Best Golf Grips in 2023

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***If you’re looking for the most recent reviews for 2023 gear, we will be updating this page in the summer after we’ve had a chance to review them!

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Grips in 2022, then we recommend the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align (Standard), the Lampkin Crossline Full Cord (Corded), and the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G (Wrap).

Golf is an expensive game that requires a ton of equipment like clubs, shoes, bags, balls, and much more.  But one of the most overlooked accessories by beginners is the grip itself.   Golf grips are an important part, not only for the confidence and comfort but also for their ability to help protect against injury. Finding the best golf grip for you can be a game changer and can be that little change to lower your handicap even further.

With the importance a golf grip can make to your game, it is a decision that shouldn’t be taken without some thought. (For this article, we’re only focusing on grips found on EVERYTHING BUT THE PUTTER.) Keep reading to understand the semantics of finding the best golf grip for your game.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following golf grips:




When to Replace Your Golf Grips

Grips are just as important as the clubs they are attached to and keeping your equipment in top shape will help you play your best.

There are several reasons that you should re-grip or buy a new or different grip for your golf club. The top 4 reasons to regrip are:

  1. To fit your grip to your hand size.

Some people have smaller or larger hands than others.  Having the the correct grip size will allow you to release the club easier.  For me, I have smaller hands, so I made sure to get grips that were slightly less thick than standard grips.

  1. To obtain a desire feel when playing in certain climate conditions.

I live in a very dry climate but if you lived or played in area with a lot of humidity or moisture having a tackier grip or corded grip may be better your swing.

  1. Replacing worn out grips.

The more rounds of golf played, the quicker your grips will wear out. This just shows the love (or hate) you have for the game! As a general rule you should replace your grips at least yearly or every 40 rounds, whichever comes first.

Here are some signs that will tell you it is time to re-grip your clubs:

    • Cracks in the grip
    • Shiny patches
    • Wear spots or thinning, especially at thumb locations
    • Faded paint or worn off logos
    • Insufficient tack
  1. Upgrading to a more premium or longer lasting grip.

Stock grips are okay for some people. Others, myself included, prefer to have a more custom fit and accommodations to our clubs.  Personally I prefer a wrap grip over anything else.

Golf grips are not designed to last forever and to get the most life out of your grip it is important to keep them clean and to follow manufacturer suggestions.

If you notice your game suffering or any other changes in your grip, this could be mean replacement time.

Common Types of Grips

With so many club grips on the market, it can be confusing and difficult to find the right one for you. If you have already looked around, then you also know that it can become very costly. Now there many types of grips but generally speaking, there are 3 common types of grips that can be divided into many different subcategories.  The 3 standards types of grips though are the standard grip, corded grip, and wrap grip.  Let’s go ahead and dive into these types a little bit more.


As the name implies, this is just your standard run of the mill rubber grip.  Nothing fancy with maybe just an alignment aid but this is just the normal grip that comes standard on most clubs.


The principle behind this type of grip is to have a moisture absorbing material, such as cotton, intertwined within the grip.  This type of grip is very helpful for those playing in humid conditions or those with sweaty hands.


This type of grip simulates as if a piece of leather was wrapped around the handle.  Made with rubber though, this is probably the softest of all the grips with an almost “squishy” type of feel.

Which Grip Should I Go With?

Choosing a golf grip is a very personal decision. They are available in different widths or thicknesses. With the use of buildup tape underneath your grip it is possible to have different kinds of grips that will fit individual hand sizes. This will include an undersized, standard, midsized, oversized, or any other size in between those. It is based solely on your comfort and needs. For most people, the fingertips of the top hand should barely touch the palm when gripping the club.

Factors such as arthritis may change this as well

There are also golf grips that are firm and/or soft. Depending on your swing, hand circumference, and what you find comfortable you will want to decide if you need more cushion in your grip or a firmer grip.

When choosing a grip keep these things in mind:

  • Material
  • Diameter
  • Design

Go to a store and feel the different materials and designs. Re-grip your most used club and see how it feels. This is more inexpensive than re-gripping all your clubs to see if a specific grip will work for you.

How To Replace Your Grips

Golf grips are not like pencil grips, you can’t slide it on and continue the day. No, they have a similar effect, but clubs must be re-gripped. This is where the old grip is removed, and new grip is then adhered to the club. There is a whole process that must be completed for this to be done properly.  Most people can do this at home since it’s not very difficult but it can be a bit tedious.

There are kits you can buy but keep in mind the cost of your grip and if it’s worth potentially having to buy another should you not adhere it correctly.

There are many youtube videos that can help guide you like this one:

In addition, some stores will also offer free or cheap re-gripping. Keeping your grips in good shape and replacing them at the proper time will go far in you overall game. Don’t let something as simple as a golf grip mess up your game.  Without further adieu, let’s dive into our reviews of the best golf grips!

Best Golf Grips Reviewed

Standard Grips Reviewed

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align

Available in both a midsize and standard size the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align is a cost-effective golf grip made from a durable rubber.

To reinforce proper hand alignment, it includes a ridge down the back of the grip that will square the club face and improve swing consistency. The lower hand is made larger to simulate 4 layers of tape. You may worry that the bottom hand being so thick will not work if you don’t have large hands. Don’t let the size fool you, they are quite comfortable for most players and can bring your game up to a new level.  This can be enhanced further by adding more tape upon application.

  • Moisture wicking that will help keep the club in your hands
  • Available in multiple patterns so that you can stand out from the crowd
  • Larger lower hand will aid in swing consistency for seasoned players
  • All weather design allows these to be used even in the rain
  • Can be used on nearly all clubs in the market.
  • Can be a little pricey to outfit your clubs
  • Very simple design
  • Can ware very quickly

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Lamkin Sonar

A grip designed for comfort the Lamkin Sonar is made of soft material so it will feel good in your hands.

It has a straighter profile that tapers slightly at the upper hand to promote a lighter pressure grip. It includes a simple black color and a maze inspired texture. The reduction in hand tension will assist in a fluid and faster motion of your swing.  This reminisce of a classical club design may knock several swings off your handicap. The control that comes from a tacky grip will help with the control and keep your club from slipping. It includes enough cushion to absorb some of the sting from a bad swing. Especially for those who have joint and muscle pain.

  • Tacky grip that will work in any type of weather
  • Reduced taper that will assist in a uniform grip
  • About four different tread styles on the grip to aid in lining up
  • The maze inspired design can require deeper cleaning
  • Price is not totally budget friendly

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Winn Dri-Tac AVS

Designed with a less tapered profile that offers a larger hand grip diameter, these Winn grips are known for their soft feel and durability.

The dri-tac material offers high shock absorption and the comfort of never slipping in your hand. The added diameter give the grips a softer feel and allows for a softer grip which takes away fatigue and adds control.

  • Winn grips are known for their high quality construction.
  • The Dri-Tac material prevents slipping no matter the conditions.
  • The grips do not taper much as you go up and down the club which adds to the diameter giving you more control with less fatigue.
  • These grips add softness to any club in your bag
  • Expensive even if you are installing them yourself, but even more so if you are having it done by a professional.
  • Could be too thick for some players.

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Our Choice For Best Standard Grip

When looking at regular golf grips I would highly recommend the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align.  This may be a higher costing grip; however, it will not disappoint.

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It has a durable design that has been known to last very long, depending on how often you practice and play. This grip is also easy to apply yourself and is comfortable for the majority of golfers.

Corded Grips Reviewed

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Align

A tacky and durable grip that can bring improvement to your gold game.

The grip includes a rib down the back to help in aligning your grip. Though this can be hard to get straight should you re-grip your own clubs, it is a nice addition to keep your grip in line. Allowing for a “true grip” these may cost a little more than a standard grip, but they will take some of the fight out of your swing. The corded top and soft spongy bottom are comfortable and will perform in any weather.  Though this is a grip that can become expensive if fitting grips for all your clubs, it is well worth the price. A durable grip that won’t disappoint. A great option for beginners or pros.

  • Good traction for your grip in dry or wet conditions
  • Align technology will keep your grip in the correct position
  • Durable and will hold up for the most seasoned player
  • Thicker than most standard or mid sized grips
  • Costs more than other similar grips

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Lamkin Crossline Full Cord

The Lamkin Crossline is a perennial favorite among golfers of every skill level.

They provide great feedback on every shot and increased control no matter what club you are using.

  • A tour favorite for over 15 years.
  • Classic look.
  • Great traction without losing feel.
  • Are some of the most durable grips on the market
  • Rubber grips do not give the same level of feel.
  • The design fades easily and can be difficult to clean.

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Our Choice For Best Corded Grip

We recommend the Lamkin Crossline Full Cord grips as the top corded option. These grips promote feel without losing traction and have been a tour favorite for years.

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They are durable, good looking, and they just do not slip. The two things that you really want in a golf grip is feel and traction and the Lamkin Crossline offer both.slip that occurs with other types of grips.

Wrap Grips Reviewed

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

This is a proven winner on the PGA Tour with 5 worldwide wins in 2017 and used by a major champion winner in 2014.

This grip features a very tacky grip with a soft feel for an overall outstanding feel.  Designed to simulate a high quality leather grip with the durability of rubber, this grip is one of my personal favorites.

  • A tacky grip that will allow you to loosen your grip and achieve better swings
  • Long lasting quality, even in the most wet conditions
  • Proven winner and performance
  • Beware of your hand size and grip preferences when choosing size.
  • Can be expensive

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Lamkin Sonar Wrap

The Lamkin Sonar Wrap has a classic look but is loaded with technology.



From a distance it looks like a classic wrap grip, but on further inspection you notice Lamkin’s “fingerprint technology” that adds softness and comfort to every shot. One of the best things about these wraps is that you feel like the club is secure without extra squeezing or too firm of a grip.

  • A great combination of tradition and modern technology.
  • The Fingerprint Technology works and provides soft and comfortable playing conditions.
  • The traction is some of the best on this list, and you can hold the club with a soft or neutral grip without being scared it will slip.
  • Reduced taper to improve control.
  • Not as durable as some other rubber grips.
  • They are priced on the higher side.

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Winn Dri-Tac Wrap

Winn Dritac Wrap is a polymer wrap that is designed to provide cushioning for shock absorption.

This is great for those who have muscle and joint pain when they golf. Grip contour can be customized upon installation and will give you the best fit for your game. A soft and tacky grip even in the rain, it will work in any outside conditions. The soft design may lead to wearing quicker but the softness and shock absorption is amazing.

  • A tacky grip that will work in rain and humidity.
  • Soft grip that absorbs impact.
  • Classic wrap design that will look good on your clubs.
  • The softer grip can show wear quicker

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Our Choice For Best Wrap Grip

Wrap around grips are a classic that require a little more maintenance and these are the ones that I personally prefer.  In this category I would recommend using the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G. The soft material can wear quickly but offers more comfort and shock absorption at impact.

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As someone who has a mild case of golfer’s elbow at times, I notice that these are not as jarring at impact especially with the irons.  This grip provides great performance and offers plenty of customization. It also continues to keep its tackiness even when wet while other wraps do not offer the same.  For all this in mind, we can strongly suggest the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G as our choice for best wrap style golf grip.


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