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Most golfers will not think twice about investing a decent amount of money into a top notch putter, but the putter grip is one of the last things that most of us consider. Not only does the putter grip take up a large amount of the actual club, but it is also really the only part of the club that you physically touch which means the feel and the stability of your putter comes down to the grip of the putter. The bottom line…We should definitely pay more attention to our putter grip than we do. 

With that said, as you continue reading, you will find our top 9 Best Putter Grips for 2020. They come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and brands, but each of them are really good products for different reasons. Our goal is to help you match the grip with your stroke and to help you understand what you should be looking for when you purchase a new grip for your putter.

Best Putter Grips in 2022 Reviewed 


Super Stroke CounterCore Fatso 5.0

The key feature that sets this grip apart and made it our top putter grip for 2020 is the CounterCore technology. This technology allows you to add weight into the grip of the putter to create more control and stability through impact. It also features “No Taper” technology that means it creates a very even grip pressure in your hands for more consistency throughout your stroke.

The grip is one of the larger grips on this list, but “fat grips” are becoming more and more popular across skill levels in golf. On top of the features that set it apart, Super Stroke has proven itself as a top notch putter grip company and this offering is one of their best. The tacky polyurethane outer layer gives you great feel and the lightweight foam allows it to be bigger without adding too much weight. There is also a cross traction texture that makes these grips non-slip so that your hand stays on for better contact.


  • CounterCore technology allows you to adjust the weight of the grip for more stability and control.
  • One of the larger “fat grips” on the market.
  • The cross traction texture makes it a very non-slip grip to go along with the comfort and size.
  • No taper technology means that your grip pressure will be consistent across the grip for more consistency in your stroke.
  • High quality materials.
  • Very durable grip.
  • A really good combination of quality features.


  • It’s on the expensive side.
  • Some golfers may not be able to tell a big difference when adding weights which means a few extra options could have helped.

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Golf Pride Tour SNSR 104cc Contour

The first thing you will notice about these grips is that their looks stand out and makes your putter look even better. Looks, however, are not important compared to performance and these grips perform better than they look. The contour grip is preferred by the vast majority of tour players and most amateurs prefer that feel as well.

That contour helps to lock in the top hand which helps to keep the putter straight and stable throughout the stroke. The contour version of this grip comes in 2 different size options, 104cc and 140 cc. If you prefer a soft, rubber grip, this is one of the softest feeling grips out there. This grip produces the same quality for which Golf Pride is known and it is a very durable and long lasting addition to your putter.


  • High quality materials and design.
  • Very soft feeling, rubber grip. Its softness is what sets it apart from other grips.
  • Very durable and will last a long time on your club.
  • Different sizing options and a straight option if you do not prefer the contoured grip.
  • An exclusive SNSR compound that helps with feel and moisture control.
  • A great looking design.
  • Golf Pride is known for high quality grips.
  • Many players prefer the contoured, tapered grip.


  • Can be difficult to install onto your putter correctly.
  • One of the more expensive options.
  • It can be too soft for some golfers.

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Flat Cat Standard

The Flat Cat grip is a little different in a market full of pretty similar products. The Flat Cat putting grip can help you stabilize your stroke and make sure that you are square to the target at impact. The Flat Cat is rectangular in shape with 2 sides that lay flat in your hand and make it feel like the putter is sitting in the palm of your hands. This design squares the handle to the putter face and makes sure that you hit the ball where you are aiming.

It is a game improvement putter grip which is rare but also makes it quite useful to a large portion of the golfing world. It also performs exceedingly well in wet and humid conditions because it gives you a very stable grip on the putter. Having this type of shape does take away from the feel, but it is not an overly “fat” grip so that you gain some of that feel back. The main 2 things that this grip does for your putting is that it gives you a very stable feeling in your hands and it helps you to setup square to your target.  


  • A game improvement putting grip which is rare and useful.
  • The feature that sets this grip apart from the others is its stability in your hands.
  • The secondary feature that sets it apart is that it squares your club at setup.
  • It performs very well in wet and humid conditions.
  • High quality materials and feel.
  • Smaller profile than most of the grips on this list.
  • Used and advertised by Justin Rose, it was the grip he has used to win a 


  • The squared head loses some of the feel.
  • A much different feel in your hands than any other grip out there may take some getting used to.

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WINN WinnPro X 1.32

The WinnPro X grip has a subtle look to it that makes it seem like any stock option out there, until you feel it on a putter. It is an oversized grip with soft texture and incredible feel. Also, even though the grip is larger than most, you still have great feel and it does not add a lot of weight to the club because of the WinnLite technology.

It uses a less tapered profile to eliminate wrist movement while maintaining feel. It does all of this with the classic look and quality of a Winn grip and the low price that you have come to expect from this brand. 


  • An unassuming and “normal” look with great performance.
  • The larger size allows a more relaxed and firmer grip while maintain feel.
  • The WinnLite technology helps to keep the oversized grip without it being too heavy.
  • Promotes stability and control throughout the putting stroke.
  • The polymer surface is really tacky.
  • A really good price for the features and quality.
  • High quality club with good durability.
  • Very soft feel.
  • A lot of golfers really like this grip.
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colors.


  • It takes some maintenance work and care to keep the polymer surface clean and tacky. 
  • Is too lightweight for some golfers.

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Golf Pride Players Wrap Pistol

It is the combination of the high traction and but soft feel on the outer skin that sets this putter apart from the competition. The traction means it will not move in your hands and you can feel confident in your stroke. The soft feel gives you instant feedback and helps with distance control and speed.

This is also one of the easiest grips to install so that you will not spend too much time getting it onto your club or make an error and have to buy a new one. It has the classic golf grip looks and it is made with really high quality materials that will last you for a long time. The shape is a classic combination of a smooth paddle front with a half wrap back and then wrapped in simulated leather. What you get is a really soft feel and a comfortable grip for a very inexpensive price.


  • A great combination of high traction and soft feel that good golfers want in their putter grip.
  • The shape sits well in your hand with a paddle front and half wrap back.
  • The simulated leather wrapping adds to the comfort, softness, and feel of the grip.
  • Great feel and immediate feedback.
  • One of the most comfortable grips on the list.
  • Promotes a strong grip with non slip characteristics.
  • A great combination of classic style with innovative features and design.
  • Very inexpensive for the quality.


  • Not as exciting or technologically advanced as some of the grips that we ranked higher.
  • Does not perform as well in wet or humid conditions.

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Flat Cat Svelte

The Fat Cat Svelte is very similar to the Flat Cat that was reviewed earlier and much of what was highlighted holds true for this version of that grip. The “svelte” grip is simply a step down in size from the standard and there are 5 total sizes. Listed in order from smallest to largest you have the slim, svelte, standard, fat, and big boy.

At 6’4 and 270 pounds, my hands are also pretty large and the standard or the fat would fit well for me. The svelte, at 51g, is a really good size for a lot of golfers who want a grip on the larger size without feeling too big and different compared to what they are used to using. Remember, the key advantage of this grip is that it squares your clubhead at both setup and impact and it is very easy to grip while feeling very natural in your hands. 


  • One of 5 different sizes of grip that should appeal to a wide variety of golfers.
  • The smaller size works really well for golfers who want a larger putting grip but do not want to go to the “fat” sizes that have become so popular.
  • Aids in stability.
  • Helps to ensure your club is square at setup all the way through impact.
  • The rectangular shape seems to just sit in the palm of your hand and feels both comfortable and natural.
  • Adds to accuracy and consistency.
  • Easy to install.


  • Having that many grip options can make you second guess yourself.
  • It does feel and look different than most other grips on the market.
  • On the expensive side.

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Golf Pride Tour SNSR 104cc Straight

The Golf Pride Tour SNSR 104cc Straight is a variation of the contoured version of this grip that was reviewed above. The contour grip is preferred by the majority of pro golfers and amateurs seem to lean to that grip as well.

However, there is a large market for the straight version of this grip as well. The straight version promotes consistent hand pressure and feel while the contoured version focused more on stability and consistency. This straight, non-tapered grip is gaining in popularity because that stability and consistency is highly valued in putting and it just feels right.


  • Consistent hand pressure up and down the club.
  • A very soft feel with great feedback on every putt.
  • High quality materials and design.
  • The softness of this grip is still what sets it apart from other brands.
  • Very durable and will last a long time on your club.
  • An exclusive SNSR compound that helps with feel and moisture control.
  • A great looking design.
  • Golf Pride is known for high quality grips.
  • Many players prefer the contoured, tapered grip.


  • Can be overly soft for some players.
  • The contoured grip is preferred by many.

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Super Stroke CounterCore Midslim 2.0

The Super Stroke CounterCore Midslim 2.0 is similar to the first grip we reviewed on this list just smaller. This is the midslim version of the “Fatso” version that was reviewed above.

Just like the other clubs, the pros and cons and the features of this club are very similar to that of the Fatso 5.0 at the top of this list. It has the same weight inserts, same soft feel, durability, and quality as the Fatso but it is just smaller. 


  • Diameter of 1.2” compared to 1.54” on the Fatso.
  • The grip weight is 64g compared to 110g of the Fatso.
  • While this grip is smaller than the Fatso version, it is still a good size grip that will feel big to most golfers.
  • The other “pros” are the same as those listed for the CounterCore Fatso.


  • The midslim can be a “tweener” size for many golfers. It is not big enough to effectively change some golfers’ strokes but it is also not small enough to feel normal like other grips do.
  • The other “cons” are the same as those listed for the CounterCore Fatso.

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Golf Pride Tour SNSR 140cc

This is a size variation of the 2 other Golf Pride Tour SNSR grips reviewed above. This grip comes in 4 variations which include 2 sizes of both the contour grip and the straight grip. The 140cc size is the larger of the 2 while both grips reviewed above were reviewed with the smaller grip in mind.

Many of the same features and pros/cons are valid for this grip as much as they were for the previous 2. The key is that many players are beginning the move to larger putter grips. The larger grips allow you to keep your arms relaxed, reduces twisting at impact, and promotes more of a pendulum swing. The pros and cons list below will be similar to what you read above, but remember the larger size of this grip adds those 3 things.


  • Many golfers are moving to larger putter grips, and that is the difference between this grip and the 2 reviewed above. The larger size of this grip compared to those reviewed above can help in these 3 ways:
    • Your arms stay more relaxed.
    • Reduces the tendency for the putter to twist at impact.
    • Promotes more of a pendulum swing.
  • To see the rest of the “pros,” read the reviews above.


  • While some golfers are moving to larger grips, the vast majority of golfers still like the contoured grips that promote stability and consistency in your stroke.
  • To see the rest of the “cons,” read the reviews above.

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How Important Is a Putter Grip?

Just by looking at a putter it should be clear how important a good grip should be. It not only takes up about 25% of the club, but it is also the one part of the club that your hands touch so it has to aid in feel, stability, and control at the very least.

The funny thing is that most of the people I know are very specific about the type, brand, and cost of their putter, but they never consider anything other than the stock grip. Sometimes that is ok, but the best thing to do is to find the putter that is right for you and match that putter with the right grip and see what happens. 

If you have ever putted with a grip that was too old or not right for your hands and stroke, then you knew it right away. Your hands can slip or it can be difficult to get comfortable standing over a putt.

At the same time, when you have the right grip for your hands and your stroke, it can really affect your putting and your scoring. The key is not to settle and to remember that you can add a terrific grip after you purchase your terrific putter.

Features To Look For in a Putter Grip

Shape. There are basically 3 different shapes that most putter grips fall into. The paddle shape is preferred by many players and is oval shaped with a squared front. The round shape is more recent and is…well, round. The pistol shape is a variation of the paddle shape but it curves inward as it approaches the butt of the shaft and promotes a softer feel.

Size. There are basically 2 sizes, standard and oversize. In general, the bigger the grip the less feel and the more stability you have.

Weight. The weight of your grip can change the mechanics of your club. As weight is added you generally have more control with your hands, but you do not want to get too heavy or you actually start to lose stability.

Softness. Feel in putting is just like feel in every other shot. You rely on the sound at impact and the feedback that your club provides. Softer clubs have better feel and more feedback.

Material. The material your grip is made of makes a huge difference in the quality and features. Some material is non-slip, tacky, sticky, soft, leather, etc. and the material used can change the effectiveness of the putter.

How To Choose The Best Putter Grip

Choosing the best putter grip has a lot to do with personal preference and what you need help with the most in your putting game. For instance, if you are struggling with distance control, you may want a putter with better feel.

Generally thinner grips offer more feel, but it also depends on the type of material from which the grip was made. On the other hand, if you are struggling with accuracy then you may want a non tapered or oversized grip that helps with stability and control through impact.

Even a grip like the Flat Cat that promotes a squared clubhead at impact may work to help you with that part of your putting game.

The bottom line in choosing a putting grip is to know your stroke and what you need help with the most. Just like with anything else in golf, our strokes and our ability are different.

The key is to read reviews like this to get an idea of what type of grip might help you and then you have to try it out. Do not assume that it will work, find that grip or one similar at a pro shop or golf store and see how it feels and performs in your hands.

Our Choice For Best Putter Grip in 2022


Best Overall: Super Stroke CounterCore Fatso 5.0

The Super Stroke CounterCore Fatso 5.0 is our choice or best putter grip in 2020. It has all of the quality and design that Super Stroke is becoming known for producing, but with a couple of features that really set it apart. The CounterCore technology allows you to adjust the weight 5 different ways so that the weight of your grip is inline with your stroke. It is also a great combination of softness of size as it is one of the biggest grips on the market and one of the softer feels on this list.

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