower for an easier launch.

The baffler rails still interact with the turf very well and the thinner face provides greater distance than other Cobra hybrids. While it is not forgiving enough or long enough to compete with the other 2 hybrids on this list, if you can find it at the right price it is a high quality club.

  • The baffler rails are not hollow and lighter so that the club is faster and weighted lower. 
  • The lower center of gravity produces a higher ball flight without losing distance.
  • It looks great at set up and the pink is a nice touch.
  • The size of the club head is perfect, not too big and not too small.
  • The baffler rails help with turf interaction.
  • The sweet spot is larger as the face is thinner.
  • Produces an easy launch.
  • Again, only moderately less expensive than the other 2 clubs on the list so that price is still a negative for this hybrid.
  • No loft adjustability or customization.
  • Not as forgiving as the other hybrids.

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TaylorMade SIM Max Women’s Irons

The TaylorMade SIM Max Women’s Irons were designed so that players would no longer have to choose between distance and feel. These irons actually sound and feel more like a forged iron but with the length and forgiveness of a cavity back. While we are not saying it is a perfect marriage of feel and forgiveness, it comes as close as any irons to date.  

  • The ECHO damping system was created by sound engineers so that the clubs actually sound like forged irons.
  • This same system expands the entire face of the club, from toe to heel, and is what provides the “forged like” feel as well.
  • The thinner face does provide more forgiveness.
  • Each iron is engineered with progressive inverted cone technology so that every individual club is designed for optimal accuracy.
  • The speed bridge adds to the stability of the face and higher swing speeds.
  • The thru-slot speed pocket disconnects the lower portion of the face from the sole allowing for a free-floating face and greater distance.
  • A cavity back iron with the feel of a forged iron.
  • There were no gains in ball speed from the M5 irons.
  • On the expensive side of women’s irons.

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Callaway Mavrik Max W-L

Callaway’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology has created a set of irons with a face architecture unique to each specific club. This allows each club to produce the right amount of spin, increased ball speed, and a great launch angle.

The tungsten core allows each iron to have the right center of gravity for a perfect launch and ball flight and the feel of these clubs is similar to what you would find in a forged iron. The forgiveness and feel of these irons may be their best qualities and they produce some of the highest ball speeds on the market.

  • Slightly offset for players who struggle to square the head at impact.
  • Industry leading ball speed.
  • Flash face technology that you find on the Mavrik woods is now found on this iron set as well.
  • Each club has its own face architecture. 
  • Produce great spin rates.
  • These clubs are lightweight and very easy to hit.
  • The center of gravity is in the perfect spot for a high and easy launch.
  • Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres absorb unwanted vibration and provide top notch feel.
  • Sound great for a game improvement iron.
  • This is an expensive set of irons.
  • The Max iron set have oversized club heads which may be too big for some players.

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Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo Irons

These clubs are made to be easy to hit and to launch at a higher trajectory than most iron sets. Cleveland states that they put “hybrid technology” into all of the irons in this set for enhanced forgiveness, distance, and launch. This is a great player improvement iron and will allow players to get the most out of their swing. 

  • Significantly lower price than the other 2 options.
  • The turbocharged steel face is thinner and hotter for high ball speeds and increased distance. 
  • The fully hollow construction make it one of the most forgiving irons out there.
  • The HiBore Crown features deep and low weighting for a center of gravity that makes it an easy hitting club with an exceptionally high ball flight.
  • The progressive shaping moves from “hybrid-like” long irons to “iron-like” short irons.
  • The Cleveland wedge is still one of the best clubs on the market.
  • A slight offset helps players with a slice tendency.
  • Lower ball speeds are not as good around the greens but are much easier to control. 
  • Wedges and high irons in the set have a progressively higher spin rate and great feel around the greens.
  • Made specifically as a game improvement iron.
  • Will not play as well for elite players.
  • Does not provide the same feel and feedback as the more expensive irons.

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Callaway Women’s JAWS MD5

The Callaway Women’s JAWS MD5 are some of the best wedges on the market at creating backspin on longer pitches and full swing shots. The blue grip and blue ports behind the club look great in the bag and the club inspires confidence at address.

These are the new take on the “Mack Daddy” wedges of the past and they live up to that name. You can stand over the ball with the confidence that you can make a pitch stop on a dime and a full shot will land as softly as any wedge out there.

  • Incredibly soft feel around the green.
  • Some of the highest spin rates and they are easily controllable.
  • The “W” sole grind features 12-degrees of bounce on all women’s wedges.
  • Some of the best looking clubs on the market.
  • Progressive head design means that the higher lofted wedges have a traditional design and the lower lofted wedges are more compact.
  • Very forgiving wedges.
  • The platinum chrome and tour grey colors are both striking along with the blue grips and ports behind the club.
  • The “W” grind provides a wider center and toe area. 
  • They are expensive for women’s wedges.
  • Designed more for elite and experienced players to get the most out of the features.
  • Perform better around the green than on full and half swing shots.

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Cleveland Women’s CBX2

Cleveland wedges have long been some of the best on the market, and the CBX 2 women’s wedges do not disappoint. It is a very forgiving and versatile wedge that performs exceptionally around the green and just as well from 70 yards out. The hollow design accompanied by the heavy weight in the toe increases MOI while the perimeter weighting enhances forgiveness.

The gelback insert decreases vibration and increases feel. The zip grooves and precision milling provide a great spin rate to stop the ball on a dime. These are some of the best all-around wedges on the market and will perform as well around the green as they will from 75 yards away.

  • Moderately priced for a high quality wedge.
  • 8 different lofts from which to choose.
  • Great spin rate around the green.
  • Just as good with a full swing as it is in the short game.
  • A very forgiving club that can make a good shot out of a mishit.
  • One of the best all around wedges on the market.
  • Good for elite players as well as high handicappers.
  • Easier to hit than a bladed wedge but with almost the same feel and spin.
  • Great shape and look at address.
  • One of the easiest wedges on the market to hit.
  • A little chunky for some players.
  • Only 3 grind options.
  • Some players prefer blades for their wedges regardless of performance.

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Cleveland Women’s Smart Sole 4

The Smart Sole 4 provides players with 3 options: the Chipper (C), the Sand Wedge (S), and the Gap Wedge (G). While these may not be the best all-around wedges, they have their place especially for players who struggle with their short game. Cleveland states that the Smart Sole wedges “Make the short game easier.” That is the goal of this club to help players with one of the most difficult aspects of the game of golf, the short game.

If you use these wedges, you will still want to purchase a traditional pitching wedge and probably a lob wedge as well. You can stand over these clubs knowing that your chances of a major mishit are much slimmer and that these clubs will help you reach the green in fewer strokes.

  • Very forgiving.
  • The Chipper is a wide soled club that is best for the bump and run shots that are more common for higher handicap players.
  • The three-tiered soles of these clubs make them thicker at address but also more forgiving and easier to make good contact with the ball.
  • The center of gravity is pushed to the center of the club head for increased feel and balance.
  • Great out of the bunker.
  • Very easy to swing and high “playability.” 
  • Milled grooves provide a lot of spin in the short game.
  • Each of the 3 clubs performs a very specific purpose and takes some of the guesswork out of club choice.
  • A polarizing club that many golfers just do not like but others love.
  • Not as good for approach shots.
  • The feel and consistency of the other clubs is not as present in these.

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Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven Women’s Putter

The Odyssey line of putters has stayed at the forefront of technology for many years and the brand continues to improve. The White Hot microhinge face insert combines the legendary feel of the White Hot face with dozens of microhinges that promote top spin for accurate distance and a true roll.

This putter saves 40 grams of weight in the shaft and redistributes it to both the grip and head of the putter for improved tempo and consistency. The stroke lab 7 putter for women is a great all around putter that has great feel, distance control, and a high MOI so that the ball rolls straight and true every time. 

  • Very easy to align.
  • Inspires confidence standing over the ball.
  • The 3 dots on the topline look great when lining up your shot.
  • The White Hot face provides incredible feel.
  • The new microhinge technology is visible and confidence-inspiring. It provides top spin at impact which helps with distance control and roll.
  • A “tip heavy” shaft that promotes balance and consistency.
  • Very high MOI.
  • A mallet putter that is face balanced for increased feel.
  • The silver and blue finish looks as high tech and professional as the club performs.
  • It is a more expensive putter.
  • A very big club head will not appeal to all golfers.

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XXIO Eleven Women’s Mallet Putter

This putter offers the best in accuracy and forgiveness on the green. The mallet putter has a great shape and looks good at set up, inspiring confidence in alignment and aim. The design is simple and the goal is to provide the highest MOI possible with the best aim possible.

The feel and distance control are not as high as some of the other mallet options, but this club was designed for elite golfer and low handicappers who are more interested in MOI and forgiveness than anything else. The heel and toe weighting bring the center of gravity close to the center which helps with feel while balancing the club well for consistency.

  • Precision milled from a single billet of high quality stainless steel. 
  • The precision milling and weighting of the club provide a lot of feel for a mallet putter.
  • The club is weighted well for balance and for good consistency and forgiveness.
  • An extremely easy to hit putter that inspires confidence from setup through impact.
  • On the smaller side for a mallet putter.
  • Easy to aim and align. 
  • The grip is comfortable and soft while at the same time thick enough to provide stability.
  • Tungsten weight in the toe and heel for a more central center of gravity.
  • Easily the most expensive putter on this list, the cost is prohibitive for many golfers.
  • Not as much feel as a blade or the Callaway mallet putter above.
  • Though the head is small for a mallet putter, it is still too large for many golfers who are used to blade putters.

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Wilson Staff Women’s Bean Infinite Putter

The Wilson Staff Women’s Bean Infinite Putter is a mallet putter that has a high MOI and great alignment aids. Even with the oversized head, the putter has good feel and good balance. The double milled faced provides adequate distance control and a true roll while decreasing the number of mishits. Wilson has moved the balance point closer to the hands and the center of gravity closer to the center of the club head to promote increased feel and a smoother stroke.

The thicker grip increased the tip weight and also provides good stability for the club. Coming in at a great price, this putter has some high end features and would be a good addition to the bag of a beginner or high handicapper.

  • Easily the least expensive option but maintains great features.
  • High MOI because of the size and shape of the head.
  • The oversize design feels good in your hands and will help aid in alignment and aim.
  • The double milled face promotes consistent impact, roll, and distance control and helps to give the putter great feel even with an oversized head.
  • The balance point is closer to the hands for increased control and a smoother stroke. 
  • The center of gravity is close to the middle of the club head for increased feel without decreasing MOI.
  • A dark anti-glare finish that contrasts nicely with the ball and looks great at address and in the bag.
  • An oversized grip for stable feel and decreased twisting.
  • The dark finish also increases alignability and accentuates the straight lines on the top of the club.
  • A game improvement putter that elite players will not find as appealing.
  • While it has great feel for a mallet putter, it does not match what you can find in a blade.
  • Too large of a head for some golfers.

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Our Choice For Best Women’s Golf Clubs in 2022


Best Driver For Women

The Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Driver is our pick for best women’s driver in 2020. It is not quite as long as the other 2 on the list, but the higher launch and the fact that it was designed for slower swing speeds and average players means it will fit the majority of golfers. Cleveland continues to impress with their club design, and this driver does not disappoint.

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It is a very forgiving driver with good distance, a great launch, and it looks good on the tee box. On top of that, it is one of the most accurate drivers in the women’s market and will help make sure you hit more fairways every round.

Best Fairway Woods For Women

In terms of quality, it was very difficult to choose between the TaylorMade SIM Max and the Callaway Mavrik Max W. In the end we went with the Callaway Mavrik Max W because of the incredible forgiveness of the Flash Face technology. This AI created club will turn mishits into good shots and good strikes into great ones. The high launch angle and increased ball speed make this perfect for any skill level and any swing speed.

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It is an expensive club, but the technology is there and it will improve your long game almost instantly. These clubs are also great from the tee if your driver is not working. The AI technology has created some great clubs for Callaway over the past couple of years, and the Mavrik Max W is one of its better creations.

Best Hybrids For Women

The technology for the hybrids are so similar to that of the fairway woods that the same results are probable. With that said, the Callaway Women’s Mavrik Max W lite hybrid is our choice for best women’s hybrid. The club is light for great control and distance while also extremely forgiving as long as you make decent contact.

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This is also an easy club to hit and an easy club to get off of the ground. It has many game improvement qualities that would make it great for high handicappers, but it is also long and easy to shape so that it is equally good for elite players. Similar to the fairway woods, the only real downside is the price, so it depends on your budget and how many hybrids you plan to carry as to how realistic this club is for purchase.

Best Irons For Women

The Callaway and TaylorMade clubs are better for better players, but our choice for the overall winner for best irons for women is the Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo Irons. They are just so long and so forgiving that really anyone could find some great scores out on the course. They are a game improvement iron, and as such appeal more to higher handicap players, but the majority of golfers will gain distance and forgiveness and that is what most of us are looking for in a club.

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On top of that, a Cleveland wedge is still a thing of beauty, and the fact that at least 2 of your clubs and as many as 4 will be wedges, that makes this set even more desirable. Even if your swing is slower or you struggle to get the ball off of the ground, the Cleveland Launchers are a great club that will have you playing some of your best golf.

Best Wedges For Women

Our choice for best wedges for women are the Cleveland Women’s CBX 2. They are good all around wedges that provide great spin around the green and a lot of feel and forgiveness for full and ¾ swings as well. Cleveland has been making great wedges for a long time and the CBX 2 come at a great price and will work for all skill levels.

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There are 8 lofts to choose from so you can customize your wedges to fill in the gaps of your irons. These wedges have the forgiveness of a cavity back with the feel and spin of a blade and you will feel and notice the quality the first time you step on the course.

Best Putter For Women

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven Women’s Putter is our choice for best women’s putter of 2020. It has a high MOI and is easy to align like most mallet putters but with great feel and weighting. While it does not look like a blade at setup, it does perform more like one than most mallet putters. The knock on the mallet design is that you sacrifice feel and distance control for consistency and alignment.

With the White Hot face insert and more centralized center of gravity, you really get the best of both worlds with the Odyssey. While some players will only putt with a blade, this club is about as close as you come to having the benefits of both. Many top professionals are moving to the mallet style, and if you try this club out on the course one time, you will begin to understand why.

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