Best Golf Travel Bag in 2020

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Travel Bag in 2020, then we recommend the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour.

**UPDATE FOR 2020** If you’re looking for the latest reviews of brand new products released in 2020, we’ll be updating this post as we do our research and should be finished by the summer.  Please make sure to check back then!

There are some people who treat their golf clubs like their babies and I’m one of them! If you’re really into the game then you probably understand that the best set of clubs require the best golf travel bag to protect them, especially if you frequently travel with your golf gear.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following golf travel bags:

Why Every Golfer Who Travels Frequently, Needs a Good Golf Bag

Golfers usually have a bunch of gear they use when golfing, including a full set of clubs and a bunch of accessories. Your golf clubs can easily set you back a few thousand dollars. Therefore, you will require a good bag to keep your gear all together safely in one spot. Moreover, when planning to take your golf set along on a trip, you will really need a high quality golf travel case that you can pack your golf bag into.

It happened too many times where golfers traveling with their golf gear checked their golf bag in with their expensive clubs inside and picked them up damaged. You may not know it, but baggage handlers can be pretty rough with your bags, especially if they are running late.

Truth is, some airlines don’t guarantee damage to your luggage. This is another good reason to ensure your clubs are safely tucked away in a golf bag while traveling.

Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Golf Travel Bag

When shopping for the perfect bag to keep your golf clubs safe and secure while traveling or toting your gear around the course, there are many attributes to take into consideration, such as:

  • Exterior Durability; hard case vs soft case
  • Interior Padding
  • Storage capacity, including extra pockets that lock or zip tightly
  • Seams/stitching
  • Warranty
  • Dimensions/weight
  • Wheels; standing upright, and maneuverability
  • Compact storage; can it be broken down or folded?
  • Cost
  • Straps to secure your products
  • Strong loops for convenient loading
  • Possible precautions for using this type of product
  • A TSA accessible lock

However, there are some things that are much more important than others, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Exterior durability; hard case vs soft case

Many airports recommend using a hard golf travel case to transport your golf gear, yet, I have seen almost just as many complaints about damages done by airlines to hard cases as soft cases. In my opinion, both can do the same job as long as you know how to secure them properly.

Interior padding

Interior padding is extremely important in a golf travel case as it provides a soft shield to protect your clubs against damage when getting bumped around. You have to understand that no matter what, your bags will be thrown around by baggage handlers. This doesn’t mean they are intentionally trying to damage your bags or belongings, but it is their job to transfer baggage several times from one place to another until it finally reaches your plane, in order to ensure your things will get to your destination when you do, and they are often pressed for time.

Storage capacity, including extra pockets that lock or zip tightly

It is always better to have more room than less so that you can pack what you need without having to leave anything behind because it won’t fit.

Therefore, I would suggest you select a bag with a large capacity. It is also good to have lots of compartments to keep your things neat an organized so you will know where everything is. This includes having large pockets that either fasten together or zip tightly, but better yet, ones that you can lock to keep your things secure.

It’s bad enough to get your things back with scuff marks, rips, or dents than to not get them back at all. It’s also worth noting that most airlines will charge you if you go over their weight limits, which is usually 50 pounds; therefore, try and stay below the limit.


Another thing to watch out for is the stitching and joining of the seams since a bag could be made with the best, most expensive and durable material, but it wouldn’t matter if the seams are poorly bonded together. This is especially important for those who tend to overstuff their bags. Try pulling on the parts of the bag that are seamed together to make sure they won’t tear apart easily and always be careful not to put too much in your bag since even good strong seams can split open from the force this puts on them.

Wheels, standing upright, and maneuverability

Golf travel bags with wheels come in many different types and styles. Some wheels are easy rolling where others are hard to roll around, but also tough to maneuver. So, always check to ensure that you will be able to wheel your clubs around easily. It is also important to have a bag that can stand on its own, so you won’t have to hold it up while trying to do other things or be forced to lay it down on a dirty floor or ground.

Straps, zippers, and locks to secure your gear

Without some way of securing your clubs, you may as well tie a rope around them and lug them around. Ensure that your bag has suitable straps to keep your clubs fastened down and at the same time — if your bag comes with zippers or other fasteners — check to make sure they perform properly and won’t break during your trip. Also, some bags come with locks to protect against theft, while others may just have loops in a place where you can attach your own lock. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and lock your things when possible, especially while traveling.


This is one thing that is most often overlooked when making any purchases. Nobody wants to have to return their products, but things happen and should you get a damaged bag you will want to be protected by a good warranty that will either have it replaced, repaired, or returned for a full refund.

Now that we’ve taken a look what to look for, let’s dive into our individual reviews of the best golf travel bags available.

Best Golf Travel Bags Reviewed

Amazon Basics

The Amazon Basics, soft-sided black golf club travel bag case with wheels is 50 x 13 x 15 Inches, weighs 8.65 pounds, and made of waterproof black canvas.

This golf travel bag is an excellent choice for keeping your golf clubs safe while traveling. The durable bag contains a variety of fasteners and straps that click together to hold your content securely in place so that nothing moves around or grinds against each other while traveling and it will also protect your gear against outside elements.

Designed especially for travel with a pull out handle and two smooth-rolling wheels for effortless transport, the Amazon Basics soft-sided bag is lightweight and collapsible for compact storage when not in use. It also contains an integrated ID slot that can be seen from the outside through a transparent window, your contact info will be seen at-a-glance. It’s also equipped with two loops center handles that make it convenient when lifting in and out of the trunk and has nonskid patches on the bottom that make it possible to stand up on its own even with your clubs inside.


  • Has extra padding on top of the club heads
  • Fast delivery usually arrives in just two days
  • Can hold a set of golf clubs inside another golf bag
  • Waterproof
  • Easily accessible with a full-length zipper
  • Multiple zippered compartments to store extra gear including 2 large zippered outside side pockets
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Integrated ID slot
  • Comfortable carrying loop handles
  • Freestanding with clubs inside
  • Collapsible for compact storage
  • Made of durable nylon fabric with reinforced stress points


  • It’s hard to get it to stand on its own
  • The angle it rolls in is shallow and makes it kind of hard to wheel around
  • The back part that’s supposed to reinforce it is made of hard plastic that can break easily
  • Very short return policy

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Ping Rolling Golf Bag Cover

PING men’s black rolling golf travel bag cover is 53 x 17 x 12 inches, weighs 10 pounds, and makes traveling hassle and worry-free with 6 handles for easy lifting combined with skid rails and smooth-rolling urethane wheels that make maneuvering a breeze.

Built to last with 1200D polyester, the Ping Rolling bag quickly folds into 15 inches tall to easily fit inside the bag included.


  • Has 6 handles for easy lifting
  • Smooth-rolling wheels that make it very easy to wheel around
  • Compact into 15 inches folding quickly and easily


  • The seams are not very durable

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SKB Deluxe ATA

The SKB Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case is 48 x 14 x 11 inches and weighs 17.64 pounds.

This bag is molded from the same material required by the U.S. military for containers and cases; molecular weight, ultra-high polyethylene, to help your clubs stay secure when baggage handlers toss it around or when going through a TSA inspection process.

The sculptured, form-fitting design, accommodates most of today’s popular golf bags, including bags that store up to 48-inch drivers, the TSA locking system, and industrial-strength patent-pending latching. Other features include a Perfect-Match bending valance system; dust, dirt, and moisture-resistant housing and SKB’s unparalleled million-mile guarantee with $1,500 club coverage.


  • Comes with three locks and one key that opens them all
  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene construction
  • Designed to fit carry bags, cart bags, and drivers
  • TSA recognized and accepted locking latch system for secure travel


  • It is too small to hold some golf bags
  • Latches do not close very well and may come open
  • It doesn’t roll in an upright position rather you have to lean it back, which is hard on the arms sometimes
  • Heavier than others

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Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour

Sun Mountain 2018 Tour Series ClubGlider Golf Travel Cover Bag is 52 X 14 X 14 inches and weighs 13.2 pounds.

This carrier contains straps to hold your golf bag inside and also has additional exterior straps that will tighten up the entire rig. Moreover, the leg mechanism retracts and extends in one simple motion and it secures in the molded tray.


  • The wheels are exceptional you can maneuver it with one finger
  • Bags fit great into this cover
  • Comes with a TSA approved lock
  • Has internal cinch straps that secure your golf bag
  • It has a lot of room for your gear


  • It gets more narrow near the clubhead area
  • The top tends to flip back while loading
  • The bag is kind of heavy
  • The pockets on the outside are really small
  • The zipper can open up very easily if not moved to the top or bottom of the bag

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Club Glove Last Bag

The Club Glove Large Last Pro Golf Travel Bag is 51 x 19 x 16 inches, weighs 12.6 pounds, and is the most used golf bag among touring professionals on the LPGA, Champions, and PGA tours.

The bag comes with a lifetime limited warranty or a new “unconditional” upgradable warranty and is manufactured completely in the USA. Your clubs will be protected with extra thick foam padding and Cordura exterior that provides maximum durability. Thanks to a two-piece fully integrated handle, lifting the bag into the trunk is no problem. Other features include a high impact wheelbase that completely shields and cradles the bottom of the bag, inline skate wheels for fast transport, YKK zippers, two individual shoe pocket bags, and ITW Nexus buckles.


  • Has three carry handles plus top and bottom handles for lifting
  • The bag is big enough to accommodate 47-inch golf clubs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Completely manufactured in the U.S.A. and all fabrics are also made in the US
  • CORDURA fabric offers maximum durability
  • Two shoe pockets with two shoe bags
  • Constructed with single-piece burst-proof Invista Cordura 1000 D water-resistant nylon material that lasts up to 5x longer than standard polyester.


  • The light blue color can get dirty fast
  • Although the bag has two hooks to attach the shoulder straps it did not come with them
  • The external side pockets don’t have a fixed loop where you could attach a padlock for security

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Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix

At 14 x 15 x 53 inches and 12 pounds, the Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Travel Golf Bag is the largest bag available from Caddy Daddy and was designed for a large staff and cart bags, but can also accommodate stand bags as well.

Constructed with 1800 denier advanced grade weatherproof materials, which is 3 times thicker and durable than the commonly used 600 deniers, the Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix bag features the top webbing, handles, wheels, and three large lockable pockets that you can keep your gear or extra clothes and shoes in.

CaddyDaddy has been manufacturing exceptional golfing products for more than 15 years and is committed to a truly hassle-free customer experience and provides a 100 percent, straight forward 1 year full bag replacement guarantee to where if your travel bag should become damaged within the first year of owning it, they will send you a brand new replacement bag at absolutely no extra cost.


  • They respond to inquiries quickly
  • High Impact EVA molded foam for maximum protection
  • 1800D top-of-the-line nylon construction
  • Easy-rolling In-line skate wheels with a self-standing wheelbase
  • Zippers on the main opening are heavy-duty
  • Internal & external compression cinch straps for securing clubs
  • 3 oversized pockets to store extra gear
  • The bag is collapsible for easy storage
  • Business card window and molded luggage tag


  • Does not include TSA locks
  • Could have a sturdier top section along the back as it droops
  • The cinches tend to loosen a lot
  • There is no carry strap
  • The seams tend to come loose
  • The poles push on the fabric and cause significant wear
  • The zippers tend to break easily

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Our Choice

I would definitely choose the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour golf travel bag, over the rest, not only because it looks great, but mostly because it has many awesome features that make it safe and convenient to travel with.

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It’s very durable and sturdy and is so easy to wheel around you can guide it with just one finger. I especially love the retractable little wheels that secure into place when not in use and the fact that it comes with a TSA approved lock.

Another thing that’s great about this bag cover is all the straps it contains to keep your clubs in place so even when the outside may be rough they will be fine on the inside. Finally, it’s not much heavier than the lighter bags and its way lighter than the almost 18 pounds SKB Deluxe ATA bag, which is what turned me off about that one.

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