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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Driving Iron in 2022, then we recommend the TaylorMade P790 UDI.

When you are on the links, playing your best game is only going to occur when you are able to use the best set of clubs that you can find. In this guide, we are going to take a look at five of the best driving irons to help you complete your set. We will also explore exactly what they are, why you should consider one, and features to look for when purchasing one.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following driving irons:

What is a Driving Iron?

Driving irons, which are also known as utility irons, have been on the market for a very long time. In fact, they were being produced before hybrids, but they took a backseat when it came to the technology and the convenience of the more popular and versatile option.

The easiest way to think of a driving iron/utility iron is that it’s a “hybrid” of a long iron and a traditional hybrid.  You normally won’t hit a utility iron as far a hybrid but you do gain additional control with it’s iron like design.

Now, since driving irons use the same technology, they are becoming more popular when it comes to the professional golfers game, but what are the benefits of having one?

Benefits of a Driving Iron

There are many benefits that you can experience when you are using a driving iron on the links. Some of them may not be considerations for your game specifically, but the benefits may include:

  • Better Distance – They are designed to provide extra distance so that you can launch the ball higher and farther than a traditional long iron.
  • Versatility – This is a type of club that can easily be used in any type of golf situation; in fact, it can even be used in windy conditions to hit the low “stinger” type of shot.
  • More Forgiveness – The more prominent profile of the club makes it easier to hit the ball than a regular iron, especially when the conditions outside are less than perfect. This is usually one of the more user friendly aspects of a good driving iron since it provides you with more mass in which to strike the ball.
  • A Weightier Swing – When compared to standard irons, the back of the club tends to be bulkier, which means that it will be a more mass behind the ball that can help get a little more power in your shot.

Thing to Look For When Considering a Driving Iron

There are a few that you are going to want to keep in mind when choosing a driving iron so that you can play your best. Some of those include the following:

  • Top Name Brands – When you are looking for some of the best technology that the golfing world has to offer, you are likely going to want to purchase a driving iron from one of the leading manufacturers in the golf market. These companies tend to have great manufacturing and build high quality clubs with great warranties.
  • Feel – It is also essential to consider the feel of each club before you purchase it. If you prefer a softer feel to the driving iron, then you may want one that has a forged club head.
  • Lower Center of Gravity – A low CG is designed to launch the ball higher when the ball is struck and as a result, it takes much less swing speed to get the ball in the air.
  • Control – These clubs are lower-launching and will spin more easily than a hybrid so that each shot can be controlled better. They tend to produce a more penetrating flight that provide longer distances than a traditional iron.

Who Should Be Playing a Driving Iron

They are often considered to be geared toward the lower handicap golfers.  If generating club head speed and distance is a problem, you may want to stay clear of these clubs. They don’t have has much mass behind the ball as a hybrid so they’re a bit less forgiving and wont go as far.  At the same time they have more mass than a traditional long iron so compared to them, they’re more forgiving but you do lose some control.

As mentioned earlier, think of a driving/utility iron as hybrid between a long iron and a traditional hybrid.

They require a good amount of speed and exact contact to get the ball in the air and going at the proper launch angle. Amateurs who have a slower swing speed may have a harder time producing good shots and should probably stick with a traditional hybrid.

The Best Driving Irons In 2022 Reviewed


Titleist U500

Elite players use elite clubs, and the Titleist U500 is an elite club.

If you strike the ball well, this club will give you incredible results. This is not, however, a game improvement club. If you are already a good player, this club is the perfect replacement for the hybrid irons that do not have the same look and feel of a blade. 


  • If you have the skill to hit it well, the U500 provides distance, a high launch, and a straight ball flight.
  • Combats the tendency to hit hybrid clubs to the left.
  • A great look at address aids in setup.
  • Very little offset, the club is designed to hit straight.
  • The sound and feel of the club are top notch for a driving iron.


  • Like most driving irons, it was created for elite players and anyone else may have trouble hitting it.
  • Small club head and an equally small sweet spot.

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Ping G410

The Ping G410 is a crossover club which means it is in between a traditional driving iron and a blade.

This club has a more traditional look but many of the features play like a hybrid. While you need an above average speed swing for this club to be effective, it is not made for elite golfers but more for mid to low handicap players.


  • One of the easiest clubs on the list to hit.
  • Offers great distance and accuracy either off the tee or the turf.
  • It is more visually appealing than a hybrid while still easy to hit.
  • Its flexibility reaches a larger audience than some of the elite driving irons.


  • A hollow head does not create the sound players are looking for.
  • It is a crossover club so it takes some of the best of blades and hybrids but it is not excellent at anything.
  • Your swing speed needs to reach at least 90mph to make this club work for you.

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King Utility Iron

The King Utility Iron is one of the most flexible driving irons on the market.

It was created to provide feel from tee and the turf, and it is weighted for a higher launch than other driving irons. It is also an adjustable club going up and down to 8 different loft settings with a simple wrench.


  • An inexpensive but well-performing choice.
  • Can be used for shots other than off of the tee.
  • Longer than most hybrids and more accurate.
  • Adjustable loft depending on the course and your game.


  • More of a utility iron than a driving iron.
  • Has better feel than distance.

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Callaway X-Forged Utility Iron

A hollow, forged  long iron that looks, performs, and sounds great.

The Callaway X-Forged utility iron was created with elite golfers in mind, so the sweet spot is small but the technology is top notch. The club head is hollow with a tungsten insert in the middle that helps produce incredible ball speed, a low flight, and a lot of accuracy. If you are a good player, this club will help your game while outperforming the hybrid clubs you used to use.


  • The center of gravity is placed in the center of the club for a lower and more penetrating ball flight. 
  • A well struck ball with this club will perform consistently and well every time. 
  • Longer and straighter than hybrids.
  • A longer head, but still mid-sized instead of large.
  • It looks great and clean at setup.


  • Elite players with fast swings will see the fruits of this club.
  • It is one of the more expensive models on the list.
  • The feel is lessened by the hollow head.

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Cleveland Launcher UHX Utility Iron

Another crossover club that attempts to deliver the ease and playability of a hybrid in the body of a traditional long iron.

The result is a long driving iron with a high launch that is almost as easy to hit as a hybrid.


  • A less expensive option than many on the list.
  • As far as a driving iron goes, this club is easy to hit.
  • The hollow construction adds distance and forgiveness compared to traditional irons.
  • Created to play well off of the turf and the tee with a v-shaped sole.
  • Created for a large audience and not just the elite golfer.


  • This club is more about distance than feel.
  • Not as straight as some of the other options and launches higher than other driving irons.

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TaylorMade P790 UDI

TaylorMade created a driving iron that also bridges the distance gap between a 3-wood and a 4 iron.

It was created to be used off of the tee and from the ground with equal effectiveness. It looks like an iron at setup, but it is also easy to hit and offers a very straight ball flight. It is a more forgiving club than many driving irons as well.


  • Very straight ball flight.
  • Great trajectory for a utility iron.
  • The look inspires confidence at setup.
  • A forgiving club for a long iron.
  • Foam injected head that increases both distance and feel even with a hollow body.


  • Trajectory is too high for a driving iron.
  • It is an in-between club, so if you are looking only for a driving iron, there may be better options.

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Our Choice

The TaylorMade P790 made enough design changes in its 2020 club to be the winner. If you are looking for a driving iron to use exclusively off of the tee, this may not be the club for you.

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But if you are looking for a versatile club that’s easy to hit and provides unparalleled accuracy with good speed, then this is your club.


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