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A wedge is important in golf for a variety of reasons. Stuck in a greenside bunker, needing to stick a shot from 100 yards out, or chipping over a hazard and landing close to the hole, your wedge is kind of your troubleshooter. 

Most of your clubs have 1 or 2 primary responsibilities, but your wedge is the “do-it-all” club that can both save you from trouble and be one of your top scoring clubs. Senior golfers need a strong wedge as much as any other player, and there are wedges designed to make it easier for senior players to use. 

You want to look for a wedge that will add a little distance, increase your spin rate around the green, and you want that club to be as easy to hit as possible. 

The following reviews will help you decide which are the best golf wedges for seniors in 2020. We go over some of the features, some pros and cons, and then a buying guide to help you choose the best one for your particular game.

Best Golf Wedges For Seniors in 2022 Reviewed

Cleveland CBX 2

When we think of wedge manufacturers, the first company that comes to mind is Cleveland. It seems like Cleveland comes up with a new and revolutionary wedge every few years, and the CBX 2 is another one of those types of wedges. The CBX wedges are revolutionary because Cleveland took the cavity back design that the vast majority of golfers use in their other irons, and they designed their wedges with the same features.

Players use cavity back clubs because they are easier to hit, more forgiving, more accurate, and all for about the same amount of distance as a blade. Cleveland took those features and created a wedge. In short, Cleveland came up with a club that has incredible feel while increasing distance and shot making capability so that you get the best of both worlds. For seniors looking for a club that is easy to hit, has good feel, top notch forgiveness, and great distance this is a great wedge to add to your bag.


  • The positive aspects of cavity back clubs in a wedge.
  • Great distance and forgiveness without losing spin or feel around the greens.
  • Some of the best “full shot” wedges on the market. These clubs provide distance and forgiveness that most wedges do not have and that most seniors need.
  • A different sole grind for each wedge so that they play to their specialty.
  • The groove system provides very high spin rates and incredible feel around the greens so that you do not lose this important aspect of the short game.
  • Designed for game improvement and to be easy to hit without losing distance. They are perfect for the senior game.


  • Look different at setup than a traditional blade wedge and this could be difficult for seasoned golfers.
  • A little less flexibility in shot-making and slightly less feel around the greens.

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Callaway JAWS MD5

Callaway describes these wedges as having, “the most aggressive grooves in golf.” Whether or not that is true, these clubs do produce some of the best spin and feel around the green of any other wedge out there. While they come in second on this list, they are not far out of first as these clubs setup very well for PGA pros and seniors alike.

These wedges produce a very accurate, long, and forgiving “full wedge shot” while performing admirably on chips and flops as well. They also feature a larger face area so that they catch the ball extremely well on open-face shots and maintain contact as long as possible. They are lightweight and come in a senior flex graphite shaft that is very high end. They also feature a progressive head design which means each wedge face is designed to perform at the optimal level for its loft and purpose. In short, th


  • The groove-in-groove technology produces a ton of spin around the green.
  • The JAW groove design adds to the groove-in-groove to provide what Callaway calls “the most aggressive grooves in golf.”
  • 6 lofts from which to choose.
  • Precisely shaped for a great look both in the bag and at setup.
  • The distinctive blue medallions on the back increase the aesthetics.
  • Great full shot wedges.
  • Very consistent ball flight.
  • Effortlessly Provides extra distance on full shots and extra backspin around the green.


  • Beginners and very high handicappers would not get the most out of the features provided.
  • Not as forgiving as some of the other wedges.
  • On the expensive side.

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Titleist Vokey SM8

Designed by a club design legend, these wedges look, feel, and perform like high end clubs. One of the most unique characteristics is the center of gravity. The higher the loft, the higher the center of gravity which provides some of the best trajectory and distance control on the market. The thing that makes these clubs great for seniors is the effortless spin and distance that they provide.

They are perfectly weighted and designed so that you get maximum distance and a high launch even at lower swing speeds. The spin milled grooves provide a ton of friction so that the ball can stop on a dime. There are graphite shaft options that provide great feel and some increased flex without losing any control or feel around the green. These wedges will perform the best for players with an already established swing, but our assumption is that most senior golfers have that already. 


  • They look and feel great from the first touch.
  • Produce a ton of backspin and increased feel around the green.
  • They are weighted and designed well for full wedge shots.
  • The progressive center of gravity provides some of the best trajectory and distance control on the market.
  • Designed by Bob Vokey, one of the most well-known and respected club designers of the past 20 years.
  • Different color finishes allows you to choose the look you like most.


  • A pure blade design with a smaller head makes it less forgiving and easier to mishit.
  • Made for more experienced golfers, so if you are a senior player just starting the game of golf, these might not be the clubs for you.
  • On the expensive side.

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Ping Glide 3.0

Rather than reengineering an old design or updating an older club, Ping started from scratch with their Glide wedges. They wanted to tap into the “common golfer” market by producing a club that was a combination of game improvement and performance. The results are in and these wedges are really good. They produce a lot of spin and have great feel but they are also forgiving. They designed the head to be slightly larger with a bigger sweet spot, and the size increase is barely noticeable at address.

The deep, sharp grooves on the face produce a lot of backspin while the increase surface area provides more accuracy and a straighter shot. For seniors, this is one of the lightest and easiest to hit wedges out there. They are easy to control and even have a senior flex graphite shaft option for increased distance on full wedge shots. The perimeter weighting makes for a huge sweet spot and fewer mishits.


  • With the added backspin, you can make the ball stop on a dime.
  • A great wedge for chipping and for full approach shots.
  • A lot of flexibility and customizations available.
  • One of the lightest clubs on the market.
  • Increased face surface area makes it look better at address and perform better.
  • Precision milled grooves for increased spin.
  • A blade design with some cavity back features.


  • More aimed at low-handicappers.
  • Not as much bounce as some of the other clubs.

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Mizuno T-20

Mizuno irons are known for their grain flow forging process that produces one of the softest and best feeling irons on the market. These wedges feature that same process as well as face milling lines to create a lot of friction and backspin around the green. These wedges come in various lofts and bounces depending on your swing and preference so that these are very versatile clubs. These clubs were made specifically for low handicap golfers who are looking for a lot of extra spin in their scoring clubs.

These clubs look great in your bag and great on the course as well. They are also very forgiving clubs with a large sweet spot. They are not as good as some of the clubs ahead of them on this list for longer wedge approach shots, but they perform as well or better than any wedge on the market around the green. It had been a while since Mizuno updated their wedge products, but for many the T-20 was worth the wait.


  • Customizable with a wide range of lofts and a couple of bounce options.
  • Just like the Vokey, the center of gravity was raised to promote better trajectory and improved forgiveness.
  • The forging process produces some of the best feel in the game.
  • A slightly bigger head adds to the sweet spot and it is difficult to perceive the increase in size.
  • The hydro flow micro grooves give you additional backspin.
  • Fine-tuned head geometry gives you great acoustics along with immediate feedback on your shot.
  • The blue ion finish looks great.


  • Better around the green than as an approach wedge.
  • On the expensive side.

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TaylorMade MG2

The “MG” stands for “milled grind” which refers to the milling process used along with raw face technology to give you great spin on every shot. The leading edge on all of the clubs, but particularly the sand wedge, allows these wedges to perform well regardless of lie or conditions.

The focus of these wedges is on spin and feel around the green and both of these things are produced almost effortlessly. 


  • Produces a ton of backspin with little effort.
  • The leading edge cuts through the turf, sand, or rough as well as any other wedge on this list.
  • Looks great at address, especially with the higher bounce angle.
  • The TPU insert dampens vibrations and enhances the sound and feel of the club.
  • A thicker head design adds to MOI and increases forgiveness.


  • Face can rust easily and show scuff marks.
  • An expensive option.
  • Aimed at lower handicap players.

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Wilson Staff Model

Wilson has produced a solid value wedge at a great price for years. In fact, it is probably one of the most underrated wedge manufacturers on the list. This wedge boasts a great look at setup, a higher toe for increased hitting area, and forged carbon that is lightweight and strong.

These wedges are also very flexible and easy to hit compared to most on this list. On top of that, it is the least expensive option that we are reviewing while maintaining many of the same features that are found on the more expensive wedges.


  • The least expensive option on this list.
  • The higher toe gives increased surface area for hitting and increases backspin and feel.
  • On full and half swings you get great spin, consistency, accuracy.
  • An ultra soft feel on every shot.
  • The club looks great and looks more expensive than it is.
  • Performs very well around the green.


  • Fewer customization options than others on this list.
  • Not the same feel or speed as others on this list.

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Cobra King MIM

These wedges are all about feel and spin and they produce a lot of both. The “MIM” stands for “Metal Injection Molded” which is a process that creates a rough face surface for added backspin and control around the greens. These wedges are soft and great around the green.

The spin is produced with very little effort and the ball will stop quickly from any lie. The stainless steel head is very responsive and the chrome finish is both aesthetically pleasing and helps the club last and perform for a long time.  


  • One of the softest wedges on the market.
  • The club performs great around the green on any shot and from any lie.
  • As much spin as legally allowed in tests.
  • The club looks great and feels great in your hands.
  • The feel of these wedges from the rough, the sand, the fairway, and when a hazard is in the way is top notch.
  • A very easy club to hit.


  • The ball flight on fuller swings is not as consistent or straight as other clubs on the list.
  • A smaller sweet spot makes this club much less forgiving than the top wedges on the list.
  • No graphite shaft option.

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How To Choose The Best Wedge For Seniors

Your wedges, along with your putter, are your scoring clubs. Your long irons, driver, and woods get you around the green, but these short game clubs get you home. In Harvey Penick’s “Little Red Book,” he said that the 3 most important clubs, in order, are putter, driver, and wedge.

It is important to choose the best wedge for your game and for your swing as you continue to keep your scores as low as possible.

In the next section we will discuss the features that you should look for when purchasing senior wedges, but the first step in choosing the best wedge for seniors is to find the wedges that match your game.

Chances are, you will find them in the same brand as your irons, but that is not always the case. Wedges are different enough and specific enough in what they do that trying out multiple brands and deciding what fits your swing best is the way to go, especially as your swing plane and speed change with age.

Features To Look For in The Best Wedge For Seniors

Feel. Regardless of age or skill, feel is a major feature for wedges. Your short game has to be a little intuitive and creative, and the feel that the club gives you is of utmost importance. Feel, in short, is your ability to know how to chip or putt your ball as close to the hole as possible and have it stop where you want it to. Finding a club that gives you the best “feel” is the most important first step.

Spin. Spin is a huge aspect of feel, but it is important enough by itself to take up its own category. Spin may be the single most important factor for seniors in their wedge purchase decision. As your swing plane and speed changes, it can become more difficult to put backspin on a ball both with an approach shot and around the green. Today’s wedge technology can help your spin rate tremendously so that you do not lose your ability to stop the ball close to the hole. 

Consistency. You want to know that if you repeat the same swing at the same speed over and over again, that you will produce the same results. Some wedges are better at this type of consistency than others, and you can find that out through research and seeing what others, like us, say about a wedge. Consistency is important, so make sure the wedge you choose can produce consistent results.

Sole Grind. Sole grind is exactly what it sounds like it is. Manufacturers will actually grind the sole of a club so that it sits lower or higher on the ground or so that it is easier to open up the club face at impact. The sole grind is just an additional shaping tool for wedges, but it can change the effectiveness of your game if you find the right grind for each of your wedges.

Bounce. The term “bounce” refers to the area of the club that hits the turf right before or right after making contact with the ball. Your bounce angle will help you stop digging into the turf or the sand and get the leading edge closer to your ball before the sole makes contact with the ground.

Loft. You want to choose your lofts based on your other irons, how many wedges you plan to carry, and the trajectory you are trying to achieve. Most clubs have multiple loft options for each specific wedge, so it is up to you to decide what loft you need.

Should I Really Buy a Wedge For Seniors?

Wedges and putters are a little more universal than the other clubs in your bag in terms of the difference between a senior club and a regular club. The senior flex is less important and distance is less important in your wedges than they are otherwise.

At the same time, there are some things that can help your wedge game as your swing gets slower and less precise. Putting more spin on the ball with less effort, getting a good and soft trajectory, and the ability to maintain full shot distance are all important and things that can be improved upon with the right senior wedge.

All of that to say that, yes, you should buy a wedge for seniors because it can definitely help your short game and keep your scores down as your swing changes.


Best Overall: Cleveland CBX 2

Cleveland has done it again with their revolutionary CBX wedge concept. With the vast majority of players, even some touring pros, switching to cavity back irons, it makes sense that a cavity back wedge would work as well. As you may have predicted, these wedges are more forgiving and just as long and accurate as any other wedge out there on full to half swing wedge shots.

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One of their best features, however, is that they perform just as well with backspin and feel around the green. Other than the fact that their appearance is slightly different than what many golfers are used to in a wedge, the CBX 2 wedges have very few weaknesses and a lot of reasons why a senior golfer would want to carry them in their bag.

Most Affordable: Wilson Staff Model

As is often the case, the Wilson Staff Model is the most affordable option. Wilson has made a name for itself in the high-quality/high feature market and this wedge competes well with even the biggest names.

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