Best Golf Travel Bag in 2023

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Travel Bag in 2022, then we recommend the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour.

There are some people who treat their golf clubs like their babies and I’m one of them! If you’re really into the game then you probably understand that the best set of clubs require the best golf travel bag to protect them, especially if you frequently travel with your golf gear.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following golf travel bags:

Why Every Golfer Who Travels Frequently, Needs a Good Golf Bag

Golfers usually have a bunch of gear they use when golfing, including a full set of clubs and a bunch of accessories. Your golf clubs can easily set you back a few thousand dollars. Therefore, you will require a good bag to keep your gear all together safely in one spot. Moreover, when planning to take your golf set along on a trip, you will really need a high quality golf travel case that you can pack your golf bag into.

It happened too many times where golfers traveling with their golf gear checked their golf bag in with their expensive clubs inside and picked them up damaged. You may not know it, but baggage handlers can be pretty rough with your bags, especially if they are running late.

Truth is, some airlines don’t guarantee damage to your luggage. This is another good reason to ensure your clubs are safely tucked away in a golf bag while traveling.

Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Golf Travel Bag

When shopping for the perfect bag to keep your golf clubs safe and secure while traveling or toting your gear around the course, there are many attributes to take into consideration, such as:

  • Exterior Durability; hard case vs soft case
  • Interior Padding
  • Storage capacity, including extra pockets that lock or zip tightly
  • Seams/stitching
  • Warranty
  • Dimensions/weight
  • Wheels; standing upright, and maneuverability
  • Compact storage; can it be broken down or folded?
  • Cost
  • Straps to secure your products
  • Strong loops for convenient loading
  • Possible precautions for using this type of product
  • A TSA accessible lock

However, there are some things that are much more important than others, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Exterior durability; hard case vs soft case

Many airports recommend using a hard golf travel case to transport your golf gear, yet, I have seen almost just as many complaints about damages done by airlines to hard cases as soft cases. In my opinion, both can do the same job as long as you know how to secure them properly.

Interior padding

Interior padding is extremely important in a golf travel case as it provides a soft shield to protect your clubs against damage when getting bumped around. You have to understand that no matter what, your bags will be thrown around by baggage handlers. This doesn’t mean they are intentionally trying to damage your bags or belongings, but it is their job to transfer baggage several times from one place to another until it finally reaches your plane, in order to ensure your things will get to your destination when you do, and they are often pressed for time.

Storage capacity, including extra pockets that lock or zip tightly

It is always better to have more room than less so that you can pack what you need without having to leave anything behind because it won’t fit.

Therefore, I would suggest you select a bag with a large capacity. It is also good to have lots of compartments to keep your things neat an organized so you will know where everything is. This includes having large pockets that either fasten together or zip tightly, but better yet, ones that you can lock to keep your things secure.

It’s bad enough to get your things back with scuff marks, rips, or dents than to not get them back at all. It’s also worth noting that most airlines will charge you if you go over their weight limits, which is usually 50 pounds; therefore, try and stay below the limit.


Another thing to watch out for is the stitching and joining of the seams since a bag could be made with the best, most expensive and durable material, but it wouldn’t matter if the seams are poorly bonded together. This is especially important for those who tend to overstuff their bags. Try pulling on the parts of the bag that are seamed together to make sure they won’t tear apart easily and always be careful not to put too much in your bag since even good strong seams can split open from the force this puts on them.

Wheels, standing upright, and maneuverability

Golf travel bags with wheels come in many different types and styles. Some wheels are easy rolling where others are hard to roll around, but also tough to maneuver. So, always check to ensure that you will be able to wheel your clubs around easily. It is also important to have a bag that can stand on its own, so you won’t have to hold it up while trying to do other things or be forced to lay it down on a dirty floor or ground.

Straps, zippers, and locks to secure your gear

Without some way of securing your clubs, you may as well tie a rope around them and lug them around. Ensure that your bag has suitable straps to keep your clubs fastened down and at the same time — if your bag comes with zippers or other fasteners — check to make sure they perform properly and won’t break during your trip. Also, some bags come with locks to protect against theft, while others may just have loops in a place where you can attach your own lock. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and lock your things when possible, especially while traveling.


This is one thing that is most often overlooked when making any purchases. Nobody wants to have to return their products, but things happen and should you get a damaged bag you will want to be protected by a good warranty that will either have it replaced, repaired, or returned for a full refund.

Now that we’ve taken a look what to look for, let’s dive into our individual reviews of the best golf travel bags available.

Best Golf Travel Bags Reviewed


Golf Travel Bags The Vault

Featuring sturdy construction and a TSA approved combination lock, your clubs will travel safely to their destination in The Vault.

Designed to hold almost any cart bag along with oversized, 46 inch drivers, this travel bag will lock your clubs down and keep them safe no matter where you are traveling.


  • A great price for a sturdy, well-constructed bag.
  • Fits drivers with oversized heads and up to 46 inches long.
  • Strong and powerful latching system that can be locked with a TSA approved combination lock.
  • Not as bulky as some of the other offerings on this list.


  • The lock is small and does not seem to fit the security of the rest of the bag.
  • Is not as mobile as the other offerings on the list.

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SunMountain ClubGlider Tour

The ClubGlider Tour is a travel bag large enough to carry cart or stand bags and large drivers while also being easy to transport from place to place.

This bag includes a 4-wheel base with pivoting caster wheels that give it a smooth ride and the ability to make tight turns and find space when needed. Weighing in at just a little over 13 pounds, it is a fairly light bag for what it offers.


  • Easy to push and maneuver through an airport.
  • Lightweight while maintaining heavy duty features.
  • Large enough to carry most cart bags and most drivers.
  • 2 external pockets that work great for stuffing something in at the last minute.


  • More expensive than your normal travel bag, but less expensive that  a bag with wheels.
  • A little taller than it needs to be to carry the same amount of equipment.

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Izzo High Roller

The Izzo High Roller features a 6 wheel base that distributes the weight of the clubs and make it easier than ever to push through the airport.

Its nylon construction rather than hard shell allow it to be lighter than most of the competition while still providing adequate protection.


  • A great price that does not break the bank.
  • Very portable because of is lower weight and great wheel system.
  • Large enough to carry pretty much any club you would need without being too bulky or overweight.
  • 2 elastic outer pockets to carry things that you need accessible.
  • 5 lift handles so that you can lift it at whatever angle you need.


  • Most golfers with nice enough clubs to carry on an airplane are looking for a hard case to keep those clubs safe.
  • Bag leans when upright.

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SKB Deluxe Slimline

It is slightly slimmer than other similar models while still fitting a cart bag comfortably and slightly taller to fit any driver you could think of.

The hard shell case is top-of-the-line in terms of protection and most golf club sets will fit inside at less than 50 pounds. A TSA approved lock on the middle locking mechanism and the ability to add other locks if needed make the bag great at both protection and security for your prized set of clubs.


  • Will protect your clubs against almost anything.
  • The locks provide extra security while the latches hold the bag closed extremely well.
  • Fits cart bags and most drivers with a slightly slimmer build.
  • Tall enough to fit even longer drivers.


  • Heavier than other models on the list.
  • One of the more expensive bags on the list.

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Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro

Club Glove has been one of the biggest names in the travel bag market for some time, and this Large Pro Travel bad does not disappoint.

It is huge, sturdy, lightweight, and protects your clubs well. 


  • Can fit up to a 47 inch driver.
  • Water resistant nylon material that keeps your clubs safe and dry.
  • Lightweight so that you can pack what you need without being concerned about the overweight charge at the ticket booth.
  • Many different colors to choose from to make this bag your own.
  • A plastic wheel base with inline skate wheels make it a smooth, quiet, and durable ride.


  • Not as much protection or security as the hard shell cases.
  • You pay for the Club Glove name.

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Our Choice

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour is our choice for best golf travel bag of 2020. The combination of the weight, durability, and features offered by this bag make it an excellent choice for your next golf trip.

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It is extremely portable and has great maneuverability even in tight places like a security line. On top of that it provides great protection and security for your golf clubs.


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