Best TaylorMade Irons in 2023

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to know our top choices, here they are:

TaylorMade has been at the forefront of club manufacturing for many years now. They produce some of the best drivers, fairway woods, putters, wedges, and of course iron sets in the game of golf today. Each of their iron sets cater to a specific player.

The SIM Max OS is great for those looking for forgiveness but not wanting to lose feel. The P790 forged irons give you a great combination of distance and feel. The P7TW irons were built to Tiger Woods’ specs and offer some of the best shot shaping technology and ridiculous feel that you will find anywhere.

The bottom line is that TaylorMade has been making top notch golf clubs for decades and they do not look like they are going to stop. As you continue reading, you will realize that TaylorMade makes an iron set for you, and we will describe and review the best TaylorMade irons out there. 

Best TaylorMade Irons in 2022 Reviewed


TaylorMade SIM Max OS

The vast majority of golfers in the world, no matter skill level, would benefit from irons that have some aspect of game improvement in their features. The TaylorMade SIM Max OS are game improvement irons based on the distance they provide, how easy they are to hit, the forgiveness they promote, and their cavity back design, but do not read “game improvement” and move on. These are some of the best overall irons on the market right now.

They test longer than any other iron that TaylorMade makes and based on our experience, we agree. The oversized and wide sole may not be what some lower handicap golfers are looking for in an iron set, but they give you a lot of forgiveness that many other clubs do not. They have surprisingly good feel as well to go on top of the distance and forgiveness they provide. The SpeedBridge technology adds a lot in terms of speed but it also provides some extra feel and forgiveness as well. While the ball flight is a little lower than many other clubs, the lower center of gravity does make it easy to get the ball off of the ground. These are some of the best overall irons out there.


  • Extremely forgiving for the smallest off center hit to the shot that barely gets the hitting surface on the ball.
  • Test as the longest TaylorMade irons on the market.
  • The SpeedBridge supports the topline of the iron for explosive distance while also adding great sound and feel to the clubs.
  • One of the least expensive iron sets TaylorMade makes.
  • The ECHO Damping system takes away negative vibration and sound on solid hits.
  • Speed Pocket maximizes distance and especially helps low face strikes.
  • The larger head makes it easier to hit, cut through the turf well, and very forgiving.
  • The low center of gravity gets the ball off of the ground well.
  • Slight offset is good for most swings.
  • Very low spinning irons.
  • Extremely straight and accurate, but with a ball flight that does well on approach shots.


  • If you are looking for a forged, blade iron set, this is not your club.
  • The shot shaping capabilities of this club are lacking.
  • The forged clubs on this list provide better feel and more spin.

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TaylorMade SIM Max OS Combo Set

If you need even a little more forgiveness and distance than the TaylorMade SIM Max OS set could give you, then this combo set might be what you are looking for. It is the same iron set described above, but rather than starting with a 4-iron, you have a 4 and 5 hybrid club in its place. In general, hybrids are easier to hit than long irons and they add some distance and some control as well.

You can still use them out of the rough and other tight lies, they just give you a little more confidence but a lower and less consistent ball flight than those longer irons. There are even a lot of PGA Tour pros that are moving to carrying at least 1 or 2 hybrids in their bags just because they are so much easier to hit and offer some flexibility. This set is carbon copy of the iron set above just with 2 hybrids to replace the 2 longest irons.


  • Extremely forgiving for the smallest off center hit to the shot that barely gets the hitting surface on the ball.
  • Test as the longest TaylorMade irons on the market.
    • The 2 hybrids of this set increase your distance and even give you a little more flexibility off of the tee when you need something smaller than a 3 wood but bigger than a high iron.
  • The SpeedBridge supports the topline of the iron for explosive distance while also adding great sound and feel to the clubs.
  • The ECHO Damping system takes away negative vibration and sound on solid hits.
  • Speed Pocket maximizes distance and especially helps low face strikes.
  • The larger head makes it easier to hit, cut through the turf well, and very forgiving.
  • The low center of gravity gets the ball off of the ground well.
  • Slight offset is good for most swings.
  • Very low spinning irons.
  • Extremely straight and accurate, but with a ball flight that does well on approach shots.


  • A pretty considerable increase in price with the addition of the 2 hybrids.
  • If you are looking for a forged, blade iron set, this is not your club.
  • The shot shaping capabilities of this club are lacking.
  • The forged clubs on this list provide better feel and more spin.
  • If you can hit those higher irons well, they make for better approach clubs.

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TaylorMade P760

The TaylorMade P760 are kind of the “tweener” club that takes the highly popular “SpeedFoam” technology that the P790 is known for and combines it with the look and feel of the P750. The result is a players iron with the look and feel of a blade but with a hollow construction in the lower irons that give them quite a bit of distance and forgiveness. In fact, the 3-7 irons are hollow bodied club heads that are filled with the SpeedFoam for better feel and sound. The 8-iron through the wedges are solid, forged clubs that more on feel and spin.

Many of today’s players use “blended” sets where they combine forgiving clubs in their long irons with forged clubs in their short ones so that they get what they need from each. The P760 clubs take that thought process and make one set of clubs that does both. That means that the long irons focus on forgiveness and distance while the short irons focus on feel and spin. In the case of the P760 irons, the long irons also have SpeedFoam technology so that there is additional feel to go along with the distance and forgiveness. 


  • These irons split the difference between the P790 and P770 as a forged option. The P790 clubs are players distance clubs while the P770s are the traditional forged muscle back. The P770 has aspects of both.
  • The long irons (3-7) feature hollow construction and SpeedFoam technology. The focus is on distance and forgiveness.
  • The short irons (8-wedges) are solid, forged clubs. The focus is on feel and spin.
  • Features SpeedFoam technology in the long irons.
  • A small grind on the leading edge reduces bounce and helps the irons cut through the turf very effectively.
  • A progressive set so that the head size and offset decrease as the numbers on the bottom of the club increase.
  • Look great at setup, especially for players looking for a blade.


  • Over $1,000 and not all of the clubs are forged.
  • The long irons are more difficult to shape and a little lower ball flight.
  • They are not as long as the P790 and do not have the feel of the P770, and not as many players are looking for “middle of the road” options.

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TaylorMade P790

For a while when these clubs first came out, they were one of the hottest irons on the market. The combination of the look and feel of a players iron with game improvement distance is something that almost every golfer is looking for to some extent. The P790 irons test almost as long as the SIM Max OS but with better shot making capability and much better feel. The thin, wrap-around forged face and soft carbon steel body are designed to deliver explosive distance and forgiveness, and it works.

Some have called these great “transition” clubs for golfers making the switch from cavity back to blades, but we think that these clubs would work for golfers of almost any skill level, even the lowest handicappers. They produce a great ball trajectory for soft landings on the green, they are hollow bodied for great forgiveness, but the SpeedFoam insert gives you almost the same feel you get from the top forged irons out there. In terms of players iron features with great distance and forgiveness, there is just not much better on the market.


  • A distance iron that looks and performs like a blade.
  • A great combination of players iron and game improvement features.
  • A thin, forged face designed for a huge sweet spot and improved accuracy.
  • Speed Foam technology allows for high end feel and increased forgiveness in a hollow face construction.
  • The tungsten weighting creates a low center of gravity and high launch.
  • Very consistent distance.
  • The feel is as good as any other club on this list.
  • The shot shaping capability is surprisingly high.
  • Great ball speed.
  • Still one of the most popular irons out there.


  • A pretty high price tag.
  • Not suited for higher handicap players.
  • The increased forgiveness and foam produced feel takes away some of the shot shaping capability that you find in other forged clubs.

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TaylorMade P770

These irons are made to help really good players take their game to a new level. In the words of the TaylorMade website, “We took everything that makes P790 such a beast and put it into a more compact players shape with P770. It is becoming more and more popular to add some game improvement features to players irons, and that is exactly what the P770 irons do. They are forged from soft carbon steel and have excellent feel and confidence inspiring sound. They also feature a hollow body construction with an ultra thin face that gives you great distance and forgiveness especially for a blade. Each face is milled to offer high end spin and great workability as well.

The P770 have a lot of forgiveness for a forged club, and that comes from the tungsten back bar that is right behind the face of the club. This tungsten bar reduces vibration, lowers the center of gravity, and increases the size of the sweet spot. The speed foam that you find in some of the other irons coupled with the progressive inverted cone give you great feel and a lot of forgiveness on mishits. It is progressive because it is different for each club depending on the primary feature of that club. These irons combine the strengths of a cavity back with the strengths of a blade for one of the best iron sets on the market.


  • One of TaylorMade’s most technologically advanced clubs.
  • Takes the performance and design of one of the most popular irons to hit the market recently and puts it into a smaller, players shape. 
  • The soft forged carbon steel produces incredible spin.
  • The Progressive Inverted Cone technology means that you do not lose as much distance or accuracy on mishits.
  • The Speed Foam technology gives you the speed and forgiveness of hollow body construction and the feel of a forged blade.
  • Compact shape of a players club while maintaining good distance and forgiveness.
  • Basically take the advantages of the P790 and offer a slightly smaller club.


  • One of the more expensive options.
  • Made specifically for good golfers.

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TaylorMade P7MC

The P7MC is the first time on this list that you see a players iron almost completely focused on soft feel, shot shaping, and spin. The P7MC is one of the least forgiving irons sets that TaylorMade makes but you make up for it in feel, spin, and even in distance.

These clubs are for single handicappers and better as they really do not give you much room for error. They rate high in distance and are some of the most workable clubs that TaylorMade makes. If you are a low handicap golfer that needs more workability and feel and are confident in making solid contact with the ball, the P7MC irons are for you. They also give you added stability that many muscle back irons are missing. 


  • Great feel and sound.
  • Maintains high end distance even with the focus on feel and workability.
  • Tour-inspired shaping of a muscle back iron.
  • Looks great at setup, a bit of a throwback type club.
  • Fully forged with the feel that top notch players are looking for.
  • Great spin on the wedges and short irons.
  • Machined face ensures precision and quality with the most aggressive score line geometry for exact shot making.
  • The new backbar geometry improves feel and gives more stability throughout the swing.


  • Only for single digit handicappers and better.
  • Difficult to hit and not very forgiving. The long irons are particularly difficult to hit.
  • You give up some distance at the expense of spin and workability.

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TaylorMade P7MB

These clubs are PGA Tour level golf clubs that were created for the bags of golfers like Rory McIlory (he actually uses these clubs now) and other similarly skilled golfers. They were designed for golfers who are looking for feel, spin, and workability at the expense of extra distance and forgiveness. For many of us, this is a foreign concept. The ability to consistently strike the ball so well that a small club head with a small sweet spot is fine as long as you can work it around the course and land it softly on the green.

The combination of the thin top line and longer blade length look great next to the ball and really inspires confidence. These clubs are pressure forged to precision and the center of gravity is placed perfectly for a great ball flight and higher trajectory. These clubs look great, sound great, and perform great for professionals and very low handicappers, but leave these clubs in the store if you are still trying to break 80.


  • Has some of the best feel and most workability on the market.
  • They look great, especially when you set the club down next to the ball at setup.
  • They are no harder to hit than the P7MC irons.
  • Extremely consistent across the set.
  • Forged with precision so that every shot and every club performs well.
  • The short irons are easy to hit and provide incredible feel and spin on approach shots and around the green.
  • Great control on your shots so that you can draw, fade, hook, slice, and hit one down the middle of the fairway.
  • Precise center of gravity placement on every iron.


  • On the expensive side, especially for the technology that is used.
  • Even less forgiving than the P7MC.
  • If you do not have distance and power in your swing, you will not be saved by these clubs.
  • Not for high handicappers.

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TaylorMade P7TW

The TaylorMade P7TW was basically built for one specific golfer and one specific swing, the swing of one of the 2 greatest golfers ever in Tiger Woods. When Tiger is looking for some new irons, forgiveness and distance are not his first priorities. He can hit the ball really well and really far already. Tiger is looking for accuracy, consistency, shot making capability, and feel that is unparalleled. The P7TW is all of those things wrapped up in an incredible looking club. You will not find better feel or more workability in a TaylorMade club.

These clubs are incredibly accurate and consistent and the tungsten weighting helps to promote a pure and high ball flight, not to mention giving the club extra feel and just a small amount of forgiveness. These clubs were designed and made for the best player in the world to specifications that many of us cannot and should not touch. These clubs really suit you if you make very consistent and solid contact and you do not need any help with distance. They will also suit you if you are looking for more consistency, accuracy, feel, and the ability to work your shot around the golf course.


  • Forged with really soft, carbon steel.
  • The tungsten weighting gives you ideal center of gravity for a good launch along with some feel and forgiveness as well.
  • Incredible control to be able to consistently hit the ball how and where you want to.
  • Outstanding feel that is as good or better than any other on the market.
  • Milled sole grind promotes better turf interaction on every shot with every club.
  • Made for the game and swing of Tiger Woods, and he actually uses them on Tour.
  • The short irons have great feel and spin around the green.
  • The long irons are difficult to hit, but when you hit them well there is no better feeling or results out there.
  • They look great against the ball and in the bag.
  • The muscle back look and design give you incredible feel and acoustics. 


  • One of the most expensive set of golf clubs out there.
  • For advanced players only. Not low handicappers, but the best of the best.

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Why TaylorMade?

TaylorMade has been one of the top names in the golf club industry for a while now and their irons and drivers stick out above their other offerings. When it comes to forged irons, they do a great job of offering multiple choices while providing great feel and some extra forgiveness and distance to their clubs.

Their cavity back irons are some of the easiest to hit and most forgiving on the market, not to mention that they are really long. If you look in the bags of some of the best players on tour, you will find a lot of TaylorMade logos because they have been at or near the top of the list of best golf club manufacturers for a long time now. In the list above you will find a set of irons that matches your game no matter your skill level, and that is the beauty of TaylorMade. They build high quality, feature-rich golf clubs for every skill level.

TaylorMade Features to Consider

Speed Foam. This is foam that is injected into some of the hollow body irons to provide increased feel and forgiveness. The foam is injected in liquid form and then expands to fill the cavity and provide that soft feel players crave.

Progressive Inverted Cone. The face of each club is designed and built to promote the best forgiveness and accuracy possible.

Speed Bridge. This is technology that supports the topline of the iron and allows for increased clubhead speed and distance coupled with forgiveness and feel.

ECHO Damping. Contains energy challenging geometry to remove harsh vibrations and to deliver better feel without losing face flexibility.

How Do I Choose The Best TaylorMade Irons For My Swing?

The most important thing you can do is decide what you need most from a set of irons. If you hit the ball consistently on the sweet spot and do not have any trouble generating your ball speed and distance, you should go with one of the less forgiving forged options.

If you are struggling with consistency and distance and need a club that is easier to hit and helps you with mishits while adding distance, then a cavity back club with good forgiveness, a draw bias, and that is built for speed is probably more what you are looking for. 

The Verdict

As you can see, the SIM Max OS and P790 golf clubs dominated our list of the best TaylorMade Irons out there. They appeal to the widest audience and offer some of the best features that any golfer, regardless of skill level, could want.

Sets like the P7MC and P7TW definitely have their usefulness in the hands of the world’s best golfers, but even those golfers are beginning to look for more forgiveness and distance as the game of golf continues to change. Our advice when it comes to the top TaylorMade irons is to find and look at the 2 options that we highlighted and see which one works best for you.


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