Best Golf Gloves in 2020

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the Best Golf Gloves in 2020, then we recommend the Titleist Players.

**UPDATE FOR 2020** If you’re looking for the latest reviews of brand new products released in 2020, we’ll be updating this post as we do our research and should be finished by the summer.  Please make sure to check back then!

There is something about opening a brand new pair of golf gloves, gripping your club, and knocking the ball around the range or the course. Whether you’re a beginner or have spent much time playing golf, then you have probably searched your local golf shop or sporting goods store trying to find the best golf gloves out there. They may not improve your swing or make you a better golfer, but it is funny how the details really do matter.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the following golf gloves:

How to choose a golf glove

A good golf glove should fit almost like a “second skin.” Many golfers do not give a second thought to the fit of the glove and either buy them too big or so tight that they almost rip when putting them on. While there are numerous things to consider when purchasing a glove, the two most important things are the fit and the material.

While the material will be handled in the next section, we will dig deeper into the issue of “fit” here. The glove should fit tightly over all areas of your hand, so it important to choose the brand of glove that fits you the best. To find your fit, place your four fingers in the glove followed by your thumb. Once inside, close the velcro or snap and see where the glove is tight. If it is loose anywhere, either try a different size or a different brand.

When choosing a glove, it is important to remember that the glove’s functionality is centered on its ability to provide a better grip on your club. If you purchase a cheap glove, it could do the opposite. If the glove gets wet it could become more slippery than a sweaty hand, and if it is too cheap it may rip in the middle of a round. Regardless of anything else that your dad told you about choosing a golf glove, make sure that it does its primary job and increases the strength of your grip on the club.

Leather or Synthetic?

This is the big “Golf Glove Debate.” This debate has been going on for years and there has yet to be declared a winner. While there are pros and cons to each, and these differences are easy to pinpoint, everyone has their own opinion about which of these features are the most important and which ones make the best golf gloves.

For those who like leather gloves, they believe that the benefits outweigh the cost. Leather gloves last a little longer, but they are a little bit more expensive. But really, the cost difference between the cheapest glove and the most expensive one on the market is not much more than 25 or 30 dollars. For that reason, if you like leather, buy leather. Do not let a small cost get in the way of your comfort and feel on the golf course.

For those of you who prefer synthetic gloves, they are cheaper and provide many of the same benefits as leather. If you accidentally leave it in the sun to bake, they will be just as good when you put them back on. If you rip them, your investment is so small that it does not matter. Every brand makes a synthetic and they are pretty much as good as leather at half of the price.

Why a golf glove is important

A golf glove serve ones major purpose, it provides the golfer with a better grip on the golf club. There are secondary reasons for using gloves, but increasing your grip on the club is primary. Gloves are especially important for people with a naturally weak grip. They are also extra important when it is hot and your hand has a tendency to sweat. While many golfers count it as nothing more or less than a fashion accessory, they can be very important for performance as well.

What features differentiate one golf glove from another?

While comfort and fit are important, there are some features that can set one golf glove apart from another. For instance, the button on the bottom of the glove is a great ball marker, the breathability of the glove can keep your whole body cooler, and the brand of your glove can even tell others how serious of a golfer you are. Each of these features can set one glove apart from another and can help you to make your glove buying decision.

One glove or two?

Now that the importance and utility of a golf glove has been established, the next question involves the number of gloves a golfer should wear.

For most people, one is enough. The one glove should be worn on your non dominant hand because this is the hand that guides your swing and is most effected by the strength of your grip. A second glove would be little more than an accessory, and the it is nice to have a free hand on the golf course.

Best Golf Gloves Reviewed

The following is a review of five of the top golf gloves on the market. They range from synthetic to leather, low to high prices, and include products with numerous features. Read to the end to see the top choice for a great glove.

Mizuno Elite

The Mizuno Elite combines the great grip of leather with the coolness and comfort of a synthetic glove.

The palm is made of a high quality leather that gives you a great grip for a long time while the outside and fingers are made of synthetic materials and mesh around the fingers. Mizuno is a great golf name and this glove is a perfect example of Mizuno quality.


  • Leather palm provides a great grip no matter the climate.
  • The mesh outside allows for both flexibility and breathability for your hand and fingers around the club.
  • An extra stitch around the thumb provides a tighter and more realistic fit.
  • The “fit bridge” allows for the glove to shape to the contours of your hand in the most important area of your glove.
  • Numerous size options allow players of any size to use this glove.


  • It is neither a leather or a synthetic glove and while you get some of the positives of both, you also get some of the negatives.
  • The mesh is very lightweight and has a tendency to rip before the life of the glove is over.

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FootJoy WeatherSof

FootJoy is the highest selling glove on the market and it has been a well known glove brand for a long time.

This combination leather and synthetic glove offers many of the same grip benefits as leather with the comfort and breathability offered by synthetic products.


  • FootJoy is the no. 1 selling glove in golf.
  • The price is great for a leather glove.
  • The breathable mesh around the knuckles make it perfect for a round on a hot day.


  • Many reviewers complain of declining quality in the glove each year.
  • The fit is inconsistent and the stitching is not as flexible as other gloves on the list.

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Bionic Golf Stable Grip

The most expensive product on the list, but the Bionic glove is also made of the highest quality leather.

This glove provides great durability and an incredible grip and feel that is hard to find in a golf glove. It fits great and provides “relief” pads that allow for an even grip and no club rotation on follow through.


  • High quality leather that provides a great grip without sacrificing comfort.
  • Extra padding in the palm provides long last comfort.
  • It is a very durable product and will last for longer than most gloves.
  • New technology allows even pressure throughout the grip and can lessen the likelihood of club rotation during your swing.


  • It is an expensive glove.
  • It is not as cool as some of the other gloves on the list.
  • Not USGA approved if you are playing in strict tournaments

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MG Golf DynaGrip

This is the least expensive option on the list, but it is an all leather glove.

It is modeled after the FootJoy glove and has many of the same features. MG is not the brand name that the other gloves on this list are, but it is an up and comer in the world of value golf products, and this glove does not disappoint.


  • An incredible price point for an all leather glove.
  • Great grip enhancement while still remaining cool on a hot day.
  • Golfers have worn this glove to win numerous events on tour.


  • The durability is not as high as some of the other products. If this glove gets wet, you might as well purchase a new one.
  • If this glove gets wet, you might as well purchase a new one.
  • The leather is not very high quality and can look and feel like a synthetic glove.

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Titleist Players

Titelist is the Cadillac of golf gear.  The Titleist name alone means that their products will probably be slightly higher priced and higher quality.

This golf glove is no exception. It is a sharp looking glove with all of the features and bells and whistles that you could want, and it is an all leather glove that should last a long time.


  • Great durability and you should not fear that it will rip or shrivel up.
  • It is a great looking glove with the Titleist branding front and center.
  • It is leather and provides great grip without sacrificing breathability.
  • A great tight fit around the thumb, palm, and fingers. It is basically like your second skin.
  • It has a thin feel while still having the quality and grip of a much thicker glove.
  • A great selection of sizes are available so any golfer should be able to find a glove that fits.
  • The Titleist name adds a lot, even to a golf glove.


  • The leather is thinner than most gloves at this price point.
  • The second most expensive glove on this list.
  • It fits a little small so make sure to try it on before purchasing.

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Our Choice

After studying and using each of these gloves at different times and in different situations, the Titleist Players emerged as the clear winner.

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The grip was incredible, but it also had the feel of a much thinner and lighter glove. The MG was a close second, especially based on the price difference, but when purchasing gear like this, an extra few dollars should not make much of a difference. Based on its grip, appearance, features, feel, breathability, and everything else that is important in a golf glove, the Titleist Players golf glove was a remarkable product. If you are looking for some of the best golf gloves on the market, look no further.

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