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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Umbrella in 2022, then we recommend the GustBuster Pro Gold.

You may be wondering whether or not a golf umbrella is really that important. For instance, just the other day, I went in to a Home Depot and purchased a “golf umbrella” for $4.97 and it worked great the last time it rained and I needed to drop my kids off somewhere. A golf umbrella, however, is much more than just a rain shield. A golfer of any level can use it to keep cool on an unshaded course, to provide additional eye protection from the sun, to keep wind and rain at bay when using a rangefinder to determine your next shot, and to block the sun from your neck and face so that you can worry about playing instead of getting sun burn. A golf umbrella is an important purchase for all of these reasons and more, so read on for clues on how to find the best golf umbrella for you.

In this article, we’re going to review the following golf umbrellas:

How to Choose the Best Golf Umbrella

The easiest way to adequately discuss choosing the best golf umbrella is to list the qualities that most golfers are looking for. This list is not necessarily in any type of order, but it is important to note that golf umbrella size and weight are probably the two most important qualities.

  • Size. The bigger the arc of your umbrella, the more protection it provides.
  • Weight. If you are going to be holding the umbrella for a good portion of the round, then it is important for it to be as light as possible while maintaining durability.

Other Things To Consider

  1. Handle. It is important for the umbrella to have a good grip and a comfortable handle.
  2. Canopy. Do not get a single canopy umbrella. It will not hold up on a windy day and wind almost always comes with rain.
  3. Material. Fiberglass, metal or steel? If you are looking for a lightweight and durable option, go with fiberglass. It is more expensive but worth it.
  4. Wind Resistance. Make sure that it will protect you from the wind without being destroyed in the process. The fabric matters a great deal when it comes to wind resistance.
  5. Durability. Make sure the fabric and frame will both hold up so that you are not purchasing a new umbrella every time it rains.
  6. Sun Protection. The size and material both play a big role here. If your umbrella cannot protect you from the sun because it is too small or because it allows UV rays in, it is not worth it. Some umbrellas will have an SPF designation.
  7. Rain Protection. It has to be listed, but it goes without saying, if your umbrella cannot protect you from the rain, why do you even have it?
  8. Design. Just like any other sport or game, when you look the part, you are more likely to play the part. Buy an umbrella that looks like you and is the brand that you prefer. You will not regret it.

Each of the 10 qualities listed above are important when purchasing a golf umbrella. The important thing is that you personalize the list and decide what is most important to you. Once you know what qualities you are looking for in your golf umbrella, it will make it easier to choose the right one.

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Why Choose a Golf Specific Umbrella

The most common reason that people choose a golf specific umbrella is because of size. To an extent, the bigger the umbrella, the better it will perform. When you are on the course, a large golf umbrella could be used to protect you from almost any type of weather from intense sunshine to biting rain. Because of the need for versatility, size really does count. Not to mention the fact that your golf bag is really the priority when it begins to rain.

white umbrella on the fairway

Other than size, the SPF value and the light weight of most golf specific umbrellas are important as well. The look of the umbrella and the ability for it to breakdown as small as possible are not very important features for the golf umbrella, so they are widely overlooked and especially compared to the average umbrella.

Features that Set Some Golf Umbrellas Apart from Others

There are some features that you expect to find on every umbrella that is sold. There are also some features that could set one umbrella apart from another.  Make sure though you’re careful unlike some of these folks:

Every golf umbrella is huge and most of them are lightweight. Every golfer wants those two things. However, not every umbrella has a double canopy and not every golfer knows to look for that specifically. Not every umbrella is made of fiberglass, and that can be important as well. These two things set an average umbrella apart from a standard one and it would wise to look specifically for these two features.

Best Golf Umbrella Reviewed

The following are reviews of six excellent umbrella possibilities. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but at the end we will choose the best from the list. Size, features, price, and aesthetics all play a role in choosing the best option from the list.

Sun Mountain

The Sun Mountain umbrella is a double canopy, 68 inch manual umbrella. The size and weight of this umbrella is perfect and it is high quality and very durable.

The handle is made of slip resistance rubber and the spring and latch system is made to withstand very high winds without breaking.


  • A big 68 inch opening is perfect for the golf course.
  • The Sun Mountain umbrella sells at a great price.
  • There are numerous solid and multi colored options.
  • Lightweight fiber glass shaft.
  • Built for the wind and the rain, it is lightweight and durable.
  • Double canopy helps in windy conditions.


  • Is better for the cart than to be carried.

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GustBuster Pro Gold

Just like the name suggests, this is a great umbrella for windy conditions. When it rains, the wind is usually close by, and this umbrella withstands both.

On top of that, the durable design and wind resistant qualities make it a very durable product. The biggest problem with most umbrellas is that they struggle in windy conditions and the GustBuster Pro does not.


  • The fabric is 100% nylon for durability and rain and wind resistance.
  • Can be found for a good price.
  • Larger second canopy allows for more air flow and makes this umbrella very resistant to high winds. The umbrella has been tested in winds up to 55 mph.
  • It was designed from top to bottom to fight against the wind.
  • At 62 inches, it is not as large as other products, but it is great for most of the applications that everyday golfers have.


  • Very few and very boring color options.
  • The larger second canopy can allow water in when the wind blows.

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The Procella golf umbrella is large enough to protect you from the sun and wind-resistant enough to use in all weather conditions. It is a very light umbrella but its size and weight do not take away from its durability. 

The non-slip grip stays well in your hand and in the golf cart and there are enough color choices to personalize the Procella umbrella to your liking.


  • Multiple color options and an attractive design.
  • Slightly less expensive than most other items on the list.
  • At 62 inches, it is on the smaller size but it is perfect for the average golfer.
  • Comfortable and easy to grab and hold onto grip.
  • Auto opening and closing mechanism make it very easy to operate for anyone in your family.
  • The inner mesh between canopies make it stronger and more breathable at the same time.
  • The double canopy make it more wind resistant.
  • A SPF rating of 50.
  • Great to find against the rain.


  • Does not separate itself enough from the higher end and lower end models.
  • Procella provides poor customer support after the sale.
  • Does not perform as well in rain as sun.

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The G4Free is a great option at a great price. The selection is top notch and you can get an umbrella of any color you want at any time you want.

The G4Free is designed specifically with the wind in mind, but it also protects against rain and sun.


  • A great price while maintaining quality.
  • More than doubles the amount of color choices compared to any other model on the list.
  • A large second canopy to help keep the wind and rain out.
  • A one year replacement guarantee.
  • 50+ SPF rating for when the sun is out on the course.
  • Three different size choices with 68 inches being the largest.


  • The biggest con with this umbrella is it’s not vented or does not have a double canopy. This renders the umbrella useless on a rainy or cold day.

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Bag Boy Manual Wind Vent Umbrella

The Bag Boy Manual Wind Vent Umbrella is great for walking a course on a windy day. It is lightweight, longer than average, and vents the wind at least as well as any other option on this list.


  • One of the least expensive options on the list.
  • Can extend 4 inches longer than a standard umbrella.
  • 62 inches for full coverage.
  • A non-slip and ergonomic grip.


  • While the canopy works well for ventilation, rain can get inside.
  • Does not look like a traditional golf umbrella.

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ProActive Sports Sun Tek Umbrella

This 100% nylon umbrella is stretches out to 68 inches and has a reflective silver skin to help keep the sun away. It is great for use on rainy or sunny days and is just as useful being held as being connected to the cart. 


  • A huge 68-inch opening.
  • Less expensive than many others on the list.
  • Comes in multiple colors so that you can personalize it to your taste.
  • A lightweight graphite shaft and non-slip grips.
  • Protects from UV rays with its reflective and non-porous material.
  • Made of durable nylon.


  • Does not hold up in windy conditions as well as other umbrellas.

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Our Choice

The GustBuster Pro Gold is the winner from the list above. Wind truly is the most difficult thing about golf umbrellas and GustBuster does a great job of staying ahead of the curve.

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If you purchase an umbrella that is not specifically wind resistant then it will give you nothing but trouble. It will fold on itself, get turned inside out, or even blow away completely in the middle of a round. The GustBuster Pro Gold prevents these events from happening while still maintaining quality and features that fight against rain and sun as well. It is a good size and a great weight and it is our top choice.


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