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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Driver For a Slice in 2022, then here’s what we recommend:

If you have been playing golf for any length of time, then you’ve probably struggled with a slice off the tee. We’ve all been there.

In this article we’re going to take a look at the best driver for a slice and how to go about picking the right one for your game.

We’re going to be reviewing the following drivers:

Glancing at the scorecard you realize the opening hole is a fairly long par 4 so you pull the driver out of your bag.  On the tee box you proceed to stick the tee in the ground and set up behind the ball in your familiar stance.

You grip it with both hands, look down at the oversized head, wiggle it a couple of times, and everything just feels right.

As you stand over the ball, you’re looking forward to the best round of your life!

You bring the club back and you let it rip. You make really solid contact with the ball at a full swing, and when you look up to find the ball flight…you hang your head as you realize the ball went almost as many yards to the right as it did forward and you are going to spend your first hole playing a provision, taking a drop, or playing out of the woods.

The truth is, a driver that is weighted and designed to cure your slice can only do so much. If your swing produces those hard turning slices that end up in whatever hazard is in that direction, then you need more than a weighted golf club. But a good driver designed to promote a draw can help and it can produce the confidence needed to cure the most common mistake for beginners and high handicappers…The Slice.

How To Choose the Best Driver For a Slice

The slice is still the most common and most confounding swing flaw in golf. Because the slice is so common and so unwanted in the game of golf, some golf pros and instructors call it an epidemic. To choose the best driver for a slice it is vital to remember that a club cannot fix your swing. You need either practice or lessons to get the results you desire long term. However, finding a driver that instills confidence and produces results is possible. 

The first thing to do is decide how much you are willing to spend. Many of today’s drivers have incredible technology, but you do pay for it. Many of those drivers that are setup with what is called an “extreme draw bias” can cost more than the rest of your clubs combined. You could even decide to purchase a $100 driver and spend $400 on lessons that would equal the cost of some of the high end drivers.

The next thing you have to do is decide on the brand of driver that you want. Each brand has its own version of the draw bias club and the features vary. However, if you are comfortable with a specific brand or one brand instills confidence more than others, you can more than likely find the features you need in the brand that you like.

The last thing you have to do before deciding on features is to decide if a new driver is really what you need to fix your slice. More than likely you need instruction or swing analyzing technology that will help your mechanics. Very rarely is a slice the result of a bad golf club, it is far more likely that your consistent slice is the result of a consistently flawed swing and no driver will fix that.

What Are the Advantages/Disadvantages of a Driver For a Slice?

The truth is that there are very few disadvantages of a driver for a slice. You may not truly need one in the future when your swing improves, but that just means you need to buy a new driver. It may make you lazy and reliant on the club rather than putting in the work to fix it, but if golf is just a hobby you may have never gotten around to fixing your swing to begin with. 

The advantages of a driver for a slice are obvious. If they work, they take away or greatly reduce the frequency of hitting the most hated shot in golf off of the tee. If they fix severe slices, and you can go from a slice to either a straight shot or a draw simply by purchasing a new driver, then it is a no-brainer. Even if they slightly improve your slice for the short term, then anyone who has been prone to slicing understands that it would be worth it.

Features That Differentiate Drivers For a Slice

Offset. When a club head is offset, it comes through the ball slightly behind the shaft of the driver. This extra millisecond allows the club to square a little bit more on impact hopefully taking some of the side spin out and creating a more closed club head.

Weighting. Many of today’s drivers that are designed to fix a slice look just like any other driver. The difference is usually the internal weighting of the club. These weights are usually adjusted toward the heel of the club so that the center of gravity is shifted and the club head is biased for a draw at impact.

Face Technology. Driver face technology is at an all time high and many drivers have slightly angled faces that can lessen your chance of a slice. This same face technology has increased the size of the sweet spot on a driver making it less likely for a mishit to occur.

Shaft. Many of today’s drivers feature lighter shafts with less flex. The lighter shafts allow for a harder and more controlled swing while less flex means that the club head will follow the arc of the swing more closely rather than trailing behind.

Higher Loft. Many drivers with a draw bias have a higher loft and therefore a higher launch angle. This higher ball flight will decrease the spin created by the face which will also lessen the slice. 

Do I Really Need a Driver For a Slice?

While you may not need a driver that is designed to fight against a slice, it certainly cannot hurt. The slice is one of golf’s most oft-hit and annoying shots and anything that may help is worth it. With the weighting, technology, and higher lofts of many of today’s drivers, your slice may not be cured but you will find the fairway a lot more often.

Best Driver For a Slice in 2020 Reviewed


TaylorMade SIM Max D

The draw bias of this club is formed by adding heel weight and a slight offset. The topline of the club also makes the face look more open than it actually is at address which promotes a more closed face at impact.

The “D” stands for draw and the additional features of this driver are all focused on one thing…Taking the right side of the course out of the equation. This is still one of the fastest and longest drivers on the list.


  • Still one of the longest drivers on the list even with the draw bias.
  • The club looks great at address. The topline is masked to look more open when you are over the ball so that it is more closed at impact.
  • TaylorMade drivers are known for their craftsmanship and technology.
  • Adjustable loft can help reduce slice by increasing launch angle.
  • Speed Injected Face Technology reduces side spin and can help straighten out off-center shots.
  • One of the most aerodynamic drivers out there. It was tested in a wind tunnel to take away as much drag as possible.
  • A 3 stage draw bias adds up to 20 yards of draw.


  • No adjustable weight on the sole.
  • The cost is on the high end of the list.
  • Not as accurate as some of the other drivers.

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Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset is easy to swing, has an extreme draw bias, and is one of the most accurate drivers on the list. When you pick the club up, the lighter weight is instantly noticeable, but when you make contact with the ball for the first time the club feels as sturdy and durable as any other driver out there.

Cobra has combined an enhanced offset with a lighter weight to produce a driver that will have you hitting straighter in no time.


  • One of the more affordable options on the list.
  • The design makes it easy to align your club head and give you confidence standing over the shot.
  • It is one of the lightest clubs and shafts on the list which increases swing speed without increasing effort.
  • The back/heel weighting is setup for golfers who struggle to turn the club over allowing you to square the club at impact.
  • A very accurate club that takes the right side of the course out of play.


  • Less distance than many of the drivers on this list.
  • No weight or lie adjustability.
  • More offset than most drivers on the list which can either over correct the problem or turn golfers off because of how it looks at address.

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Callaway Mavrik Max

The Callaway Mavrik Max, with its use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), may be the most technologically advanced club on this list. The Flash Face Technology has a huge sweet spot and produced one of the longest and most forgiving drivers out there.

The MOI is extremely high which means that the club will not turn on impact so that the slight offset and the draw bias weighting can work to the fullest. The flash face technology is very unique and advanced and the distance it provides matches perfectly with the rest of the “draw bias” features to create an exceptionally long, forgiving, and accurate driver that can help cure a slice.


  • Maintains great distance with the draw bias.
  • The AI technology has created a club that is great for beginners and elite players and can help to cure a slice.
  • Interchangeable weights so that, as your swing improves, you can change the position of the weights for a more advanced swing.
  • “Jail Break” bars connect the sole and crown to promote ball speed and a higher MOI. The higher the MOI, the less twist the club head will have at impact.
  • While the club does not  pro


  • One of the more expensive clubs on the list.
  • Does not promote as much of a draw as some of the other drivers.
  • Not designed for slower swings.

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Ping G410 SFT

The Ping G410 is a great driver, and the SFT (Straight Flight Technology) bundles the power and features of the 410 with maximum fade and slice correction. While the weight is not adjustable, the fixed weight on the perimeter of the club provides 50% more heel side center of gravity than the other drivers in this series.

The swing weight is also noticeably lower which allows the club head to square at impact more easily and takes away slice. All of these features combined with a high MOI and high ball speed make this a great club to help fix a slice.


  • Designed specifically to fix a slice/fade tendency.
  • Very forgiving and very long even with the draw bias.
  • The head is basically square at address which it makes it easy to align and aim.
  • 50% more heel side center of gravity than other Ping drivers.
  • A consistently straight ball flight because of the higher MOI and ability to increase loft and lie.
  • A thinner face with a larger sweet spot ensures that you have fewer mishits and straighter ball flights.
  • Produces a lower spin rate making it easier to control.
  • The shaft is very lightweight which allows your club to square more easily at impact.
  • The driver looks as sleek and fast as it performs.


  • This club strictly fixes a slice/fade, so if you do not noticeably hit the ball right often or think your swing may change in the future, this club is not for you.

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Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Draw

Cleveland has always been a great wedge producer, but lately they continue to impress with other clubs, and the Launcher HB Turbo Draw is no exception. This club is built for speed and is weighted well for a draw bias or to fix a slice/fade.

The sweet spot has been dramatically increased by the turbocharged cup face so that ball speeds have increased even on mishits. The club is not adjustable, but the weight is already in place to help correct your slice.


  • The shaft weight is shifted toward the grip to provide a lighter club and additional club head mass that increases MOI.
  • The Turbocharged Cup Face is the new variable face that increases ball speeds across the hitting area of the club.
  • The HiBore crown and ultralight hosel allow for the weight to be located closer to the bottom of the club. This promotes a higher ball flight, increased MOI, and increased forgiveness.
  • The club looks as effective as it feels and inspires confidence at address.
  • One of the longest drivers on the list.


  • Does not do as much as some of the other clubs to specifically fix a slice.
  • No adjustability features.
  • Not offset like most of the other drivers.

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Wilson Launch Pad

The Wilson Launch Pad is a club designed to fix a slice. All of the design and effort in this club was used towards that end. If you are a more experienced player or you are looking for more distance, then this is not the club for you.

The market of this club, however, may be as large as any other for drivers…Players who want to keep their ball playable. The extreme offset and heel weighting make this club singularly focused on fixing your slice.


  • One of the least expensive options on the list.
  • One of the most consistent and accurate drivers on the market.
  • Designed specifically for beginners and high handicappers that struggle with slicing the ball off of the tee.
  • Will keep you ball in the fairway.
  • An upright lie and a high offset that will keep the right side of the course out of play.


  • Will not perform as well for elite players as some of the other options.
  • Not as long as many of the other drivers.
  • No adjustability.

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Bridgestone Tour B JGR

A big driver with a draw bias that was designed for more than just fixing a slice. This club features a really high launch angle and some serious distance while being weighted to promote a draw.

There is no offset and the club looks just like a normal driver because the inner weighting is the only feature that promotes a draw. The goal of this driver is less spin, a high launch, and improved distance and Bridgestone accomplished these things in a driver that promotes a draw.


  • One of the least expensive options on the list.
  • The lower center of gravity along with the Boost Wave Crown give higher handicap players additional ball speed, distance, and launch angles.
  • A clean, modern look at address.
  • A higher launch even on draws and hooks.
  • Great distance even with the higher launch and draw bias.
  • A very forgiving driver.


  • Is not designed with as many “slice fixing” features as some of the other clubs.
  • The launch angle is too high for many experienced golfers.
  • Made more for high handicap players.

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Our Choice For Best Driver For a Slice

Best Overall Choice

Our choice for best driver for a slice in 2020 is the Ping G410 SFT. Going in, I was not expecting this club to be my first choice, but when it comes specifically o curing a slice, this driver really does the trick. The key is the 3-fold slice correction features combined with an already top notch driver.

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First, the center of gravity is moved dramatically toward the heel. Second, Ping made this with one of the lightest swing weights you will find. Finally, they squared the head at address which makes it easier to square at impact. All of these “slice fixing” features in a driver that performs very well for distance and accuracy as well. 

Most Affordable Option

The Wilson Launch Pad is an inexpensive option that will help to fix your slice. Anyone looking for a budget club specifically designed to help you hit more fairways, will find what they are looking for with this Wilson Launch Pad.

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