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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Milled Putters in 2023, here’s what we recommend:

There are 2 types of putters, those with milled faces and those with inserts. In the past, traditional wisdom said that inserts provided a softer feel while milled putters were firmer but got the ball rolling more quickly.

With today’s technology, these differences are no longer very pronounced. With a process known as “deep milling” the feel of a milled putter can be just as soft or softer than one with an insert and putters with inserts can get the ball rolling on its line just as quick.

In this article we’re going to be reviewing the following milled putters:

The biggest difference now is that the process of constructing a milled putter is a little more exact because you are forming one single piece of material rather than adding materials together. The truth is that it comes down to preference. 

If you prefer a milled putter, you can find reviews, descriptions, and information about the best milled putters of 2020 in this article.

The Best Milled Putters in 2022 Reviewed

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5

The golf world is turning towards higher MOI and easier alignment putters, and the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 is one of the best. The putter head is big but it is not the huge size that turns some players off. It looks great. The size is very pleasing to the eye without being too big.

Previous versions of the Phantom putter were geared specifically to higher handicappers, but this has more of a Tour setup to it while still offering really good game improvement features.

The small slant neck lays back slightly so that you have good ball visibility at address with about 3/4 shaft of offset. Basically, it has the design flow of a blade with the MOI and forgiveness of a mallet putter.

The alignment aids are great as well helping to ensure you find the right line while the forgiveness ensures that you start the ball down that line. The face is precision milled stainless steel with an aluminum sole plate.

You also have customizable sole weights that you can change depending on the greens and depending on your stroke. It is a great design with a lot of flexibility and customization options.

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  • It is very forgiving with a high MOI, but it is not as monstrous as some of the other putters out there.
  • A Tour inspired design with really good game improvement features.
  • One of the best looking putters out there.
  • The Scotty Cameron name goes a long way and is synonymous with quality and durability.
  • You get high MOI and good forgiveness but without the huge size that some mallets feature.
  • Alignment aids are great.
  • It has the feel and design features of a blade putter but the MOI and alignment help of a mallet.
  • Adjustable weights in the sole.
  • The face is precision milled stainless steel with an aluminum sole plate so you get solid feel and a good roll.


  • It is one of the more expensive putters on this list.
  • The size may turn off some players who prefer the blade putter.

EvnRoll ER11V

The ER11V is a massive mallet putter with some of the highest MOI and one of the largest sweet spots on the market. With the new “V” series, EvnRoll uses “variable-width channels” that span the entire face of the putter to get as close to “zero dispersion” as possible.

Best Milled Putters - EvnRoll ER11V

What that means is that the sweet spot covers the entire face of the putter, and that even if you are off center on your strike, the ball will go very close to the same speed and accuracy as an on-center strike.

Add to that the high MOI and you have a really accurate and consistent putter. It is also really easy to aim…As long as you can pick the right line! You also get an adjustable shaft along with adjustable weighting on the bottom.

The milled face also gives you decent forgiveness and feel even with the massive mallet head.

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  • A really high MOI putter.
  • EvnRoll is one of the top, high-end putter brands for a reason, and that reason is evident in the new “V” series.
  • The face is huge, and the sweet spot is essentially the entire face of the club.
  • You can find the putter in multiple shaft lengths.
  • Great alignment aids not to mention the size of the head helps with alignment.
  • Adjustable weighting for different greens and as your putting stroke changes.
  • Great for both straight and arced putting strokes.
  • The “Gravity Grip” mixes a lightweight foam with a 70g steel rod to keep the putter face and shaft pointing forward at and through impact.


  • One of the more expensive putters on the list.
  • Not as much feel and distance control as a blade.
  • The larger size may not suit all golfers.

Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2

When you see a Scotty Cameron putter out on the course, you know right away. It’s kind of like driving past Porsche or hearing a Bose speaker, quality just kind of exudes from it. The Newport 2 putter fits this bill perfectly. It just looks like a high quality putter, and then its performance is every bit as good as its looks. The vibration dampening material results in a slight increase in softness.

The 3 red circles that aid in alignment inspire confidence at setup. The milled face is extremely soft but it is also forgiving and gets the ball going end over end quickly.

On top of all of that, the blade design and feel that so many golfers favor is combined with the forgiveness of mallet putter to make it one of the most versatile and high performing putters on the market.

The Tri-Sole design also promotes proper setup, great sightlines, and stable contact.

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  • A great blade look.
  • The Tri-Sole design aids in setup and breeds confidence.
  • One of the best looking putters out there.
  • Very forgiving for a blade. 
  • Looks and feels like the most technologically advanced putter in its class.
  • The precision milled face offers very soft feel and great consistency.
  • The thin topline looks great at setup and aids on alignment.


  • Lower MOI can lead to more mishits.
  • One of the more expensive options.
  • Made more for lower handicapped players.

EvnRoll ER2B

A “midblade” putter with a simple yet beautiful design and the great EvnRoll technology. You get the “Sweet Face” technology that is similar to what you find in the ER11V so that the sweet spot of the club is the entire face.

Best Milled Putters - EvnRoll ER2B

It also means that even when you are off center to the right or left, the putter pushes the ball online and with similar distance. Basically your off center strikes are not as bad and your distance is pretty similar across the face of the putter.

The midblade design gives you the feel and distance control of a blade but with a higher MOI and great stability. This is our second favorite blade putter, but the head is so big and the MOI is so high that it performs more like a mallet.

The single-bend shaft comes in different lengths and is a great shape for ball visibility throughout the stroke.

Finally, you get the “Gravity Grip” that is a combination of EVA foam and a 70g steel rod that runs down the spine and gives you improved feel and less twist at impact. This is a somewhat underrated feature because it feels a little different in your hands in a positive way.

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  • In terms of aesthetics, it is one of the best looking putters out there.
  • You get a high MOI without losing feel.
  • The alignment aids are great, and the size of the blade is a little longer and wider so that alignment is a little easier. 
  • The face is big and the sweet spot is about the size of the entire face of the putter.
  • The Gravity Grip is a great addition for feel and consistency.
  • Great feel and immediate feedback that helps you improve your stroke.
  • It is almost difficult to truly mishit a putt because of all the forgiveness and game improvement features.


  • The cost puts it out of reach for many golfers.
  • Not quite the MOI found in a mallet and not quite the feel you get with a blade.

Ping Vault 2.0 Ketsch 

The reason that the Vault 2.0 Ketsch by Ping is one of our more highly rated mallet putters is because of the True Technology that Ping uses. The combination of milled face pattern, high MOI, and huge sweet spot make this one of the best and most consistent putters out there, and it even has decent forgiveness for a mallet putter.

Best Milled Putters - Ping Vault 2.0 Ketsch 

The True Roll Technology used in the groove and face design gets the ball going end over end very quickly. Why is this important?

It is important because the quicker a ball gets into this motion on the green, the more consistent your distance will be and the truer the roll. The Ketsch putter does this as well or better than any other putter on the list which makes it one of the most consistent putters.

On top of that, the high MOI of the mallet head and the soft feel and firm face contact together mean fewer mishits and the putts that are struck off center go straighter and more precisely than ever before.

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  • One of the most forgiving putters on this list.
  • Produces a very consistent roll with consistent distance.
  • The high MOI means that your club will not twist at impact so if you are aligned correctly, your ball will be heading towards the hole.
  • That slight, curved offset helps tremendously with sight lines and alignment.
  • The alignment aids and head size make it easy to find where you need to start the ball.
  • Customizable weights make this one of the most versatile putters on the market.
  • The sweet spot takes up a large portion of the face of the club, and the club is huge to start with. You should be able to get your ball going on line assuming you made the right read.
  • The milled face gives you very soft feel and a great sound.
  • Optimal for players with a straight-forward, straight-back style.


  • Is not as visually appealing as most of the other clubs on the list.
  • On the expensive side.
  • You do not get the same forgiveness as some of the other clubs on the list.

Bettinardi Studio Stock 7

The first thing you notice about this putter is the simple yet elegant design. The head shape is one of our favorites because the density provides a high MOI while the smaller size looks great at address. It has a compact appearance, but one that gives you confidence standing over the putt.

Best Milled Putters - Bettinardi Studio Stock 7

The new face milling technology that Bettinardi calls a “Roll Control” face, gives you an asymmetrical groove pattern that has an incredibly soft feel and great feedback.

If you hit the ball well, you know it and you know it is going to do exactly what you wanted. If you mishit it, you get great feedback about how and where the mishit occurred.

It may not be as forgiving or give you the “zero dispersion” that some putters promise, but the feel is second to none and the MOI is great as well.

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  • The Bettinardi “half moon head” design is great and highly sought after.
  • It gives you power and command while maintaining high end feel and giving immediate feedback.
  • The “Roll Control” face gives you great speed and distance control and gets the ball rolling on the ground quickly.
  • Bettinardi is known for quality and durability.
  • When you hit the ball on center, the feel and performance is addictive.
  • Lower handicap players will love this putter.
  • A great combination of high MOI and good feel.
  • The finish looks great and eliminates glare.


  • One of the more expensive options.
  • A different head design may not be pleasing to all golfers.

Mizuno M Craft VI

Mizuno is known for their feathery soft irons with a forged feel that is really second to none. With the M. Craft series of putters, Mizuno attempts to bring that “forged feel” to the flat stick. Prior to the M.

Best Milled Putters - Mizuno M Craft VI

Craft coming out, it had been almost 7 years since Mizuno put out a new putter. Think about all of the technology and changes in golf equipment that have happened in the past 7 years.

Mizuno has taken the premium 1025 mild carbon steel used in their irons and produced a deep CNC milling pattern that gives you incredible feel, great distance control, and puts some extra top spin on the ball to get it rolling as soon as possible.

Basically, Mizuno has used their iron expertise and produced a forged putter that gives you that same feel and at a pretty good price. The “VI” is a fanged mallet putter with really high MOI and face balanced. 

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  • A softness and feel that you do not find in other brands.
  • Great distance control. 
  • A very pure roll that gets the ball on the ground quickly.
  • 3 different colors from which to choose including a cobalt blue that is different and looks great.
  • Adjustable weighting for different greens, conditions, and as your putting stroke changes the weights can change with it.
  • You get a high MOI that pairs great with the soft feel.
  • Alignment is a breeze both because of the wings on the side and because of the provided aids.
  • The sweet spot of the club is everywhere on the face that you see milling patterns…which is pretty much the entire face.
  • A good putter for a good price.


  • An oversized mallet that is one of the largest profiles on this list.
  • It is not as forgiving as other putters its size.
  • Mizuno is still trying to make a name for themselves in the putting game.

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier 11

The first thing you notice about the Huntington Beach Soft 11 are the stability wings. Not because they are overly different, just because they are big. They aid in alignment, give you a very high MOI, and they provide a center weighting that is crucial to straight forward putting. This club is one of the most forgiving on the market, and the ball will go straight with consistent distance often.

The CNC milled face with speed optimization technology help to keep your putt on line and on distance even on off center strikes. Even with all of these features, it is one of the least expensive options on the list and is worth trying if your blade, or your putting game in general, needs to be revived.

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  • Very easy alignment.
  • A good club at an even better price.
  • A few finishing color options available.
  • Speed optimized face technology that gives you precise and consistent distance no matter where on the face you strike the ball.
  • The size and stability wings of the putter give it one of the highest MOI on the market. This club will not twist at impact.
  • A very consistent roll.
  • The ball starts its end over end trajectory quickly.
  • A very large club face and the sweet spot is almost the entire face of the club.
  • While it is an overall large head size, there are some blade design features present as well.


  • Firmer feel that what many golfers desire.
  • May be too heavy and too big for some golfers.
  • Not exactly a mallet and not exactly a blade.

Ping Vault 2.0 Voss

The copper finish on this club head looks brilliant and is different enough to get noticed. Ping has some great putters on the market right now, and this is one of their better ones. On top of that, the 3 different finishes you can choose from really set this club apart and the weighting options allow you some versatility and the ability to build the putt around your stroke.

These clubs look great at setup as well. Standing over the putt you can see the line clearly and the distance control and feel on these clubs are top notch. This club has a very high MOI for a blade as well as a really big sweet spot. 


  • Looks great at setup and in the bag.
  • Incredible feel and strong consistency in forgiveness.
  • As soft as any club on the market.
  • A very consistent roll and the ball quickly transitions to end over end after a strike.
  • Good and simple alignment tools.
  • The offset and classical look of the club.


  • Requires a more precise stroke than other clubs on this list.
  • Made for lower handicappers.
  • Not as forgiving as some others on the list.
  • Does not stand out in anything but performs everything well.

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Bettinardi Studio Stock 18

A great looking, low-profile blade putter with a new diamond blast finish that has a very unique and clean design. After the looks, the next thing that stands out is the incredible feel and distance control that this putter gives you.

Best Milled Putters - Bettinardi Studio Stock 18

Milled from soft carbon steel, you get the “Roll Control Face” that Bettinardi is using and that means you get increased topspin leading to a quicker roll.

If you watched a putt in slow motion, you would see some skidding and a little bouncing before the ball gets into its roll. This is obviously both less accurate and less consistent in terms of distance. This milled pattern also gives you top-of-the-line feel and high end and immediate feedback.

If you prefer a blade putter, this is one of the best in terms of look and feel, but the the thing that sets it apart is the face technology.

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  • One of the best blade putters out there.
  • The Roll Control Face gives you premium feel and distance control.
  • One of the most consistent putters out there.
  • Aesthetically it is one of the best putters on the market.
  • The diamond blast finish gives the putter a unique and pleasing look.
  • You get immediate and audible feedback.
  • The offset is the perfect angle so that the club lays almost flat on the ground and helps with alignment and confidence.


  • One of the lower MOIs on the list.
  • Not as much forgiveness as many of the other options.
  • The face feels a little firm at first.

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier 4

The classic blade design, offset, and feel with great looking milled face and an even better price. The Huntington Beach Soft 4 has a gray satin finish that provides some contrast and ease in alignment, but the key is the milled face. The milled face starts the ball out really well with less skid and a quick end over end motion. The grooves start very narrowly in the center but grow progressively wider as they move out.

This progressive groove design gives this blade putter one of the most forgiving face architectures out there. The speed optimized face technology helps to ensure that you get consistent speed across the face area to get more putts close.

You will notice that the alignment aids are not as easy to see so a lot of that will fall on you, the golfer. In all, the Huntington Beach Soft 4 performs extremely well and is one of the more softest putters on the market for a great price.

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  • Very soft feeling putter.
  • The gray satin finish looks great at setup.
  • The precision milled face produces a really true roll with very soft feel.
  • The “Speed Optimized Face” technology helps to ensure that you get consistent speeds and lines even on off center strikes.
  • It is a good looking club, especially for the price.
  • The most affordable putter on this list.
  • Progressive grooves start narrow in the center and widen as they get closer to the outside.
  • A very big sweet spot for a blade.


  • Poor alignment aids.
  • Not as visually appealing as some of the other clubs.
  • Distance control is not as good as some of the other choices.

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Mizuno M.Craft IV

A lot of what was discussed in the M. Craft VI discussion applies also to the M. Craft IV as well. You get the premium 1025 mild carbon steel with a milled face and no insert. Basically you get the same soft, forged feel that you find in Mizuno’s irons but you get it in their putter.

Best Milled Putters - Mizuno M.Craft IV

The M. Craft IV is a wide bodied blade putter, kind of the best of both worlds between a blade and a mallet. You get the high MOI and larger profile head while still maintaining good feel, a little offset, and good distance control.

It is not quite as heavy as the larger fanged mallet VI, but it is not much lighter and you get almost the same MOI. The deep milling across the face gives you a huge sweet spot and a lot of forgiveness while the size of the putter and the line on top give you good alignment tools.

This is a really good putter, almost like a blade/mallet hybrid with some of the benefits of each.

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  • Works well with a straight or arced putting stroke.
  • Sits flat on the ground and looks great at address.
  • 3 colors from which to choose.
  • A good putter for a decent price.
  • Great feel and distance control.
  • A decent MOI, especially high for a blade putter.
  • You get some of the benefits of a mallet combined with some of the benefits of a blade.


  • Many golfers prefer either a blade or a mallet, while this is a combination of both.
  • The look at address might not suit all golfers.
  • The head is too wide for some golfers.

What Is a Milled Putter?

A milled putter describes the process of building a putter from one solid piece of steel. You can see the milling on the face of each of these clubs and it is where the feel, distance control, and roll come from in a putting stroke.

The difference between a milled putter and one with an insert is that a putter with an insert is put together rather than formed. You begin with different pieces of materials and different parts of the club and you, for lack of a better term, assemble them. 

With a milled putter, the club head and face is created from a solid piece of metal that is cut and shaved using a “milling” machine. Proponents of this type of putter point to the smaller likelihood of error, and more precise face architectures as to why they choose a milled putter over an insert.

The truth is, with today’s technology, it just comes down to personal preference. Technology has allowed a milled club to have the same soft feel that used to be reserved for inserts while inserts have gained the same type of forgiveness and ball roll that used to be reserved for milled putters. 

Features To Look For In a Milled Putter

Feel. Milled putters are known for their soft feel and great sound at impact. Feel is so important in golf and it is very important that you find the right putter for your game.

Sweet Spot. Oftentimes the milling process and where the milling starts and ends on the club face will determine the size of the sweet spot of the club. You want to make sure that you have a large sweet spot and that the milling of the club adds to it.

Forgiveness. Forgiveness takes into account MOI, the size of the sweet spot, and how the ball performs on mishits. You want a club that offers you the forgiveness to make a mistake while still getting you where you need to go.

Alignment. If you cannot align your putt correctly, then nothing else matters. You could hit it at the perfect speed and in the middle of the sweet spot, but a poorly aligned putt will just not find the hole. You want a putter than looks good to you and that aids you and gives you confidence in choosing the right line.

Do I Really Need a Milled Putter?

The short answer to this question is a resounding “no!” An insert putter is just as good and may even be better for your game. A milled putter versus an insert putter is not the difference between a game improvement putter and a performance putter. The choice to use a milled putter comes down to personal preference and what fits your club head swing the best.

Final Thoughts On The Best Milled Putters in 2023


Best Overall Choice: Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5

The Phantom X5.5 is a great putter from design to performance. You get the blade feel and design flow in a high MOI head with great alignment aids.

Best Milled Putters - Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5

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You also get the quality of construction and design that Scotty Cameron has been known for for decades. Other than the high price tag, there are not a lot of negatives that can be said about this club and it could really help your putting stroke.

Best Blade: Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2

If you cannot tell, we really like Scotty Cameron putters, especially the incredible feel and softness that the milled face provides. This blade putter has high MOI and is really suited for any putting stroke, especially if you like the blade look.

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Best Mallet: EvnRoll ER11V

You have to love the MOI and the ease of alignment, but this mallet also has good feel and good distance control not to mention it is made by one of the best putting manufacturers out there.

Best Milled Putters - EvnRoll ER11V

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Most Affordable Option: Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier 11

Cleveland specializes in wedges, but it has some other good clubs as well. The Huntington Beach Soft Premier 11 gives you the stability wings and high MOI but with a soft touch and for a great price.

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