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For a long time blade putters have been the choice of professionals and amateurs alike. In recent years, however, mallet putters have begun to make their presence felt with many pros and amateur players alike. 

In fact, according to, of the top-50 PGA players in terms of “strokes gained in putting” so far in 2020, 30 of them use mallet putters while only 20 still use blades. Mallets are more forgiving, have a higher MOI, usually get the ball rolling more quickly, and are generally easier to align. 

Blade putters, on the other hand, traditionally have a softer feel and are better for players with “arc” strokes rather than the straight-forward, straight-through stroke that mallets tend to force.

A toe hang mallet putter combines the benefits of a mallet putter, but with similar weighting to that of a blade. This means that players with a straight stroke and players with an arc stroke can both benefit from the features of a mallet putter. 

As you continue reading, you will find a review and description of the best toe hang mallet putters on the market. 

If you are used to the weighting of a blade putter and have more of an arced putting stroke, but are struggling with your putting game, then a toe hang mallet putter might just be what you have been looking for. 

Best Toe Hang Mallet Putter In 2022 Reviewed


Scotty Cameron X 12.5

We love the look and feel of this putter. Standing over a putt, you have great confidence in the alignment, speed, and roll that the Phantom X 12.5 can produce. The Scotty Cameron name has been synonymous with quality and innovation for a long time, and this toe hang mallet putter is as good as there is out there. The MOI of this putter is ridiculous, you can tell that just by looking at the size of the club head. But as bulky as it is, it does not feel overly heavy in your hands, but feels natural with great sight lines. The mid-bend shaft adds to how it looks over the ball, and the airplane grade aluminum in the face gives you a soft feel even for a large putter.

When you strike the ball, the end over end movement starts almost immediately and you can see the true and straight roll that this putter provides. On top of that, it is one of the easiest clubs to align on the market. The stainless steel in the perimeter wings both adds a little weight but more importantly aids in the alignment. The sweet spot on the club is pretty much the entire face so that you can combine high MOI for no twisting, a lot of forgiveness so that mishits are few and far between, and great distance control and feel. That combination is tough to beat. 


  • Really high MOI.
  • A very large hitting area on the club face and basically all of it is the sweet spot.
  • The perimeter wings add to the perimeter weighting and large sweet spot.
  • Those same perimeter wings make alignment a breeze.
  • You get the benefits of a blade putter, soft feel and weighting for an arced stroke, but with the forgiveness and alignment aids of a mallet.
  • The grip has a less-tapered right hand area to promote balance and consistency.
  • Very consistent ball speed.
  • Gets the ball rolling end over end very quickly.
  • Airplane grade aluminum on the face is consistent, forgiving, and produces a soft feel.
  • A Scotty Cameron designed putter.


  • One of the more expensive options.
  • Not a traditional Scotty Cameron design if that is what you are looking for.
  • May be too big even for players looking to move to a mallet.

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Sik Flo

Sik is one of the up-and-comers in the world of putters, and the Sik Flo is one of their best offerings to date. One of the reasons that many putters lack consistency is because the ball starts out by skidding across the green initially before settling into a roll. It is a lot easier to know what a ball is going to do when it is rolling than when it is skidding, so the faster you can get the ball going end over end, the better.

With descended loft technology, toe hang design, and a huge MOI, these putters do just that and they do it consistently. The “X” shaped flange provides great sight angles and alignment aid and the center of gravity is very low and stretched out across the width of the club. On top of that, the precise horizontal grooves across the face give you that soft feel that is usually reserved for a blade putter with all of the advantages of a mallet. 


  • The ball gets to its roll at least as quickly as any other putter on the market.
  • Really good distance control and consistency.
  • The “X” shaped flange is different but also visually pleasing at setup.
  • Descended loft technology combines 4 lofts into one face which gets the ball rolling quickly rather than skidding across the turf.
  • Soft feel for such a large putter.
  • Very unorthodox look that is at the same time simple and clean.
  • Alignment is very easy.
  • The finely milled grooves are soft and provide consistent roll.
  • Great weighting for an arc shape putt and controllability. 
  • Very low and stretched out center of gravity.


  • On the expensive side.
  • Does not offer enough feedback to know how well you struck the ball or where on the face you hit.
  • The head shape may be too different for some.

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Cleveland Frontline Elevado

If you have not yet noticed, we are big into the mallet putters with wings, and the Frontline Elevado by Cleveland is another mallet putter with that feature. The term “frontline” refers to the fact that, contrary to the design of most other mallet putters, Cleveland has concentrated the weight and center of gravity toward the front of the club. They believed that the traditional high MOI clubs that focused the weight away from the face so that mishits would roll with about the same ball speed as center hits is wrong.

Instead, if you focus the weight and center of gravity toward the face of the club then you get straighter mishits but they lose speed more quickly. So Cleveland used what they call Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT) to maintain the speed and weighting toward the front of the club to maintain accuracy. The result should be that mishits travel with more consistent speed and on a more consistent line. 


  • A really good putter for a really good price.
  • SOFT technology maintains speed on mishits even if the club is heavily front weighted.
  • The center of gravity is moved very far forward rather than back because they believe that the angles that mishits cause will be lessened when the center of gravity is closer to the face.
  • The results have been highly successful.
  • The face produces a very soft feel for a mallet.
  • Alignment is made easier with the winged sides.
  • Designed more for straight through putters.
  • Revolutionary design and technology.


  • Is there a market for a mallet putter with low MOI?
  • Feels a little different than any other putter we have used.

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Scotty Cameron Select Fastback 1.5

This club looks and feels like a Scotty Cameron putter, and that is a good thing. The design is tight and very pleasing and the mid mallet shape is appealing to a lot of players. It maintains the high MOI but without the huge, bulky clubhead that many golfers just cannot adjust to.

The sightlines are great, and the alignment aids and red circles on the back of the club give you the confidence that you are starting your putt on the right line. The Select Flashback 1.5 gives you the best of what a mallet has to offer but with the soft feel and weighting of a blade. The milled face is huge and the sweet spot is huge as well. The combination of feel and forgiveness on this putter is difficult to beat. 


  • A smaller club head but with high MOI.
  • The milled face provides really soft feel and a really big sweet spot.
  • The neck has a slight bend which gives it a little offset and it looks great on the ground and works well for alignment.
  • Even though the club head is smaller than many other mallets, it offers very good alignment tools.
  • The smaller profile head will appeal to many golfers.
  • The Soft Tri-Sole design gives the club incredibly soft feel with great stability even with a thinner topline.
  • The thinner topline is great for your sightlines. 


  • Does not aid in alignment as much as other clubs on this list.
  • While some like the smaller profile, being a more “in between” type club means that you do not get the top line features of either design.
  • An expensive option.

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Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 S

Another winged mallet putter with high MOI, the Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 S screams quality and pride of workmanship. The Bettinardi name is known for their high end putters and the Inovai 6.0 S is great. The re-engineered Inovai putter was created to bring great, soft feel and performance with the high MOI and forgiveness that previous Bettinardi putters were known for. The milling technology is a Bettinardi constant and the face of these putters are extremely soft and have a huge sweet spot.

The wings and the contours of the club aid in alignment while the high MOI ensures that mishits travel close to the same distance as center shots. It is also a really nice looking club with the blue wings and platinum finish. When you come alignment aids, high MOI, forgiveness, soft feel, and good distance control then you are working with a high end putter, and that is exactly what the Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 S is.


  • A high MOI putter with a new focus on feel and forgiveness so that you get the best of what is out there.
  • The platinum finish, stainless steel face, and  aluminum body with blue for a two-toned look make this one of the more visually appealing clubs on the market.
  • The cobalt blue looks great and provides some contrast.
  • Great distance control.
  • The precision milling is great for feel and roll.
  • The ball starts the end over end motion very quickly.
  • Very consistent distance and accuracy.


  • An expensive option.
  • The larger head may not be for everyone.
  • Bettinardi brand not as well known outside of golfing circles.

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Wilson Staff Infinite The L

A really good product at a really good price. Wilson has a huge niche in the golf equipment world, and The L Staff infinite fits right in. People will love the big club head, huge sweetspot, and high MOI of this club. For a larger mallet putter, The “L” has great distance control and really soft feel.

One of the things that sets this putter apart is the double milling on the face of the putter. This gives the putter great consistency at impact, gets the ball rolling quickly, and provides really good distance control. It is also weighted towards the tips of the shaft for greater control and a more natural stroke.


  • Double milled face adds feel and consistency to the putter.
  • Very good distance control.
  • The weighting towards the grip of the shaft add control and feel to the putter.
  • A very high MOI and a large sweet spot make this one of the more forgiving putters on the market.
  • The dark finish reduces glare and provides some contrast during alignment.
  • Good alignment aids and a large clubhead help you get the ball started on the right line.
  • Really good feel for a mallet putter.
  • A great price for a good putter.


  • Not as technologically advanced as some of the other options.
  • A bulkier club head without the same MOI as other putters on the list.
  • Does not look as good at setup or give the same sight lines.

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What Is a Toe Hang Putter?


This picture from Golf Monthly website illustrates the difference between a toe hand and a face balanced putter. A lot of people think that mallets are face balanced putters and blades are not, but there has been a rush of toe hang mallet putters to hit the market over the last few years. 

In the picture, you notice that a toe hang putter will balance to the side while a face weighted putter balances straight up and down. Putting strokes that feature a straight back, straight through approach generally need a face balanced putter to excel. 

On the other hand, if your putting stroke is more of an arc shape, then you need a toe hang putter. For a while, every golfer whose putting stroke made an arc used a blade and every other putting stroke used a mallet. 

At some point, club manufacturers made the realization that the forgiveness, MOI, alignment, and huge sweet spot that mallet putters offered were appealing to most golfers. 

Blade putters, at the time, were so much more popular that many golfers had already developed an arced swing, but those same players began to desire the features reserved for a mallet.

The above putters are all toe hang mallet putters, and they are perfect for players who have used a blade all of their life but are struggling on the green. They are also great for new players who naturally have an arced putting stroke but need the forgiveness and alignment aid that mallets offer. 

Many of today’s mallets even feature the soft feel that blade users have always wanted but thought they could not find in a mallet. There has been a lot of movement away from blades in favor of mallet putters, and that is in no small part to the high quality toe hang mallet putters on the market today. 

Who Should Buy a Toe Hang Mallet Putter?

You should buy a toe hang mallet putter if you have been using a blade for years and it is just not working. 

You should purchase a toe hang mallet putter if you are just starting out and want to start with a putter with great forgiveness and MOI while still being able to use an arced putting stroke. 

You should consider a toe hang mallet putter if you have been playing blades forever and just want a change.

A toe hang mallet putter gives you all of the advantages of a mallet but with the weighting of a blade. The majority of golfers use an arc shaped putting motion, and many of those golfers desire the features and benefits that a mallet putter offers. The toe hang mallet putter allows you to use that same stroke that used to be reserved for blades putters but with the same features offered by a mallet.

Our Choice


Best Overall: Scotty Cameron X 12.5

The Phantom X 12.5 is a great club designed by an incredible putter designer. The MOI is really high, the club head is really large, and the sweet spot is huge. At the same time you get a really soft feel and you never think that you are holding one of the larger putters out there. It is a very naturally swinging club that is made for those who use some arc in their putting stroke. It is a little different than the traditional Scotty Cameron putter, but we like it a lot and have made it our best overall toe hang mallet putter.

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Most Affordable: Cleveland Frontline Elevado

The innovative technology and design that was used in this club does not come with a high price. These putters perform really well and at a really good price.

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