Voraus Golf Glove 2023 Review

Voraus golf glove in box on table

How can you make a golf glove stand out in a very crowded market where the product is difficult to differentiate? For Voraus, they decided to differentiate anyway with a glove that will probably appeal to many golfers. 

Basically they created a high quality, modern looking glove that gives golfers one thing that other golf gloves seem to have forgotten…the ability to use your touchscreen smart phone.

In the age of the smartphone in general and the iPhone more specifically, the market of players who have their phones on the course with them is huge.

The positive thing about this glove is that, at a price point of around $20, it is a decent value for a quality golf glove. The negative thing about it is that most players either just take their glove off if they are using 2 golf gloves, or just use their other hand if they are using just one. 

The following is a review of the Voraus Golf Glove taking into account its overall quality along with the thing that sets it apart, smartphone screen interaction.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing


The first thing you should consider before purchasing this product is the glove’s cost and then compare that cost to other similar models. In our experience, a better than average golf glove like those made by Callaway or TaylorMade will cost you between $15 and $20. The top golf gloves like the Titleist Players glove will cost closer to $30. With that said, the $20 for the Voraus glove seems to be in line with industry standards. 

Smartphone Usage

Since the one main thing that differentiates the Voraus from other gloves is that you can use your smartphone with it, you have to determine how often you use your smartphone out on the course. If you use a launch monitor, keep up with distances, watch training videos, keep up with your family, and 100 other things while playing a round, the Voraus glove might be perfect for you. People who need both of their hands available for all that they are doing on their phone would benefit. If, on the other hand, you have your phone in case of emergencies and you are just glad to be on the course away from everything, then unless you like the feel of the glove, you might as well go with a traditional golf glove.

Features and Benefits

Touch Screen Friendly

This is the one feature that truly sets the Voraus club apart. The thumb and index finger have through touch capability so that you can operate a touchscreen device while wearing the glove. The through touch capability works pretty flawlessly.

Cabretta Leather

Other than the 3 lycra mesh cutouts on the back of the glove that improve the look and breathability, the glove is made up entirely of high quality cabretta leather. This is a soft, thin, and high quality leather that lasts a long time. Many other leather golf gloves use differing quality levels of cabretta leather because it is a good combination of feel and softness. 


The lycra cutouts and 2 color design make the glove simple and modern looking at the same time. While some players like the solid color glove, the splash of brighter color is a good edition to a nice looking glove. 


The first problem that you will run into is that there are no cadet sizes. Other than that, the sizing is pretty true to what you find in other golf gloves.

Nice Packaging

The packaging is great and speaks to the quality of the golf glove.

Quality and Life Expectancy

The leather is really high quality, and after multiple rounds the gloves are still working and still look nice. 

Personal Experience

From our experience, the gloves give you premium feel with very soft leather. There are seams that run through the index finger and thumb that could cause some players a little discomfort. 

Social Proof

We scoured the internet to find customer reviews of this product, and most of the limited number of reviews we found were positive. Here are a couple that kind of sum up what the other reviews said:


Alternative Options

Titleist Players

The Titleist Players glove is one of the top golf gloves on the market right now. This glove has been around for a long time and is used by a lot of Tour players and amateurs alike. 


  • Classic style.
  • Premium, high quality leather that is ultra thin.
  • Seams designed to not interfere with your grip.
  • Great feel.
  • Durable and breathable.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Somewhat expensive

red check price button

The Titleist Players glove has a better reputation and better seam placement along with top of the line comfort and breathability. It is a more expensive but higher quality golf glove. It does not, however, allow you to use your smartphone on the course.

Final Words

The Voraus golf glove is a high quality, high feel, reasonably priced golf glove. There is not much downside to the glove. If the thing that sets it apart is that you can use a touchscreen device with it, then that advantage may be overstated. 

Golf gloves are almost always worn on your non-dominant hand, while most people use their dominant hand to type on their phone. If you are focusing on getting a high quality glove, the Voraus is that. 


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