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At first glance, the TP5 and TP5x golf balls by TaylorMade seem similar, and in many respects they are.

They both feature 5 layer construction, a tri-fast core, dual-spin cover, and they look very much alike.

When you inspect these golf balls a little more deeply, the differences of the TP5 vs TP5x are very easy to see.

The TP5x is made for lower handicappers looking for more distance, less spin, and a piercing ball flight.

The TP5 is made for mid and low handicappers offering more spin, increased softness, and great playability on every shot.

The purpose of this TP5 vs TP5x comparison review is to help you decide which of TaylorMade’s new offerings is best for your golf game.


The TaylorMade TP5 golf ball is a complete tour model ball. With its 5-layer construction, the TP5 can boast great distance and ultimate softness and spin around the green.

The TP5 is very workable and produces high spin and a mid trajectory ball flight.

If you work the ball around the course and want high end softness around the green, there are not a lot of golf balls out there better than the TP5.

The trifast core was introduced in 2017 and features an extremely low compression inner core with progressively stiffer outer layers. The dual spin cover on the TP5 allows for maximum driver and iron distance without losing feel and spin around the green. 


  • Great for working the ball around the course.
  • One of the softest balls on the market while maintaining high end distance and a mid trajectory ball flight.
  • The progressive compression allows for workable spin rates and great softness while maintaining great distance for your long irons and driver.
  • The dual spin cover interacts with wedges for great spin while jumping off of your driver for better distance.


  • Not as long as some of the other golf balls out there.
  • Better for lower handicap players because of the spin rate.

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The TP5x, while similar in appearance to the TP5, has quite a few differences as well.

The main difference in the TP5x is found in the compression rate and cover softness. The TP5x has a higher overall compression rating of 97 (87 for the TP5) and a slightly firmer cast urethane cover.

These seemingly small changes lead the TP5x to produce a little more distance and less spin so that the ball has a higher and more penetrating ball flight.

The TP5x is ideal for distance and a straight ball flight while it loses some of the softness and feel around the green. This golf ball is great for all levels of players, but the increased distance and launch make it perfect for higher handicappers and players with slower swing speeds


  • Great for all levels of golfers, and especially beginners and high handicappers who are looking for increased distance and decreased spin.
  • A penetrating ball flight with a high trajectory leads to great distance and more hitability.
  • The 5-layer construction allows for some spin and softness around the green even with the high end distance.
  • The 322 seamless dimple pattern allows the ball to fly through the air with very little wind resistance.


  • Lacks some of the softness and feel around the green.
  • The lack of spin makes the ball harder to work around the course.

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TP5 vs TP5x Features Face To Face


There are a lot of similarities in construction of these 2 golf balls. The 5-layer construction, dual spin cover, 322 seamless dimple pattern, color availability, and tri-fast core are found in both golf balls.

The differences, however, are the most important when deciding the best ball for your golf game.

The main differences in construction are found in the stiffer cover layer of the TP5x and the lower compression rate of the TP5. The results produced by those differences are explained throughout this article. 




The TP5x is slightly firmer, straighter, produces less spin, and has a more penetrating ball flight. All of that to say that while the TP5 has great distance, it does not match the TP5x in that department. Players who want a long and straight ball flight will find the TP5x ideal for their game.


The launch angles are similar, but the firmer TP5x also has a slightly higher launch angle and in turn a higher ball flight. This is generally a feature that beginners and higher handicappers are looking for, but in today’s golf game, the higher launch is coveted across skill levels. 


Long Game

For the long game, the TP5x has very little spin which produces a straighter and more penetrating ball flight. However, for players who like to draw or fade the ball, the TP5 has provides ideal spin for working the ball around the course. If you like to fade or draw your driver or longer irons, then the TP5 is for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for pure power and distance, the lower spin rates of the TP5x works better.

Short Game

For spin and softness around the green, you will not find a better option than the TP5. The TP5x is more for longer distance shots and a straighter ball flight. Around the green, the TP5 has a clear advantage in softness, feel, and spin.


Long Game

Maybe the biggest difference between the TP5 and TP5x is the softness and related feel of the 2 golf balls. The TP5x is built more for distance and launch and that is easily seen with the higher compression rating and firmer urethane cover. A lot of feel comes down to sound and feedback in the long game and the softer cover produces a more of that feel.

Short Game

The difference in feel between the TP5 and the TP5x becomes more and more pronounced the closer you get to the green. You get a little more control with the TP5 with chips and pitches because of the greater spin and better launch angles. Golfers want a soft feel and a lot of spin around the greens and you get that more with the TP5 than the TP5x.


The original and sale price that you can find these golf balls for at pretty much any retailer are either the same or very similar.

Standout Features of The TP5 and TP5x


This is a standout feature for the TP5 as one of the softer golf balls on the market. This softness gives you great playability around the greens and great feel with every shot. 

Ball Flight

This is more of a standout feature for the TP5x because of the penetrating ball flight and high launch angle. It is a very easy ball to get up in the air and it flies very straight. 


The spin is a standout feature for both balls albeit for different reasons. First of all, if you are looking for a straighter shot and less tendency to hook or slice the ball, then the TP5x is your golf ball. It has a very low spin rate which is perfect for players who have a tendency to put too much spin on the ball or who need a little extra distance with each shot.

On the other hand, if you are a player who likes to draw and fade the ball on most every shot, then the TP5 is a great players option. It has a good spin rate for those players who want to work the ball in either direction but can control their shots. It is also this same spin that makes the TP5 a better golf ball for your short game.

Final Thoughts on the TP5 vs TP5x

The choice is clear, and the answer to the question, “Which golf ball is better?” is easy…They both are.

While very similar in construction and aesthetics, the TP5 and TP5x perform very differently.

If you are looking for distance, low spin, and a high launch angle then the TP5x is for you. In general, this ball works better for beginners, higher handicappers, and seniors looking for a little extra distance.

If you are looking for a players option that allows you to work the ball around the course, performs well on and around the greens, and has more of a mid trajectory then the TP5 is the golf ball for you. It is one of the more highly rated players golf balls on the market.


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