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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Cheap Golf Balls in 2022, here are our recommendations:

The less golf you play and the more golf balls you lose, the more important a good cheap golf ball is to you. There are clear reasons that some golf balls cost more than others. How many layers there are, the brand name of the ball, and the results that the golf ball can generate based on your swing.

We’re going to be reviewing the following golf balls:

If you are the type of player that loses a lot of golf balls out on the course, then you are probably the type of player that your golf ball will not greatly affect your score.

There are two types of golfers. The first is the golfer whose skill and swing can be greatly helped by golf equipment technology. A drive might go 280 yards instead of 240 or a ball might stop in its tracks on the green rather than rolling an extra 5 yards because of the technology used. The second is the golfer whose skill and swing can only be helped by playing a lot more golf.

If you are golfer number 2 in the above example…Start out using cheap golf balls! If you are just going to lose them in the water, in the woods, and in the backyard of a family who lives in the country club, buy balls that you do not care about losing. Even if you buy a dozen for $10, every time you lose a ball you are losing a dollar and that can really add up. We are all for good equipment, but wait until that equipment is useful before you start spending your money. Spend your money on a good set of clubs, save your money on golf balls. 

What Is the Price Range For a Cheap Golf Ball?

It is important to state that you should not buy “x-out” balls, used balls, or any other type of “dead” ball that will actually hinder your game. There are plenty of good, new golf balls that you can purchase at a nearby store or online that will produce good results when you hit the ball well. 

For a good, cheap golf ball option, you should expect to pay anywhere from $12 to $20 per dozen. It is important to note that these are not the “clubhouse” prices. These are the department store and online marketplace prices and you can find them a little cheaper or a little bit more expensive depending on how much time you take looking for a good price.

Are Golf Balls Worth a Bigger Investment?

Absolutely. If you have been playing golf for a while, then you can definitely feel and see the difference between a high, medium, and low end golf ball. In fact, if you have been using the same ball for a while, you can even feel the difference between your chosen ball and any other same-quality ball on the market. A golf ball can be the difference between a good round and a great one, and using a good golf ball can lower your score.

The caveat in the above paragraph is the phrase “if you have been playing golf for a while.” For most beginners, high handicappers, and weekend warriors, the golf ball matters very little in the grand scheme of your game. Golf ball technology is subtle compared to club technology and that extra $30 per dozen will add up over a year of playing without significantly helping your game. 

Attributes To Look For in a Cheap Golf Ball

Generally speaking, inexpensive golf balls will perform well in distance but not as well in other aspects of performance. The more expensive a golf ball is, usually the more layers it has. A golf ball with 5 layers can increase spin, distance, and feel by focusing in on those attributes at every layer. On the other hand, 2 or 3 layered golf balls will have to focus on specific attributes at the expense of others. If you have decided to use inexpensive golf balls, then you have to decide which attributes are most important to your game and find a ball that focuses on those. The following are the 3 most important attributes to look for in a cheap golf ball.

Spin. Spin is a simple concept, but it can be a difficult aspect of your game to figure out. In general, if you have a slower swing speed, you want more spin on your ball because increased backspin makes the ball carry. If you swing harder, you do not need the back spin to get your ball to carry, and it may even cause you to lose distance because of a higher ball flight. You also want a ball that you can get a lot of back spin on around the green so that it will stop or bite when you need it to. Unless you want to go to a professional, a mid spin ball is your best choice. 

Distance. Distance is becoming more and more important in the game of golf. Getting the ball down the course and setting yourself up for a shorter approach is the name of the game. Golf ball manufacturers have seen this trend and have put most of their marketing and research into producing as much distance as possible. Even inexpensive balls on the market today will help to provide the distance you are looking for.

Feel. Generally speaking, expensive golf balls have a urethane cover that makes them softer and gives them a better feel. The distance is created in the core so that you get the best of both worlds, distance and feel. Less expensive balls usually use ionomer, which is a much harder cover but it helps to provide distance while giving you less spin and shot movement. Many of your less expensive balls will be fine for distance and will probably have a low spin rate, but you will lose out on feel.

How To Choose The Best Golf Ball For Your Game

In the end, you have to choose the best golf ball for your game. When I first started playing, I went to Wal Mart and found whatever ball was on sale that day and it worked for the type of golfer I was…A poor college student who had just started playing. As I developed and my handicap lowered and I began to lose fewer golf balls per round, I became a little pickier. I never struggled with distance, but I had a mean slice off of the tee. I chose a ball with a straighter ball flight and less spin.

The question you have to ask is, “What do I struggle with on the course the most?” If you need distance, there is a ball for that. If you struggle around the green and need more control and feel, there is a ball for that. The following reviews will take some of the best cheap golf balls on the market and help you decide which one will most fit your game.

Best Cheap Golf Balls in 2022 Reviewed


Wilson Staff 50 Elite

A two-piece ball that is designed to combine distance and softness into one golf ball. The feel off of the tee is top notch and the distance is not far behind.

With a very low compression core and a high spin rate, this ball will carry as well as any other ball out there.  The thing that sets this ball apart from the others on this list is how soft it is. The softness appeals to a wide variety of players, but its softness does not take away from its distance thanks to the lively core of this ball. 


  • A very inexpensive ball with great features.
  • Made for low swing speeds.
  • Performs very well around the green for a ball in this price range.
  • The nanotech rubber chemistry makes for a very lively core and explosive distance.
  • Shallow dimple design produces a penetrating ball flight.


  • If your swing is more than 90 mph, this is probably not the ball for you.
  • Does not fly as straight as some of the other balls on this list.

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TaylorMade Distance+

Most golfers just want their ball to fly farther and straighter, and that is just the type of ball that TaylorMade attempted to create. The majority of golfers do not care what the spin rate of their shot was or how easy or difficult it is to shape their shot from right to left or vice versa.

Most golfers just want to outdrive their friends, not lose a lot of balls, and hit the occasional great shot that you can talk about later. The Distance+ is all about adding distance to your game.


  • Another very inexpensive choice but a high quality ball.
  • Made for distance.
  • Great if you are an experienced golfer just looking to add a few yards.
  • A very low spin ball.
  • Provides very high ball speeds from any lie.
  • You have a color option.
  • A React Speed Core that produces great ball speeds and long distances.
  • Ball speed is the name of the game, and this produces some of the fastest.


  • Made for players with a higher swing speed.
  • The same limitations found on any ball with 2-piece construction.
  • Focuses on distance at the expense of every other feature.

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Callaway Warbird

Another 2-piece ball that focuses on distance, the Warbird has a firmer and more energetic core than most 2-piece balls and a very aerodynamic dimple design. This ball is designed to get up quickly, fly high and straight, and land a long way from the tee.

While the core is firmer, it is also larger which increases the compression and the energy produced by the core. This is a very long golf ball.


  • A firmer core than most of the other balls on this list.
  • A very large core that gives it more energy and compression even at a greater firmness than most.
  • The ionomer cover is very thin which provides more feel and allows for the larger core.
  • The dimple design and thinner outer layer provides greater aerodynamics and allows for a penetrating and straight ball flight.
  • Produces low spin even with a higher ball flight.
  • Two colors to choose from that are both pleasing at setup and the yellow ball is very easy to find in the trees.
  • Very high ball speeds make it suitable for even slow swingers. 


  • More expensive than most of the other balls on this list.
  • Very little spin and feel around the greens.

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TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft

The TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft provides similar distance and softness to some of the more expensive, multi-layered golf balls. The low compression core helps to provide great distance while the dimple design leads to a penetrating ball flight and the spin rate is very high. The Noodle has long been a sought after golf ball by low and high handicappers alike.

While it cannot provide the feel, spin, distance, and everything in between that some of the more expensive balls can, it comes pretty close. Any list of top cheap golf balls will always have the TaylorMade Noodle, and that is because its combination of price and quality is as high as any ball on the market.


  • They are about $1 per ball.
  • The low compression core leads to better distance and feel.
  • The dimple design is great for a more penetrating ball flight.
  • A high spin rate helps players with slower swing speeds to get the ball to carry.
  • Is forgiving off of the tee and with longer irons.
  • Lands soft on the green because of the higher ball flight and increased backspin.
  • A great ball for a great price.


  • You miss the feel and spin around the greens that you find in other balls.
  • It is harder to control and shape your shot.

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Pinnacle Rush

A very high energy core, firm outer covering, and aerodynamic dimple design make this ball one of the longest on the market. For years, the Pinnacle name has been a mainstay in the amateur golfer’s bag and the Rush is perfect for today’s game.

As equipment continues to improve and players continue to get stronger, distance is king. The Pinnacle Rush was built for speed and it can definitely add a few yards to your stroke.


  • Just a little more than a $1 per ball.
  • There is an audible and satisfying “click” when you make solid contact with this ball, and it does not matter which club you are using.
  • This ball was built for speed and distance.
  • If you are looking to add distance to your game, this is one of the best balls on the market. 
  • The icosahedral dimple design provides a consistent and penetrating ball flight no matter the conditions.
  • A firmer ionomer cover help provide even more distance.
  • Comes in yellow or white.


  • Not much feel around the green.
  • Not as soft as many of the other balls on this list, even those that provide about the same distance.

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Pinnacle Soft

In 2016, Pinnacle came out with 2 different inexpensive golf ball offerings: the Pinnacle Soft and the Pinnacle Rush. They are very similar in a lot of ways, but while the Rush was focused on distance at the expense of everything else, the Soft is focused on softness and feel.

Featuring Pinnacle’s lowest compression core and icosahedral dimple design along with a soft cover, this ball has a good ball flight while providing great feel all over the course. This is one of the best 2-piece golf balls around the green and it lands very softly on your approach.


  • Maintains good distance even though it designed for feel.
  • Comes in pink or white.
  • Very low spin provides increased distance.
  • The dimple design provides lower spin and a longer and straighter ball flight.
  • A great ball for seniors and high handicappers.
  • Good ball speed.
  • Same price as the Pinnacle Rush.


  • Still a noticeable difference in softness and feel when you move up to the mid and upper priced golf ball offerings.
  • Can be hard to get good height on your shots.
  • Can roll too much on the greens in your short game.

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Cut Golf

Cut Golf balls feature great marketing of a good product. In fact, the Blue golf ball and the Grey golf ball each feature urethane covers and either a 4-piece (blue) or 3-piece (grey) construction. These are tour quality designs at half of the price that tour quality balls cost.

With 8 different balls to choose from, you can decide which features best fit your game or you can purchase a trial pack and decide through trial and error. These balls will be easier to review as they become more widely used, but many golfers are just now hearing of them so the jury is still out.


  • Tour quality balls at less than half the price per dozen.
  • There are 8 balls and 8 different colors to choose from.
  • Each of the Cut golf balls offer something specific, so you can choose the best for your game.
  • You can find high quality, multi-layer construction, urethane covered golf balls for a really good price.
  • Each of their offerings provide great distance.
  • You can purchase a trial pack for a very low price to see which ball works best for your game.
  • A very impressive ball flight and accuracy for the price.


  • More expensive than the other balls on this list.
  • We have to question the durability of the golf balls as they seem to knick easily.
  • A little too firm and not forgiving enough for weekend golfers.

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Srixon Soft Feel

A 2-piece golf ball, but the core gets gradually firmer as you move from the center to the perimeter. This progressive firmness, in essence, makes the Srixon Soft Feel more like a 3-piece golf ball with a soft, low compression core and a firmer outer level.

This ball is described as “longer, straighter, and softer” than Srixon’s previous golf balls, and the design of the ball really is top notch. Even though it is a little too expensive to be a “cheap golf ball,” the Srixon provides a lot of features for a very low price.


  • As close, in terms of features and quality, to a mid or high priced golf ball as there is on this list.
  • This ball performs well around the green and off of the tee.
  • The progressive firmness of the core is a great design feature that allows Srixon to produce a higher quality ball for a cheaper price.
  • While it does not provide the “zenith” for the feel/distance/straightness features that all golf balls are designed to maximize, it comes as close as any 2-piece ball.
  • A thin and soft ionomer cover helps with both distance and feel.
  • Low spin and greater distance.


  • More expensive than most “cheap” golf balls.
  • Not as good around the green as the higher end offerings.

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Volvik ViMax Soft

Volvik has been around since 2010 and in the US since 2012, and they made their biggest splash when Bubba Watson started playing the pink ball on Tour. Volvik, however, is more than just a golf ball company that produces brightly covered golf balls.

The ViMax Soft is a 2-piece golf ball that produces very fast initial ball speeds, has good carry, great distance, and low spin. The colors are great because they are hard to lose, but the performance of this ball is what has made it a household name. 


  • The bright, matte colors are a welcome change from white. They are marketed as “the easiest golf balls to see” and that is definitely true.
  • The high energy core produces great ball speed and low spin rates.
  • Great ball flight and stability with the shallow dimple design.
  • An arrow printed on the side aids in setup.
  • Penetrates through windy conditions.
  • Very low spin makes the ball go straight.
  • A high launch.


  • Not a good short game golf ball.
  • More expensive than most “cheap” golf balls.
  • A difficult ball to shape.

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Our Choice


Best Overall

The Srixon Soft Feel might have been our choice here if they were cheaper than they are. Instead, the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft is our choice for best overall cheap golf ball in 2020. It is the best combination of feel and distance in the 2-piece golf ball world, and it is the best quality we found for its price point.

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The Noodle has been around for a long time and continues to design and market to players with higher handicaps and slower swing speeds. If you are reading this list and looking for the best cheap ball, there is a reason that the Noodle makes everyone’s list.

Best For Distance

The Callaway Warbird, though more expensive than most balls on the list, provides the most distance and the longest carry on the list.

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Best For Feel

The Pinnacle Soft provides excellent feel everywhere on the course, and the sound at contact makes the ball feel even better.

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