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If you are reading this article, it very well could be the first time you have put any extra thought into the tees that you use on the golf course. In fact, it is said that many professional golfers simply use the free tees that are available to them and their caddies at the course they are playing. Wooden golf tees are by far the most popular, and you can find packs of them at local retail stores like Walmart and Target.

While it is not clear how much higher quality tees matter, two things are clear:

  1. The height that you tee your ball up matters.
  2. When you find a good tee, you do not want to lose it.

More than anything, tees can effect you either negatively or positively on a psychological level. When you get used to a brand of tee, you know how far you need to stick it in the ground for different clubs saving you from having one more thing to think about before your shot. If you have ever hit a couple of good drives in a row off a specific tee, then you also know the psychological comfort you get that your next drive is going to be good as well. The following is a review of our top-3 favorite golf tees as well as a description and pros/cons list of some of the best golf tees we have found.

Our Choices

The three tees below are our favorites based on their size, performance, and price. The Pride golf tee is a staple in the business and you will find these tees on the top of many “Best Tee” lists out there while the other two are slightly specialized.

  • Pride PTS Golf Tees

Pride golf tees are the industry standard for wooden tees. You can get them in any multiple heights, colors, and finishes.

Most golfers prefer wooden tees because of the sound they make at contact. The one thing that could help many amateur golfers without doing anything to their swing…tee the ball up higher and swing your driver up at the ball. These tees will help you do just that.


  • A well-respected brand in golf tees.
  • A “marked zone” that can help you tee it to the same height every time.
  • Great height options and you can tee it up at different levels for different clubs.
  • You can find a good value pack for a good price.
  • Wooden tees are the standard.


  • Being made out of wood, they break fairly easily.
  • You have to make sure you get the right height or you will have a bag of 100 useless tees.
  • Martini Golf Tees

The Martini golf tee is our pick if you are looking for a plastic tee. They are virtually unbreakable, made out of fun colors that contrast with the ball, and they are the easiest tees we have used for the ball to never fall off.

If you have walked up to tee your ball just to have it fall off a couple of times, then you know the embarrassment. It happens to the best of us, but it does make us look even worse than we actually are. The wide-brim cup of the Martini tees are great for this and your ball will never fall over because of “the wind.”


  • They are very durable and do not break easily.
  • Martini tees are inexpensive as long as you do not lose them on the course.
  • They look great and are bright enough to be easy to find.
  • The wide-brim cup is perfect for your nerves.
  • They are a good height for average golfers to tee the ball up for a drive.


  • It can be annoying to keep up with your tee hole after hole, but that is the only way to make Martini tees cost effective.
  • Most golfers just do not want to use a plastic tee.
  • Wedge Guys Bamboo Golf Tees

Wood golf tees break and they break often. This leads to 2 fairly big problems on the golf course. The first is that you have to carry a lot of tees with you every round.

Tees are small and light, so it is not that difficult, but it is easy to forget when you run out. The second problem is that it litters the golf course you are playing, and if it is your home course then you know how annoying that can be. The PGA approved bamboo tees made by Wedge Guys addresses both of these issues very efficiently. They are stronger than traditional wood tees so they break less and you can keep them longer. They are also biodegradable so that they will break down quickly without causing environmental or trash issues.


  • They are made of bamboo and will not break as easily as wooden tees.
  • They are PGA approved.
  • They are just as inexpensive as wood tees.
  • A great alternative with the best qualities of wood and plastic combined.
  • They compress better than plastic tees.


  • Most golfers just gravitate to wooden tees, even if they do not know why they are doing it.
  • It sounds a little different on contact than wood.
  • They are not as aesthetically pleasing.


You cannot really go wrong with any of the tees on this list, but the Pride PTS tees are made of wood, come in different heights, and are inexpensive and durable. Using wooden tees is really just a personal preference, but it sounds and feels better when you make contact with wooden tee. Do not overthink it when you are purchasing tees, but do make sure you get the style and materials that you prefer.


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