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When you learn a sport or a game at an early age, it comes naturally to you. You develop your swing before you have developed other habits or ideas so that your natural motion comes out and you can develop a feel for the game that people who started later in life may never have.  This is why junior golf clubs are important.

In this article, you will find a description of why junior golf clubs are important followed by a review of some of the best junior golf clubs in 2020.

We’re going to be reviewing the following junior golf clubs:

Beginner Junior Golf Clubs

Advanced Junior Golf Clubs

I started playing golf when I was in college. The first time I ever hit a drive on an actual golf hole, my swing was very similar to the one that I used growing up playing baseball. In fact, for the entire first year that I played, I had a lot more trouble hooking the ball than I did slicing it. 

It did not take long for a few people to show me the difference between a baseball swing and a golf swing, and not only did I start slicing the ball, but the swing felt very foreign, unathletic, and almost robotic. It took years for me to figure out what my golf swing should actually look and feel like. 

I have also spent a lot of time in Haiti for a ministry that I run. Everyone in Haiti, to a person, plays soccer and they do not really play anything else. I use the phrase, “They were born with a ball at their feet” to describe the vast majority of Haitians that I know. So when I started playing basketball with them and trying to teach them how to play, they looked like soccer players who were trying to pick up basketball. Just like when I started out, I looked like a baseball player trying to pick up golf.

Why Use Junior Golf Clubs?

Junior golf clubs, in general, are engineered to get the ball off of the ground while being made as lightweight as possible. People ask why not just purchase adult golf clubs and fit them to a child. In general, the shafts would be too firm especially after being cut, the clubs and club heads would be too heavy, and the specifications for adults just are not the same as they are for children. Here are some of the main things to consider when deciding whether or not junior golf clubs are the way to go for your child:

  1. Length. It is important, no matter the skill level of your child, to find clubs that are the right length. Especially if they are younger, you can find a set that they can grow into, thus choking down on the club a little. The key, however, is to make sure that they are not choking down more than 2 inches on any club. Once they are choking down too much they can develop habits that will be difficult to break.
  2. Shaft Flex. The main reason you cannot cut down larger clubs is because when you cut down a club the shaft becomes even stiffer than it was when created (less length means less bend). A set of junior clubs allows you to purchase a shaft flex made specifically for the speed of a child’s swing.
  3. Weight. Junior clubs are extra light so that a child can get the ball in the right position on the back swing. The lighter the club the easier it is for a child to make an easily repeatable swing. A club that is too heavy, on the other hand, may promote bad habits in a child’s swing.
  4. Grip Size. If a grip is too thick and feels like a baseball bat, it will promote a different swing than a golf specific grip. Since a child’s hands are still growing, an adult grip is not appropriate. Using thinner grips will improve your child’s game.
  5. Number of Clubs. If a child starts at a really early age, then 2 clubs is the perfect start, a putter and a pitching wedge. As the child grows, you can add a 7-iron, then a hybrid, and then a driver or 3-wood. Usually at around 10 years old (give or take depending on the child) a child can differentiate between irons and a 10-12 club bag is the way to go until they are ready for an adult set.

How to Choose the Best Junior Golf Clubs

Choosing the best junior golf clubs really depends on your child. When a child is just starting out, the quality of the clubs may not be as important as their design. For instance, if your child loves the color pink, buy him/her pink accessories, grips, even club heads. When a child is starting out, as long as the clubs were made to the right specifications for a child, get them clubs that are fun.

Measure the clubs and make sure they are a good fit for you child. It can be really frustrating to have clubs that are the wrong length or lie for your swing.

Test the clubs and make sure your child likes the feel and style of the clubs before purchasing. This can be a fun outing where you spend some time enjoying each other’s company and making sure they are ready to enjoy the game.

As your child gets older, then you start to focus on specific technology and better clubs. For some children, you may wait until they are ready for their first adult clubs. For children who show a special love for the game and a desire to get better, getting a nice set of advanced junior clubs is the next step. Often these club sets have 10 to 12 clubs and have many of the same technological advancements as your average adult club. 

Things That Differentiate Junior Clubs

Most of the things that differentiate adult golf clubs do the same for junior clubs. This differentiation is usually reserved for the advanced junior sets, but there are some things that set beginners clubs apart as well. For instance, when looking for a junior driver, you want to find a club with the right shaft material and flex, a large head with optimal weighting, all in a lightweight package that allows your junior golfer to control the club well. 

Many of the junior clubs on the market have a lot of the same features, so differentiation usually occurs within the technology used. For instance, an iron may have a larger club head but not be weighted as well for a high trajectory shot. A putter may be the right length, but focus all of the weight in the back and have a smaller sweet spot. It is important to find the general characteristics that a junior golfer needs, but once that player begins to improve, there are more technologically advanced clubs that are available. 

What Age Should My Kid Switch to Adult Clubs?

There is not a strict rule as to the age in which a junior player should make the jump to adult clubs. The more telling thing is the player’s height and swing speed. Many experts say that 60 inches, or 5 feet tall is the right size for a child to make the move. Of course this is a little subjective rather than a set rule but it is a good guideline to follow when getting your child ready to transition from a junior set to his/her first adult set.

Best Junior Golf Clubs in 2020 Reviewed


Beginner Junior Golf Clubs

Callaway XJ1

The 4 clubs in this set include a 7-iron, fairway wood, sand wedge, and a putter. These are the perfect clubs to begin getting the feel for the different types of strokes you will be using for the rest of your life. On top of that, you have the Callaway name and quality behind this beginner’s set. 

  • High flex graphite shafts.
  • Can add additional clubs when ready.
  • Made for players from 51 inches tall to 56 inches.
  • Ultra light for junior players.
  • Easy to hit so that your junior golfer will “get the bug” and enjoy the game for their whole life.
  • A 3-tier system that grows with you so that you can stay with the Callaway name even as you improve.
  • Includes the Callaway stand bag.
  • The fairway wood has a 23 degree loft which makes it easier to get off the ground.
  • Slightly high price for a beginner set.
  • The club can run a bit long especially because the sizing is completely based on height.

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US Kids Golf Ultralite (UL) 51

The US Kids Ultralite series golf clubs are made to help kids develop their swing while they are learning the game. This 5 club set includes a driver, 4 hybrid, 7 iron, pitching wedge and putter. You also get headcovers for the driver and hybrid and a stand bag is included.

These clubs are made for kids between 51 and 54 inches tall and they focus on keeping the clubs lightweight and easy to hit. The Ultralite 51 set is designed for a child who is just learning to play and wants to get the ball off of the ground easily while having fun on the course.

  • Very flexible shafts.
  • Ultra lightweight clubs.
  • The lofts and lie on all of the clubs are designed specifically to get the ball off of the ground with an easy swing.
  • Can add clubs if desired.
  • You can grow with this set and with this brand.
  • The putter is slightly longer and higher quality than many beginner sets.
  • The brand name is not as exciting as some of the other offerings.
  • Slightly expensive for a beginner set.

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Wilson Profile JGI

The Wilson Profile JGI is a 5 club set that includes a driver, hybrid, short iron, wedge, and putter. Included in this set you will find a stand bag and 2 headcovers as well. The JGI set includes high flex shafts, a very forgiving face on the irons, a hugh sweet spot on the driver and hybrid, and a putter that is very easy to align to the hole.

This is not just a generic junior set with lightweight clubs that are easy to hit, there is some quality design in each club. 

  • A more exciting and kid friendly look for both the clubs and the accessories.
  • Weight is positioned very low in the driver to promote a higher ball flight.
  • Ultra lightweight clubs.
  • An oversized driver head with a titanium face.
  • The hybrid is high lofted for easy shots off of the fairway.
  • A heavy-sole wedge to make it a great club around the greens.
  • The putter has an alignment aid.
  • A lot of forgiveness across the board on this set.
  • The grips may be a little thin.
  • The loft degrees are not given and are hard to find.

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US Kids Golf Ultralite (UL) 45

These clubs were designed for children between 45 and 48 inches tall and are great for young children just starting out in golf. They are even lighter than the UL 51 clubs mentioned above and this set includes a stand bag, 26-degree fairway wood, 7 iron, pitching wedge, and putter. Additional clubs in this length are available if you need to round out your set or as the player improves.

  • The club fitting chart is easy to use so that you ensure the correct size for your child.
  • High quality materials and construction.
  • A high resale value which is important because your child will probably not play with this set for very long.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Clubs are weighted and designed to get the ball off of the ground at a high trajectory.
  • Reasonably priced for a junior set.
  • Limited number of clubs and no customization options.
  • Grips might be too thin and are less durable than others.

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Advanced Junior Golf Clubs

Callaway XT 10 Piece Junior Unisex

Distance and forgiveness is what every player is looking for, and this junior set is focused on bringing these features to young golfers. Featuring a titanium driver, graphite shafts, and Callaway quality, this set is perfect for a junior player who is ready to take their game to the next level.

They are still very lightweight clubs which make them easy to swing, but the technology in the clubhead is akin to what you will find in adult clubs. Callaway has put together a junior product worthy of the Callaway name.

  • A lightweight, high flex, titanium driver built for distance and forgiveness.
  • Comes with an easy-to-carry stand bag with plenty of room for every club.
  • This design is focused on distance and forgiveness, a perfect combination for a junior set.
  • The clubs are ultra lightweight which makes them easy to swing as your game is still improving.
  • Created by the same designers and engineers that came up with the technology and look of their adult club offerings.
  • A good sampling of clubs so that you have the 10 clubs that you need for any shot on the course.
  • A high price for a junior set.

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Cobra King Junior

Cobra was one of the first and only golf companies to market to junior players. They have developed a very good 10 club set that focuses on getting the ball off of the ground and giving junior golfers a great introduction to the game.

They are not as forgiving as some of the other junior clubs, but they are long and they are easy to hit.

  • A 460cc driver with a titanium head and increased loft that is designed for straighter and longer shots.
  • Graphite shafts with high flex.
  • Lightweight clubs make them easier to swing.
  • Perimeter weighted cavity-back irons produce great forgiveness and feel.
  • The wedges are some of the best available in a junior option.
  • Comes with a stand bag.
  • The putter is easy to align and very forgiving.
  • One of the more expensive options.
  • Too much flex for a hard swinging junior.
  • Slightly heavier than some of the other junior clubs on the list.

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Ping Prodi G

With a variety of clubs to choose from and the fact that each club is sold separately, you can custom design the clubs that will be in your child’s bag. As your kid grows, so do the options of available clubs. Ping also does a great job of allowing the club to grow with the child.

In fact, if you purchase 5 or more clubs together, Ping offers a one-time club adjustment free of charge so that, for all intents and purposes, you are purchasing 2 sets for the price of one. Similar to Callaway, Ping also uses much of the same technology and craftsmanship that they do for their adult clubs making the ProdiG a high quality product.

  • One of the longest drivers in the junior market.
  • A very high MOI (moment of inertia) compared to other junior clubs.
  • Has the Ping name and quality behind them. 
  • The free shaft upgrade program allows junior players to use their clubs for a longer period of time.
  • An easy to swing and easy to align putter.
  • Lightweight clubs that make for an easier swing.
  • Very forgiving clubs from driver all the way down to the putter.
  • An expensive option if you are purchasing an entire set.
  • It is easier for many parents to purchase a complete set.

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Wilson Profile SGI

With the Wilson Profile SGI’s “fit in a box” concept, you can make sure that your child’s clubs fit their height and swing perfectly. There are 13 options with flex, length, bags, shafts, etc. all customizable for your child’s game. These clubs are lightweight and forgiving and they look great on the course.  

  • A great junior club set at a great price.
  • The 460cc head of the driver is big and looks great at address. It is also very long and very forgiving.
  • The putter is easy to align and has a great sweet spot that promotes feel and distance control. 
  • The fairway wood and the hybrid have a higher loft and are very easy to hit and get off of the ground.
  • The clubs look and feel like adult clubs.
  • The driver’s loft does not have a high enough option for some junior players.
  • These clubs are a little more difficult to hit and get off the ground compared to other options. 
  • The 10 piece set is actually only 7 clubs with a bag and headcovers taking the other 3 spots.

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Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Varsity

Tour Edge is a leading name in golf equipment and this set is no different. The best part of this set is the woods. From the huge driver to the woods with a low center of gravity that allows for a high trajectory, the long game will not disappoint.

On top of that, this is a full set of high quality golf clubs for a great price and is a great transition from beginner clubs and before your child is ready for an adult set.

  • One of the least expensive junior sets on the market.
  • It is a full set of 11 clubs which means your child will have every club he needs.
  • A 460cc driver with a titanium face that is both long and forgiving.
  • The undercut cavity back irons are forgiving and make it easy to get the ball off of the turf.
  • A good blade putter with an easy-to-use alignment system.
  • Comes with a stand bag.
  • The oversized irons look great at address and are easy to hit.
  • The “wow” factor that some of the newer junior clubs sets have is not here in the Bazooka set.
  • The set is not as forgiving as some of the other sets on this list.

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Our Choice For Best Junior Golf Clubs

Best Overall and Most Affordable Beginner Junior Golf Clubs

The Wilson Profile JGI is our choice for top beginner junior golf clubs. In this case, the best overall club is also the most affordable. It focuses on the specific needs of junior players, but there is also a little more care in the design of each club.

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Most junior clubs are just lightweight and high lofted clubs that help a player learn. The Wilson is these things, but they add some features to all of their clubs that set them apart and at a great price.

Best Overall Advanced Junior Golf Clubs

Our choice for the best overall advanced junior club is the Callaway XT 10 Piece Junior Unisex. If you do not mind the price of these clubs, there is no real negative to how these clubs perform, especially for juniors. There are even some options in terms of flex and length.

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Callaway, for the first time ever, used the same engineers and designers that created some of their high end adult clubs to create this junior offering. 

Most Affordable Advanced Junior Golf Clubs

It came down to the Bazooka or the Wilson sets and the Tour Edge Bazookas 370 Varsity just had more clubs with better features for the price. 

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