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Around the time that most of us have a little extra time to spend out on the golf course is when we really begin to notice our swing changing. Drives that used to clear a hazard  now fall in. Approach shots that used to land softly on the green and stick now are either left short or run right over. 

The old adage, “Time is undefeated” applies to every aspect of our life and our golf game is far from immune. With today’s technology, however, we can make that slow decline even slower and we can help our game stay where it is for as long as possible.

The following contains reviews and advice concerning the best fairway woods for seniors in 2020. The key is to not let pride enter into the picture and find the clubs that will keep you at the top of your game for as long as possible.

Best Fairway Woods For Seniors in 2022 Reviewed

Cobra King SpeedZone Big Tour

The same technology that makes the SpeedZone driver one of the longest on the market also make these our choice for best fairway woods for seniors. You can find these clubs in a 3, 5, and 7 wood, and we would suggest you get them all. The face of these clubs are very forgiving and they produce very little spin.

Add to that the low center of gravity which helps with launch and you have a great club for moderate and lower swing speeds. This club was built for speed and it should help to add some distance to your fairway woods both off of the tee and the turf.


  • If you need a little extra distance, these fairway woods can really help you out.
  • The same technology that makes the Cobra King driver one of the longest on the market, make these fairway woods some of the longest available as well.
  • The high end of ball speed without being an illegal club.
  • The hollow split rails create a huge sweet spot for optimal distance even on mishits.
  • Looks as good at setup as it performs during the swing.
  • The baffler rails reduce drag and cuts through the turf as well as any fairway woods out there.
  • Not as expensive as some of the other higher end clubs.
  • Weighted in the back at the bottom of the club to produce great launch angles.


  • More difficult to shape your shot because of how little spin is produced.
  • Larger head can make it more difficult to hit off the deck than some of its smaller counterparts.

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Callaway Mavrik Max

Another great option for seniors, especially if you like to play some of the higher lofted woods like the 9 or 11. Callaway’s “Flash Face” technology was created using Artificial Intelligence (AI) making these some of the most technologically advanced clubs on the market. Each clubface is designed differently and specific to its loft which allows them to produce optimal distance and launch. These are very consistent and very long clubs.

The different weighting options allow each player to focus more on distance, spin, shaping, etc. depending on what you need for your swing and your game. If your swing speed is slowing, these can be some of the longest clubs out there. If you want to continue to be able to put spin on the ball with your higher lofted woods, that is available well. For seniors who know their game and what they need, these clubs are great.


  • The most technologically advanced and customizable fairway woods out there.
  • AI technology allows each club to be made to precise specifications.
  • 7 different lofts available from a 3-wood to an 11-wood.
  • These clubs are long and straight.
  • A huge sweet spot makes these fairway woods good for any skill level.
  • Interchangeable weighting system make these some of the most flexible clubs on the market.
  • Feels and sounds great at impact.


  • If you have a natural draw or hook, these may not be the clubs for you.
  • The larger head may not be ideal for all golfers.
  • On the expensive side.

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TaylorMade SIM Max

The difference between the top 3 clubs on this list is very small, and the TaylorMade SIM Max fairway woods are very high quality clubs. If your driver is working one day, they are great off of the tee, but they perform equally well off of the deck. These fairway woods are focused on control and a high launch angle but they also provide a lot of extra distance.

With a 3, 3+, 5, 7, and 9 all available, you have a lot of flexibility in setting up your bag. TaylorMade’s TwistFace technology makes mishits a thing of the past and the ultra-thin ultra-strong steel face gives you a lot of extra ball speed. TaylorMade has been at the top of the driver and woods category for a long time, and the SIM Max fairway woods are great for adding distance without sacrificing feel and control.


  • The thin steel face produces a lot of extra ball speed.
  • The TwistFace technology uses corrective face angles to provide a straight and accurate shot even on mishits.
  • The speed pocket provides some sole flexibility for extra speed and distance.
  • The V-steel sole design helps with alignment, looks great at setup, and helps the club to cut through the turf with very little resistance.
  • The sound and feel at impact gives you instant feedback on your shot.
  • TaylorMade continues to produce some of the best woods on the market.


  • On the expensive side.
  • Made for more advanced golfers.

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Titleist TS2

The “TS” stands for “Titleist Speed” and that is exactly what you get from these fairway woods. Titleist is one of the classic brands in golf, and the TS2 woods are a great option. The speed chassis features a thin crown, very fast face, and high MOI to create distance and forgiveness at the same time.

This is another club that performs very well from the tee and the turf and can help your game in numerous ways. With 5 loft options from a 3 to 7-wood, you can fill your bag with one of a senior golfer’s main weapons…a long, straight, and accurate fairway wood.


  • The TS2 is built for speed and forgiveness and the extra distance is perfect for the senior game.
  • 5 different loft options allows for maximum flexibility.
  • The club is weighted for a high launch angle and extremely low spin so that you do not lose any distance and the ball travels straight and true.
  • The speed chassis maximizes speed without losing forgiveness.
  • The sweet spot is almost the entire face of the club.
  • Performs as well or better from the tee than any other fairway wood out there.
  • A large and forgiving head.
  • Not as expensive as some other high end models.


  • Does not perform as well from the turf as the top 3 models.
  • Extra focus on speed causes you to lose out on some feel.

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Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

The aerodynamic design and great look of this club draws your eye immediately, and the rest of the club is just as impressive. This is a really good and really long fairway wood for a really good price compared to comparable models. The focus of this club is on the launch.

The ball flies off of the ground quickly and with ease and produces a high and long ball flight with very little spin. Each of these fairway woods feature a high quality graphite shaft and it is one of the lightest fairway woods out there. There are adjustable and removable weights which give you great control and can help you increase your distance. 


  • A great club to launch the ball from any lie and any terrain.
  • Cleveland focused on getting the ball off the turf high and quickly and the ball kind of jumps off the face of the club.
  • These clubs setup well for slow to moderate swing speeds.
  • Low spin and highly accurate shots.
  • A very inexpensive club for the features offered.
  • One of the lightest clubs out there.
  • The weighting of the shaft combined with the placement of the clubhead weight make it a very intuitive club that feels natural to swing.
  • Produces a very straight and true ball flight.


  • Not as many loft options or customization features.
  • Does not add as much distance or consistency as some of the higher end clubs.
  • Setup with a draw bias which may or may not be what senior players are looking for.

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XXIO Eleven

There is a tendency to put XXIO products higher up the list for seniors because of their focus on the weighting of the club, and there is something to be said about keeping it lightweight. This club is just not as forgiving or as long as the clubs ahead of it. However, the cup face has increased distance and these clubs have always been easy to hit, so many seniors may prefer the XXIO fairway woods.

The weight pad and cannon shape provides great launch characteristics for slow to moderate swings and these clubs cut through the turf well. It is also a very straight club that produces a low spin rate so that your shot is on target. The clubs are weighted closer to the grip which give it an even lighter feel and more control with each swing.


  • For moderate to slower swings.
  • Many of the characteristics setup well for a senior club.
  • Comes in a lot of different lofts.
  • A high quality stock shaft that is weighted well.
  • The smaller profile club looks a little better at setup and can be easier to hit.
  • While the club head is smaller than many of the other clubs, the sweet spot is huge.
  • Increases distance and keeps the ball straight.


  • Very expensive for a fairway wood which lowers its standing on this list.
  • Not as long or as forgiving as some of the other clubs on the list.

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Ping G410

Ping listened to their touring pros and created the G410 fairway woods. They are longer, straighter, and promote less spin than their previous offerings all of which give you a longer and truer ball trajectory.

There is a weight that runs parallel across almost the entire face of the club which lowered the center of gravity significantly and created a huge sweet spot and higher launch angles. These clubs did exactly what they were supposed to do by giving players flexibility to make slight changes in weight and loft and creating a lot of ball speed. 


  • The “Force Line” that runs parallel with the face of the club created a hugh sweet spot and a lower center of gravity.
  • These clubs are long and straight.
  • A high and fast launch.
  • The ability to make slight changes to the loft and lie of the club depending on your swing and circumstances.
  • A shallow face reduces the weight and increases the energy without losing feel and accuracy.
  • Performs well from the tee and the turf.
  • Very low spin and a great launch angle make for a penetrating and high ball flight.


  • Made for lower handicappers.
  • Not as long as the higher end clubs on the list.
  • Not as forgiving as many of the other woods.

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Tour Edge EXS 220

If you took off all of the branding and took away the marketing aspect of golf equipment, the Tour Edge EXS drivers and fairway woods would be in the same class as the big dogs. Every year they seem to come out with some new technology and new features that help keep them in line with the more well-known manufacturers. These fairway woods are very forgiving, have a great launch angle, and produce a lot of ball speed.

The Diamond face acts almost like a trampoline sending the ball high and very quickly. These fairway woods interact with the turf well and can be used from any lie and on any terrain. It has very high MOI so that there is very little spin which produces a great ball flight. In short, these might be the best clubs you have never heard of. If they were a little lighter and a little longer, they would definitely be higher up this list.


  • A good price for a good club. 
  • The same, if not better, technology used in the higher end and more well-known brands.
  • These clubs can be found in the bag of touring professionals and weekend warriors alike.
  • Launch and forgiveness are the main focal points of these fairway woods, and the results are great.
  • The diamond face produces great ball speed and even better forgiveness. Even mishits travel far and straight.
  • Dual carbon fibre in the sole and heel save a lot of weight for the rest of the club.
  • Interacts with the turf as well as any other fairway wood.
  • The sweet spot is almost the entire face of the club.


  • Not as long as some of the other clubs on the list.
  • Does not perform as well from the tee as the other top performers.

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Wilson Launch Pad

These fairway woods do not have all of the bells and whistles of the others on this list, but they add distance and are maybe the most consistent fairway woods out there. They are very lightweight and the senior flex is perfect for adding a little whip at the end of your swing. These clubs perform well from different lies and they are great when your driver is not as accurate as you need it to be as well.

The club is offset and is weighted for a draw bias so that it is almost difficult to hit this ball to the right. While there are only a couple of lofts to choose from, this is a formidable club to have in your bag.


  • The lowest priced option on the list.
  • A very tight shot dispersion in testing.
  • It is difficult to hit the ball right.
  • Made for golfers with low to moderate swing speeds.
  • Produce good distance and a very consistent ball flight.
  • Straight from the deck and the tee.
  • Very easy to launch.


  • Only a couple of lofts from which to choose.
  • The sound and feedback leave a lot to be desired.
  • The offset and draw bias is not for everyone.
  • Not as forgiving as the other clubs on this list.

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Choosing The Best Fairway Woods For Seniors

Choosing the best fairway wood for your game is always a process. You want to read articles like this one and listen to the advice of experts, but in the end you have to go out and feel the weight of the club in your hand and swing at a few golf balls while you are at it. There is no “one size fits all” solution to fairway woods for any group of people, but many senior players who are looking for clubs are hoping to get back some distance without losing feel.

One of the keys to finding the best fairway woods for seniors is to realize when your swing has slowed so that you can find the technology to help fix it. Features like more flex in the shaft, more ball speed off of the face, and a low center of gravity to get the ball high into the air are all important in choosing a club.

The most important thing, however, is to choose the club that feels good in your hands and produces the best results. Articles like this are guides to help you get there, and a lot of research was done to find the best clubs out there. In the end, however, choose the best club for you.

Features To Look For in Fairway Woods For Seniors

As we age, our swings change. Oftentimes we lose a few mph and we need technology to help us get some of it back. The following are some of the most important features to look for in a senior fairway wood. We put this in our order of importance based on what most senior golfers are looking for.

Distance. There are a lot of ways to gain distance, and those extra 15 yards can mean a lot. You want to find a club that is designed to produce increased ball speed with the face technology, the shaft flex, and the weight of the club. Some clubs include extra features and weighting to make sure you get the most distance possible.

Weight. The lighter something is, the easier it is to move it and the faster you can make it move. Even the slightest difference in weight can add a lot of distance and a lot of control to your clubs. The weight is slightly more important in your driver and fairway woods, so when looking to purchase your next set, keep that in mind.

Control. While you want distance and forgiveness, you do not want to lose your control and accuracy. You want to be able to continue to put the ball where you need it to be and the only way to do that is by maintaining control. That means that you do not want a shaft with too much flex or a face that produces too much spin. 

Forgiveness. As your swing changes and slows down, inevitably there will be more mishits and timing difficulties. Luckily, a lot of fairway woods have increased the size of their sweet spots to include virtually the entire face of the club. That means that even if you miss the ball a little, you will still get a straight and long ball flight.

Aesthetics. Just like with anything else, if your fairway woods look good, you will be able to hit them better. Make sure you line them up and they look good standing over the ball.

Preference. In the end, you will know which fairway woods are the best for you and your swing. A lot of it hinges on your preferences of features, looks, and brand. Choose the club that suits you best.

Should I Really Buy Fairway Woods For Seniors?

The answer is “yes.” Of course you should use all of the technology that is out there to keep your golf game going as strong as possible. As we age, our swings change, and if we want to continue to have fun on the golf course, we have to change with our swing.

Find that extra little bit of distance and buy that club that launches your ball into the air because, in the end, it is just going to make your golf game better and allow you to have more fun.

Our Choices

Best Overall: Cobra King SpeedZone Big Tour

If you are looking for distance and forgiveness, then these are the fairway woods for you. The technology is great and the ball flight is incredible. Standing over the ball you have the confidence that every swing is going to be good.

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These clubs produce very little spin so that your ball flies straight but it produces the maximum amount of ball speed possible so that you get those extra few yards that you have been looking for. With fairway woods for seniors, distance is king, and these clubs are very long.

Most Affordable: Wilson Launch Pad

Just because they are affordable does not mean that they do not work. The Wilson Launch Pad fairway woods are long and straight and they will definitely add distance to your game.

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