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A golf swing is both one of the simplest and one of the most complicated things in sports. So much of the swing is mental and there are so many nuances of the swing that it is easy to forget that the golf swing is first and foremost an athletic move.

Even your putting stroke should be a natural movement that takes into account your own stroke, stance, style, height, and feel for the club. This is really where forgiveness comes into play with putting. If you can find a forgiving putter with good alignment aids, it can free you up greatly to focus on one thing: Putting.

With so many things to think about while standing over a putt, sometimes the actual putting stroke is the last thing on your mind. If you can take some variables off of the table, like hitting the ball in the dead center of your club with no twist or lining your putt up correctly, putting automatically becomes much easier.

That is exactly what a forgiving putter can do for your game. The following is a list, description, and review of some of the most forgiving putters on the market. 

Most Forgiving Putters in 2022 Reviewed

EvnRoll ER10

If you are looking for pure forgiveness and price is not a deterrent, the EvnRoll ER10 is a great choice. The club head is very oversized and the MOI is one of the highest on this list. The alignment dots are very easy to see and easy to use, and when coupled with the size of the club head make this one of the easiest clubs to align.

The reason this is the first club on our list however, is because even with the forgiveness and alignment aids, the feel of this putter is really top notch. Usually with a very forgiving putter with high MOI, you lose some of the feel. The milled grooves on this putter along with the sweet face technology make the ER10 as soft as most of the high end blade putters. EvnRoll products have continually put out some of the best putters on the market, and the ER10 may be the most forgiving of their line.


  • The sweet spot is huge.
  • The MOI is one of the best on this list so that your club never moves or twists through impact.
  • The deep perimeter weighting adds to the forgiveness and also gives it a more natural feel.
  • The oversized head and alignment “dots” make alignment very easy.
  • You almost cannot mishit this putter because the sweet spot covers almost the whole face.
  • It is a very stable and straightforward club.
  • It produces a consistent roll.
  • The speed control, because of the milling and sweet face technology, are top notch and especially for the oversized head.


  • It is one of the most expensive clubs on the list.
  • It is not a traditional putter so some golfers may have trouble adjusting.

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TaylorMade Spider S

The TaylorMade Spider putter has been on the market for almost a decade now and it is still one of the best and most used putters out there. This is by far TaylorMade’s most forgiving and stable putter with a high MOI and a huge sweet spot. The alignment aid, with the spider on the top center, is very easy to follow and use.

The weight of this putter is as far back as possible and pushed to the very outside perimeter of this club. That just means that it does not really matter where on the club face you hit the ball, you are going to get good distance and a true roll. The weight is also adjustable so that you can move it around depending on what your stroke is doing. The best thing about the Spider S is that it takes a lot of human error out of putting and allows you to focus on your own stroke and read of the green.


  • Easily TaylorMade’s most forgiving putter.
  • Very high MOI based on clubhead size and weighting.
  • The different color options look great.
  • The high end version of one of the most popular putters on the market, the TaylorMade Spider.
  • Adjustable tungsten weights in the back make it easy to fit your putter to your swing.
  • Very easy to align.
  • The weight is pushed as far back as possible and distributed along the perimeter of the club so that the sweet spot is huge.
  • Lightweight shaft with a heavier head gives you control and feel.


  • One of the most expensive price tags on the list.
  • It is a really big putter and some players may prefer the look and feel of a blade.

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Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12

This is a big, modern, and visually pleasing putter. The lines, shapes, and angles of the putter all come together to make it very easy for alignment but also very aesthetically pleasing and confidence inspiring. Scotty Cameron designs run the gambit of what a putter should or could look like, and the Phantom X 12 is the biggest in the line. The MOI is very high both because of the size and placement of the weight.

Even the arc in the shaft of the club, rather than the traditional offset or straight line design, sets this putter apart and makes it easier to align and more natural to swing. The airplane grade aluminum in the face is extremely soft and produces a straight and true roll. While the putter is very oversized, it is one of the most technologically designed club from features to looks and it is definitely one of the most forgiving clubs out there.


  • This putter is extremely forgiving for a variety of reasons.
  • The airplane grade aluminum in the face is at the same time strong and soft while producing great feel.
  • Produces a very consistent and straight roll.
  • A very high MOI.
  • Next level features and designs.
  • Just looking at the face of the club you can see how big the sweet spot is. A bigger sweet spot means les mishits.
  • The combination of high MOI and huge mishit means that all you have to worry about is reading the green and getting the distance right.
  • Scotty Cameron designs are some of the best out there.


  • Not the traditional Scotty Cameron design.
  • Another very expensive putter.
  • Is rather bulky.

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Cleveland Frontline Iso

Cleveland Frontline putters are different. Most putters, while they may look different and have different features, have the same basic weight system. You want the weight in the back and around the perimeter for a larger sweet spot. Not the Cleveland Frontline. Instead, they pack the weight in the “front” of the club which is meant to offer more stability and speed control at impact. The idea being that if all of the weight is in the front, it is going to give you a firmer and straighter ball strike.

The single bend in the shaft looks great at address and slightly offsets the club. You can actually feel the difference in this club. When you swing for the first time, the club feels a little lighter and your stroke feels a little off. This goes away pretty quickly, but it really is a different idea for putters than what we are used. In general, short putts and long putts seem to benefit the most from the Frontline ISO while mid-range putts stay at about the same position.  


  • Very stable at contact.
  • Very well-balanced and easy to square at impact.
  • Easy to align.
  • The grip is a little thicker as well.
  • Very forgiving at impact. 
  • The forward weighting provides a very firm and straight ball roll.
  • Great distance control.
  • Good price for a good putter.


  • The frontwards placing of the weights takes some getting used to.
  • May help a little in short putts and long putts, but where most of us live on the greens is in that mid range putt that is so difficult to read. The Cleveland Frontline ISO did not help from that distance. 
  • Not nearly as soft as most of the other clubs on this list.

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Odyssey Triple Track Ten

We love the look and feel of this putter. The club is big, but it is not too big. The angles and lines are great for aesthetics and alignment. The white hot insert is as soft or softer than any other insert material out there. The best thing about this club is the alignment aids both on the top and in the heel of the club.

Once you place the club behind the ball, you can be almost certain that you are aligning up the putt exactly where you think it should go. Of course, the problem then becomes getting it there with the right speed and stroke. With the high MOI and forgiving face, getting there will be almost as easy as aligning it correctly.


  • Starting the ball on the right line is as easy with this club as any other putter you will find.
  • Very high MOI so that it does not twist at impact.
  • For a long time, the white hot insert has been synonymous with feel and distance control.
  • The sweet spot on this club is huge.
  • A solid and consistent roll with each stroke.
  • “Stroke Lab Weighting” system adds weights to the tips and takes away weight from the shaft. This makes your stroke more consistent and more controlled.


  • Some of the alignment aids add time, and a slower round is not usually a better round.
  • As with many oversized mallets, this club is a little too large than what some golfers like.
  • The alignment aids work best with the Callaway Triple Track golf balls and some players are loyal to other brands.

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Ping Sigma 2 Valor 400 Stealth

The first thing you will notice about Ping Sigma 2 Valor 400 Stealth putter is that it looks like a high quality, well-made club. The colors, angles, lines, insert, and alignment aids look like something out of the future, and those details would definitely appeal to a wide range of golfers. Even better than that, however, is that it performs really well also.

It is the rare combination of incredible feel and top notch forgiveness. The feel comes from the 2-piece dual durometer that matches a soft face insert with a firmer rear-piece so that you get a soft touch with a firm stroke. This is a very nice and soft putter. You can also adjust the length of the putter as you grow or as your swing changes.


  • Great feel and touch around the green.
  • A high MOI means no movement at impact.
  • A great price for this quality product.
  • Adjustable lengths.
  • Great alignment tools.
  • A really soft feel because of the 2-piece dual durometer insert.
  • Produces a very pure roll.
  • Alignment instills confidence.
  • Great touch on the green.
  • The alignment aids are top notch.
  •  The club head is heavier to produce more stability.


  • Could be too big for many golfers.
  • The dual insert can produce a strange sound and little feedback.

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Wilson The L Infinite Putter

In terms of golf equipment, Wilson knows who they are and they have carved out quite a niche in their market. They offer high quality golf clubs that have the features that appeal to the majority of golfers without asking them to break their budget. The L Infinite Putter fits that description perfectly. It is big but it does not have the same perimeter weighting or MOI that some of the higher end clubs have.

The sweet spot is huge, but it is not as big as the sweet spots on some of the clubs above here on this list. It has great speed control, it is very consistent, and the face of the putter is very soft and forgiving as well. You will find many of the same features here that you will find in the most expensive putters out there. The difference is that the L Infinite putter is considerably less expensive than many of its counterparts.


  • Less expensive with many of the same features as some of its competitors.
  • The double filled face is very soft with great control.
  • The weighting is at the tips of the club which give it more speed and distance control.
  • Very easy to align both with the alignment tools and the size of the club.
  • The black anti-glare finish helps on sunny days.
  • The sweet spot on this club is huge.
  • Great feel for a mallet putter.


  • Feels and looks slightly less expensive than many of the other clubs on this list.
  • Not as technologically advanced as many others.
  • It contains many of the same features as other clubs on this list, but without the same effectiveness that those higher end putters produce.

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What Is Forgiveness in a Putter?

Forgiveness in a putter is when even your mishits look good. One of the problems with putting is that a club’s sweet spot can be so small that you can do everything else right and miss a putt because you hit it 2 cm to the right. A forgiving putter gives you the peace of mind that the sweet spot of your putter is huge and that a mishit will probably not happen.

Mallet Vs Blade For More Forgiveness?

If you made it all the way here in this article, then you know that mallet putters are more forgiving than blade putters while blade putters are more known for feel and control. The trend in putter technology, however, seems to be that it is easier to add features to increase the feel and control of an already forgiving mallet putter than it is to add forgiveness to a blade. Our prediction is that mallets will continue to rise in popularity while blades will slowly fade to the spot mallets held 10 years ago.

What Features Should You Look For in a Forgiving Putter?

MOI. The Moment of Inertia (MOI) refers to the degree to which a club head twists at impact. Many people do not believe that to be a problem with the putter, but the truth is, club twisting is very common in your putting stroke. A higher MOI will make that a thing of the past and could inspire confidence as well.

Sweet Spot. The highly sought-after “sweet spot” of a golf club is very important in terms of forgiveness. Some putters boast (usually incorrectly) a sweet spot that is the same size as the club face. The sweet spot is where you find optimal distance control and optimal accuracy, so the bigger the sweet spot the more forgiving the club.

Perimeter Weighting. Perimeter weighting is the best way to increase the size of the sweet spot on your club. The sweet spot is important because of the stability and accuracy it provides based on the weight directly behind the sweet spot. If you can spread the weighting across the perimeter of any club, then your sweet spot will grow.

Face Technology. Whether it be grooves, aluminum inserts, or the White-Hot inserts from Callaway, the face technology used in any golf club can aid in forgiveness. Usually more feel and softness equals more forgiveness and the Face Technology of a putter is where you will find that softness and feel.

Do I Really Need a More Forgiving Putter?

Forgiveness is definitely one of the keys to putting effectively. Today’s greens are faster than ever and many course designers are trying to take away the advantage of longer drives by creating more difficult greens. What that means is that a mistake on a short putt can leave the ball short or scoot it right by the hole. A mistake on a longer putt could easily mean 3 or 4-putting on a green which will kill your scores quickly. 

A forgiving putter will allow you to see success even when you make off-center contact with the ball. Your speed and accuracy will greatly improve on mishits and you will not miss as many of those “almost gimmies” that we miss all of the time. On top of that, a forgiving putter is usually also an easy to align putter. Taking the concern of mishits and poorly aligned shots off of the table will allow you to focus more on what you can control the most…your stroke.

Our Choice


Best Overall: EvnRoll ER10

The EvnRoll ER10 is one of the best and forgiving putters on the market today. The size alone shows the MOI it can produce, but there are so many features that make this a really good putter.

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It is really easy to align, the face technology is perfect for increased softness and feel, and the alignment aids are easy to use and very accurate. The only downside is price, but many people use their putters for 10 or 20 years before replacing so the price is not as bad as it initially seems.

Most Affordable: Wilson The L Infinite Putter

Wilson has found their niche again, and this putter is really good. It is by far the least expensive option, but it can definitely get the job done.

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