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There are 2 things that set game improvement irons apart from players irons more than anything else: added distance and increased forgiveness. The TaylorMade M6 irons have both.

As far as distance goes, TaylorMade game improvement irons have been some of the longest on the market for quite a while now, and the M6 does not disappoint.

This TaylorMade M6 Irons review will discuss some of the technology that increases distance, but suffice it to say that the M6 irons are long, forgiving, and easy to hit at a price point that is hard to beat.

Things to Consider Before Buying The TaylorMade M6 Irons

The M6 irons are the continuation of the “M” series that has been so successful for TaylorMade over the past few years. These irons were created for distance, higher launch angles, low spin, great forgiveness, and ease.

More than anything else, TaylorMade game improvement irons like the M6 are long, and this latest iteration of the clubs is longer than ever thanks to the new Speed Bridge technology.

The M6 are your traditional cavity-backed iron but the speed pocket on the 4 – 7 irons allows the variable thickness face to be connected to the body by the topline so that it hinges more like a fairway wood than an iron giving it more distance and control.  It also moves the center of gravity lower and the point of deflection down.

The bottom line is that it creates more distance and a higher launch than previous models. The Speed Bridge structure also looks great on the iron and promotes a sense of confidence standing over the ball.

In addition, there is a HYBRAR dampen bar on the inside of the head to promote better feel with less vibration and a less hollow sound. As you get to the higher lofted clubs, the speed bridge goes away with the 8-iron and the rest of the clubs promote more stability and feel while maintaining the distance and launch that the M6 is known for.

There is also a progressive offset that increases as you go up the set to make the longer irons easier to hit.

The bottom line is that this a very long and forgiving set of irons that have features up and down the set that make them great for most skill levels.


  • Some of the longest irons on the market.
  • Very forgiving with a huge sweet spot.
  • Does not produce much spin so that shots go straighter and mishits do not hook or slice as much.
  • More aggressive loft adds distance and control.
  • The Speed Bridge technology is new and improved on the M6 irons and adds real distance to the clubs.
  •  Great groove patterns on the higher lofted irons and wedges.
  • Progressive offset makes irons easier to hit.
  • Great for beginners all the way down to lower handicap players looking for additional distance in their irons.
  • Good improvement in launch, ball speed, and spin rates compared to the M4 irons.
  • Hybrar dampen bar adds to the feel and sound of the club while taking away the vibrations that a hollow constructed club can make.


  • Features are not as good for players with high swing speeds.
  • Not very workable around the course because they produce very little spin.
  • A more aggressive loft pattern is 1-2 degrees less loft than what many players are used to (this both a pro and a con).



Features and Benefits of The TaylorMade M6 Irons

Construction (5 out of 5)


The M6 irons are your typical steel irons with a chrome finish. They are cavity-backed for increased forgiveness and ease with a streak of TaylorMade orange across the top of the back. The heads feature a progressive offset that increases as you go up the set. The Speed Bridge technology that you see on the back of the club increases ball speed and it is what connects the variable thickness face with the rest of the body. The thru-slot speed pocket on the bottom of the club gives you even more ball speed at impact. The inverted cone technology makes for a huge sweet spot and tons of forgiveness while the HYBRAR dampen bar improves the feel up and down the set. All of these things make the head construction one of the most advanced out there and improves both distance and forgiveness in the M6 iron set.

Shaft Options

Of course you can replace shafts in each of your clubs, but that is not usually ideal. You want a set of irons with great stock options that you can play right off the rack and the M6 irons have just that. If you need a little more whip at the bottom or you have a more moderate swing speed, the Mitsubishi Tensei Orange is a great graphite shaft available in regular or stiff. The True Temper XP 100 steel shaft is as good as you will find on an iron set and also comes in stiff or regular.

Club Specs

      • Hand Availability: Right or Left
      • Material: Steel
      • Finish: Chrome
      • Swing Weight: D2
      • Set Makeup: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW (GW and SW available)
      • Manufacturer: TaylorMade
      • Shaft Types: Steel, Graphite
      • Shaft Names: True Temper XP100, Mitsubishi Tensei Orange
      • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet
      • Design: Cavity-Backed

Performance (5 out of 5)


While the M6 is built for ball speed, the forgiveness features are great as well. The sweet spot is huge due to the perimeter weighting and inverted cone technology. On top of that, the cavity-backed design gives you a lower center of gravity and a lot of stability behind the club face. With one of the lowest spin rates out there, they are not great for working around the course, but they protect you from those horrible hooks and slices that many of us run into during a round. Mishits travel far and straight so that even when you are off center on your strike, you can still find the center of the green on your approach. As far as forgiveness goes, these are some of the best irons on the market.

Control/Shot Shaping

As has been mentioned previously, the M6 irons were not built for draws and fades but for distance and forgiveness. That does not mean, however, that there is a lack of control in this set. In fact, as the set progresses to the shorter, lower-lofted clubs, control and spin increases as well. When a player purchases the M6 irons, they are not looking for more workability and shot shaping, but they do get great control and accuracy especially in the higher lofted clubs.


If there were a 6 out of 5 rating, the M6 irons would receive it for distance. They are some of the longest irons on the market and they improve on the M4 irons in this category fairly significantly. In fact, they increase distance and launch angle at the same time which is hard to do because increased launch should lead to decreased distance. Almost all of the added technology in the M6 went to increasing speed and it did exactly that.

Looks/Feel/Sound (3 out of 5)

You usually lose something in feel and sound when you are talking about game improvement irons, but that is not necessarily the case with the M6. While we would not give this section a perfect rating, they have certainly improved from the previous model and the hybrar dampen bar adds a lot to the club. There is very little vibration, the hollow sound is almost completely gone, and the club looks great. The added speed technology actually turned out to make the club look and feel better in your hands as well. There is still some hollowness in the higher irons, but as you get to the 8-iron and beyond, you get a great feeling and stable club.

Cost (4 out of 5)

You can find this set for around $600 at most retailers, and that is a good price for the features and distance offered. As golf moves more and more to a “distance first” sport, irons like the M6 are going to continue to grow in popularity. TaylorMade put a lot of new technology in these clubs, and the price is good for what you get.

Alternatives To The TaylorMade M6 Irons

TaylorMade M4 Irons

The TaylorMade M4 irons are long and straight just like a game improvement iron should be. The oversized heads look great at address and are actually feature progressive sizing as you move up the set. The Speed Pocket was improved from the M2, but not as good as the M6 and it lacks the Speed Bridge that the M6 features.

The M4 TaylorMade irons made some significant improvements and showed the focus of TaylorMade as a distance club moving forward in their game improvement irons. Players from different skill levels loved these irons because it provided effortless distance and they are very easy irons to hit straight. 


  • A huge improvement over the M2 in terms of forgiveness and distance.
  • It looks great at setup.
  • Lofted the same as the M6 which is lower than most clubs but this slightly lower loft increases distance.
  • Very low spin.
  • Great distance.
  • The Speed Pocket helped players who tend to top the ball.
  • The slight offset was great for golfers who struggle with a slice.
  • Great for beginners, high handicappers, and mid handicappers.


  • Even being a year behind in production versus the M6 irons means they missed some significant club technology.
  • Same price as the newer M6 irons.
  • Not as good for players with high swing speeds or low handicaps.


TaylorMade SIM Max OS Irons 

The SIM Max OS irons are really long and really forgiving. They are another in the TaylorMade game improvement line of irons, but there is something different about them as well. They have a lower ball flight but still hold well on the green with approach shots. They are easier to get off the ground and spin even less than the M6.

In general, the SIM Max OS irons have very similar features to the M6 but they are slightly more forgiving and slightly longer albeit at a higher price point. The main decision is whether or not it is worth spending the extra money for a similar but moderately better performing club. 


  • Very long, the SIM Max OS irons test longer than any other TaylorMade offering, and we agree with the tests.
  • Very forgiving.
  • The ECHO Dampening system is a better dampening system that the hybrar you find on the M6. It provides great feel and more stability and control.
  • The Speed Pocket helps you get under the ball with every shot.
  • Even big mishits end up going straight.


  • Over $100 more than the M6 irons.
  • A lower ball flight than some of the other game improvement irons out there, and lower than the M6.
  • Not good for shot shaping or working around the course.


Final Thoughts on The TaylorMade M6 Irons Review

(Overall Rating: 4 out of 5)

The price and the features offered by the M6 irons from TaylorMade make them one of the most desirable clubs on the market for the majority of golfers out there.

If you are looking for irons that will help you draw and fade the ball around the course and will provide great feel and high spin rates, look at a set of players irons.

If, however, you are like the majority of golfers out there and want more speed and more forgiveness, the M6 provides exactly that.

For higher handicaps, they are just more fun to play because they are easier to hit and help your mishits to not be as bad as they could be. For mid and lower handicappers, they can add some real yardage to your bag and can help you get on the green a little quicker and putt for a few more birdies than you have in the past.

All in all, this is a great game improvement iron set that will help the majority of golfers out there.



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