Callaway Apex Irons Review (2019 Version)

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The Callaway Apex irons are some of the most technologically advanced irons Callaway has produced. There are 2 lines of the Apex model, the standard and the Apex Pro.

The majority of this Callaway Apex 19 Irons Review will focus on the standard model but there will be some information about the Pro Irons as well.

The main thing to know about the Apex 19 irons is that they are long, they are forgiving, they launch high, and they have some workability as well.

When the Apex 19 irons came out, they were some of the best and maybe the longest on the market and while some technological advances have been made since then they remain a great option for players of any skill level.

Things to Consider Before Buying Callaway Apex Iron (2019 Version)

If you are looking for a combination of high end distance, great forgiveness, a high launch, and forged softness (and let’s be honest, who is not looking for those things)  then the Apex 19 irons are definitely worth a look. In my opinion, even with the newer irons that have come out since the Apex 19, you will be hard pressed to find the distance and forgiveness that these irons offer with the incredibly soft feel.

These are definitely players distance irons but with a lot of game improvement aspects to them as well. They are a cavity-back club but they provide enough spin to fade and draw the ball when needed.

The 360 cup face technology that Callaway has become known for along with the VFT (Variable Face Thickness) are one of the best combinations out there in the iron market.

These 2 technologies combine for an incredible amount of ball speed and almost equal forgiveness.

The thing that sets these irons apart, however, is the forged 1025 carbon steel body that is buttery soft while maintaining the distance and forgiveness that the other features offer.

In general, golfers expect to lose feel and softness as they gain distance and forgiveness, but that is not the case with the Apex 19 and that is why they are still one of the best iron sets out there.


  • The forged 1025 carbon steel body gives you some of the softest feel out there.
  • These irons are very long, helping you to create high end club head speed and ball speed.
  • If you need a forgiving iron, the Apex 19 are some of the best.
  • They are cavity-back, but they look as good as a muscle back at setup.
  • The urethane microspheres allow you to have an ultra thin face without much vibration and a great sound at contact.
  • The 360 cup face technology is ultra fast and ultra forgiving.
  • The VFT technology gives you the freedom to swing harder knowing that even mishits will be long and straight.
  • While they are not as workable as other irons, you can produce enough spin to work the ball around the course.
  • You get effortless distance.
  • The tungsten infused weighting is very precise and gives you really good center of gravity placement on each individual iron.
  • The platinum chrome finish is very pleasing to the eye both in the bag and on the course.
  • The stock grips and shaft options are great.
  • It is an overall good club with very few negatives.


  • Brand new they are really expensive. They are full of technology and they are really good clubs, but they are expensive. Even used they will cost you.
  • Not as workable as other high irons.
  • A game improvement iron may turn some lower handicappers off.

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Features and Benefits Of The Callaway Apex Iron (2019 Version)

Construction (5 out of 5)


The construction of the head is as good as you will see on a set of irons. The forged 1025 carbon steel is ultra soft without losing any distance or forgiveness. Adding 360 cup face technology and VFT to a forged iron was a move that was ahead of its time. It maintained incredible softness with supreme forgiveness and distance. The tungsten infused weighting gives you well-placed center of gravity for great trajectory on each club. These irons have game improvement features with the look and feel of a players iron.

Shaft Options

The True Temper Elevate 95 steel shafts are great steel shafts and weigh in at only 95g. There are a couple of graphite options with the Project X Catalyst 60g shaft being the most popular. You can also get the True Temper Project X Catalyst graphite shaft in a light flex 50g option. As far as shaft flex goes, you can find the steel in S or R and the graphite in L, R, and S.

Club Specs

    • 3 Iron: 19° Loft | 39″ Length | 60° Lie | 5.1mm Offset | D2 Steel Swing Weight | D0 Graphite Swing Weight
    • 4 Iron: 21° Loft | 38.5″ Length | 60.5° Lie | 4.6mm Offset | D2 Steel Swing Weight | D0 Graphite Swing Weight
    • 5 Iron: 23.5° Loft | 38″ Length | 61° Lie | 4.1mm Offset | D2 Steel Swing Weight | D0 Graphite Swing Weight
    • 6 Iron: 26.5° Loft | 37.5″ Length | 61.5° Lie | 3.6mm Offset | D2 Steel Swing Weight | D0 Graphite Swing Weight
    • 7 Iron: 30.5° Loft | 37″ Length | 62° Lie | 3.0mm Offset | D2 Steel Swing Weight | D0 Graphite Swing Weight
    • 8 Iron: 34.5° Loft | 36.5″ Length | 62.5° Lie | 2.8mm Offset | D2 Steel Swing Weight | D0 Graphite Swing Weight
    • 9 Iron: 38.5° Loft | 36″ Length | 63° Lie | 2.7mm Offset | D2 Steel Swing Weight | D0 Graphite Swing Weight
    • Pitching Wedge: 43° Loft | 35.75″ Length | 63.5° Lie | 2.5mm Offset | D2 Steel Swing Weight | D0 Graphite Swing Weight
    • Approach Wedge: 48° Loft | 35.5″ Length | 63.5° Lie | 2.4mm Offset | D2 Steel Swing Weight | D0 Graphite Swing Weight
    • Sand Wedge: 54° Loft | 35.25″ Length | 63.5° Lie | 2.4mm Offset | D2 Steel Swing Weight | D0 Graphite Swing Weight
    • Stock Shaft: True Temper Elevate 95 steel | Project X Catalyst graphite
    • Gender: Men’s Right or Left Hand

Performance (5 out of 5)


You cannot really beat the forgiveness of the Apex 19 irons. The VFT technology means that even off center strikes are long and straight, and the 360 cup face technology offers great forgiveness. The Tungsten weighting was placed specifically to get the center of gravity in the right place, but it also raises the MOI of the club and increases forgiveness as well.

Control/Shot Shaping

You get high end control with the weighting, launch angles, and fairly strong lofts in this set. The center of gravity in each specific iron is engineered with supreme precision that aids in control and shot shaping. You can get enough spin to shape your shots when needed, but if you really want shot shaping capability you should look at the Apex Pro irons. 


Everything about the design of these irons comes down to ball speed and distance. Even the forgiveness features are there so that you get supreme distance on off center hits. The 360 cup face added ball speed across the face and the VFT produces optimal ball speed for every inch of the club. The face is really thin and hot so that you get crazy ball speeds and the distance that follows is as good as any club you will find on the market.

Looks/Feel/Sound (5 out of 5)

This is another aspect of performance where the Apex 19 irons could surpass the highest rating offered. At setup, the chrome finish looks great and the smaller club head sits behind the ball perfectly and gives you the confidence to hit a great shot. The forged 1025 carbon steel that I have mentioned numerous times already gives you some of the softest feel in the players distance irons market.

Cost (3.5 out of 5)

Cost is the only area where the Apex 19 irons do not perform well. When they first came out you would have to spend more than $1,200 to get a full set and that made them out of reach for many golfers. As new clubs and technology flood the market, the Apex 19 irons will continue to go down in price and especially if you do not mind buying pre-owned clubs.

Alternatives To The Callaway Apex Iron (2019 Version)

Epic Forged

The first thing you will notice about a set of Epic forged irons is how they look. The dark gray finish along with the thinner topline looks great next to the ball.

You get these great looks in a precision forged iron that gives you great feel and workability combined with some of the best distance and forgiveness in the performance club market.

The Epic forged has much of the same technology found in the Apex 19 irons but added a suspended tungsten core with greater precision in the placement of the CG, premium shafts, and high end grips.

The Epic forged have an even thinner topline than the Apex 19 and the design looks great at address.

The heads are more strongly lofted than the Apex 19 which leads to added distance and they are more workable around the course as well.

You still get the 360 cup face, VFT, tungsten core, urethane microspheres, and the forged 1025 carbon steel construction. There are just a couple of added features that make the Epic forged a slightly improved version of the Apex 19.


  • They are even longer than the Apex 19 partly because of the stronger lofts but partly because they are just a longer club.
  • The tungsten core is more precisely placed for almost perfect launch angles for each club.
  • The VFT and 360 cup face still make these some of the longest and most forgiving irons out there.
  • They have extremely soft feel while maintaining great control.
  • There is some workability to them.
  • Premium stock grips and shafts as compared to previous iron sets.


  • The cost is prohibitive for many golfers and they cost more than the Apex 19.
  • While it has players features, it is not a purely players iron and some low handicappers will want more workability and feel around the green.

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Callaway Mavrik

The Mavrik line of irons are Callaway’s replacement for the Rogue line and they are receiving high praise from many in the golf world.

They are the first line of Callaway irons to be created using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and they are performing really well. You get gains in distance and forgiveness from the AI technology that were not previously available.

The Mavrik irons feature longer shafts and stronger lofts which should immediately lead to gains in distance, but there is a lot more to it as well.

The Flash Face technology that is found in the Mavrik and Epic Flash drivers is now found in the Mavrik irons. Flash Face creates a specific and precise face architecture for every individual iron taking into account loft, length, and purpose.

The Flash Face is really thin and hot as well with great perimeter weighting the gives you a huge sweet spot and great distance.

The clubs also look, sound, and feel as good as any game improvement iron on the market. In short, the Mavrik took the positives of their predecessors and made them better even adding some great features along the way.


  • The new and improved version of the Rogue X irons.
  • They are longer and more forgiving than any Callaway iron before them.
  • The Flash Face technology means the club face is more advanced than any on the market.
  • Each club/loft has its own face architecture to maximize distance, launch, and purpose.
  • Produces really fast ball speeds and great distance.
  • Maintains the tungsten energy core for precision placement of the center of gravity of each club.
  • Stronger lofts but with higher launch angles means you get added distance and height.
  • They look great at setup.
  • The Pro, Max, and Mavrik are all designed for different skill levels.


  • The slightly smaller head size may be a turn off for higher handicappers.
  • They are not priced for beginners.

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Final Thoughts On The Callaway Apex Irons Review (2019 Version)

(Overall Rating: 5 out of 5)

Other than the high cost of the irons when they first came out, there is not a lot of flaws in the Apex 19 and Apex Pro irons. They really produce all of the features that you want in an iron and for basically any skill level.

While they are strong all-around, their major strength is the gains you get in ball speed and distance, and that is what almost every player is looking for these days.

When you produce an iron that is long and forgiving while maintaining buttery soft feel and decent workability, you have created a work of art, and that is basically what the Apex 19 irons are.

If you cannot tell, we really like these irons and especially if you can find them at a discount now that the Apex 21, Mavrik, and Epic Forged are on the market as well.

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