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The 5 wood, for me, has always been kind of a work horse club. Hitting it off of the tee, punching out of the woods, and hitting a high and straight approach shot from 220 yards out (it happens…sometimes…ok, rarely) are all things that a 5 wood is really good for.

It is considerably easier to hit from the fairway than a 3 wood although they are just a little apart in length and loft. Standing over a 5 wood in the middle of the fairway just feels right, especially when you have the right club that fits your swing. A lot of people are moving away from fairway woods to hybrids, and I agree that you should have a few hybrids in your bag.

However, a 3 wood and 5 wood are still part of my arsenal and give you that extra bit of distance that most hybrids just do not have in them. The following is a description and review of the best 5 wood on the market in 2020. This guide will help see how the clubs are different and help you to understand which 5 wood will help your game the most.  

Best 5 Wood in 2022 Reviewed

TaylorMade SIM/SIM Max/SIM Max D

TaylorMade just continues to produce high quality woods that perform well at almost any skill level. While this 5 wood is really good off of the tee because of the distance that it provides, it is one of the best on the market from the deck. The “V steel” technology allows the bottom of the club to slide through the turf so that your club does not get caught up and you make solid contact with the ball.

When you make that contact, the “Twist Face” technology kicks in and gives your club face corrective angles throughout the hitting surface so that your ball flies straight and true even if you are off center. The club has a very low center of gravity so that you launch the ball high and with little spin. The Speed Pocket means that you have top notch face flexibility to give you that extra distance and pop. All of that on a hot, ultra-thin steel face that provides some of the best ball speed on the market. What you get is a very forgiving, very long, and very straight 5 wood, and what player does not want that combination.


  • Different options and prices for players with differing ability.
  • The “V steel” technology glides through the turf.
  • One of the best 5 woods on the market from the fairway or even tighter lies.
  • Incredible feel and feedback on every shot.
  • The ultra-thin steel face is strong enough to provide some of the highest ball speeds on the market.
  • The Twist Face technology is where you get your forgiveness as the corrective angles on the face help to make sure your ball goes straight even on mishits.
  • The Speed Pocket gives you high end face flexibility.
  • Ultra low center of gravity.
  • Draw bias options.
  • Looks and feels great at setup.


  • One of the more expensive options.
  • Better off of the ground than the tee.

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Cobra King SpeedZone/SpeedZone Tour/SpeedZone Big Tour

These are great high launch, low spin 5 woods that pack a lot of distance into a more traditional looking club. The CNC milled face is very forgiving and the sweet spot is almost the whole face. These 5 woods have adjustable lofts from 17 to 20 degrees and an extremely low center of gravity that gives you that extra high launch angle.

The dual baffler rails cut through the turf as well as any other 5 wood and it will help you get out of a lot of lies. With its length and large clubhead design, the SpeedZone Big Tour, in particular, is great off of the tee as well. The Speedzone is geared toward higher handicappers, the Tour is more the performance club, and the Big Tour combines the best of both worlds. When you are looking at a 5 wood, you want distance, forgiveness, launch, and a low spin rate and the SpeedZone line from Cobra has it all.


  • One of the longer 5 woods.
  • Adjustable from 17 to 20 degrees of loft.
  • A really high launch angle and low center of gravity.
  • 3 options to fit all skill levels.
  • Not as expensive as some of the other high end 5 woods on the list.
  • Great premium shaft options.
  • The dual baffler rails help it to cut through the turf very well.
  • Very forgiving but also very long.
  • The CNC milling gives you really good feel for a fairway wood.
  • Produces very low spin rates.
  • Similar technology to what you find on the SpeedZone driver.


  • Less workable than some of the other clubs on the list.
  • Not as good for lower handicap players.

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Callaway Mavrik/Mavrik Max/Mavirk Sub Zero

The Callaway Mavrik 5 wood was created with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that Callaway is becoming known for. The flash face technology creates a club face that is uniquely designed to optimize the performance for each loft and each club with the Mavrik name. That means that the clubface for each loft is slightly different to optimize what that club is supposed to do. The ultra thin steel face produces incredible ball speed and some of the best distance out there.

The leading edge of the 5 wood is uniquely designed to make excellent contact and create a high launch. The center of gravity is very low as well to give an even better launch angle. On top of that, this 5 wood has adjustable weights that you can use to adjust to the strengths and weaknesses of your swing. The forgiveness of these clubs is top notch as well with a huge sweet spot and with a high MOI that keeps your ball straight and long.The 3 different options fits different skill levels so that each player can find the Mavrik that is right for them.


  • Flash Face technology, created by AI, gives this 5 wood a unique combination of ball speed and forgiveness.
  • The center of gravity is very low making the launch angle very high.
  • 3 different club options cater to different skill levels.
  • A very accurate and easy to control club.
  • The sweet spot on this club is huge and the MOI is just as big.
  • Each club is specifically designed for optimal performance, which means this 5 wood has face technology that was made for a 19 degree loft.
  • Jailbreak and Face Cup technology combine for even more ball speed and distance.
  • Up to 20 yards of draw bias.
  • The leading edge was made to get your ball in the air and get it there fast.


  • Slightly expensive for a 5 wood.
  • If you have a natural draw or hook, these clubs may not help.

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Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220

The new steel face on the EXS 220 is 14% lighter than previous clubs which allows weight to be added to the center of the sole and rear of the club head. That makes the Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 one of the highest launching and lowest spinning 5 woods out there. If you are looking to get a high and penetrating ball flight with very little spin and a lot of distance, this is a really good 5 wood.

The club is loaded with much of the same technology as the higher end fairway woods and drivers, but at a very reasonable starting price. The Diamond face technology  produces a hotter face with insane ball speed. There are 44 different thick and thin diamonds placed behind the club head to keep the ball straight and on target while providing a “trampoline” type of affect to the initial ball speed. The increased MOI on this club gives you great forgiveness to go along with the Diamond Face so you can know your shot will be straight.


  • Diamond Face technology keeps your ball straight and long.
  • The high MOI design gives you additional forgiveness and a lot more accuracy.
  • Can be found at a great price.
  • One of the major focuses of this club was to produce a higher launch angle, and that goal was successfully met.
  • The same technology found in higher end, name brand clubs but at a lower price.
  • The sweet spot is essentially the entire face of the club.
  • The face is 14% lighter which gives room to move more weight into the back and sole of the club.
  • Adjustable weights so your club can fit your swing.


  • Not as long or as consistent as the 5 woods that are higher on this list.
  • Not a great option from the tee.

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Mizuno ST200/ST200 TS

There is just something about the look and design of a Mizuno golf club, and these 5 woods look the part. The Mizuno ST drivers have been a very highly acclaimed club since they hit the market, and this success has transitioned well to the 5 wood. Just like every other Mizuno club on the market, this 5 wood has great feel and instant feed back. It is one of the easiest clubs to work your shot around on this list, and on top of that it is a very long 5 wood.

The multi-thickness face design provides faster ball speeds and across the face and the forgiveness of this club is very good. You can hit the ball almost anywhere on the face and still get a very straight and fairly long ball flight. With the forgiveness, low spin rate, high launch, and distance that this club produces, it works well across handicaps and skill levels and it is adjustable from 17 to 21 degrees.


  • You can find this club at a great price if you do some digging.
  • The combination of length and forgiveness make this a great club across handicaps.
  • Adjustable from 17 to 20 degrees depending on what you need and the rest of the clubs in your bag.
  • Maybe the best feel and feedback on this list.
  • Multi-thickness maraging steel face produces very high initial ball speeds and subsequent distance.
  • Looks great at setup and feels good and natural in your hands.
  • A great club off of the tee.
  • Weight saved from the design is redistributed low and deep for a low center of gravity and high launch.


  • Not as long or as forgiving as the clubs above it on this list.
  • Not as accurate or straight as some other 5 woods.
  • Does not interact with the turf as well as some other clubs.

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Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

The Launcher HB Turbo provides golfers with more speed for better distance, a higher launch, and a lot of forgiveness. It has a classic and great look at setup that inspires confidence and performs at a high level. The name “Launcher” comes from Cleveland’s priority of creating a club that is easy to get the ball off of the ground at a high launch angle.

The weighting of the club is deep and low which creates a center of gravity perfect for launching the ball high and straight, but it also adds some speed and gives you a higher MOI. Basically, all of that means that Cleveland wanted to make a 5 wood for higher handicap players that really launches the ball high and straight. While they succeeded, the features actually do well across skill levels. This 5 wood has a lot of length and a lot of forgiveness so that all players will get something out of it.


  • One of the easiest 5 woods to get the ball off of the ground.
  • A very high launch angle.
  • The MOI is one of the highest on the market which adds to forgiveness and accuracy off of the tee.
  • Very consistent with distance and accuracy. 
  • A very easy and natural club to hit.
  • The deep and low weighting give you a really high MOI and some extra speed.
  • A very forgiving face.
  • A very good price for the features.
  • Cleveland consistently puts a good product on the market and this club is no different.


  • Not as good off of the tee as some other clubs.
  • Not as much distance as the top clubs on this list.
  • More for higher handicap players.

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Ping G410/G410 LST/G410 SFT

To create the G410 fairway woods, including the 5 wood, Ping went to their tour players to find out what golfers are looking for in their fairway woods. With very little difference in opinion, players are looking for less spin, more distance, and higher and better ball trajectory. Ping took this advice and created the Ping G410 5 wood. They lowered the center of gravity with a long weight that runs parallel to the face of the club to lower the center of gravity and increase trajectory.

They added loft adjustability. The crown is thinner so that more weight can be pushed further back for a higher MOI and more forgiveness, and the forged maraging steel face provides high ball speeds. All in all, Ping came up with a new club that they created from scratch to fulfill what their tour players asked for. The result, a long, forgiving, accurate, and high launching club that continues to rise up the charts as one of the better 5 woods on the market.


  • The thinner crown allowed the weight to be moved back and lower for a very low center of gravity and very high MOI.
  • The forged maraging steel face provides high ball speeds.
  • One of the highest launching 5 woods on the market.
  • A very straight and penetrating ball flight with very low spin.
  • An excellent club from both the tee and the turf.
  • Produces a lot of ball speed and distance.
  • The adjustable loft and lie allow you to make changes to the club when needed.
  • Very accurate and straight.
  • Good out of different and difficult lies.


  • Took the needs of low handicappers into account at the expense of higher handicappers.
  • Not as forgiving as many of the other options on this list.

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Titleist TS2/TS3

The TS2 and TS3 by Titleist were built for speed and distance. The TS2 is designed for max forgiveness with that speed while the TS3 is designed for flexibility and shot shaping. Both clubs have huge sweet spots and provide the distance that you need, it is up to you to choose the one that suits your game better. The “TS” stands for “Titleist Speed” project because the company has seen the golf world change.

Everyone wants a ball that will travel straight with very little spin and will go a long way. With this 5 wood, that distance and accuracy is there, but they have added a very low center of gravity to give you a great launch angle as well. These clubs interact with the turf very well and the speed chassis adds three additional features to increase speed and forgiveness. This is a very good looking club at setup and it produces a very high launch with a penetrating ball flight.


  • The speed chassis sets these clubs apart. It is a combination of an ultra thin crown, a thinner face, and optimized weight distribution that gives you everything you are looking for in a 5 wood.
  • This is one of the longest 5 woods on the market, and in golf right now, distance is king.
  • The forgiveness of the TS2 and adjustability of the TS3 allow these clubs to setup well for any swing and skill level.
  • Performs as well or better than any other 5 wood off of the tee.
  • A large and very forgiving clubhead with both models.
  • The “TS” stands for “Titleist Speed” project and these clubs produce a lot of speed.
  • High MOI on both models helps with forgiveness.


  • One of the higher priced options.
  • The focus is on speed at the expense of other things.
  • Clubhead could be too large for some players.

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Do People Still Carry a 5 Wood?

I still personally carry a 5 wood in my bag, but I can understand the argument either way. As hybrids continue to grow in popularity and usefulness, it is the long irons and fairway woods that are becoming obsolete. Carrying a 3 wood is a no-brainer and everyone has a driver, but which is the more effective club between 3 hybrid and a 5 wood? Here is a rundown of why you may choose one club over the other:

Case for a 5 wood:

    • It probably gives you a few extra yards.
    • It is much easier to hit off of the tee and the distance advantage is even greater when you tee the ball up.
    • Easier to hit a fade.

Case for a 3 hybrid:

      • More versatile, especially out of the rough and other difficult lies.
      • A little more loft and a softer approach.
      • Easier to hit a draw.

While this decision comes down to personal choice, fairway woods are a little more difficult to hit in general and therefore many are falling out of popularity. We could also include a 2 or 3 iron in this discussion, but a huge majority of the non-scratch golfers out there stay away from long irons and for good reason.

The bottom line is that a 5 wood is still a strong option for many golfers across handicaps and even tour pros as well, in fact here’s Rory McIlroy hitting one the best 5 wood shots of all time:

It is a very easy club to hit from the tee and it is surprisingly easy, depending on the club, to hit well from the fairway too. While we would not suggest loading up on fairway woods at the expense of hybrids, carrying 2 “non driver” woods is something that a lot of golfers still do and with good reason.

Features To Look For in a 5 Wood

Center of Gravity. One of the most difficult things about hitting a 5 wood is getting the ball off of the ground. If you want a high launch angle and a good ball flight, you want a club with a low and deep center of gravity.

Face Technology. Many 5 woods today have the same face technology that you can find on some of the high end drivers out there. This face technology can provide spring and distance, forgiveness and a huge sweet spot, and a a low spin rate with a lot of accuracy. Find the 5 wood with the technology that your swing needs.

Shaft. Most 5 woods will have multiple shaft options, so make sure there is a stock shaft option that fits your swing or the cost of replacing the shaft may be more than you are willing to pay.

Loft. A lot of the options described here have adjustable loft options. When looking at lofts, you want to make sure that there is enough differentiation between your 5 wood and either your 3 wood or lowest lofted hybrid. Basically, there is no reason to repeat a club already in your bag.

Ease of Use. This is a description of how easy the club is to hit. Some clubs are just simple and straightforward with the right loft and the right features. Others just seem too difficult to hit well and require a specific swing and conditions for it to work properly.

Price. In some respects, you pay for what you get and in others you can find some really good clubs at some really good prices. Sometimes price is not an obstacle, but in many cases it is. Remember, however, that when you purchase a club you are probably going to use it for a long time so you want to be happy with what you purchase.

Do I Really Need a 5 Wood in My Bag?

We still suggest carrying a 5 wood depending on your skill level and the course you are playing. Fairway woods, in general, are slightly more difficult to hit but they offer a lot of options in terms of adjustability, forgiveness, and launch. While a 3 hybrid has basically the same loft and technology behind it


Best Overall: TaylorMade SIM/SIM Max/SIM Max D

TaylorMade has done it again with their fairway woods, and the TaylorMade SIM series is our choice for best overall 5 wood. Its combination of forgiveness with the Twist Face technology and distance with the ultra thin steel face make it exactly what golfers are looking for in a 5 wood.

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On top of that, it cuts through the turf very well and is long enough to be useful off of the tee. There is just not many weaknesses to this club, but the strengths make it our choice for best 5 wood on the market in 2020.


Best For Beginners and High Handicappers: Cobra King SpeedZone/SpeedZone Tour/SpeedZone Big Tour

If you are a higher handicapper or if you have a slower swing speed then you need a club that will help with distance, accuracy, and launch. These clubs do all of those things very well.

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Best For Mid and Low Handicappers: Callaway Mavrik/Mavrik Max/Mavirk Sub Zero

The Mavrik line of 5 woods are long and forgiving, but they also have a lot of feel and shot-making ability. Even the lowest options sets up perfectly for lower handicappers, but the Sub Zero in particular would be a great choice.

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