Loma XL Bag Review

The Sunday Golf website calls the Loma XL “The Loma’s bigger brother” referring to the very popular Loma Bag released by the company previously. The Loma Bag was released because “Sunday Golf” was becoming popular, and since its release the popularity of the more minimalist type of golf is even more popular than ever. The Loma XL was needed because so many golfers have began using the “Sunday Golf” style of taking a small number of clubs and walking the course. The XL is slightly bigger and is perfect for 8 clubs, tees, your golf balls, and maybe an electronic or 2. 

For a lot of golfers, a whole bag of clubs is not always necessary. Maybe you live on a golf course and just want to play a couple. Maybe you can sneak away for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon but planning a whole golf day is impossible. Maybe you just don’t want to give up a Saturday morning with your kids. Whatever the reason, a quick trip to the course with a few essential clubs and accessories is appealing to a lot of people. To make this type of golf work, you need a small, lightweight bag that carries enough clubs to have fun but not so many that it is cumbersome.

If you are a scratch golfer or a club champion who plays golf as more than just a hobby or pastime, the Loma XL may not be for you. Your game has the type of nuance that requires all 14 clubs and you are probably not going to rush through a round. On the other hand, if you just want to get some practice in or if you want to focus on just a few clubs during the occasional quick outing, we would suggest the Loma XL bag for you.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing


The Loma XL golf bag is as expensive as many full size bags, but the quality and the size really set it apart. For around $150, depending on where you purchase it, you get a really high quality, specialty bag that is perfect for certain situations. 


This is probably the most important feature to consider before purchasing the Loma XL. Some golfers will use it a lot while others may never have the need. If you like to sneak out on the course and get in and out quickly, then a Sunday bag may be exactly what you need. We would suggest trying it out a couple of times with the bag you already have to see if this type of golf even interests you. If it does, and you want to walk the course quickly, the lightweight and feature-rich Loma XL is a great bag for it.

Features and Benefits


A lightweight bag with a small profile, the Loma XL was created specifically to be a small, lightweight option for people looking to walk the course with just a few clubs. It is definitely too small for a full set, and 8 clubs is probably pushing it a little. It is the perfect size for 6 clubs and a putter and even has a couple of pockets to carry the other things you will need.


The Loma XL weighs just 3.4 pounds. That means you get a golf bag with a stand system, pockets, 3 dividers, and room for 7 or 8 clubs, and it weighs less than 4 pounds when empty.

Stand System

The stand system is great. The legs are clearly lightweight because it is a nice size bag with a sturdy stand and still weight less than 4 pounds. There have been some complaints of the legs not retracting all the way or rubbing while walking, but that is not something we noticed with it.


The Loma XL looks modern and stylish, quite a bit different than the more traditional look of the original Loma. The Loma XL has clean lines and sharp colors along with a “Sunday Golf” logo that is not subtle but does look good on the bag. It has a minimalistic look, but you can also tell it has some substance to it. 

Alternative Option

Ping Moonlite Golf Carry Bag

The Moonlite is Ping’s lightest bag and is a very popular option in the “carry bag” category. It easily holds 14 clubs, has 5 total pockets (including one for beverages), and comes in a variety of colors. It has a great adjustable standing strap that allows you to lie your bag on the ground and pick it back up without even bending. It does not have a stand like the Loma, and it is not as small as the Loma, but it is very lightweight and straightforward. If you have to have all of your clubs to play a round, the Ping is probably for you, but if you can go with 7 or 8 clubs and be alright, the Loma is lighter, sturdier, and smaller so that it will make your walk a little more enjoyable. 


  • At 2.5 pounds, it is light enough to carry around the course easily.
  • A 4-way top divider allows you to keep your clubs separated and easy to grab.
  • The shoulder straps are padded and you can carry it like a backpack or with a single strap. 
  • The standing strap does not fold over, so when you lie your bag on the ground, it is still sticking up and easy to reach without bending.
  • 5 total pockets.
  • The water resistant belly keeps your clubs dry even when it rains.


  • One of the more expensive options.
  • Lack of a stand makes it a problem for many golfers to use.
  • The lightweight material and fabric can wear and tear easily.
  • Does not have a stand.

What Others Are Saying

We scoured the internet to find customer reviews of this product, and most of the limited number of reviews we found were positive. Here are a couple that kind of sum up what the other reviews said:

  • From G.L.

As to the XL, I am really enjoying it. I started with a standard Loma, but Camden was gracious enough to let me send it back and switch over to the XL. I am not carrying any more clubs than I was in the Loma (6 or 7) but they fit much better. I have my grips double wrapped and they are pretty “sticky” anyway (Golf Pride MCCs), so getting them in and out is much easier (and less frustrating). The bag really is perfect for several par 3 courses near me, so I can easily keep it in the car and run hit a bucket or shoot a course anytime I get a free spot, which does not happen NEAR enough! There are enough pockets to carry the essentials, which forces me to not over pack it. Lugging around anything at 60 on 98 degree days is enough, without trying to pack a pro shop with me. The XL is actually very comfortable and easy to carry. Overall, I find the bag to be well constructed and perfect for my needs.

  • From Mike D.

Overall, bag is great. However, the strap ring attachment placement needs to be re-visited. It was designed with dual carry strap in mind. But the TOP ring attachments only allow the bag opening to be on one’s right side, whether with dual or single strap. I am just the opposite for carry ( left side). And to save my back, I switch the opening from one side to the other. I removed the dual strap and use a single strap. I placed a short 1/4 inch web strap attached to the center (under handle) ring. The improvised strap ring sets the strap clip above the handle, thus allowing the bag to switch from side to side without the handle digging into my side. I also use both bottom rings together. This way, either hand/shoulder can pick up/carry the bag without handle dig or tangle.

  • From Ron F.

I bought the original Sunday bag with the single strap which I really liked but I would have preferred a double strap since I take the bag out on the course with four irons, two woods and a putter. I inquired about the availability of a dual strap for my bag and promptly received a reply that a dual strap would soon be available. A couple of days later I received another email letting me know the dual strap was now available for order. When I went to the website I noticed they had a slightly larger bag with the dual strap already in place. I ordered the new bag and a double strap for my original bag which I then gave to my wife who is just taking up the game. We both love walking so now we get out and walk nine holes carrying our bags and get some exercise while we play. I received a follow up email a few days later from Camden asking how we liked our bags. Long story short; we love the bags, the walking and the company. Highly recommend.

Final Advice

If you need a “Sunday Golf Bag,” the Loma XL is the first place you should look. It is a little bigger than the original, but it is light enough that you will not feel much of a difference though you will gain some room for your clubs. You can easily fit 8 clubs in this bag, and let’s be honest, that is enough for most golfers playing a full round anyway. If you are one of the growing number of golfers who enjoy sneaking in a round or a half round at the drop of a hat, this bag is definitely for you. The combination of features, size, and the great strap system make it one of the best small golf bags out there.


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