Callaway Supersoft Review in 2023

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The Callaway Supersoft golf ball performs really well in the 2 things that most golfers want: distance and forgiveness.

It is one of the softest balls on the market and produces as little or less spin than any other ball you will find.

If you are struggling with a slice or a hook and want to hit the ball straighter, the Callaway Supersoft will almost immediately improve your game.

It has a penetrating ball flight and great carry and is one of the better golf balls for golfers with slower swing speed or have trouble hitting the ball squarely.

The following is a Callaway Supersoft review that will help you understand more how this ball can help your game and whether or not it is for you.

Things to Consider

A golf ball that is long, soft, and provides great forgiveness will appeal to a lot of golfers, and that is exactly what the Callaway Supersoft offers.

The nature of the 2-piece construction with very low compression rate means that it is built for distance and forgiveness, but the soft cover gives you some feel around the green. Many golfers are drawn to the Pro V1 or Callaway Chrome because those are the types of balls that the pros use.

The problem that amateurs run into, especially higher handicappers, is that spin and control is not what they need out of a golf ball.

If you naturally hook or slice the ball, additional spin will do nothing but send the ball even farther from the intended target. The Callaway Supersoft is great for golfers of almost any skill level, but especially good for players who are looking to hit the ball long and straight.

The low drag HEX aerodynamic technology gives the ball an even more penetrating flight while the low compression and high launch make it very easy to get it off the ground. If you do not want to spend $50 for a dozen golf balls but you want quality, feel, and distance together then the Callaway Supersoft is a great choice. 


  • A great ball for golfers with slower swing speed.
  • The 2-piece ball provides great forgiveness.
  • Above average softness especially for the price range and distance it provides.
  • Produces an extremely low spin rate to help keep your ball straight and long.
  • A good price for a really good ball.
  • Great game improvement features that will help take your game to the next level.
  • If you want more distance, this ball is one of the longer balls on the market.
  • If you want to hit the ball straight, you need less spin.
  • The “HEX” aerodynamic technology gives the ball more speed and carry.
  • Includes features that aid in alignment and setup.


  • Not ideal for lower to mid handicappers.
  • Difficult to work around the course.
  • Not as good around the greens because of the lack of spin. 

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Features and Benefits of The Callaway Supersoft

Construction (Rating: 3 out of 5)

The 2-piece construction of the Callaway Supersoft allow it to be extremely forgiving no matter the club you are using. The extra soft cover coupled with the ultra low compression core gives you a great combination of explosive distance and soft feel that works well from any position on the course.

The ball was made to produce as little spin as possible, so if you are trying to work the ball around the course or get the ball to spin back on the green, this is not the construction type for you.

If you are looking for explosive distance and a really straight and penetrating ball flight, the Supersoft may be just what you are looking for.

Performance (Rating: 4 out of 5)


This is a distance golf ball. The low compression core makes the ball jump off the club. The low spin rate means that you will not lose any distance to left-to-right.

The HEX aerodynamics will give the ball a penetrating ball flight that will incur very little drag no matter the environment or wind speed. Aside from the soft cover, everything about this ball screams distance and the performance follows suit.


The HEX aerodynamics not only creates a more penetrating ball flight, but a higher one as well. The reduction in drag creates additional lift while the soft 2-layer construction helps with launch as well.


Long Game

For your long game, the lack of spin that this ball produces is incredible. The 35 compression rating and soft cover produce very little spin leading to straighter and more accurate shots. If you want to work the ball around the course with your driver and irons, the Callaway Supersoft is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you want a low spinning, long, and straight golf ball, this might be what you are looking for.

Short Game

In the short game, the lack of spin is problematic for many. It is the backspin that gets a ball to checkup or to spin back to the hole on a short wedge shot. While Callaway claims that their trionomer cover formulation gives you the backspin around the green that you need, we have not found that to be the case.


Long Game

A softer golf ball gives you more feel than a firm one. You can feel it in your hands, the club interacts with the ball differently, and you get feedback on each shot immediately. The Callaway Supersoft, as the name implies, has a very soft outer covering which helps give you that feel and feedback on longer shots.

Short Game

In the short game, that same type of feel is there. You can feel the softness of the ball in your hands and it gives you confidence around the greens for sure. At the same time, feel is more than just a softness issue. The lack of spin takes away some of the shots you would normally take and it is hard to have superb feel when you cannot spin the ball.

Cost (Rating: 5 out of 5)

At a price point of less than $20 (unless you buy them at a pro shop) these golf balls offer a lot of high end features for a very low end price. This is especially important for beginners and higher handicappers that tend to lose more balls on the course. While it is not the least expensive alternative in this golf ball niche, the combination of price and features is hard to beat.

Alternatives To The Callaway Supersoft

TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft

The Callaway Supersoft seems to be a direct shot at taking down the long reigning king of soft and long game improvement balls, the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft. Another golf ball with a really low compression rate and a soft outer layer, the TaylorMade Noodle has made quite a name for itself.

While the Callaway Supersoft can be found for less than $20/dozen, the TaylorMade can often be found at about $1/ball. It produces a little more backspin and feel around the green than the Callaway Supersoft without really sacrificing any distance. The TaylorMade spins a little more than the Callaway but that can be good or bad depending on the golfer. While the Callaway Supersoft is a nice ball, it will not supplant the Noodle as the top performer in this category of golf ball.

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Titleist TruFeel

Titleist is known for their golf balls and the TruFeel is a really good one. It is another with a very low compression rating so that players get the most distance from their shots. The TruFeel has a little better feel and spin around the green than the Supersoft but it is not as long or as straight.

The TrueFlex cover creates optimal spin from your wedges while keeping spin low for your drives. This ball is really soft, but there is an exchange for enhanced spin and feel as distance and accuracy are not as high in these balls compared to others.

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Bridgestone e6

Bridgestone has been making high quality golf balls in the under $25 range for a long time and the e6 is just another along those lines. It is perfect for moderate to low swing speeds and will help you get the most out of every shot.

The e6 is a clear step down from the Supersoft, TruFeel, or Supersoft but it is a good ball in its own rights.It is long and soft with low spin and high distance. The dual dimple outer cover helps to reduce spin and provide a penetrating ball flight that is both high and long. The e6 can also be found for less than $20 in most area stores.

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Final Thoughts on The Callaway Supersoft Review (Rating: 4 out of 5)

This ball was created and marketed to the majority of golfers in the world: 

  • Golfers who have lost some speed in their swing or need a little more distance. 
  • Golfers who can drive the ball 300 yards down the course but have no idea where the ball is heading and need a straighter alternative. 
  • Golfers who want their golf balls to be soft but do not want to lose the forgiveness they need. 

The Callaway Supersoft is not for expert golfers who draw and fade the ball around the course. It is, however, for the majority of golfers who just want to hit the ball long and straight and will figure everything else out as they go.

Hopefully you learned something from this Callaway Supersoft review and can use it to enhance your golf game.


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